Trump’s Twitter Tirade Feed Storm

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” ~ Alfred Hitchcock 

Good evening. I confess I don’t feel the anticipation. I lack the basic knowledge in that form of communication where all anticipation stirs. I’m still using two cans with a piece of string when everyone else is tweeting. Twitter- whose idea was that? I don’t understand it. I follow possibly 50 people, and about 30 follow me. I have no idea how to comment on a tweet. I can retweet, I’m not that much of a bird brain, and I know how to like a post, but that’s the extent my ability.

A recent New York Post headline: “Trump uses Clinton’s quotes against her in twitter-storm.” What is a “twitter-storm“? 

It isn’t what I imagine—

I looked it up, but I’m sure all of you know already. 

According to Global Revolution a “twitter storm: is an attempt to coordinate user actions on Twitter in order to create and maintain a Trending Topic”.

An example—The New York Times headline today: 

“Donald Trump Vows on Twitter to Stay away From Business”  

Maybe he should vow to stay off Twitter, and get to work.

A Time magazine story: “Trumps Twitter Feed Sings the Same Old Distracting Song.” Hmm… “Twitter Feed?”   Wrooong.

The Time article is about Trump using his crazy tweets to distract the media from real issues, like who he’s appointing positions to, as well as his business dealings with world leaders which exhibit new and dangerous conflicts of interest at every turn. Good point!

Trump’s “twitter tirade” toward CNN for calling him a “sore winner” claiming voter fraud yet offering no evidence—for an election he won.

Now I understand a “twitter tirade.” 

Look how many “twitter trolls”  like that one. 

I’ve got another one: “twitter tantrum” —has that one been used? When blowhard Donald Trump, who went from blasting Jill Stein for instigating a recount, crying: “fraud” and “rigged” to attacking Hillary Clinton because her lawyers agreed to back Steins efforts to recount votes—then claiming the election was tainted with millions of illegal votes. 

Well that clearly shows no one is happy. I’m going to play my mom card here and take away the toy everyone is fighting over. I say scrap it. Lets forego the whole costly recount, and put that money toward a complete re-vote. This time to be completely sure there is no fraud or tampering: check ID’s, use paper ballots only, hand count ballots under my supervision- everyone is happy? Good, now hand me that can and I’ll call the person in charge.

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Twitter Tirade Feed Storm

  1. I can make my WP blogpost appear on Twitter. I know how to make a post. I can handle re-Tweet. And that’s it, Lydia. I’m still wondering why they call my phone “smart” when it couldn’t even understand my old phone’s language to transfer my address book. 😉 xoM

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