Trump on Time

He must not have noticed that Time Magazine gave him horns with their placement of the M. Donald Trump’s already “huge” “tremendous” (two of the fourteen words in his vocabulary) brobdingnagian (is my word choice) self-reverential ego has been fondled and stroked yet again. And so now the press is good. His inner (evil man-)child is satiated for the time being as he is yet again on the cover of Time Magazine, this time as “Person of the Year.” I would have chosen a different title for him, but no one asked me. Many other deplorable dictators have graced the cover of Time magazine over the years, so he is among his peers. 

Still even knowing this I am disappointed. This emperor-elect is the spoiled rich kid (we all knew one) who was handed everything in life, always did what he wanted to do and not only went unpunished for misdeeds, but was rewarded for his bad behavior—repeatedly. I’m tired of reciting his long list of failures and horrendous actions. (Feel free to peruse my blog if you don’t understand the fuss.) The injustice—the fact that good, hard working, honest people struggle while the Donald Trumps of the world steal and bully and get more powerful and richer—it disgusts me. 

I only hope this unstable dangerous man is stopped before he destroys the entire planet— he has already destroyed our equanimity.

December 7, 2016

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5 thoughts on “Trump on Time

  1. Oh, Lydia! I share your disappointment, disgust and distress. He truly is in a pantheon with his peers. Brogdingnatian? You dignify him too much with such a noble word. Emperor-elect? He wishes! We’ll just have to continuously remind him that he’s actually a LOSER; that more than half the voters did NOT choose him.

    Living in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to witness his bloviated, egocentric ways for years. How so many were taken in by this con man is incomprehensible to me.

    I was brought to this country by a mother who yearned to give her children she did not have growing up in a war-torn Europe. My 83-year-old mother is confused. She doesn’t recognize the country she adopted.

    One breath. One moment. One step at a time. That’s how we’ll get through this mishegas! 😉 xoM

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  2. Enjoyable, I thought, given that I am browsing just about everyday. It is good of you to come forward with something like this because it proves that your blogging is made of substance, not just of the shallow elements. It is quite weird that Time is doing something like that, although I don’t know too much about the magazine… I just believe that it is a long-established news magazine to who people look for great journalism. I am not any more inclined to read it, seeing what it is about this time. Good luck keeping up your value system versus that of the establishment. If everybody could come forward with his own personal protest, what a world it would be, with so many opportunities to be the more profound individual. Keep believing it.

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