It Can Always be Worse 

Have you ever stopped to look back on your life and wished you could return to those old problems that seemed so maddening at the time?

Have you ever felt you are being tested? 

Have you ever looked around and wondered where the hidden cameras are, and when the host is going to come out and tell you it’s all been filmed and none of it’s real?

My answer to all of the the above is yes. I wish I could go back to worrying about shoveling the snow off my long driveway and complaining about the feted fog wafting out from under my teenaged sons closed bedroom door…instead I am focused on the health and wellbeing of a loved one.

Regardless— I am ever the optimist and well aware that all problems add to strength of character (and gray hair). I am not at liberty to expound on this situation, but I will say that I realize how lucky I am in all other aspects of my life. I would urge anyone who is going through any personal crisis to breathe, and consider that however bad a situation is, someone out there would be happy to have your problems in exchange for theirs and more importantly, you can always find reasons to be thankful.

Reasons I am thankful today:

  • The sun rose before the snow fell.
  • I have a garage to park my car in—even though the door is stuck (a broken spring) in the down position with my car trapped inside.
  • My children share a clunker (old car), which I can borrow until I free my car…well timed to have use of a car that a muffler can fly off of as I run errands.
  • How seasonable it is that all this has distracted me from my usual holiday stress.
  • It is profitable that for $7.95 I can cover my gray roots and no one will know I’m 300 years old.
  • My crisis is useful in that it has given me a valid excuse to skip my workouts. 
  • Both my dogs have sweaters.
  • This has happened before Donald Trump repeals the family medical leave of absence law which allows me to take the time I need off work without losing my job.
  • Donald Trump is the corkscrew to my bottled up stress… his ineptitude provides a welcome distraction for me to redirect my energy.

In a month or two I’ll go back to my old complaints, because I know this too shall pass. For now, I’ll focus on the orange one. (the idiot-elect) ____________________________

December 16, 2016

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