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Vladimir Putin says claims that Russia secretly monitored Trump are “rubbish”, and leaked memos alleging Trump and Putin conspired to win the presidential election are: “utter nonsense”.  He called the unsubstantiated report “fake”,  and stated this was an attempt by some to undermine the legitimacy of a PutiTrump presidency.Sources claim the toll is now above 50 members of congress who have declined an invitation to attend Trump’s inauguration ceremony, and though relatively few will attend, Trump is still raising funds for the celebration. While President Obama’s inauguration in 2008 had a final cost of $45m, and the final cost for Obama’s 2012 inauguration was $35m, according to The Independent, Trump has raised in excess of $90m for an inauguration, which will have 70 percent fewer balls, and a parade shorter by half…yet the fund raising continues. 

Trump’s people won’t say how the $90m will be spent, although at his press conference last week Trump said it will be “a very, very elegant day… And I think we’re going to have massive crowds, because we have a movement.” 

Reportedly, whatever funds remain unspent will be “donated to charity.” 

However many do attendees inauguration, a record number of protests are scheduled for the weekend.

Trump continues to take credit for every job ever created in the U.S.—even though he has yet to take office.And finally, several new polls show Donald Trump has an approval rating lower than any incoming president ever. He is taking the news as one would expect.

That’s what he said.


January 17, 2017 <a href=””>Invitation</a&gt;

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