Betsy Devos is Confirmed

An unqualified moron (my humble opinion), has just been confirmed as Education Secretary of the United States. A woman who never set foot in a public school is now in charge of them. A woman who at the senate confirmation hearings said guns are needed in the classroom to protect against “potential grizzlies” can now protect our children against grizzlies in the classroom.

This is what republicans want, because they want a voucher system, which is what this idiot (my humble opinion) wants. So who wins? The wealthy who have their kids in private schools will get money back with the voucher system. Those who have the luxury of choice get money back. The poor, and the middle class who are stuck in the public school system lose funding and the interest of those with the tax purse. What is bad now will get worse.

Oh well, that’s life. It’s just too bad there isn’t more money for publlic schools. I wish I had more money too, but sometimes working, even with constant overtime isn’t enough to get what you want.

If I had money I’d live in Greenwich Villiage. I really love New York, but I can’t afford to live there. I understand, and I don’t blame Melania Trump for wanting to live in New York, but she can afford to live there…wait, so why am I paying for it? Tax payers are footing a bill in excess of one million dollars a day because the current Mrs Trump does not want to live in the White House with her orange whale of a husband (my humble opinion). More than a million dollars a day is spent to keep her and that glass tower she lives in secure. That is a billion and a half dollars over the next four years that tax payers will spend on the trophy wife (my humble opinion) of a billionaire who hasn’t paid taxes himself in twenty years. 

Think about all the other things that could be done with that money…

  •  Nearly 18,000 children under five die from preventable causes every day. A billion and a half dollars could put a dent in that.
  • A billion and a half dollars could relieve student debt for millions of people.
  • The toxic water in Flint Michigan could be cleaned up with what is spent in a weekend protecting the wife of the so called president because she will not live in Washington. 
  • That money could save Medicare and Medicaid…except that it is already fully funded through 2029, and 79% funded through 2040 regardless of what republicans like to claim. 
  • The best idea of all: put that money toward public education. That would allow public schools to compete with elite private schools, and all children would have an equal opportunity to succeed in life…and grizzlies would have a fighting chance too.


February 6, 2017

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