Why Hasn’t Trump Been Impeached? 

I’ll save you further reading by answering the question right now. The republicans who were so vocal in their opposition of Trump during the primary election have rallied behind him.

Regardless of the damage Trump’s administration has done in three weeks time, a majority in the Senate supports him.

A record number of executive orders have been signed—most of them favoring banks and billionaires. 

Most detrimental so far, to the working class people who voted for him:

  1. Trump’s reversal of the fiduciary rule. After a meeting with executives from Wall Street, the law requiring  investment brokers to act in the best interest of their clients, instead of putting their own profits first, has been reversed. These financial brokers can now advise their clients to invest in a way that will provide them with the highest profit—their clients retirement investment be damned. 
  2. He signed a directive aimed at repealing the Dodd-Frank Act, a law in place to help prevent another recession. It prevents banks from profiting from such a disaster.
  3. After meeting with the heads of the pharmaceutical industry, Trump reversed his stance on negotiating better drug prices, and instead gave this billion dollar industry a tax cut. 

As far as his foreign policy, Trump seems intent to turn the United States into an isolationist country, damaging foreign relations by either threatening or insulting: Mexico, China, Philippines, Germany, India, France, Australia, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen,Somalia, Syria, and Iraq; and he has isolated us from our allies in the UN. 

He has shown himself as a man who bases decisions on his own material gain. Regardless of conflict of interest concerns, he continues to run his businesses. He didn’t lose a day’s profit. His first day in office, he rented rooms at his D.C. Hotel to Saudi diplomats.

As he promised while campaigning, he began his unconstitutional entry ban of a religion…but only from the seven countries in the Middle East who do not have ties to his business ventures. (This at least was stopped.)

Trump’s mental stability has been a reoccurring topic of discussion, but it doesn’t seem to be threatening his position. His narcissistim got him where he is.

Justifying Trump’s misdeeds, while protecting his overinflated sense of pride are two individuals who completely lack integrity- Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer. They have given the world new catch phrases: “alternate facts” and “fake news”. They praise Trump while disparaging the media who don’t twist news in their favor.

Trump’s more unfortunate cabinet picks who will help him carry out his plans without conscience, or thoughts of humanity:

  • Chief of staff: Reince Priebus, barely rates mention- he is a yes man.
  • Chief Advisor: Steve Bannon, has been called antisemetic, islamophobic, misogynistic, and a general all around white supremesist. He has also been called the most dangerous man in politics today because he seems to be calling the shots.
  • State: Rex W. Tillerson—billionaire Chief executive of ExonMobile who has close ties to Vladimir Putin. He and Putin had been working on a 500 billion dollar oil deal that can not move forward with current sanctions in place…sanctions Tillerson himself, as Secretary of State, is now in a position to lift. Donald Trump’s own ties to Vladimir Putin seem to have been forgotten. 
  • Atty. General: Jeff Sessions—allegations of racism were so compelling that he was not voted in as district judge in 1986.
  • Health: Tom Price—a billionaire orthopedic surgeon with stock in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Education: Betsy DeVos—whose family has donated 200 million dollars to the Republican Party, who has never set foot in a public school, and who believes guns are needed in classrooms to guard against “potential grizzlies”. Her family bought her position.
  • Treasury: Steve Mnuchin—former Goldman Sachs executive will be instrumental in rewriting of the tax code in favor of the interests of himself and his friends. 
  • Energy: Rick Perry—doesn’t believe in human-caused climate change, and is in a position to do untold damage.
  • Labor: Anderw F. Pudzer—chief executive of CFE restaurants, is anti minimum-wage, and anti labor-union.
  • Commerce: Wilbur Ross—whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at $2.9 billion, has a history of outsourcing 2,700 jobs.

My wake up call was the confirmation of Betsy Devos, who was the most universally disliked by the general public among this impressive list of inexperienced billionaires. Regardless of valid arguments against her, she is now our Education Secretary. 

This is when I came to realize that the numbers required to keep Trump in check…keep him from completely destroying us all are not there. Republicans in office will not oppose him. 

Senate Elections, will be held on November 6, 2018. Only 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate are to be contested in regular elections at that time. Many are hoping that election will end this seemingly free reign of Trump’s. A closer look at the states where republicans will be up for re-election in 2018 shows it is highly unlikely a change in the numbers will result in a democratic majority.

Republicans up for reelection in 2018:

  • Alabama: Luther Strange 
  • Arizona: Jeff Flake 
  • Mississippi: Roger Wicker 
  • Nebraska: Deb Fischer 
  • Nevada: Dean Heller 
  • Tennessee: Bob Corker 
  • Texas: Ted Cruz 
  • Utah: Orrin Hatch 
  • Wyoming: John Barrasso 

If a vacancy occurs due to death or resignation in any state, the governor appoints a replacement.

Who will start impeachment proceedings in an environment that can not even garner a majority vote against an incompetent Betsy Devos for education secretary? 

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken have been the most vocal democrats in opposition to the Trump administration, but they are limited by the number of republicans in the senate, all of whom refuse to put the best interest of the nation ahead of their own political aspirations. Regardless of the numbers, we, the public need to step up opposition.

February 11, 2017

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3 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Trump Been Impeached? 

  1. Here’s the sad thing, Lydia: if Trump is impeached, we get Pence (excuse me while I throw up), and if he’s impeached, we get Ryan. So, thanks for that list. Our best chances lie in working locally to shift state governments, the legislatures as well as the governors who get to appoint replacements to Congress. And, of course, to shift the Senate. In the best of all possible worlds, as M. Pangloss kept saying in Candide, we’d also get some shifts in the House. So, we’ve got to roll up our sleeves, get the Democrats out to vote and make that 2018 shift. 😉 xoxoM

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