Putin Fires Missile, Trump Tweets About Hillary

Vladimir Putin, in violation of an arms control treaty, secretly deployed of one of his new cruise missiles yesterday. This is a test Donald Trump is failing. Nordstrom got a response for dropping Ivanka’s clothing, but Russia and North Korea both fire missiles – nada.

He can’t be bothered with missile launches. Rather than deal with that, he’s still blathering about the November election.
Questions about who knew what when and how much and by whose orders, are questions that should have been asked months ago. Allegations of contact between Trump’s team and Russia had been brought as far back as the presidential debates. The information is not new. Phones were tapped. The FBI had this information as it was happening. 

On January 29, 2017, Sally Yates, acting Attorney General warned White House officials that intercepted communications contradicted Mr. Flynn’s account of his phone call with Russian officials. Mr. Trump fired Ms. Yates the Monday after she contacted the White House on grounds that she had declined to defend an executive order on refugees and visitors to the U.S.

Flynn was the third Trump advisor to resign because of ties to Russia, after Manafort and Page. I want to know what will be done with the information now, and I don’t want Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer’s version of events. They’re not even good liars. 

The Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Mitch McConnell, is “investigating”. Pardon me for my cynicism, but Mitch McConnell and the Republican majority Senate doesn’t have the backbone to keep an idiot like Betsy Devos from being confirmed, so how are we to trust them to act on information they’ve had for months and done nothing with?
Donald Trump is more than embarrassing. He is a threat to world peace, and a detriment to America’s standing in the world. He is a president who was put in office by Russia, and it defies logic that he is allowed to continue playing president. To remove him and his cabinet from office now would not be enough. Trump should be tried for treason, and the American people deserve another vote. 

Now let’s see who launches the next missile, and what the twitter response will be.

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