About Me

I’m not, but I am

I’m not rich,  but I am diverting

I’m not toothsome, but I am flossing

I’m not the worlds greatest mom,

but I am wearing a shirt that says I am

I’m not young, but I am unfinished

Existentialist Prose:
“What is writing?” ~Sartre

“Are readers leaders, or do readers only read about leaders?” ~Me

This is where I enjoy the liberties afforded me via the first amendment.

© [Lydia Ecklund] and [A lot from Lydia], [2014-2016]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Lydia Ecklund] and [A lot from Lydia] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Some deep insights to share. I myself have been in that spot; most of the more intellectual breed has been. Though I don’t consider myself very worldly, nor “smart,” I like to look at things realistically. But I find more encouragement to focus on…


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  2. Hello Lydia,
    I think it would be interesting if you could do some delving into Jared Kushner. As far as I can see, his position in the White House as Senior Advisor to the President is usurping that of Rex Tillerson’s as the US Secretary of State, particularly in light of this recent Jerusalem decision.

    I have a few articles that may of use if you decide to go ahead:



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