Shame on Montana

Montana elects a multimillionaire Greg Gianforte to the U.S. House of Representatives the day after he is witnessed grabbing a reporter by the throat, and throwing him to the ground. Being charged with assault clearly doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it use to. This behavior is acceptable to the citizens of Montana. Donald Trump should be proud. 

Shame on you Montana. This America is not the land of the free it sells itself as. Justice is apparently on reprieve until Trump’s reign comes to an end.


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Enough Traveling for Trump 

It’s not difficult to surmise Donald Trump’s first foreign trip was another attempt to distract the public from the ongoing Russia/Trump investigation. Regardless of his many attempts to obstruct the investigation it has picked up considerable steam since his firing of FBI Director James Comey on May 09. Sorry, the trip didn’t change that.Trump’s trip abroad has had an impact of a different kind. He has proven himself as a bigger embarrassment to the United States abroad than he is at home. His behavior takes the “Ugly American” stereotype up a notch. His arrogance, his ignorance, his overly agressive handshakes, his inappropriate grins confirm what people around the world already knew, Trump is a buffoon. 

The trip was well documented: FLOTUS swiping away Trump’s hand…twice, his stupidity regarding the Middle East, Ivanka and Jared booed by a crowd in Rome, Anti-Trump Protests in Brussels. 

One particular incident caught on tape stands apart from the rest. When NATO leaders were taking a tour of the Alliance’s new headquarters, Trump shoved aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro to take a spot front and center. 

What the hell was that? Did Trump single out Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro as a nod to Vladimir Putin? Montenegro is the 29th country to join the NATO alliance, and this was their first summit. Putin wasn’t pleased. He had gone so far as to plot an assassination of the previous prime minister in order to keep Montenegro from joining NATO. He had further plans to hand pick the replacement with someone he could control. Russia of course denies these allegations. 

Trump bullying Markovic was another blatant display of his loyalty to Putin, who would love to see the dissolution of NATO and the strength numbers it provides to it’s members. 

If Trump isn’t planning to seek asylum in order to avoid impeachment, then it’s time for him to come home so the process can begin. 

Wealth Gap Spreads with Cuts to Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamine Franklin

Most countries in the civilized world see education as a necessary investment in their future, crucial for financial success and competitiveness. Most countries do, but not all. What kind of a country doesn’t value education, making it a luxury affordable only to an elite group of children born to the wealthy? The answer: the richest and the most unequal nation in the world— the U.S.A. 

Rather than attempt to reverse this situation, Donald Trump and his secretary of education Betsy Devos (who never attended public school) have something else in mind for our children. Details have emerged of an $11 billion proposed cut to education:

  • After school programs— eliminated
  • The Arts— lost
  • Foreign language— disappears
  • Physical education— a thing of the past 
  • Class sizes—increase
  • Teacher training— what teacher training? 
  • Special Olympics— the stuff of legends 
  • Work study programs— halved
  • Pell grants—cut by 4 billion, 
  • Public service loan forgiveness— gone

And for those whose only option for an education is through student loans, federal loan subsidies take a hit as well. The first action Trump took as president was to eliminate banking regulations. 

Private equity firms, Wall Street banks, and the federal government are already profiting large from the student loan industry. 42 million Americans currently hold student loans totaling $1.3 trillion dollars. We have been in desperate need of reform as tuition rates far exceed the rate of inflation, but Trump has tossed a boulder into the arms of a drowning man. Students seeking loans will be chum in the water for predatory loan sharks. 

Like healthcare, education will be an entitlement for the wealthy. 10% of Americans have 76% of the money. Incomes of the wealthy steadily increase while incomes of the rest of the population remain stagnant. Donald Trump’s mission seems to be to increase the wealth gap. Why is he doing it? The only answer— a bigger tax cut for the chosen few. 

Auto loans and mortgage rates are far lower than interest rates offered for student loans. The message hidden in that fact seems to be that the government doesn’t want you to educate yourself. Consider this: a $10,000 loan offered at a rate of 8.9% will cost the student $25,000 over the course of fifteen years. That is a rate offered to parents with good credit today. The rate after Trump’s changes will be substantially higher. 
Once junior moves back home, into what is now the workout room, he/she will have to make a lot of mocha soy lattes at their post-grad job in order to make those monthly student loan payments… and they will make those payments.


There is no way out of this debt. These lenders will take your disability checks, and your pension, they have secured that right. Although Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy six times, doing so will not help those with student loans. They can not be discharged in bankruptcy. 

Banking will essentially be organized crime run by white collar criminals engaged in activity sanctioned by Trump.

For future generations, Trump and Devos together are intent on destroying hope for all but the wealthiest Americans. Attending college in America is no longer a step on the road to success, but rather it has become a way to exchange good credit for insurmountable debt.

Get the impression Trump doesn’t care about “making America great again” for anyone but himself? I do.


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Name Calling a Suicide Bomber

70 year old Donald Trump is forever young. His four year old mind responded to the senseless suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Tuesday by name calling. Those responsible are “evil losers in life” who murdered “so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives.” Trump said he would not call those responsible “monsters, because “they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name.”

“I will call them, from now on, losers, because that’s what they are,” Trump said. “They’re losers, and we’ll have more of them, but they’re losers. Just remember that.” 

You may want to write that down to help you remember…it might be on the test. Let’s review: “They’re losers.”

This is the complex thought process of the leader of the free world. What name can I call them? He puts more thought into selecting an insult than into healthcare for Americans. 

Donald Trump was in Jerusalem at the time of the bombing— you may have heard he had been in the Middle East prior that, but he left the Middle East and went to Israel. 

In Israel Trump said, “Our Secretary of State has done a great job. We just got back from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and we were treated incredibly well.” 

He must have traveled in his imaginary airplane. Somebody tell the jackass Israel is part of the Middle East. 

There was no mention of chocolate cake on this visit to the Middle East. Perhaps they have cake in Israel.

While in the Middle East, Son in law Kushner (the guy we elected…never) negotiated a $109 billion arms deal with the Saudis. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that was just one component of $350 billion in economic and defense investments between the two countries over the next 10 years. 

This is a yuge improvement over Obama’s relationship with the Saudis which had been strained over Saudi bombings of hundreds of Yemeni civilians. We won’t call them losers though…because they have money and oil, and we want some.

Trump and his team have made it clear that human rights violations will not affect deals with other countries. 

As a show of gratitude, the Saudis donated $100 million to Kushner’s wife Ivanka Trump’s brand new “women’s charity”… because the Trumps care about women’s issues as much as they care about human rights. If only women were human…life would be great in the Middle East and in Israel. Perhaps Ivanka’s new women’s charity will provide botox and breast implants for poor flat chested losers with frown lines. 

Let’s review this administrations priorities:

  1. Make personal profit.
  2. Make Russia great again.
  3. Eliminate healthcare.

Pop quiz—

  • Question: What do you call a suicide bomber? 
  • Answer: Evil losers
  • Question: Why?
  • Answer: “because that’s what they are.”

*Photo of an actual loser taken either in the Middle East or in Israel.


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Trump: Your Secrets about ___, ___, and ____ are Safe With Me…Did Everyone Get That?

First…well actually not first, but one of the more recent bonehead treasonous moves Donald Trump made last week was when he held a meeting in the Oval Office with Russian operatives and shared highly classified information with them. 

That move was either dangerous and traitorous, or it was dangerous and stupid. As dangerous as it was, we have learned from past experience with Trump that it can always be worse. 

Dumb met dumber and birthed an orange inheritance moron with foot in mouth disease and named him Donald. I believe junior was deprived of oxygen a little longer than necessary because when he was born the doctor slapped his mother. (Old joke, but it actually might have happened in this case.)

Today President Donald Trump met in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and announced to the press: 

“I never mentioned the word or the name Israel” during Oval Office meeting with Russians. I NEVER SHARED INFO THAT WE GOT FROM ISRAEL.”

Okay, no one said you did jackass. 
Verbally clumsy oaf Donald Trump implicated Israel as the source of U.S. intelligence with his statement today. 

It would not be surprising to find other countries refraining from sharing intelligence in the future, because Donald Trump is like that friend who just can not keep a secret. If you retain the friendship, it’s arms length…but the safest course of action would be to set them adrift.


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Reading the News, So You Don’t Have To

Lately I’m torn between needing a day off from politics, and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing. The next thing is always only a few hours away, which adds a high level of anticipation to my news addiction. Donald Trump has turned me into a backseat political analyst. But I don’t do this for myself, I read the news so you don’t have to. This is a free service I offer to society…because I am a humanitarian.
Today I scan through the news and find Trump’s first trip outside his bubble: to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Vatican City, Brussels, and Sicily. That story is battling with impeachment speculation for top spot today. 

As far as said trip, the most prevalent theme is “don’t do anything stupid.” Everyone is offering up their own version of the same advise: Don’t talk about crowd size, don’t talk about the Koran, don’t grab any female genitalia, in fact don’t go. If you must go, don’t open your mouth, and don’t move your arms. Ugh- this is our representation. No wonder the world hates America. Thanks Vlad, nice choice. 
Trump has extricated Melania from her New York Tower for this trip. The Jared the Ivanka are also along to distract from the oaf. Maybe Ivanka will offer sales contracts on Ivanka Hijabs (made by children in China) to be sold with a copy of her new book “How to Be Like I Want You to Believe I Am”…or something like that. 
By the way neither Trump woman covered their head in Saudi Arabia. More hypocrisy from the man who criticized Michelle Obama for the same offense. “Many people are saying” f*ck you Donald Trump. —they are.

On a side note, NPR has interesting results from their latest poll. It shows how devided we are as a country in what we believe our priorities should be with our foreign policies: selfless humanitarianism, or materialistic greed. Don’t let my granola breath influence you, but come on Republicans!

There is also speculation in the news today, or hope, that Trump will seek political asylum somewhere and never return the U.S., in order to avoid his imminent impeachment and prison time. We won’t be so lucky. 
Meanwhile back on the ranch, Mike Pence is scrambling to appear as if he had nothing to do with the Russia scandal. He was kept in the dark about Flynn, and in spite of the fact that half the country knew what was happening, he did not…no, really. He is also raising money for a 2020 presidential run. So in other words, he is too stupid to have seen the writing on the wall, but he’s presidential material? Me thinks you can’t have it both ways. Pence is on the list of likely impeachables. (new word) 

Okay, that’s it for me…I can’t stand any more. There is a day to have. Happy Saturday! 

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