No Oprah, But Thanks

The mood of the Golden Globe Awards last night was unusual. Most of Hollywood was draped in black, or wore pins that said “Time’s Up,” in solidarity for the “Me Too” movement. If you’ve been unplugged for the past four months I’ll explain briefly.

“Times Up” is what someone should have said to Nicole Kidman, but didn’t, when she won the first award of the night. She took much, much more than her fair share of time accepting the award, hogging the mic, and putting a futile game of catch up into motion… Kind of selfish? Mmhmm.

But that’s not what last night’s “Time’ Up” pins were for.

They symbolized the long overdue backlash against sexual predation that has erupted around the world. I believe Donald Trump’s election was the catalyst, but what really ignited the movement was an article in “The New Yorker Magazine” in which countless accusations, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, were levied against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

About last night, Seth Meyers hosted the “Golden Globes.” In his opening monologue, he kind of, sort of, jokingly asked Oprah to run for President. She had been sitting in the front row waiting to receive her lifetime achievement award. She laughed.

When the point in the show came for her to accept her award, she gave an eloquent impassioned speech, condemning all that is wrong in this racist, misogynistic world we live in, and she did it exceedingly well. Good job, congratulations, now just take the trophy and sit down.

What’s my problem? Why do I seem angry? I’ll try to express myself calmly. I have heard several celebrities “joking” that they might consider a run for the position of POTUS in 2020. I am not fooled. These aren’t jokes, these people are putting out feelers, gauging the response.

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear to everyone, that anyone could be president, and a better one than he is.

No one could possibly be worse than “that fucking moron.” (Those are not my words… per say.) Rex Tillerson named him, and Rupert Murdoch baptized him. Trump has also been lovingly called “a fucking fool” by a former White House staffer.

So as to avoid further repeated dropping of the F-bomb in this post, because I’m classier than this, Trump shall here to for be referred to as TFM. (Below is a visual aid.)

I agree with the sentiment, that there is no one who could be worse at the job of POTUS than TFM, but that single criteria isn’t enough to qualify the next group of nominees.

I implore you all— The Rock-Dwayne Johnson, Shark Tank rich guy-Marc Cuban, Academy Award winning actor-Tom Hanks, the omnipotent-Oprah, and anyone else, please give your ego a rest, and just stop it. Stop it now.

Stop and consider instead the idea of electing an ethical politician to run government. This should be someone who has foreign policy experience, economic expertise, and someone who has a recorded history that shows us how they vote on various issues. This would be someone who has been tried and tested, and shown they are NOT in the pockets of Russians, or lobbyists. This would be someone who has gone into politics because they want to serve the people of America, rather than serve their already over inflated egos.

So I say HELL NO to Oprah, respectfully.

I’m not saying just any politician who has been grooming themselves for the job will do. I also say no to Corey Booker. In fact, he should try his hand at acting, because he “acts” like he fits the criteria I listed above, but in reality he is in big Pharma’s pockets. They own him. He regularly accepts large amounts of money in exchange for voting against reform. There will be no fair pricing on prescription drugs as long as Cory Booker has any say in it. And that my friends is an example of what is at the root of our failed healthcare system… greed.

I would be happy to vote for Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and, had things been different, I would have voted for Al Franken.

The common thread here is— they are politicians who have devoted their lives to public service. They are not celebrities, not that there’s anything wrong with celebrities, but they are ego driven. If they were not, they wouldn’t assume the presidency can be attained by virtue of their popularity alone.

Of course Oprah would do a better job than TFM, but so would the corpse from “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Nothing personal Oprah, but I’m about to blow a gasket because how fucking (oops) stupid would we be to make the same mistake??? We did this already and it didn’t work, bigly! Let’s move on.

Oprah is a great public speaker, but my vote is Hell no! She is not a politician. If she is sincerely interested in politics, why not start with Congress and prove herself there first?

I’m done.


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Did I Go Too Far?

I lost some “friends” with my post yesterday. I meant every word I wrote, but I normally filter my thoughts through a colander, yesterday I poured them all in, boiling water and all.

I admit, I had been overtaken by rage because, although I expected it to happen, when I saw the news that the GOP tax scam had passed the senate, I felt all the phases of grief to the degree I’ve only experienced once before… election Day 2016.

Since Trump became the GOP presidential nominee I listened as people at work, and out in real life, discussed how his political ignorance and business acumen would be an asset. When he won the general election these same people felt vindicated and empowered, gloating in their euphoria. They let their racism and homophobia show, just like the White Nationals who came out of the shadows and took to the streets, these coworkers, neighbors and friends came out of their cubicles and their vinyl sided boxes with pitched roofs and spoke their ugly thoughts out loud, thoughts I had previously been unaware they possessed. I quietly listened, not wanting to engage in political arguments at work, and not wanting all the neighborhood leaves blown onto my lawn.

If any of those people wondered at my thoughts or loyalties they could have read my little blog, because it’s no secret that I write. But these kinds of people don’t care what others think, they just want an audience and validation for their thoughts.

Yes, I know the same could be said about me. I write because I want to express my thoughts, and even when I know only a handful of people are reading on any given day, it is an outlet. It’s easier to articulate a point by writing and editing rather than speaking off the cuff.

Regardless, there is a difference between them and me. I listen to people when they speak. I try to understand how these despicable ideas became so ingrained that they refuse to consider others, and what childhood experiences might have left them without empathy.

As I said, I quietly listened. But when one woman with whom I work, who particularly likes the sound of her own voice, assumed I had voted for Trump, I had to engage. This woman, who never lets an argument go, fled to the comfort of a group of like minded individuals to discuss me. Good riddance.

Since then, I have been surprised to learn of the secret racist homophobia of several others. I was confided in because I am a straight white woman, and that led them to believe I shared their views.

In truth, I thought the views that they had died with the generation of my parents and grandparents. I was shocked at them, and at my own naivety. I had worked alongside these people for years and years, and suddenly I had nothing in common with them. The jokes we shared about daily minutia stopped.

I suppose for me, the most unforgivable aspect of the election, aside from the Russian hijacking of it, was the number of women who were willing to vote for someone so blatantly misogynistic, a self admitted sexual predator. The breakdown of voter statistics showed Trump won because of the white female vote. 53% of the white female voters chose Trump, a pig with no political experience, a failed businessman with a history of 6 bankruptcies, who was named in 3500 lawsuits for crimes ranging from fraud to non-payment for goods and services, to rape. They picked him over a woman ffs.

My post yesterday surprised those who voted for Trump on a lark, but don’t read the news, and it deflated the Trump voters who believed the lies about the “Tax Cut Jobs Act.”

They had been applauding the victory—

  • The same corporations that use bankruptcy as a business strategy in order to gut union contracts, the same corporations with a history of CEO’s rewarding themselves with billions in bonuses, then bailing out on golden parachutes made of stocks and cash— this rewards them again. They have trillions of dollars in assets that they haven’t reinvested in jobs, but they’re getting tax cuts.
  • 13million Americans will lose healthcare.
  • The rug is pulled out from under the entire healthcare system, which will result in every American paying much more for much less coverage.
  • Drilling for oil in a pristine Alaskan wildlife preserves has been given the go ahead.
  • The President’s 200 companies got a tax cut.

These Trump voters who I know had been happy about it all…I made them feel bad with my post yesterday.

The news is now reporting information they’ve been fed by certain corporations who are offering a one time bonus in response to their windfall profits…a publicity stunt.

In truth:

Wells Fargo, just one such corporation, says raising minimum to $15 an hour was the reason for this tax reform bill. They currently pay 25,000 people between $13.50-$17.00. A company with $1.75 trillion in assets paying poverty level wages just had their taxes cut in half. Trump de-regulated banks, including Wells Fargo, so they may resume their predatory lending practices which led to the financial collapse of 2007, the Great Recession.

… The disaster deduction …

Losses sustained due to a fire, earth quakes, hurricanes, storms, shipwrecks or theft, are only now tax deductible if they exceeded 10% of adjusted gross income and are deemed a “national disaster.”

If your house was destroyed by a California wildfire, you are potentially eligible for some tax relief, while the victims of random house fires… sorry.

Let’s review, what happened yesterday.

  • Tax increase for millions of working Americans
  • Reinforced income inequality
  • Medicare & Social Security cuts
  • Increased premiums
  • Millions left uninsured
  • Trump family tax cut
  • Carried interest loophole
  • Profits for big banks & CEOs

What happened to the good guys? There must be some members of the GOP senate who remember why they are in office. If there had only been three, who voted with conscionable thought, the bill would have failed.

They were bribed. Orrin Hatch admitted he crafted the key tax provision that will enrich Bob Corker and the rest of the GOP, and Lisa Murkowski gets to drain Alaskan oil. You might call that bribing Senate Republicans to vote yes. Orrin Hatch would sell his mother for $50.

Congressional votes are sold to the highest bidder. Is that legal? Um, no it is not.

Bribery Law- US. 18 U.S.C. § 201 – Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses. Bribery – Definition— “The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties.”

So, I am off some Christmas card lists now because I verbalized the thought, the one thought I’ve contained for over a year: Trump voters are misinformed morons, and the GOP will all burn in Hell.

But miracle of miracles the story isn’t over. We still have Bob Mueller, and we must protect him from the Trump Klan.

The GOP is calling for an end to the investigation with claims Mueller isn’t making progress. He has already indicted Papadapoulos, Manafort, and Flynn, and two of the three are cooperating with the FBI. Mueller has also legally obtained thousands of damning Trump transition team emails, and he has subpoenaed financial documents from Deutsche bank. In January of 2016 Deutsche Bank sustained $630 million in penalties for a $10 billion Russian money laundering scheme involving the bank’s Moscow, New York, and London branches.

According to Bloomberg, Trump owes Deutsche around $300 million, which comes due in 2024, and Kushner owes them $285 million- I don’t know when that comes due, and frankly I’m bored.

GOP house members are engaged in a fierce campaign to end the investigation by firing Mueller. I’d wager Orrin Hatch’s mother it is because they’re involved and will stand to be indicted.

One more thought for today, Alabama Pedophile Roy Moore has still not conceded loss 8 days after the senate election he lost by 2%.


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This is Orange Country

Well Trump fans, I’m calling you out. No more Miss Congeniality here, not today anyway. The tax scam has passed the senate. Are you happy? I think you are, because your limited cognitive ability hasn’t allowed you to understand what just happened. Now the bill will go through the perfunctory step of a GOP majority House vote and then we, the middle class, will scramble to figure out where the money is going to come from when our insurance premiums spike. Who is going to cover that which won’t be covered by the Russian Oligarchs, like Mikhaïl Fridman, who have invested so heavily in American healthcare, like Spectrum, the Devos family owned insurance company?

I know who will be scrambling and I’ll tell you. It is the middle class. That includes you white ladies who voted for a sexual predator, tipping the scale. I can say that because I am a white woman who did not vote in this evil clown administration. I won’t expound on that thought, but I am thinking them all.

I’d like to thank my “friends” here by name, but they don’t read my posts because they only read propaganda and watch Fox, as such, they know not what they did. They said— “What the hell, how much worse can he be.” Maybe when they visit their tax guy, he or she will explain it to them using numbers.

As you see, I am beyond angry. Politicians, republicans to be specific, have shown their cards and they are all Jokers. If this isn’t the beginning of the end of the GOP I’ll eat my voter registration card.

I do believe this is a temporary situation. November of 2018 will be when payback begins with a sizable special election. Reckoning will continue for years, because that’s how long it will take to undo the damage Trump’s GOP has done with their free reign in these long twelve months.

The problem is, by then a good chunk of American tax payer money will be gone…hidden offshore, millions more Americans will be without healthcare, and many people will have died over this.

GOP politicians won’t care if they’re voted out of office because none of them will need to work. They will all be made rich with this tax scam/ healthcare bomb. They have benefactors, the likes of the Mercers and the Koch brothers, to fund their futures.

What to do now?


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Don’t Get Married

“Courtship is to marriage as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.” ~ William Congreve 1670-1729

*If you are happily married— check in with me tomorrow, when I’ll be ranting about Donald Trump, take today off.

To everyone else— Don’t get married. This is the single most valuable piece of advice I offer anyone interested in the opinion of a compulsive over-thinker. 

*Disclaimer— I am not a licensed therapist. These are my opinions…today.

When you get divorced, unhappily married people come out of the woodwork to tell you their tales of woe and beg advice from someone who came out on the other side. 

“How did you do it?” “You’re my hero.” “I’m afraid of dying alone.” (I hear the faint sound of a tiny 🎻 violin playing in the distance.) I hate to tell you this, but we all die alone.

I know very few happily married couples. “Hey Siri, what’s the divorce rate in America is now?” Holy Hell, that statistic has gone up since I last checked… 50%. I hope my post dissolution euphoria had nothing to do with the spike in numbers.

The anniversary of my divorce just passed. Ah yes, I remember it well… the feeling I had when I walked out of the courthouse on that crisp sunny autumn day… an ethereal lightness of being, my soul ascending to another plane… (“Free Bird” playing in background)

“Why shouldn’t I get married Lydia? We’re in love and I need health insurance.” (That may be me someday- I hate Trump)
Live together. The medical insurance problem is fluid, so don’t  be hasty. I have a few questions worthy of consideration for you. Why do you feel the need to involve the government in your relationship? Are you really so insecure in love that you need legal participation? Are you afraid your partner will notice that long chin hair and disappear in the night? Is the charade of your perfection too exhausting to maintain? Are you eager to let yourself go? Blenders and toasters are quite affordable these days. 

“I neeeeeed to be in a relationship.” These people try to hang onto the relationship that’s over until they can find the replacement part. If they somehow mistimed the exchange, and are between victims, they are desperately searching and boring everyone to death with their tales of despair. — Don’t be this person. 

“But we want a long term commitment.” Buy real estate in both your names, and set up a 30 year mortgage— bam, long term binding legal commitment. You might walk away with a profit. 

“I want to claim ownership.” With this statement I sense an imminent power struggle. Marriage does not guarantee monogamy. If a person is going to cheat, a piece of paper won’t prevent it. You can vow to be faithful without the help of the court system, and if you discover your lover isn’t loyal it’s easier to kick’em to the curb without the encumbrance of a marriage licence. 

“The sound of my biological clock clanging gets louder every day, it’s deafening.” It is a proven scientific fact, and has been since the dawn of man, you do not need to be married to procreate. Additionally, you should not consider having a child unless you have the financial means to support one alone. Children are a lifelong responsibility. You can not count on someone else sharing the responsibility or the expense, married or not— That’s a fact Jack, and here’s another— the species will not die out without your contribution— just an observation.

50% failure rate, or is it a success rate— is that cup half empty or half full? How many of those who stay married are happy doing so?

Marriage is called an institution for a reason. It can be suffocatingly oppressive, and an unequal division of labor is impossible to avoid— which leads to resentment. With marriage you can’t just walk away without going through an (often) expensive lengthy legal process involving a third party. What is romantic about that? 

So with that final happy thought in mind, I am thoroughly enjoying my solitude today…but, if you happen upon a single version of Colin Firth, who happens to have a good health insurance plan, liberal political leanings, and isn’t opposed to a vegan lifestyle, leave a comment, à tout à l’heure. 😜 (Okay, cue the circus music.)


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Donald Trump is a Misogyistic Bully

‪Good Sunday morning. On this day of worship (more likely he’s golfing) for a man still approved by 73% of white evangelicals, Donald Trump-who believes he is entitled to grab women’s genitalia (aka/sexual assault), thinks this violent gif of him swinging a golf club, hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with the golf ball, in turn knocking her over as she boards an airplane, is appropriate to retweet. Why? Because he is a misogynistic bully, who regularly displays his level of  brain development, which is on par (pun intended) with that of a terrible 2 year old. This is our president— be proud America— our POTUS 45. ‬


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The Anniversary of the 19th Amendment—Women’s Right to Vote

Today, August 26, is “Women’s Equality Day.” On this day in 1920, after decades of work toward the cause, women secured the right to vote. Today is the anniversary the passing of 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This is not to say women are on equal footing in America 97 years later. Those who believe we are have a distorted view of the type of society we live in. We may however have equal opportunities to hold the same jobs men hold, at a discounted rate of pay. 

We also have a man in the White House, when a woman won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Granted, the failure of the electoral college, gerrymandering, and Russian interference were the catalysts for that injustice. 

In my opinion women have a bigger issue. Globally 1 of 3 women will be victims a of sexual assault in their lifetimes.
In America the statistic of sexual assault is 1 of 5, I’ve also read that 1 of 4 women will be sexually assaulted while attending college.

In America 97% of rapists don’t spend a single night in jail. 

For every 10 rapes, only 1 victim is male. I’m not wishing more violence against men, I’m pointing out another disparity. We do not live in a country where women are equal to men, in personal safety or in rights. 

Why do I bring this up on the anniversary of the ratification of 19th Amendment? 

We have an unregistered sex offender in the White House. He doesn’t deny it. He was caught on tape bragging about it…a tape released to the public prior to the election, but still he was elected. During the campaign, a dozen women accused him of sexual assault. In response, we elected him to office over a woman. 

Men in Washington, behind closed doors, have been trying to take away basic preventative healthcare from women since Donald Trump was inaugurated. They want mammograms, pap smears, prenatal care, and birth control omitted from healthcare coverage. They want rape to be a pre-existing condition.

Donald Trump is a man who unabashedly degrades and assaults women, comments about women’s bodies, and has claimed women should be punished for having abortions. 

Here is a stunning fact: Without the white female vote in key states Donald Trump would not have won the election. Trump won 53% of the white female vote. 

On the anniversary of suffragist’s achievement, I can’t help but wonder what they would think if they knew 53% of white women would vote for a man like Donald Trump, the personification of misogyny, and all he represents, rather than a woman with a lifetime of experience. 
I know…but what about the e-mails. 


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