Tomorrow: Trump’s Doomsday?

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Mueller’s report drops, end the discourse

Tomorrow’s the day

Friday of Fridays

The rule of law wins in the end… of course

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Beware the Ides of Trump | Spectator USA


Lookout Below… a poem

The fallout from Michael Cohen’s testimony has finally begun.

The House Judiciary Committee vs individual 1

Reports of requests made to 81 people with Trump ties

The list’s not complete, there will be more people: traitors, and spies

Demanding documents from political loyalists,

Business associates, allies, and family made the list

A sprawling probe has been launched into whether Trump committed

Obstruction and or corruption and how he benefitted

That’s the gist,

Here’s the list:

House Dems demand documents on Trump’s communications with Putin

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Trump’s 3 Matts

Former acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, has been asked to return to the Judiciary Committee to “clarify” his February 8 testimony, because they suspect he committed perjury.

Perjury is a felony. A person convicted of perjury under federal law may face up to five years in prison and fines.

A new report claims Donald Trump’s former doormat, and attorney, Michael Cohen, who will spill Trump’s beans tomorrow, has been disbarred.

On the eve of Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress, Matt Gaetz tweets the following:

This tweet is a threat attempting intimidation directed at Michael Cohen, a witness.

Witness tampering is a felony:

In Executive Time & randomly came across 18 U.S. Code § 1512(b):

“Whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person…with intent to…influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding” commits a felony. The punishment for the offense of witness tampering is up to 20 years.

Matt Gaetz response to reporter’s questions regarding his witness tampering tweet:

“It’s not witness tampering, it’s witness testing.” ~Matt Gaetz

Q: What kind of an idiot, besides Donald Trump, commits this kind of a crime on Twitter?

A: Matt Gaetz?

  • Who is Matt Gaetz?
    • He’s a congressman
      He’s Devin Nunes, but drunk
      He is now under investigation for witness tampering
      He drives drunk. 👇🏼

    Speaker of the Nancy Pelosi’s response:

    Lets disbar all of the above Matts. Call the Florida Bar at 1-866-352-0707 to request Matt Gaetz lose his license for his violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512. His Bar Number is 48962. He should be charged with a felony for witness tampering but could also face disbarment. Call the Florida Bar and file a complaint.

    Trump ally Rep. Gaetz threatens Michael Cohen ahead of public hearing

    Trump Ally Rep. Matt Gaetz Insists He’s Not Threatening Michael Cohen by Suggesting He’ll Expose ‘Girlfriends’

    Life on this President’s Day… a poem

    Manafort’s maudlin

    Perceptive he’ll perish in prison

    Gates and Flynn comply…

    Consider what else has arisen

    Roger Stone arrested

    In relation to GRU

    Michael Cohen has been indicted

    No that’s nothing new

    Papadapolous ignored

    Coffee’s inconsequential

    Trumpsters pay taxes

    NOW they’re no longer reverential

    Who funded the GOP,

    Rich guys pay nothing, tax bill?

    Middle class workers, never win,

    Trump’s base blind… until:

    “I almost fell out of my chair. I could not believe it, I voted for Trump. I thought he was going to be good for this country, but when I got that phone call [about the taxes I owed], that’s it, I’m done.” ~Beth Callori of Long Island. “

    Beth blind before to the bad

    Donald Trump had committed

    Treason, caged kids,

    Climate deregulation permitted

    The 3 richest Americans,

    3, now have more money

    Than the poorest half

    Laughable, but not at all funny

    Despite “trickle down” tax cuts,

    They never worked in the past

    46% of all new income

    Has been amassed

    By the greedy, wealthiest,

    1% of the U.S.

    It’s tax time. Trump’s own base

    Is paying thousands more, not less

    The rich warn of socialism…

    Sensibilities attacked

    Don’t admit you were fooled,

    Ignore every well proven fact

    The wealthy were taxed

    Under Kennedy and Johnson:

    70%— This year taxes:

    BEZOS paid: NONE

    Rich were taxed 91%

    By Eisenhower

    The funders of this GOP

    Majority power

    Penned tax laws, Koch, Adelson, Mercers

    Then offshore their spoils

    As Republicans profit

    From interests in Putin’s oil

    Tax Refund Fiasco Is Political Payback For Republicans

    ‘I trusted you!’ Trump voters seethe after realizing they’re getting screwed by the GOP’s tax plan

    Tax code changes leave Americans asking, ‘What happened to my refund?’

    The richest 0.00025 percent owns more wealth than bottom 150 million Americans: study

    Amazon Will Pay a Whopping $0 in Federal Taxes on $11.2 Billion Profits

    He “Didn’t Need to do It”

    “I’m going to be signing a national emergency… other presidents have done it. They sign it nobody cares.” ~ Donald Trump

    🧠 This is a tiny brain on drugs. 🧠

    His parting words:

    “I *didn’t need* to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.” ~ Trump

    He didn’t need it, but he wanted to. Now he’s gone golfing.

    Trump Golf Count

    Cost to taxpayers so far: $87,000,000

    This emergency, which is no different now than 2 years ago when Republicans had control of congress, is not real. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s would have given Trump his wall with their blessing, but it wasn’t Trump’s priority.

    Now that the GOP doesn’t control congress, Trump has set out to prove congress is unnecessary, bypassing them to do what he wants to do whether he “needs to do it” or not.

    Trump, a 6x bankrupt real estate failure, intends to siphon funds set aside for U.S. disaster victims and troops, and to use our military as his contractor.

    His emergency, in my opinion, is that he promised to buy large amounts of steel from Russia, and perhaps China, as he has done with oil pipelines and with his Trump buildings. He doesn’t ever use US steel.

    Not following through on his promises to Russia is Trump’s emergency.

    Real Emergencies in this country exist, but they’re not Trump’s concern.

    They include:

    • Climate change,

    • Gun violence, guns kill 100 people everyday in the US,

    • Opiods kill 130 Americans everyday.

    • Untold abuse of migrant children abducted by our government at the border,

    • Our healthcare system, 44 million people in this country are without health insurance, 38 million have inadequate health insurance. People in the richest country on the planet are dying because they can’t afford medical treatment and prescription drugs.

    We have a lunatic in the Oval Office.

    Congress has to remove Trump.

    Trump re-tweeted the Dershowitz tweet after former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe stated, during a 60 minutes interview, the 25th Amendment (removing crazy from the Oval Office) was discussed after Trump fired then director of the FBI, James Comey.

    Trump’s partner in pedophelia, Attorney Allan Dershowitz claims using the 25th amendment of the constitution as it was intended is… unconstitutional. The constitution is unconstitutional. Hmm.

    Alan Dershowitz is a man with secrets. I would venture to say everyone who is standing by Trump is protecting secrets.

    Jeff Bezos, (of Amazon, which will pay no taxes thanks to the GOP tax scam), by coming forward to expose blackmail attempts against him, cast a spotlight on the tactics Trump and his friends use to control people.

    Amazon will pay $0 in federal taxes this year — and it’s partially thanks to Trump

    Congress will stop Trump’s “emergency.” He knows that, but he also knows it will serve as a face-saving maneuver for his racist base of supporters.

    Citizens for Ethics has filed a lawsuit against Trump in response to his “emergency.”

    CREW Sues DOJ Over Presidential Emergency Powers Documents – CREW

    Are we there yet? When can we use the tiny handcuffs?

    It’s become clear that the Trump/Russia hijacking of our election in 2016 also involved the Saudis, China, and Israel. This crime is bigger than anyone imagined.

    Robert Mueller requires time.

    Congress has to remove Trump.

    Computer scientists say they have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in three key states

    The GOP argument of how much money the Mueller investigation is costing taxpayers is mute, Manafort’s assets have paid for the investigation, and may turn a profit.

    Mueller’s investigation could turn a profit, thanks to Manafort’s assets

    That said, Trump continues to disregard the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, another impeachable offense.

    Congress has to remove Trump.

    Trump invites rally attendees to take a photo with him for $15,000

    One last item, Trump’s medical examination results have comeback.

    He’s grown at least 3″ since he stood next to 6’3″ Jeb Bush in 2015. It must be all those hamberders he eats.

    Look at their Motives… a limerick

    Both Senators, Rick Scott and Mike Braun

    Show concern over tax dollars drawn

    By an $18k…

    Pension, their dismay,

    They want middle class congress withdrawn


    Scott’s net worth is over $2 million

    After a fine of over $1 billion

    Social services fraud

    The net worth of Braun

    $35- $96… million


    I broke a big rhyming rule there

    Unavoidably, an attempt to share

    To make congress poor

    Who’s left to afford

    The job? The rich, or poor bribed in despair


    Congress should be well paid and the laws changed

    Forbidding lobbyist money exchanged

    Take out temptation

    Of the equation

    Leave political criminals estranged


    These are the same in congress who said

    Government shutdown: “We should be unpaid”

    Only hurting those

    In congress, who oppose

    Bribes, why not freeze assets instead?

    2 millionaire senators introduce plan to make sure Congress is only for the rich – ThinkProgress