Trump’s Goals for North Korea: “look nice and handsome and thin, and…”

“Getting a good picture everybody? So we look nice and handsome and thin, and perfect”. ~ Donald J Trump

Donald Trump, whose administration has added 15 trillion to the deficit in order to misappropriate a tax cut for the rich and their corporations, at the expense of children’s health insurance and everyone’s social services, which isn’t going to cover the bill, said he’s going to save Americans money by ending military drills in South Korea. Yes he did.

He gave North Korea’s leader, among other things, a signed document stating the U.S. would halt joint military exercises with South Korea.

This was news to South Korea.

The artless ‘Art of the Deal’ “author” has has been playing a game without having taken the time to learn the rules. His blatant ignorant arrogance, obvious to the entire world, with the exception of his supporters, has Putin laughing again.

If former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant Dennis Rodman’s appearance didn’t alert you to the fact that the events were a poorly produced theatrical production in want of lively choreography, staged propaganda, I would urge you not to make any financial decisions or operate heavy machinery until you have consulted a physician.

Donald J Trump, doesn’t have the mental capacity to know he’s been played, nor do his supporters. He traded military concessions for a photo op. He calls military exercises “war games,” and says it will save us money to end them.

He may have heard the whispers, or shouts that North Korea signed the same prized document in: 1985, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016, yet it had no effect.

Had he done anything to prepare for the meeting…

“The truth is, he’s been preparing for this his whole life,” Mike Pence

Excuse me, Mike… had Donald J Trump taken the time to read the “agreement” with North Korea, which he signed on camera, and had it explained to him… had he researched prior “agreements” with North Korea, and had those explained to him, he might have seen that the “agreements” are the same, and none have any terms or conditions attached to them. It is all unenforceable hyperbole, paper with words, none of which is legally binding.

After signed copies of the document circulated, Donald J Trump may have heard whispers of criticism that he abandoned our allies, South Korea and Japan, making them more vulnerable to attack.

He may have been asked why he conceded to North Korea in exchange for their usual hint that they might denuclearize, because he gave the following statement after saying he “trusts Kim Jong Un”:

“I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong,’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.” ~Donald J Trump

He’ll make something up, he’ll lie. The first truth he’s uttered.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past several days. Trump fought with our European and Canadian allies, then met with, and gave military concessions to, a murderous dictator in exchange for a photo op.

He wants a Nobel peace prize for this.

On a side note, the Canadian parliament condemned President Trump’s attacks on Justin Trudeau in a unanimous vote. Why can’t they invade us?

Someone please explain to potus 45 that our allies are Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and our enemies are North Korea, China and Russia.

Our enemies are a united force. To highlight that point, consider that the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Trump’s concession to suspend US war games with South Korea before Trump announced it himself at the press briefing.

Kim’s people shared the news with Beijing immediately after the meeting, knowing it was a huge victory.

Take heart, because while Donald Trump handed U.S. power over to Kim, Robert Mueller continued working.

Who Still Believes Donald J. Trump Doesn’t Work for Russia?

Donald Trump on allowing Russia back in the G7:

“We discussed it, and some people like the idea of bringing Russia back in. This used to be the G8, not the G7. Something happened a while ago that resulted in Russia no longer being in. I think it’d be an asset to have Russia back in. I think it would be good for the world, it would be good for Russia, it would be good for the United States…” “We’re looking for peace in the world, we’re not looking to play games.”


What is the “something that happened a while ago”?

Russia annexed Crimea. Oh, and they shot down a commercial airliner. I guess four years could be considered “a while ago”. Putin is definitely not playing games.

This meeting of the G7 was not held to consider readmitting Russia. Donald Trump, who would have you believe he is not working for Putin, introduced the subject. Trump decries a Russian “witch hunt”, but has insulted every world leader except Vladimir Putin. He has not enforced sanctions imposed against Russia, and doesn’t have the sense to stop pushing Russia’s agenda at the G7.

He says: “I have been Russia’s worst nightmare.”

Spongebob Squarepants Bullshit GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Who still doubts where Trump’s allegiance is?

This gluttonous putrid mass, with his fake tan, fake hair, fake masculinity, is a fake patriot.

This misogynistic white suprematist, narcissist, believes no one has caught onto his blatant ignorance.

This elitist is detested by all honest people of every social economic standing. He is a defrauder of the working class, he lacks empathy, and lacks any trace of humanity. His policy of separating babies from their mothers is all the proof you need on that argument.

This bully wants the G7 to welcome Putin back. Putin, who had a hand in Brexit, and attempted to direct France’s election, who successfully directed the outcome of the U.S. presidential election… the annexer of Crimea, dictator, murder of his opponents and free press… puppet master of our blackmailed predator in chief. Donald J. Trump wants Putin back in.

Trump, a rapist of the planet and alleged rapist of women and young girls… an isolationist, thief of office, friend of our enemies, enemy of our friends… this money laundering mobster… this man who pillages social services in order to reward his benefactors… this whore… this traitor, wants Russia back in the G7.

Who still believes Trump does not work for Russia?

From the Washington Post today:

That is quite a “witch hunt.”

I would suggest it be a G6 until this situation is taken in hand.

Trump’s Stealth Attack on Americans

While all eyes are fixed on what will no doubt soon be called the G-6 summit, (math is important, 7-1=6), Donald Trump’s stealth attack on the middle class is underway.

Two permutations attempting to take root, on the down low—

Jeff Sessions Idk GIF by joerocco - Find & Share on GIPHY

Attack 1: The justice department, Jeff I(IDoNotRecall) Sessions, is at work trying to bring back the “pre-existing condition.” Yesterday the angry elf sent a letter to congressional leaders notifying them that he would not defend the requirement for insurers to sell insurance to all applicants.

The Justice Dept. (👆🏼him) Says Crucial Provisions of Obamacare (protecting the insurance of those with preexisting conditions) are unconstitutional –

The New York Times

Justice Dept. Says Crucial Provisions of Obamacare Are Unconstitutional – The New York Times

Attack 2:

For the first time since 1982, the federal government claims a “need to dip into Social Security’s $3 trillion trust fund.”

Yes, Steve T(TrophyWife) Mnuchin is suggesting benefit cuts of up to 30%. Let me remind you, 1, THAT’S OUR MONEY, and B, it’s fully funded through 2034.

What does it mean? In my humble opinion, it means, this money have we contributed to with each pay period, since day 1 on job 1, is essentially going to pay for the GOP billionaire tax cut.

Trump’s White House is Expected to Dip Into Social Security

Social Security Expected to Dip Into Its Reserves This Year


Trump’s Memorial Day… limerick

Russia cheated for, and empowered

A 5x draft deferment coward

Con man of ill repute

How will Trump tribute

Those who died for a country that’s soured?

With a 25% off Memorial Day Sale.

Don’t forget to use the code REMEMBER to get the discount.

Yes, this is real.


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A Word on the NFL

On Wednesday, NFL team owners approved a new policy regarding players behavior during the National Anthem: Players must stand or remain in the locker room until after the National Anthem is over.

With everything happening today— the revelations regarding the extent of Donald Trump’s traitorous acts, the 1500 children our government tore from their parents arms, only to release them to human traffickers and disavow responsibility, weekly mass shootings, the Russia funded terrorist organization that calls itself the NRA, global warming related storms, fires, floods, Russia in the white house, etc… the NFL kneeling business is arguably a means to distract the public, particularly those who are easily distracted… Trump loyalists.

That said, I feel the need to address some aspects of this situation as they pertain to the news today.

On a personal note, my tax dollars come from money I worked hard to earn, and I want a say, a vote, in how those dollars are spent. Why? Because I no longer trust elected officials to use the money in my best interest. I could end this post here. You can stop reading if you’re bored, because this is the point.

For example, (awe, thanks for still reading), given a choice as to how my tax dollars are spent, I would vote HELL NO to my money being used to build billion dollar stadiums for the profit of private owners… owners who could, with a little coaxing, open their own checkbooks and purchase their own stadiums with cash… owners who enjoy tax breaks and exemptions not afforded to me.

I believe in anyone’s right to a peaceful protest. Kneeling is a peaceful protest.

I have no idea who this guy is, but I agree with Steve Kerr:

I don’t watch sports. I fully support your right to waste your afternoons, sitting on your ass, eating cheese whiz covered nachos and slurping Schlitz after Schlitz, while watching physically fit, overpaid, athletes display their talents. That’s your right.

And, if you’d like to throw your tax dollars, at billionaire plantation team owners, do it. I want my money spent on clean water for Michigan, power for Puerto Rico, and healthcare for everyone.

Republicans threaten to cut “unsustainable entitlements”: Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security. We have been paying for our future use of Social Security since our first days on our first jobs.

Okay kids, let’s all look at our pay stubs. I’ll wait. There is a line marked “Social Security”, and next to it an amount that tells you how much of your earned income was taken that pay period.

Social Security is OUR MONEY put in the government’s hands for safe keeping until we are ready to draw on it. This is a fully funded (by us) program, but somehow the GOP believes it is money they can take in order to balance a budget they shot to hell by giving a tax cut to those who bribed them to do so: the wealthiest 1% and corporations. And, these politicians continue to throw money, paid by public tax dollars, at sports arenas.

Donald Trump has inadvertently shined a spotlight on the fact that the NFL is reliant on public money to build their stadiums,

and he is threatening billionaire team owners with tax law changes if they don’t comply with his doctrine regarding the National Anthem, which is, as you may have guessed, 100% based on his racism.

I’ve heard many people say: “It would be great if none of the players came out of the locker room until after the National Anthem.” That won’t happen. According to a columnist for ‘The Intercept’, Shaun King, a recent “anonymous poll” of NFL players showed 100% of the white players agree with Trump, while 92% of the black players disagree. Not very anonymous when the results for white players are 100%.

Don’t take my word for any of this. I’ve attached links so that you can see what others, with a much larger audience, are saying on the subject.

John Oliver’s take on stadiums is well worth a view:

Let NFL team owners take their teams to LA, as they threaten to do if states don’t fund their stadiums. They won’t, but if pigs fly and the NFL does move, the sport will continue as it does today. The difference will be— it won’t be on my dime.

Controlling a black workforce is what the NFL does best (opinion)

That’s enough on the NFL. It’s time to refocus on the real problem at hand. We have an enemy of state in the White House, put there by Russia, destroying our democracy and our planet.

I am fed up with this administration. (That’s new.🙄)

This is a temporary situation, I tell myself that everyday, but we can not sit back silently waiting for someone else to do something. This situation needs not only everyone’s vote, but everyone’s voice.

Call these assholes… about everything. They aren’t doing their jobs.


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