Is This War?

Granted this New York, a city that disowned Donald Trump a long time ago, but he continually reaffirms his status as the most reviled New Yorker in the history of the Big Apple—that’s a lot of people. 

Time Magazine today:  Thousands of demonstrators roared “shame, shame, shame” and “not my president!” while watching for Trump’s motorcade along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, but it ultimately approached from another direction. 

Meanwhile, about two dozen Trump fans near The Plaza chanted “God bless President Trump” and carried American flags and signs with such sentiments as “now is not the time for divisiveness.” 

I do math on occasion, please double check my results:

Thousands > Two dozen

Many cities today make plans to remove all confederate statues, while other cities and states debate the idea. Some are already in the process. 

Meanwhile in North Carolina, Americans took action.

As Trump’s approval ratings plummet…again, Intel and Under Armour CEO’s join Merck, Tesla, Disney, and Uber, by also stepping down from Trump’s Job Advisory Council. 

Last week the question was—should we prepare for WWIII, but this week the more likely scenario would be—should we prepare for Civil War II?

White Supremacist groups believe this war has begun, and Trump is their leader. 

Either way, if you are planning to stock up on non-perishable food items, stay away from Ramen Noodles. The human body can not digest them. 

Mueller, Mueller…

Ambling Through Tweets of a Cornered Con-man

At 05:58 AM, our POTUS works on the propaganda he hopes will convince enough of the public to believe he is a victim of dishonest reporting. 

The Quinnipiac university poll says different.

Everyone, with the exception of Trump, agrees Russia interfered. He is panicking. 

Trying to make America believe he is necessary for the country to thrive, but in reality he has signed countless executive orders, none of which have been implemented. He sites Stock Market surges which do not reflect results of the time period he has been in office. He takes credit regardless.

The “Trump base” may in fact be closer than ever, because there are so few people left they fit in the same car and are capable of driving to rallies together…that is close.

They have become stronger because fewer people are holding the signs, and they’re heavy.

Here we have Donald Trump claiming to be “working hard from New Jersey.” The only thing is, people who work hard don’t tweet about working hard, because they’re busy…actually working hard. Perhaps he meant Tweeting hard from New Jersey.

Oh boy, he went there…5x draft dodger opening himself up for reminders that he lives in house made of bone spurs. 

I think there has been a case in U.S. history where more voters were defrauded Mr. Trump. 

This guy looks healthy…

Days after this photo was taken Trump complained of bone spurs in order to avoid the military. He continues to play golf and tennis at the (over) ripe old age of 72. 

This is the strategy trump is left with—attempt to discredit those who will prosecute him. He has attempted to discredit former FBI director James Comey and special prosecutor Mueller as well.


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Trump Loves West Virginia

Donald Trump, who said he would never take vacations as president and has golfed almost every weekend since his inauguration, is starting his 17-day vacation today. He’s exhausted after six months of trying to convince the world that Vladimir Putin isn’t the reason he is President of the United States.

Trump attended a rally last night in West Virginia, perhaps to feed his narcissist need to be worshipped, or perhaps to avoid Washington, where the director of the special counsel overseeing the Russian investigation, Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury signaling an escalation in the Russia probe. 

Trump Tweeted this morning as if his world isn’t collapsing around him.

Interestingly, the latest addition to the Republican Party, billionaire Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice, whom Trump mentions in the above tweet, sold his coal mines to Russians for $600 million in 2012, and recently bought them back for only $5 mil. 

Launder money much?


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“As Any Father Would.”

“The statement that Don Jr. issued is true. There’s no inaccuracy in the statement, the president weighed in just as any father would based on the limited information that he had. This is all discussion, frankly, of no consequence… ~ White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  

Revealed today: Trump did benefact

The very words that were exacted

As an alibi for Junior whom Russia had contacted

He added more lies, some he partially retracted

So, despite Ms Huckabee’s snide attempt to detract

From the crime of obstruction in this very act

And her transparent attempt to distract

I disagree with her statement, and in fact

Although I can’t speak for “any father” or this man (who’s cracked)

I birthed three spawn, so this isn’t completely abstract 

As a parent I would never urge my child into a pact

And then watch silently as he is attacked

For crimes I committed and he backed

By meeting with Russians who then hacked 

My opponent, by the way, the numbers tracked

Say the winner was in fact

Someone else…

Either way, clearly you’ll soon be sacked

And Potus 45 we will extract

From office— to be exact. 

The Tale of a SAD Potus’s Weekdays

Donald Trump sworn in on a bleak black Monday 

Tried to ban muslims on a stark and stormy Tuesday

Fired Comey on a grey grizzly Wednesday

Failed to take healthcare on a mild mellow Thursday

Took time to golf each Friday through Sunday 

Mueller meanwhile works to remove Potus soon someday


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Trump Bans Trans

Last night I watched the 1990 film Misery, based on the book by Stephen King. 

I don’t like watching movies that make me feel the way watching Misery made me feel, but it’s a classic. 

Watching Misery, I realized, is like watching Donald Trump as POTUS. 

With one eye closed, and through splayed fingers I watch the country I was born, raised and reside in deteriorate. Americans are not alone. Trump’s erratic behavior has become a disturbing source of entertainment for the entire world. 

Every morning I wake up and wonder what marvel of stupidity Trump tweeted as I slept. Life with 45 is like a miserable box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get, but you can be sure you will be spitting it out after he’s gone.

Today the draft dodger in chief is banning transgenders from the military.

This is the top story in the news today, so I really don’t feel it necessary to add my opinions on the subject, because they mirror all those in opposition of Trump. 

He needs to go. Removing Trump will take time, I keep hearing that and reassuring myself that the day is coming. Undoing his destruction will take more time. For now we can only take comfort in the fact that we are together in this misery.   


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