Let Them Eat Nothing ‘Berders! a limerick

Ross had money laundering expertise

Which landed him a job with Chief Covfefe

He can’t understand

Middle class demands

To be paid for work, is beyond belief

Ross: ‘I don’t quite understand why’ federal workers need food banks during shutdown

Giuliani Will Proofread Mueller’s Report… a poem

Giuliani calls dibs on Mueller’s report

“Mueller’s not God” and he could use some support

We’ll change wrong answers, as a favor, for free

Then give it to congress, the public will see

There were no crimes, just like we said all along

So let me proofread it first, it could be wrong

Exclusive: Trump team should be allowed to ‘correct’ final Mueller report, says Giuliani

Scaravan… limerick


The Scaravan now TWO months away

Fear and anguish… started yesterday

“It is an invasion”

Not one Caucasian!

4000 “thugs” the GOP say


In this week before the election

Be very afraid of infection

Only GOP

Can provide safety

(Asylum is legal protection)


With “Measles, syphilis, leprosy,

Hmm… Smallpox, TB, shingles, HIV,

That’s not enough?

Whooping cough!

Rabies Hep A”… they will birth babies!


5200 active troops sent

To the border… how much money spent?

And there they patrol,

For midterm control,

To protect one job… this “President.”


Who would enter this lost democracy? 

This country used to call itself free!

Political stunts

They are an affront

To the melting pot we used to be.


What’s this news? There are leaked reports

That might offer the frightened comfort,

Only a fraction

Seek US protection.

Those who do have the legal right, of course.


Leaked Documents show Trump administration was told “only small percentage” of caravan migrants would reach border

Funeral Crashers… a poem

Pittsburgh’s Mayor has asked Donald Trump not to visit 

While they “bury the dead” — that request’s explicit 

And while Trump is “endangering minorities”

With his racist rhetoric, foul priorities

Jewish leaders have also asked him to stay out 

As with everything else this is only about

Trump… an idea from Kremlin Barbie, fake Jew 

Who crashed John McCains funeral- it’s nothing new

The burial request did not ask much, did it?

Guess who planned a trip today— Mrs Complicit

Donald J(ackass)Trump, third lady “Melanie” 

And the Jarvanka will go, disrespectfully,

I’m afraid I’ll injure myself shaking my head

Or lose my voice as I shout at what I have read

He’s off to the scene of murders he incited

Where is Mueller, and when will Trump be indicted?

No Muting Trump… a poem

Donald J Trump last held a press conference
On 2/16/17, but how many since?
‘Twas not only his first, but his last that day
Out of sight and mind, I prefer it that way
Trump does not give news conferences because
He doesn’t want questions, he prefers applause
When his ego needs stroking his rallies will do
They serve to mock foes and attack the press too
I really don’t care, do you? Those pugnacious lies
His rants to paid posers positioned for size
This traitor desperately needs our attention.
Manipulate masses… his intention
A propagandist needs tools to assist him
So… FEMA’s Emergency Alert System.
Nefarious… this access he feels he needs
No blocking treasonous Trump’s insane misdeeds


FEMA to test ‘Presidential Alert’ system next week

“The test is supposed to take place at 2:18 p.m. EDT on Sept. 20. Under the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act of 2006, cellphone users cannot opt out of the presidential alerts.” ~NBC News

It will read: “Pressidential Alert” misspelled
“No collusion, rigged whitch hunt”— all truth withheld
Propagandist traitor using your cell phone,
As his tool. Where’s Mueller, it’s time to dethrone