Trump Secures $500 Million From China for Trump Org Development

This morning a tweet Donald Trump clucked

Was hostile even for his conduct

Then it was revealed

His opinion repealed

It doesn’t take a genius to deduct


According to more than one source,

Trump announced he’d throw all his force

Behind ZTE

A Chinese company

It’s nothing nefarious of course


$500 mill China offered and lent

Trump Org for a theme park development

Building in Jakarta

Bribery or barter

Remember the clause per emolument?

The United States Constitution

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of,

*prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, (payments), offices or titles from foreign states without the consent of The Russian Government The United States Congress.

A smarter criminal might debate

Postponing this deal for a later date

Last week’s money trail

Found Trump’s time is for sale

Per his is attorney who’ll negotiate


Trump went from ‘America first’ to saving jobs in China. This could be why – LA Times

Trump helps sanctioned Chinese phone maker after China delivers a big loan to a Trump project

Shelly and Pauly in Vegas

Speaker Paul Ryan gives tax cuts to his donors,

Not those he represents, Wisconsin homeowners.

Constituents forgotten with unabashed guile,

This snake oil swindler with a blue eyed twinkling smile,


Feins concern for the poor with a well practiced pose.

Pushed a tax reform plan, of which 1% knows,

85% benefits only the rich.

In exchange, social service cut’s— that’s just a glitch.


Now there is news that Ryan took a trip last week,

To Las Vegas, Shelly Adelson he did seek,

For payment, but just, “wait until I’ve left the room,”

Fill in the check then. You’ll send it up I assume.


$30 mill snared from the Sands Corp CEO

Whose yearly tax cut is $650 million, so…

If tips vary from 15-20%,

You were stiffed Pauly, for Shelly money well spent.


You would think we don’t pay those in congress at all.

Six figures certainly doesn’t cut it for Paul.

It’s kind of sad really, his streak of bad luck,

What happens in Vegas came back with this shmuck.


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And then Mike Pence says: ‘It’s time to wrap it up’… 😃😆to Robert Mueller 😂😆🤣😅🙄

Radical Christian omniphobe, Vice President Mike H(HeKnew) Pence, whose indictment dodging game plan has been to fly under the radar, is trying a new strategy, which is to call Michael T(TrumpNeverMetHim) Cohen’s scrutinized business relationships a ‘private matter.

That is likely a run on sentence, so I’ll re-phrase it in a different run on sentence:

Robert H(HoldMyBeer)Mueller’s investigation, into Russian interference in the 2016 election, has bled into multiple connected crimes. Michael S(SoScrewed) Cohen, whose style of lawyering is thuggish extortion,

has been busted taking bribes from corporations who have since directly benefited from Donald J(JustKiddingDon’tWannaBePotus)Trump’s policy changes. At the risk of repeating myself, (as if anyone is reading), I’ll only say: banks, Fortune 500 companies, Russian oil, internet, drug companies… I’ll stop there, my thumbs are cramping up.

Back to omniphobe Mike Y(YouCan’tDoThatWithYourUterus)) Pence. He has inadvertently shown his cards, calling for an end the Mueller investigation, by way of suggesting an imposed time limit. I smell fear.

Vice President Mike I(IMightBeGay) Pence, is a hairs breadth from obstructing justice. Who would put themselves at that kind of risk, but a man who hears the clank of the chains of justice closing in on him? Don’t answer that.

“I wear the chain I forged in life, I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.” Dickens (Re- Pence)

There is no time limit on democracy. A Vice President does not put time limits on investigation of, among others, the President and the Vice President.

Robert C(CloserThanYouThink) Mueller opened his investigation on May 17, 2017… less than a year ago, and the GOP is already itching to shut it down. In that short time, seventy five charges have been filed against nineteen people, five of whom have plead guilty, and four of whom are cooperating with the investigation. Sounds like a waste of time to me.(sarcasm)

Oddly, this is the same GOP that encouraged Ken S (STFU) Starr’s $80million investigation into Bill Clinton for over five years, and all that came of that long and costly investigation was a conviction for lying, (okay it was under oath), about oral sex.

Something is wrong…

After 242 years as a country that prides itself as free, we are entering a dangerous realm of dictatorship, one with Vladimir A(AmericansAreStupid) Putin as the big dick, and Trump… well anyway.

You red cap sporting swamp creatures STILL don’t realize you’ve been played. Wait until you see

  • Vlad W(WatchMeNow) Putin’s gas prices this summer. You might thank, the guy who sold you that made in China red cap, Donald Trump, for exiting the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Your insurance premiums are set to spike every year, thanks to the GOP option to opt out of healthcare insurance.
  • Your pre existing conditions, like being born, might exclude you from coverage altogether… unless you are okay with excessively priced insurance that recuses itself from all claims. How many Americans will die because they can not afford medical treatment?
  • Need a car loan? Unless you’re as white as Donald I(I’llSignAnythingForCash) Trump’s ass, you’re better off walking, and even the Lilly white will pay higher interest rates.
  • Scour the fine print on new mortgages and credit cards, because predatory lending is back baby.
  • Like your internet/tv package? That’ll change too.

This will not end well for the GOP.

And in February, GOP Rep Tom Rooney said— the entire Republican staff at the House Intelligence Committee is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.Don’t worry Mikey, they’re coming for you too. I can see the Forest through the trees, the trees being this administration, and the forest being democracy.

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Legislative Limericks

Trump tells the military he is glad

To give them the first raise they’ve had

In ten long hard years.

They’d like to make clear

They’ve had raises each year, grandad

Donald Trump was asked how he surmised

His nomination for the Nobel prize.

With a straight face,

He made his case—

“Everybody thinks I deserve it.” Then he ordered more fries

Trump makes a grand media display,

Like any bigly dictator may,

Three hostages released

Thank the chest pounding beast

Barack freed ELEVEN… I had to say

Giuliani says Trump did not know

Michael Cohen was receiving the dough

From: Many companies

Like AT&T

To make policy changes. It just worked out, so…

Deregulation- banks, drug companies,

Climate change, net neutrality,

Corporate tax cut …

All bills he signed… but

It was a happy coincidence… really. 🤑


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Is This Great? Today’s News

There’s lots of news to filter through

It’s all strangely related

Donald Trump’s financial crimes accrued

He has repudiated


These stories are hushed in mainstream news

Not reported as they should

Possibly due to a tweet today

Threats to reporter’s livelihoods



A drug company called Novartis

Paid Cohen a tidy sum

$1.2 million to access

The ear of crime boss Donald Trump


Vekselberg, a Putin Oligarch

Who deals in metals and coins

Paid half a mill to the money shark

Trump’s Consigliere Michael Cohen


Who else has paid off Trump’s attorney?

My guess, hmm… AT&T?

A total of $600K

That from just one company


Why did they do it? What did they gain

Net neutrality signed away…

They can cut service and raise prices

This is called pay to play


Mike Cohen handled the money tin

Corporate cash from day to day

From banks, and from the Kremlin

Trump’s policies went their way.


Champion of deregulation

Climate, internet, and banks

And the Koch brothers own creation…

Tax plan for the rich… they say thanks


In other news, expect oil costs

To surge as a result

Of the Iran arms deal we lost

Grabbed by Putin, who Trump consults


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Melania Makin Copies

FLotUS is to Plagiarism

As PotUS is to… what rhymes… racism

Ob(ama)sessed, these Trumps who cheat

She copies, while he repeals every feat


In 2016 she stole from Michelle

A speech from 08, it didn’t go well

In this White House, what’s one more liddle cheat?

I vant a platform, zees brochure is sweet


Milania, who knows why, decided now

Would be a perfect time to disavow

Cyber bullying, it’s her “new campaign”

The old one, last year’s, exactly the same


It appears, like the speech, which she plagiarized,

An Obama brochure, barely disguised

Almost a direct copy, but they swear

Melania wrote it… really? Let’s compare—




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