Political Chaos, 4/13/2019

This has been a particularly disturbing week for anyone paying attention to the news, each new story overshadowing the previous one.

Donald Trump and his appointees have become more brazen in their refusal to follow the law, that seems to be the theme.

The story that kicked off the week, that of Trump’s latest fixer, Attorney General Bill Barr, and his sustained squat on Bob Mueller’s report.

Barr was questioned by congress this week, and contends it is his right to decide what anyone sees with regards to Bob Mueller’s report. He promises to give congress a heavily redacted version next week… color coded redactions…. 4 colors, each one a reason he chose to redact that particular section.

Who will be surprised to hear 90% of the report is censored? The only mystery left is what colors he will choose, and will he use Smencils?

Congress is investigating Barr. That’s the good news.

Barr went on record saying he believes spying occurred during Trump’s election campaign. Those are Trump’s words coming out of Barr’s mouth.

Trump and Barr are attempting to vilify the FBI, by accusing them of illegally spying, in order to cushion the impact of the inevitable release of the Mueller report.


The second story is Steve Mnuchin ignoring a congressional request to turn over Trump’s taxes. A deadline set by congress came and went… ignored. The law is clear, it requires Mnuchin provide congress with Trump’s taxes on request. With his refusal to comply, Mnuchin risks a 5 year prison sentence. He does not appear to be worried.

In response, democrats are threatening to hold him in contempt.

Meh… shrugged off.

Here’s the Law That Requires Mnuchin to Turn Over Trump’s Taxes, or Go Directly to Jail


A third story this week sheds light on one reason Trump doesn’t want us to see his taxes. Tax fraud is a Trump family tradition.

Donald Trump’s sister, appellate court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, officially retired this week after receiving official notification of a complaint filed against her (and her siblings):

An investigation into fraudulent tax schemes committed, with regards to inheritance money, is receiving “the full attention of a judicial conduct council”.

Apparently tax fraud is in violation of judicial conduct rules, but perfectly acceptable for the executive branch of government.

Other Trump family real estate business crimes include padding invoices to justify raising rent- in rent regulated buildings.

Undervaluing the properties to avoid tens of millions of dollars in taxes.

No need to worry about Judge Barry suffering along with the majority of retired Americans, trying to get by on Social Security and Medicare… she can collect in both, but she’ll also keep her six-figure, taxpayer-funded salary in retirement.

Also, in 2004 and 2006, the siblings sold off their father’s empire, her share was $182.5 million… so she has that to fall back on.

Retiring as a Judge, Trump’s Sister Ends Court Inquiry Into Her Role in Tax Dodges


The fourth story is regarding Julian Assange of Wikileaks. He was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy, in London, where he sought asylum 7 years ago because he was wanted in Sweden for sexual assault. He has been removed for extradition to the United States under indictment, not for his indiscriminate dumping of sensitive documents and stolen e-mails, but for the conspiracy of unauthorized computer access.

Many have tried painting Assange as a journalistic martyr, warning us that his arrest puts the free press is at risk. Assange is an asset of Russian intelligence, not a journalist.

Why do I think so? Julian Assange had one line he refused to cross— he would not publish the Panama papers or any documents he was in possession of, that implicated Putin for his interference in the Ukraine.

More Fun Assange facts:

  • Julian Assange outed a gay man in Saudi Arabia.
  • Published the medical records of teenage rape victims.
  • Wikileaks was responsible for releasing the names and personal information of 7 Jews who remained Baghdad.
  • He assisted American traitor, and spy, Edward Snowden, in his escape to Russia.
  • He worked in a coordinated effort with Roger Stone, Don Junior, Edward Snowden in the release of stolen Podesta emails an hour after the Access Hollywood tape dropped, to distract from the scandal that should have ended Trump’s political aspirations.
  • Assange has been indicted on a variety of charges across Europe, ranging from extortion in Spain to rape in Sweden.

Mike Pompeo has called Assange: “Head of a non-state hostile intelligence service aligned with Putin’s Russia.”

Assange is not a journalist.

His arrest is a result of Robert Mueller’s work, and offers another opportunity for congress to obtain the Mueller report.

U.S. prepares criminal case against Wikileaks’ Assange


The fifth story, and the last I’ll mention today, I find most alarming:

Thousands of FBI agents just had their personal information stolen and published by hackers: report

The personal information of 4,000 FBI members was hacked and posted online, including names, personal and government email addresses, job titles, phone numbers and their postal addresses.

The timing of this with regards to both Assange and Barr should not be overlooked.

FBI hacked days after Assange arrested for unauthorized computer access, and while Barr is pushing Trump’s narrative attempting to discredit the FBI, implying their justified investigation included “spying”.

Trump and his appointees believe they’re immune to any repercussions from their illegal behavior, in part because they’ve repeatedly been protected by the GOP members of congress.

Our country is currently under control of those who own the GOP- the Koch brothers, the Mercers, the Forbes, the, NRA, etc.

They not only control the GOP, but they use their money to manipulate the masses. For example, the Mercers funded Cambridge Analytica, the company that used Facebook data to target propaganda in order to suppress the vote in 2016. Steve Bannon worked for Cambridge Analytica. (The company has re-formed under a new name— Emerdata.)

The CNP- Council for National Policy is a far right libertarian party.

They can check off much of their agenda.


I lied, there is one more story… more Trump playing dictator. If congress is in need of another reason to impeach Trump, this is it.

Trump instructed a Customs and Border Patrol head to break the law, and promised him he’d issue him a pardon if he was sent to jail.

Of all the impeachable offenses Trump has committed, this one is the boldest.

Trump told CBP head he’d pardon him if sent to jail

The democratic congress has a valid argument to try to avoid Impeachment for now. While it would be successful in the House, the GOP still holds the majority in the Senate. McConnell would shut it down. I keep hearing- we are playing a long game, when we take back the Senate in 2020 this will end.

Any success of a long game would depend on the GOP and Russia not successfully rigging the election in 2020, and let’s not forget that Trump continues appointing questionable judges.

Regardless of the GOP majority in the senate, beginning Impeachment proceedings would allow for the release of Mueller’s report.

The GOP has been playing dirty for decades. Democrats have to find a way to end this now.


Jews in Baghdad ‘put at risk by WikiLeaks’

What the Latest Mueller Indictment Reveals About WikiLeaks’ Ties to Russia—and What It Doesn’t

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

What the Hell is Going On? 20 Questions for Robert Mueller

Robert, if you’re listening, please call me. I normally don’t pick up, but if you let it ring once then hang up, 3x, I’ll google your phone number. I’m guessing google will tell me it’s you, so when you call the 4th time I’ll pick up. If google doesn’t have your digits, I’ll probably block you. If I block you Robert Mueller, it will be too late to try texting.

I have 20 very important questions to ask on behalf of my readers (both of them), so if the above comes to pass, please just stop by my house. My dogs will probably jump on you, so don’t wear your best clothes.

Fair warning: My house, has some unidentifiable smells, maybe you could send some of your men over to locate the source.

When my children were younger we’d occasionally play a game called “find the smell.” A couple of times it was a bad potato- have you ever smelled one?

Also, sit on my long suffering furniture at your own risk. You may never be found.

Come to think of it, the smell may be related to a series of unaccounted for guests.

Hmm. Time to pull out the vacuum.

Better yet, let’s meet somewhere for coffee. I drink tea as well, but usually only when I’m playing dress up and watching Pride and Prejudice, the Colin Firth version, (🙄 of course). I could bring my laptop to the coffee shop in order to play the series, while enjoying my English breakfast tea… but I don’t feel comfortable transporting my life size Colin Firth/Mr Darcy cardboard cut out… he’s shy— Mr Darcy, not Colin Firth. Colin Firth may be shy, or perhaps he’s just Britishly (word?) proper… fuck it, I’ll just have coffee.

Hold on… I can’t go out for coffee because I don’t have anything to wear. My clothes went to college, without pre-approval. I’d buy new clothes but, as I implied, my daughter’s are in college (I’m poor). You have kids right? Have you ever “creeped” on their Instagram accounts and seen your clothes worn by their friends? I haven’t, but if I could figure out Instagram…

In any event, my clothes may come back in June, because Ivanka’s $1 billion (her fee) solution to the student debt crisis is to stop issuing student loans. We could wait until June to meet for coffee, but I think Trump will have killed us all by then.

Or we could FaceTime. My arms will get tired holding my phone at a non nostril featuring angle, but I can prop my elbows up on my knees… too hard.

Let’s go back to the top— text me.

Robert, if you’re listening, please text me.

*💡* 💡*

Just respond to the questions here, on this post! My critical thinking skills never fail me.

Let’s get right to it, 20 concisely composed questions, because I know you’re important:

1. Was your investigation cut short by AG Barr?

2. Do you believe AG Barr was able to read your (several hundred page) report, and sufficiently review all the evidence, in the 48 hours it took him to issue his “summary”?

3. Does he remind you of Fred Flintstone?

4. Does AG Barr’s 4 sticky note summary, containing 101 words, (I’m sure I’ve exceeded that by now), capture the true essence of your two year long investigation?

5. What color sticky notes did he use? Were they scented, and if so, what scent? Do they still make scented sticky notes? (4 questions in 1 😬)

6. Trump’s new fixer, AG Barr, has now “walked back” his 101 word cover up, saying you will assist him in creating a redacted version of your report. Will you? Will you really? Because if you do help Barr prepare it — I think the stench of consumed wine emanating from American flesh may dissipate, which could be helpful to the environment, but could, in turn, hurt the California wine industry. Yesterday Barr said: “My March 24 letter was not and did not purport to be an exhaustive recounting of Robert Mueller’s investigation or report.” (Sure, Jan.😉)

7. Did he decide to do this because he sensed he wasn’t going to be able to sweep this one under the rug, (obstruct justice), like he did Iran Contra in 1992?

8. You have known Barr, at least that long, which gives you insight the American people don’t have. Is there any reason we should trust anything he says, because why would he be so stupid as to join Trump’s house of cards after witnessing the beginning of the fall?

9. Barr also now says: “there are no plans to submit the report to the White House for a privilege review.” That’s new. Was he busted covering up for Trump?

10. Will the redactions made be specifically justified to Congress?

11. Prior to the sticky note release Barr said that anything negative, pertaining to Trump, would be redacted, because Trump was not indicted, (as such, why besmirch his good name). Did I dream that? If not, is that legal?

12. Barr has done an about ass, no longer planning to sit on your report forever, nor will he take Devin Nunes’ advice and “burn it.” (Gee, is he mentioned in the report?) Barr has also offered to testify in congress as well. Can you tell us what happened to bring about his change of heart?

13. Trump has attacked you several times during your investigation, then when he thought he got away with treason he praised you, then some facts from your report leaked, and now he’s name calling again. Do you prefer the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” or the “sticks and stones” response, as a rule?

14. Should Kushner and Junior get their affairs in order, in anticipation of a midnight raid?

15. Have you farmed out all their shady business deal crimes to SDNY, EDVA, and NYAG?

16. Are you a fan of the Oxford comma?

17. Why doesn’t congress just subpoena you and or your report?

18. This experience has inflicted millions of Americans with severe chronic anxiety disorder. Is America’s Xanax reserve going to see us through to the end of this Trump documentary?

19. Will you indict Pence and Trump together? I think that is Mike Pence’s most favorite wish… sigh.

20. Do you ever get Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff mixed up? I think congress should be required to wear “Hello My Name is ____” stickers. Have you ever referred to Colonel Sanders as Colonel Chicken? It’s not okay. (Schiff is my new hero.)

21. Do you think Nancy Pelosi would have eventually been able to pry your report out from under AG Barr’s ass, with some sort of lever?

22. After Ken Starr’s report, the rules changed as to how information can be distributed upon completion of this type of investigation. Why didn’t Barr just ask for a court order to permit him to turnover the report and evidence to congress? Will anyone, other than Barr, see an un-redacted version of the report?

Oh shit, I said 20 questions didn’t I? Ignore any 2, (maybe 3&5).

Thank you for your service, and your time today. I shall await the ping of your response in my comments file. Any follow up questions will be posted at a future date.

Congress To Get Redacted Mueller Report By Mid-April, Attorney General Says

More on the Barr Report

Donald Trump says he’s been cleared. DonaldTrump is a liar, but we knew that.

Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report leaves more questions than it answers. He expects us to accept his version and forget the whole thing, it’s not going to happen.

1. Why did Mueller say he wasn’t able to “exonerate” Trump?

2. Why would Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopouls, get such generous plea deals if there was nothing there?

3. Why did Trump Jr lie about the Russia meeting?

4. Did Trump know that Russia was cheating for him?

We WILL get those answers and more, because:

The House Judiciary Committee has just requested Robert Mueller’s full report and for Attorney General Barr to appear before them for questioning. (He’s in trouble now.) They will use subpoena power if necessary.

Nadler: We can’t rely on what may be a hasty, partisan interpretation of facts

Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…

This interview with Eric Prince is worth a listen. Who is he? He’s a former Navy Seal (impressive), he’s also former CEO of a government services and security company called Blackwater USA, which essentially pays civilians to act as security in locations around the world where American troops have been withdrawn. It is privatized military for profit and it made him over a billion dollars- paid by us, the American taxpayer.

Here’s a shocker, he’s a Trump supporter, and brother to, least likely to succeed at her job as Secretary of Education, Betsy P (potential grizzlies) Devos.

The following interview should set the standard for journalism.

Mehdi Hasan, of Al Jazeera is the journalist questioning Eric Prince. To say he’s good at what he does is an understatement. He is relentless, armed with facts he shoots with rapid-fire in response to every denial. He’s fearless. This was a battle of wits to which Eric Prince arrived unarmed.

Hasan flustered Prince to the point that he admitted to having been at the infamous (nothingburger) Trump Tower meeting in August 2016. You may remember it as the meeting Don Jr said was to discuss Russian adoptions. Jr perjured himself over this meeting.

In Prince’s case, his mere attendance was a fact he failed to disclose when questioned by the House Intelligence Committee… his admission in the interview, to having been there, was an inadvertent confession of perjury.

I think perjury is still illegal… even for Trump’s people.

Again, it’s well worth a listen.

Erik Prince acknowledges 2016 Trump Tower meeting for first time

Security Nepotism

Is that a thing now?

It has been confirmed by four sources that, in May, against the advice of former White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, Donald J Trump ordered officials give his son in-law, Jared Kushner, Top Secret Security Clearance.

Kushner had previously been denied clearance due to his repeated and continued “mistakes” by omission of pertinent information with regards to his security clearance application, which he amended the 40 times, each time adding a debt owed or a foreign official he’d been in contact with.

In the end, his federal disclosure form included more than 100 names of foreign contacts.

This question begs an answer- Is he stupid, or was he hiding something… both perhaps?

His explanation last July was as follows:

“I did not remember the meeting and certainly did not remember it as one with anyone who had to be included on an SF-86.”

Okay, that may explain one, (in a sort of half assed way), now explain the other 99.

How a president can override something that puts our national security at risk is beyond comprehension.

You may remember Kushner tried to set up “back channel communications” with the Russians, as per surveillance tapes of one time Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak.

Kushner has also been ridiculed by Saudi leaders and labeled “easy to manipulate”. Kushner is said to have been the source who gave Mohammad bin Salman, the bone-saw Saudi Crown Prince, a list of his enemies, which led to the brutal murder of journalist Khashoggi.

Jared Kushner’s astounding debt has somehow dissipated since Trump took office. 🤔

White House Press Secretary Gem, Sarah Sanders explained the situation as follows:

“We don’t comment on security clearances.”

Thank you, Sarah.

The time to step in has long passed.

Don’t despair, there is good news. Michael Cohen’s testimony has led to a promise, by Congressman Elija Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. He has vowed to seek interviews with Jarvanka, as well as traitor tot Don Jr, and Felix Sater.

Adam Schiff says

ersight will seek interviews with Trump Jr., Ivanka after Cohen revelations

Kushner meets with Saudi crown prince for first time since Khashoggi killing

What We Know About Efforts to Set Up a Trump-Russia Back Channel

Background check chief has ‘never seen’ mistakes like Kushner forms

Whoops! Jared Kushner Made Even More Mistakes in His Federal Filings

Ask Jr… a poem

Your attorneys must have

Requested your silence

To your detriment

Your ego repels compliance

You claim Mueller may find

“crimes people did in past lives”

Do you mean reincarnation,

or previous wives?

I daydream as I observe

you dig this deep hole

Will it be an ankle monitor

or no parole?

Don Trump Jr hints Mueller may find crimes ‘people did in past lives — in 2006’