Scott Pruitt… a limerick

Scott Pruitt of the EPA

Is in a rut of really bad days

Corrupt to the core

Abusing power and more

In the real world he’d be locked away


$50 to a lobbyist

For rent, this price point doesn’t exist

At all in DC

Most obviously

It was a bribe Pruitt couldn’t resist

Samantha Dravis was a consigned

Aid to Scott Pruitt, she just resigned,

By all accounts though

She was a no show

November to March, but paid in kind

She saw the world while on salary

From Morocco to gay Paris

She did have the time

And tax payer’s dime

Could she be Pruitt’s f***k buddy?

Scott is anti-environmental

For Earth, he’s not sentimental

He’s living the dream

By skimming the cream

Is this criminal, or governmental?


These men voice a line that’s the same

Healthcare and Medicare are to blame

The deficit made

Once tax cuts were paid

To “the best people,” the GOP by name


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EPA Head Scott Pruitt Asks— “Is Global Warming Bad?”… a limerick

What Scott Pruitt asks is interesting—

Is climate change ‘necessarily a bad thing?’

Wild fires, and floods,

Hurricanes, sliding mud,

Are those things good? Go on, I’m listening.


Pruitt was appointed to his position,

By Trump, to lift EPA restrictions.

It pays to play dumb,

With fossil fuel income.

Their* wealth relies on CO2 emissions.


When I say “their,” I mean Trump, Putin,

The Koch brothers, the Mercers, Tillerson,

Rubio, Chris Christie,

The Bush family

Ted Cruz, the GOP, and… the Clintons


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How Many Ways Can Donald Trump Insult Native Americans?

Was it ignorance, or was his racial insensitivity intentional? Either way the result is the same.

Donald Trump decided to hold a ceremony honoring Native American WWII veterans in front of a painting of Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s signature is on the “Indian Removal Act” of 1830. That law was enacted for the sole purpose of taking all the land away from Native Americans who lived in the southeastern states, forcing them to migrate west of the Mississippi River. Let’s imagine he didn’t know this. He’s an idiot, so it is possible.

But his words…

“I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here – although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas.” ~ Donald J Trump to Native American WWII veterans

He was referring to Elizabeth Warren, and he is the only one who calls her Pocahontas. This is bad. He had to know this was insulting…

But let’s not forget Donald Trump’s prior treatment of Native Americans— those who stood in the way when he sided with Energy Transfer Partners were forcibly removed in order to allow oil pipelines to be built under their land. Trump’s stock in the company, and the Russian steel used for the pipeline took precedence over Native American’s clean drinking water and sacred burial grounds.

By the way, the oil has spilled. Earlier this month it took the Canadian company 15 minutes to stanch the leak. That was enough time for 210,000 gallons of crude oil to spill in Keystone. The Dakota Access Pipeline leaked 84 gallons in South Dakota in May.

The protesters were right, however there is no satisfaction in being proven right in this instance.

My point is, don’t act so shocked at Trump’s ignorant and racially insensitive behavior when addressing Native American vets. It’s only more of the same.


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Which One is POTUS?

Which One Is Our President—

  1. John McCain announces his strategy for Afghanistan,
  2. Al Gore leads a fight to save the planet from ruination.
  3. Bernie Sanders offers details for a single-payer healthcare plan,
  4. Trump golfs and warns war to distract from an investigation.



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The Quote of the Month Award Goes To…

Though the  month of June has just started

Tis my view ~ a belief wholehearted

Why wait? Award it now

Mike Pence, please take a bow

Then call Uber- the clue train has departed  

 “But for some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world.”

 ~ Mike Pence, Vice President of the U.S. of A.

And the world collectively sighed

Shook off the dismay and surmised

The whole GOP

Is unaware, but happy

Regardless, they’re uniformly despised


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Jack of all Asses 

When one wears orange colored glasses

A skewed view of the world persists

Global warming, or greenhouse gasses

Can’t be seen, so how can they exist?


With the Climate Accord he bypasses

Inconvenient Truths without conscience are dismissed

Trump wont preserve Earth for the masses

America’s imaginary diplomatist


Fossil fuel – where money is amassed

By villainous con men, earth’s rapists

A Rosneft Exon/Mobile morass

Is Russia first? No – In Trump we resist

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