FOX News has not seen the report,

CNN has not seen the report,

Bloomberg News has not seen the report,

CBS News has not seen the report,

The New York Times has not seen the report,


Donald Trump Is Refusing To Read The Mueller Report

Keep that in mind when you read headlines reporting “No Collusion,” “Trump Exonerated,” “No Russian Interference.”

We are bombarded with propaganda right now. Bots and Trolls are out in masses pushing a false narrative with the intent that we will believe the Trump/Russia conspiracy is over, and let it go.

Who has seen the report?

Robert Mueller has seen the report. He handed it over to William Barr. (I think I’ve been calling him Bob Barr, and now will go back and correct previous posts.)

Although Bill Barr has seen the report, he can not possibly have read the report’s more than 1 million pages.

How could he come to a credible conclusion in less than 24 hours?

How could his four-page letter to Congress offer answers to the questions that have been looming for years?

He has had his 4 page letter on hand since he was hired. He inserted fragments of sentences as quotes, taken out of context, to add an illusion of veracity to it.

Barr’s report doesn’t not quote a single full sentence by Robert Mueller. It’s a ransom note with cut and pasted words from a magazine.

The latest conjecture is that Mueller had not finished his investigation, but was shut down. Mueller testifying is the only way to determine if that’s true.

In any event, Robert Mueller did not recommend what action should be taken with the information. That is not the same as “Robert Mueller did not recommend any action be taken.”

Barr was meant to share the report with congress who would decide what to do with the information. Instead Bill Barr has buried the report.

The press have been told how to spin the story. This is not a free press.

The Trump campaign sent this memo to TV producers:

While the media is doing Trump’s bidding, the White House issued the following memorandum to allies as talking points for them to use when speaking to the press.

Trump is not happy that people realize he has manipulated the press.

Mueller report divides Democrats before they even have a chance to see it – ThinkProgress

In a UNANIMOUS vote, 420-0 the House agreed to release the full Mueller report to the public. Members of Congress have demanded the report. Congress has also requested Robert Mueller publicly testify, as well as Bill Barr, saying they will use their subpoena power if necessary to compel them to testify. No need, Mueller and Barr have agreed to testify, and it is expected to happen as soon as next week.


When questioned by reporters, Donald Trump squeaked: “I have no problem with the report being released.” Why did he say that? Because he knew that what would happen next would prevent it.

Last night Senator Mitch McConnell blocked the release of the Mueller report.

Let’s review why career obstructionist, Senator Mitch McConnell, is the most divisive and destructive politician in the history of American politics:

  1. He blocked Merrick Garland, a qualified federal judge from CONSIDERATION to be on SCOTUS. No hearings, just blocked, saying it was his “proudest moment” preventing a vote on President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland
  2. He refused to warn us about the Russian threat- pre election. He knew what the Russians were doing but refused to allow President Obama to inform the American people BEFORE THE ELECTION.
  3. He claims making Election Day a National Holiday, which would allow more people to vote, is a “power grab”.
  4. He vote not to end the government shutdown.
  5. Now, in what is perhaps his most despicable move of all, he is helping Bill Barr to bury the Mueller report.
  • Let’s call Mitch McConnell!

    Here are his Kentucky numbers:







    McConnell must go.

    We need to see the report. At the very least, our representatives need to see the complete, unaltered report NOW.

    Insider: the real Robert Mueller report is “much worse” than the William Barr summary

    It’s exhausting trying to discern fact from fiction.

    Mueller’s loyalty is being attacked, linking him to Barr with accusations that this entire investigation was a charade that everyone was in on. “Corruption at the highest level” That’s just one story trying to take flight on the internet. It’s disturbing, but not credible, from the style of writing to the font, it’s not true. These are Russian tactics. This is an attack on our sensibilities.

    Russian TV is reporting Trump is now “guaranteed a win for re-election in 2020.

    Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy, Opening the Way for More Putin Plots

    Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy, Opening the Way for More Putin Plots

    Russia reacts with glee to the end of the Mueller investigation

    So, let’s calm down (I’m saying that to myself), and remember what Robert Mueller has done. He anticipated Trump would attempt to burry his report and he planned accordingly.

    Let’s also remember Attorney General Bill Barr’s job application memo: He ruled out impeachment for obstruction of justice.

    Bill Barr is the new Trump fixer.

    As Republican’s uncork Champaign, celebrating a temporary victory, claiming exoneration, they fight to keep the report buried. This is not the behavior of innocent people. This is the behavior of criminals.

    We have known Trump would do anything he could in order to abort this report. We also knew Mueller was planning accordingly. Remember, Robert Mueller is the man who took down the Enron Corporation, the Gotti crime family, and the Gambino crime family. He’s one of the good guys.

    While we hoped it wouldn’t come to this, it has. We have moved on to the next phase. It was planned for.

    This is exhausting. We are all exhausted.

    I’ll use a personal analogy that some will understand more than others. Take a deep breath and bear down. My first child’s birth took days. I was exhausted near the end.

    (FYI, self hypnosis for childbirth only works for the spouse in the room. It helps them block out your screaming.)

    By the time the nurse said I could push, I thought- fuck you, just cut me open, I quit, this is bullshit. (Okay, I may have said it out loud.)

    It was too late to walk away at that point, and it’s too late for us to walk away now.

    Breathe. Don’t pay attention to rumors, dont share them. (I almost did.)

    Ask for an epidural. Have some herbal tea. 🙄 (or a valium)

    They are repeating a false narrative. Trump has not been exonerated. This is Donald Trump gaslighting the American people.

    The media is not reporting at the moment. They’re repeating lies.

    If Trump was not guilty of any wrongdoing they would release the report.

    Congress will fight this, but that’s a long process and with Bitch McConnell running the Senate, it’s an uphill battle unless we win back the senate in 2020. Either way, that is a year away.

    Right now we have what Mueller planned for. State crimes that Trump can not interfere with.

    New York seems to be our Obi-Wan Kenobi, our only hope...

    but we have so much more to hope for:

    • the SDNY- Southern District Court of New York
    • the EDNY- Eastern District Court of New York
    • the EDVA- Eastern District Court of Virginia
    • the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles,
    • the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington DC,
    • the DOJ National Security Division, and
    • the DOJ Criminal Division.



    This is not over.


    But, we will.

    Trump Has Not Been Exonerated

    I am aware this has become repetitive, but there is a full blown push of propaganda underway, and I feel the need to answer to it.

    I still believe Robert Mueller is the hero we hoped he would be. He was prepared for Barr’s attempt to bury his work.

    Mr Mueller disbursed federal indictments to:

    • the SDNY- Southern District Court of New York
    • the EDNY- Eastern District Court of New York
    • the EDVA- Eastern District Court of Virginia
    • the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles,
    • the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington DC,
    • the DOJ National Security Division, and
    • the DOJ Criminal Division.

    House Speaker Pelosi has also shown us her force of determination, and she has the support of the democratic majority congress.

    Calls have been made to have Barr testify before Congress. He will be subpoenaed if necessary, and he will have to answer for his fragmented misleading quotes of Mueller’s report. His letter to Congress does not contain a full sentence quote, because it wouldn’t render the desired affect.

    Barr will produce the full report to congress whether he wants to or not. Any news story that claims to the Mueller Report found nothing has been written by a hack. Barr’s four-page letter to Congress is in not the Mueller Report, it is bullshit. He doesn’t provide a full sentence quote by Mueller, only fragments of sentences chosen to mislead.

    Barr will come to regret his obstruction of the truth and his assumption that the majority of America is ignorant enough to accept his 4 page summary of a report that took Robert Mueller over 2 years and resulted indictments and plea deals and prison sentences.

    Robert Mueller will testify.

    If you read my blog you know, I hoped Barr would have turned out to be a good guy in disguise… disappointment, my old friend. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein- who knows what he’s about? I don’t. It looks like he’s also on the wrong team.

    Trump claims, he has nothing to hide. Why all the lies of pre-election Russian meetings and business dealings? Why does he ensure no one ever finds out what he discusses with Putin? Why are his so many of his former associates cooperating with investigators if there is no crime?

    The GOP is on it’s own campaign of spreading disinformation.

    In response:

    The temporarily buried Special Counsel Report may have cost $25 million, but Paulie Manafort’s seized assets totaled between $42-$45 million. That’s a profit, traitors.

    Bill Clinton’s impeachment (for lying about consensual sex) cost taxpayers more than $70 million. Socks and gloves off, it’s counting time: $70 million – $25 million = a lot more money spent on a blow job. ($45 million) STOP LYING @GOP

    As I said yesterday, several times, chin up, keep up the good fight, this is far from over. The full report will eventually be public, but more immediate than that, Trump is the subject of 16 other investigations several of which render his pardoning power is impotent.

    Don’t take my word for any of this. Google and read multiple sources. Consider who wrote what you’re reading. Google them.

    Hopefully some of this will be settled before 2020, regardless, here is some information to file:

    Knowledge is power. 😉

    More on the Barr Report

    Donald Trump says he’s been cleared. DonaldTrump is a liar, but we knew that.

    Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report leaves more questions than it answers. He expects us to accept his version and forget the whole thing, it’s not going to happen.

    1. Why did Mueller say he wasn’t able to “exonerate” Trump?

    2. Why would Michael Cohen, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopouls, get such generous plea deals if there was nothing there?

    3. Why did Trump Jr lie about the Russia meeting?

    4. Did Trump know that Russia was cheating for him?

    We WILL get those answers and more, because:

    The House Judiciary Committee has just requested Robert Mueller’s full report and for Attorney General Barr to appear before them for questioning. (He’s in trouble now.) They will use subpoena power if necessary.

    Nadler: We can’t rely on what may be a hasty, partisan interpretation of facts

    Barr’s Interpretation of the Mueller Report is Just That

    Bill Barr has turned out to be exactly what we were afraid he might be, another Trump enabler. Barr is protecting Trump. With the release of his version of Robert Mueller’s report, he’s stated that, if he does release the Mueller’s report, it will be redacted in such a way that anything negative regarding Trump will not be seen. This is propaganda by definition, misleading and biased.

    *See the Bloomberg story attached.

    Barr also quoted Robert Mueller:

    “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

    Regardless, Bloomberg.com gave their story the following headline:

    “Mueller Finds No Trump Collusion; Barr Sees No Obstruction Case”

    Those are Bill Barr’s words. Barr’s interpretation of Mueller’s, words are not the same as Mueller’s words.

    We deserve to make the determination ourselves, by having access the report we (tax payers) funded.

    Incidentally, Bloomberg again shows bias in reporting by claiming the investigation cost tax payers $25 million. They fail to mention the fact that the investigation actually turned a profit when Paul Manafort’s assets were seized. Forfeiture of his real estate and cash is estimated to be between $42- $46 million.

    Mueller Finds No Trump Collusion; Barr Sees No Obstruction Case

    Congress has issued a subpoena for the full report and to question Robert Mueller himself. We have a democratic majority House investigating this.

    This is not how we wanted the Trump/Russia investigation to end, but this is not the end. The fat lady has not sung. This is intermission. Act 2 starts tomorrow.

    Let’s forget Barr for now and take a look at the SDNY:

    The Southern District of New York has retained attorney Audrey Strauss.

    She defeated Roy Cohn, Trump’s first mentor. She’s been called a mob buster. Since that success, she has had an aggressive focus on white collar criminals.

    Additionally, Robert Mueller has turned over much of his information to the New York State Attorney General, for good reason. Crimes under state jurisdiction render Trump’s power to pardon impotent. That is the likeliest reason Mueller did not issue indictments for Trump’s family members.

    DC, EDNY, EDVA are more jurisdictions where the Trumps may pay for their crimes, like their comrades:

    Rick Gates case was transferred to DC,

    Michael Flynn was sent to EDVA & DC,

    Michael Cohen was sent to SDNY,

    Stone’s indictment was sent to DC.

    Justice will be served.

    Let’s just wait for the fat lady. Let the process play out.

    This is not over.

    SDNY Makes a Major Move to Prosecute the Trump Crime Family

    Mueller finds no Trump-Russia conspiracy but stops shorts of exonerating president on obstruction of justice – The New York Times

    Mueller’s Report: No One Knows… a poem


    Mueller’s report has been turned in, at last

    On Trump’s Russia treason, the probe was vast

    What was investigated? This we know:

    Mueller found much and shared procured info



    Treason, beyond Russia, to entertain:

    Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain

    Qatar, Israel, and the UAE,

    Played part in this widespread conspiracy



    Trump’s crimes, Mueller shared his gains

    The Southern District of New York— remains

    And Virginia’s Eastern District Court too

    Financial crimes, RICO, fraud, the probe grew


    “No further indictments” doesn’t account

    For all Mueller shared it’s a large amount

    Not to mention the sealed indictments filed

    Plea deal inquests, several, all compiled


    Trump tries to distract with his insane rants

    He’ll claim to know he’s been cleared, but he can’t

    We know less today than we knew before

    It’s not over, we should expect much more



    We wait for Attorney General Bill Barr

    To sum up Mueller’s work, that won’t go far

    The report’s been subpoenaed by Congress

    No one knows the future, we only guess


    My big hope lays in AG William Barr

    That he’s not who Trump thinks, but Bob Muller

    Planted him there, and he’s a patriot

    In place to take down traitor idiot

    Robert Barr and Robert Mueller, 1991

    Reality Winner is Still in Prison

    Reality Winner, whistle blower, is still a political prisoner. Her attempts to warn the United States of election interference resulted in a firm 5.3 year prison sentence. History will remember her as a hero for attempting to sound an alarm, warning the country of Russian hacking. Right now, she’s doing time while traitors walk free.


    Reality Winner, Former N.S.A. Translator, Gets More Than 5 Years in Leak of Russian Hacking Report