U With the Uterus 

Hey! You with the uterus! 

Stop right there!

Drop that insurance card!

Hands in the air!

You suspected pregnancy 

And bought a urine test

Don’t try to pass it off as new— 

The condition pre-exists!

Mammograms and Pap smears

All your women’s needs

You expect them to be covered 

In your health plan? That’s just greed.

Rich old white male politicians 

Won’t vote to subsidize the cost

Of care to keep you healthy here

In America— democracy is lost

Though they all had mothers 

Who birthed them at one time

Do their moms see what happened 

To their Repugnant offspring? It’s a crime.

A tax cut has priority 

Over compassion and ethics

Viagra however— treats a condition 

Which never pre-exists

So, you with the uterus, 

Happy Mothers Day!

Of that uterus, what happens to it— 

By the way, you have no say

Though the senate won’t approve this bill, 

Their version keeps women under attack

Because it’s not orange, no it’s Women 

Women are the GOP’s new black

The Emotioal Range of Donald Trump

A pungent stench of hypocrisy adubrates Donald Trump, like a cloud of magots on roadkill. I am not referring to his golf weekends today, I’m talking about the rationalization of his bombing of Syria’s airport cafeteria. 

After the missile strike one of his enablers said:

He had been “absolutely sickened by the images of babies, little babies, as the enraged president put it, dying slow, torturous deaths. No one needed to mention that Trump’s eighth grandchild, Theodore, the son of his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, is just one year old, and had first begun to crawl in the White House earlier this year. Trump’s emotion was real—and raw.”

I’ve addressed in previous posts my opinion that if it truly was the “babies, the little babies,” that prompted the action, Trump would have done something real to assist them, i.e. offering humanitarian aid, giving refugees sanctuary. He didn’t. Yes, I’m among the faction that believes this was a diversionary maneuver that Russia was in on, the hopeful outcome being— people would forget that Trump works for Putin, and it might help his dismal approval ratings. It seems to have worked on both counts. 

What I want to address today is the hi-lighted paragraph above. Imagine if you will a world in which America had a president who was a woman…come on try. If she were to say anything remotely similar to those tear-jerking comments above the news would be filled with misogynistic comments about emotional females, impulsivity, etc. Trump however is not criticized for his impulsive, emotional (if you believe it) unconstitutional attack.

My questions are to those who blindly applaud Trump’s ($90 million- of which he profits) missile strike— What if Trump is “absolutely sickened” by something else? What if his caddy gives him the wrong club, or if his spray tanner is out of orange? What kind of safeguards are there to ensure mister impulsive doesn’t go nuclear? Are those safeguards enforced by his backup enablers? Can those safeguards be ignored in the same way Donald Trump ignored the constitutional requirement that he get approval from congress before any missile strikes? 

Well, worry not fair citizens—it was all fake.

Bummer Trump and Ryan: AHCA is a No, America Wins

Despite Donald Trump’s bullying and threats to members of congress: “I’m going to come after you, but I know I won’t have to because I know you’ll vote yes.” It appears there were not enough republicans willing to take healthcare away from 24 million people, dismantle Medicaid, charge older citizens an average of 500% more than young people for health insurance, make preexisting conditions an excuse for insurers to deny coverage, and eliminate mental health coverage—all in order to give billionaires a tax cut. Trump’s own annual tax savings would have been $2,183,552. 

Thursday’s vote was postponed, rescheduled for today, and finally the bill died due to its own lack of coverage. That announcement came a day after this photo, a room full of geriatric hanging organs, was tweeted. Where are the women?

Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus didn’t do themselves any favors releasing the photo of this meeting in which the topic discussed was cutting coverage for items none of them feel deserve to be covered: mammograms, pregnancy and maternity, prenatal care and newborn coverage in their health plans. One of the male senators said, ‘Well, I don’t know why we would need maternity benefits in here. I’ve never used them. Why would they be mandatory?’
Viagra coverage however was never in question— it has been and will always be covered. 

All is well however because the greater good won in the end. No thanks to Donald Trump or Paul Ryan (who paid for his college education with money obtained from social security benefits when his alcoholic father died of the disease), or any of the other old white men at the big table. Women will keep prenatal care, grandma keeps her blood pressure medication, and 24 million Americans will keep their health insurance. 

Now the Donald can focus on casting blame, hoping it sticks to something, and exacting revenge for his failure.

“She Persisted”

Jeff Sessions was confirmed, as we all knew he would be. The man, who because of allegations of racism, was not fit to be a federal district judge in 1986, is our new Attorney General. The entire Trump administration is a throwback to a disgraceful era that we thought was in our past.

“She Was Warned. She was Given an Explanation. Nevertheless, She Persisted.” ~Mitch McConnell

Elizabeth Warren, (a woman), was silenced by Mich McConnell (a man) for reading a letter written by Coretta Scott King (Martin Luther King Jr’s widow) about Jeff Sessions.

Bernie Sanders (a man) stepped in to read the same letter for Elizabeth Warren, who had been barred from speaking at the hearing. He read the letter without interruption.

“It is unconscionable that Republican Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren because she read a letter from one of the great civil rights leaders, Coretta Scott King, in opposition to Jeff Sessions. When I read the same letter, no one prevented me from speaking. And when I asked to enter the entire text into the record, nobody objected. Sen. McConnell owes Sen. Warren an apology and of course she should participate in this important debate. In the U.S. Senate, you don’t ban a senator from engaging in debate. Donald Trump and Republicans are quickly moving us in an un-American and authoritarian direction. This cannot be allowed to take place in the Senate.” ~ Senator Bernie Sanders

The exteme and bizarre turn of events in Washington over the past two and a half weeks seem surreal. As many have said, it’s like we are in the fictional dystopian society of George Orwell, but this is really happening. We really have no choice but to follow Elizabeth Warren’s lead—and persist. 

February 9, 2017

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Halftime – Lady Gaga

“Hi, daddy! Hi, mom!” – Lady Gaga 

“Sob” – Me (just a mom)

I am not a fan of football, but I watched the entire minute before Lady Gaga performed at halftime…and she made it worth the sacrifice. We need more strong talented women in football. She was amazing. I have to add that her decision to forego any overt political statements when she had an audience…bigger than Trump’s, is a bigger statement in itself.


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A Natural Woman

I frequently consider how 

If nature had her way

I’d never tire as I do now 

On a typical work day

It is not natural to awaken

Preceding birds or the sunrise

If bed were not forsaken

My facade would see demise

If I let nature have her way 

My teeth: a bit more stained

Hair: frizzy, fifty shades of grey

My legs: a bit more veined

Re-emergence: my unibrow  

Three whiskers on my chin

Hormonal regulation disallowed

Can’t see to read…hear my tiny violin?

In hindsight I’ve decided that

Nature kind of stinks

As such, I will groom like a cat

Because who needs forty winks? 
June 15, 2016, One Word Daily Prompt: Natural~ <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/natural/”>Natural</a&gt;