A0AA2FCA-06EB-484D-8C68-69A557D515CD.jpegPlease don’t tell me to let this go. I want this to end. I want to so stop scanning the news with hopes of more indictments. I don’t have to worry about Social Security disappearing. I want healthcare. I want to go back to micromanaging my spawn. (They are doing fine, but this is about me.)

I want this to end, and until it ends I won’t let it go. I suppose if it does end there will be nothing to let go of and that’s fine. 

I remember the days before phrases like— shell company, offshoring, real estate bubble, embezzlement, insider trading, energy crisis, bankruptcy as a business strategy, unethical banking practices, predatory lending, “golden parachute,” white collar criminal, the ______(insert political family name here) family ruthlessness… These were phrases were as commonplace as phrases like “do these pants make my ass look fat”, in the days when the coveted answer would have been “no”, around from 2001 through the global financial market crash in 2008. They’ve made a comeback, the phrases, not smaller sized asses.

The world went through a difficult time. Some markets and many private citizens never recovered, but regulations were put in place (by President Obama), to ensure it could never happen again. 

If you’ve never watched the 2005 documentary “The Smartest Guys in the Room,” I’d suggest taking the time to do so. 

Anyway, the phrases listed above have become commonplace again because the first thing Donald Trump did after his inauguration was to de-regulate banks. He and his enablers have been robbing us blind ever since.

History is repeating itself.

It is unforgivable to me that there are enough people, who have no idea what happened a decade ago, to allow it to happen again.

I’ve said this before. We are watching a crash in slow motion. We are watching, and listening as McConnell and Ryan warn us that they will take our “entitlements” to lower the deficit they caused, but we aren’t doing anything to stop them.

DC38E215-A2E5-41C2-97D6-0AEFEAA8BDEE.jpegWe are told by the good guys, who have been rendered helpless due to numbers, the only way to stop this Kleptocracy is to vote a straight democratic ticket, but the chronically apathetic must get off their chaise lounge and vote in order to compensate for the cheating we can see happening by Republicans… in broad daylight.

If you read beyond the stories that beg you to vote, you might become aware of the large scale voter suppression underway: registration purges in largely democratic districts, precinct closings in poor neighborhoods (to cause confusion and discourage the poor from voting), and plans to tamper with touch screen voting machines, not coincidentally these machines are in key states, and they leave no paper trail. 

This is a democracy. Citizens are supposed to decide who will represent them, not billionaires like the Mercers or Koch brothers, and certainly not Vladimir Putin. 

Enough of my selfish, snowflake, libtard complaints. Let’s look at a true American tragedy. 

Poor Heidi Cruz, Mrs Ted Cruz, has sacrificed so much for this country. I had no idea, but she may never own a second home. Senators must suffer, and find a way to to live on $174k.

Heidi Cruz complains about Ted’s $174,000 Senate salary: ‘We’re not buying a second home anytime soon’

96A62769-788F-433B-9569-35B073BD1B18.jpegWhat ever did they do with all that NRA/Russia money, and the mysterious money from “other?”


What kind of a second home does Heidi Cruz want? 


$11 million wont pay for a second house? We know they aren’t paying taxes.

A News Story, and a Limerick, Followed by a Bible Verse

Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk “$100 billion worth of arms sales”

This is Christianity today

How I wonder what Jesus would say

Although I suppose 

It’s easy to know

Check His book, read it, and pray:

Matthew 23.37-39:

‘Your people have killed the prophets and have stoned the messengers who were sent to you. I have often wanted to gather your people, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. But you wouldn’t let me.

And now your temple will be deserted.

You won’t see me again until you say, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”’

In conclusion, I believe Pat Roberts is a Pharisee.

News Story Poetry



Two top stories in the news today:

First: BMitch McConnell demands you pay

For the GOP corporate tax scam 

And tax cuts for his rich friends, the man.


You’ll start by giving up Medicaid,

And more such items for which you’ve paid,

Social Security, Medicare,

No matter… retirement will be rare.


The middle class and poor are to blame

For the deficit, they should be ashamed.

Their money funded entitlements

Have been offshored. Good luck paying rent.


The second story might give you hope,

Although we have three more weeks to cope:

Two unnamed officials have disclosed

Mueller’s case has two key parts composed.


After midterms he’ll share his report.

What will election results support?

Findings pertain to: Trump’s obstruction,

And Russia stealing the election.


How is Trump’s collusion file defined? 

Mueller’s answers go to Rosenstein, 

Our Deputy Attorney General.

Will he disrupt the US free fall?

Mitch McConnell says deficit ballooned because of Social Security, Medicare, not Republican Tax Cuts

Robert Mueller Ready to Announce if Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia: Report

Crown Prince and Jared… a poem

1DF05BCD-3BB1-42B4-99D5-F80B64E1C607.jpegJamal Khashoggi, an American reporter

Accidentally murdered and dismembered while tortured

Though Saudi Crown Prince Salman has admitted the act

Trump blamed a “rogue killer” as Mike Pompeo backtracked

4AD06C95-D3A3-466E-893A-DF921A875C65.jpegSecretary of State on camera, shaking the hand

Of a murdering Prince I believe I understand

Damning  facts Jamal Khashoggi  must have uncovered 

Is Jared Kushner involved? Will the facts be recovered?

That’s What Mitch Said… a poem

On October 10, at some point in the morning

Senator Mitch McConnell issued a warning

If next month Democrats win the majority 

Proceed with caution, ignore criminality


Regarding “presidential harassment” – conflates

Impeachment, indictment, DO NOT INVESTIGATE

This warning is with regards to 2020

Be it private or commerce — ruble or penny 


Treason, tax fraud, caged kids, sex crimes, emmoluments

Leave all of it be, that’s his selfless argument

Let Trump and the GOP slide, that’s what Mitch said

Or you’ll “help the president get re-elected”  



Coward Mitch McConnell is failing to mention

An Oligarch paid him $2.5 million 

Briefed early on about Russian interference 

He kept the facts quiet and demanded adherence 

McConnell warns Democrats to think carefully about ‘presidential harassment’ if they win House majority