Trump Math Quiz

Close your books, we are taking a quiz—

There are 144 seasonal job openings in 3 of Donald J(ackass) Trump’s 17 resorts. 143 of those jobs are awarded to foreign workers.

Question: How many Americans did Trump hire as seasonal workers in those 3 resorts?

Answer: 1

Your math is correct, 1 US worker was hired.

Now the essay portion of the quiz—

Why would a self professed billionaire, who claims an allegiance to his country, who desperately wants to build a wall, and who regularly tears families appart in order to deport non citizens… why would he import unskilled foreign workers, rather than hire American?

There is one correct answer—

Hint: The same answer could be used for the question— Why are Trump products manufactured overseas rather than in the US?

Answer: Donald Trump’s only allegiance is to his bank account, and by exploiting unskilled foreign workers, underpaying them and not providing them benefits, Trump makes more money for Trump.

Trump abuses the H-2B program, which was initially intended to hire farm workers at harvest time, claiming no American workers want his jobs— as servers, cooks, housekeepers, and bartenders, in order to avoid paying Americans a living wage and benefits.

He advertises job openings, on the down low, and then waits the specified amount of time before applying for the visas.

Trump’s Department of Labor expanded visa limit for the program. The pre-Trump allotment for “guest workers” was 66,000, now it is 81,000. These visas are awarded on a first come first serve basis, and you can bet Donald Trump Enterprises are first in line.

Final Question:

Is “America First” for Donald Trump?


No, America is third, after wallet and Russia.


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Choose Your Trump Reality

Donald Trump is still on vacation, golfing at his New Jersey resort, because the White House is being renovated— “it’s a dump.”

His tweeting hasn’t taken a holiday.

Trump wants us to believe this rhetoric, he is working on this from the golf course. He wants to develop a workforce, even though he hired a Secretary of Education who is anti-education—Betsy Devos. Okay Donald, tell us another one.

Naturally Trump is taking credit for this. He posted it on his twitter page like a trophy. 

I don’t buy it, because I know Trump and Ivanka brand products are manufactured in: China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Honduras, Vietnam, and South Korea, to name a few.

Additionally, I have not forgotten July 2017, the Department of Homeland Security raised the cap on H-2B visas for foreign guest workers from 66,000 visas per year to 81,000. Trump lifted the cap then immediately asked for some of those H-2B visas for himself, to bring in 76 more foreign workers. The hundreds he already has working for him don’t suffice because business is good. Trump Hotel Washington D.C. alone has seen a 192% increase in profits since Trump took office, earning $19.7 million in the first three months of his term.

These H-2B Visa allow businesses to bring in unskilled labor from other countries to work for low wages in the hospitality industry: hotels, ski resorts, golf courses, etc., to fill jobs as bartenders, pool attendants, landscapers, chefs, cooks, restaurant hostesses, housekeepers, and servers. 

Homeland Security raised the limit to protect companies from “suffering irreparable harm” because they can’t find enough American workers to fill these temporary jobs. Unemployed Americans living near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach Florida, and his Washington D.C. Hotel would disagree.

Don’t misunderstand me, Trump hasn’t increased the H-2A visa program which allows for seasonal farmworkers to be brought in to harvest crops, even though the agriculture industry desperately needs help. In fact he has deported countless farm workers, allowing millions of dollars in crops to rot in fields before they can be picked for lack of labor. I am afraid to think how this will be reflected in grocery store produce prices. 

Additionally, he has not expanded the H-1B visa program, which allows for highly skilled workers in the tech industry, although they are needed.

Trump, on his golf vacation in New Jersey, shoots off some tweets to accept credit for a job well done (by a man from a prior administration), and we are supposed to forget that he and his entourage are about to be indicted on charges ranging from money laundering, to collusion, to sex trafficking. 

The attempts at distraction are an organized effort between Russia, North Korea, Trump, and now Venezuela. Trump vacations, but the propaganda machine is hard at work. Don’t run out and buy your WWIII survival kit just yet. The threat…it isn’t real. 


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Donald Trump is Hiring

Help Wanted: Servers, Cooks, Chefs, Maids needed to work at Mar-a-Lago, the “Winter White House” in Palm Beach Florida. Americans need not apply.

Donald Trump has a filed applications for 78 -H2B Visas in order to HIRE FOREIGN LABOR to work as cooks, chefs, maids, servers, etc. at his Florida golf resort Mar-a-Lago. This is in addition to the 149 “guest workers” he has used in the past year alone, according to the department of labor.

Trump claims there aren’t enough people in Palm Beach willing to work…but Palm Beach’s Career Services Agency say’s different. The agency has 1,237 Palm Beach Country residents who are interested in server, cook, or chef positions. Let’s pull out the bullshit-o-meter for some math: 1,237 > 78…🤔

Trump has been hiring foreign workers for decades, in every capacity. This is his way of saving money on labor costs, because billionaires need more money. 

Additionally, Donald Trump and his lovely daughter Ivanka continue to manufacture their Trump products in China, Bangladesh, Hondouras, Vietnam, etc., for the same reason. The employees in those sweatshops are paid a fraction of what they’d be paid here, and without the cost of benefits like health insurance and Social Security. Even Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats are made in China! 

All this while immigration rips apart families to deport people who have been in this country for years contributing to society. There are two sets of rules here, and the best word to describe Trump and his agenda is hypocrisy. 

Am I surprised he hasn’t a shred of loyalty for the people who voted for him, or that he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is? —

“Buy American, Hire American”

— I’m not surprised, but I am angry. 


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