The Distraction of Secret Societies

Conservative lawmakers convey concern regarding contents of texts corresponded between two FBI agents Peter Strzok and FBI Council Lisa Page, whereby the couple conversed contemptuously concerning President Trump. They’ve since been canned by Special Council Mueller…ceriously seriously.

Based on a single sarcastic comment by a member of the FBI, a joke— “perhaps this is the first meeting of the ‘secret society,’”

Trey M (Malfoy) Gowdy R-South Carolina, Ron Johnson R-Wisconsin, Matt Gaetz R- Florida, and others in the GOP have made the rounds with FOX, CNN, and any MSM who will listen to their attempts to discredit Mueller, claiming existence of an FBI secret society determined to destroy Trump.

Let’s not forget Devin P (PleaseArrestMe)Nunes. Nunes claims to have information no one else has, but he will not show it. This reminds me of a press conference a few months back when someone, (hmm… Nunes?) said he had evidence proving former President Obama had indeed wired Trump Tower. That wasn’t true then, and this isn’t true now. Perhaps there need to be ethics investigations into Nunes, Gowdy, Johnson, and others who are in violation of DOJ agreement that the information, of said text messages, which were provided to Nunes, were not meant to be shared outside a few designated members of the committee.

Trump’s OWN Department of Justice consider Representative Devin Nunes’ behavior, releasing a classified memo, a threat to national security.

Not surprisingly, Speaker of the House Paul C (Complicit) Ryan is in support of Nunes.

They might add a perfunctory

“what about the Clinton emails”…

Why would Republicans want to discredit the FBI and disregard substantiated reports of Kremlin’s attacks on our democracy?

They are protecting themselves. These politicians are attempting to distract us from their own ties to Russian money, and other issues that might sway public opinion.

How is that strategy working so far? Well, it’s working with Trump’s diehard supporters.Is anybody normal distracted from upcoming events, like Trump’s impending questioning by special council Robert Mueller? Trump’s lawyers have been denied in their requests to limit the scope of Mueller‘s interview.

Has anyone been distracted from the fact that Mueller’s investigation is not going well for Trump and his gang? Papadapoulos likely wore a wire, someone at Manafort’s firm likely had an informant, and this weeks big revelation— former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates has been negotiating a plea deal to flip on his associate Paul Manafort. Speculation is that this will, in turn, force Manafort to flip on Trump.

Gates and Manafort’s testimony might offer proof that Trump is guilty of Russian money laundering. That in addition to the obstruction of justice case Mueller has built give Trump reason to want the FBI discredited. He wants public opinion on his side.

Have any of you middle class working Americans been distracted by your post “tax cut” pay checks? Have your paychecks increased as promised, or have they decreased due to increases in health insurance?

Well, don’t expect Trump to fix healthcare. This weeks most quietly reported news was Donald Trump’s newly confirmed Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. He is a former executive with Eli Lilly, whose legacy is raising prices significantly on drugs sold to American consumers.

The GOP has successfully distracted us with their talk of “the secret society” within the FBI… whose “goal is to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.”

*BREAKING* Trump’s wounds are self inflicted. This will not end well for him, and he won’t go down alone.

All this talk of secret societies isn’t really fair. It’s taking the mystique out of real secret societies, like the ones my children were experts in during middle school. Let’s try to consider how this affects them.


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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly— Politics and Billionaires

Donald Trump (the ugly), has some junk in his trunk; by junk I mean items abhorrent to others. Three, off the top of my head— Russian mobster friends with ties to Putin, corporate bankruptcy filings, derogatory dealings with women, greed, pride, gluttony, sloth… sorry, I said three. Those are just a few of the items in Trump’s “shopping cart” of offenses. (Amazon lingo)

If Trump’s life was an Amazon shopping cart, there is one item he’d like to remove, or maybe two, but hasn’t been able to shake either. One of course is Robert Mueller, (he’s coming for you buddy), and the second is billionaire Democrat, an oxymoron I know, Tom Steyer (the good), who is on a personal mission to see Trump impeached. Did I mention he’s a billionaire? They usually play for the other team, but Democrats have this one. This is what he looks like.

He’s a very handsome sixty, hails from San Francisco, he’s an environmentalist, I don’t know if he’s single, but this isn’t a dating blog, so let’s try to focus. Perhaps Donald Trump’s anti-environment stance is what pushed Steyer into action.

Steyer’s current focus is Trump’s demise. He has donated approximately $90 million to the Democratic Party in his lifetime, and he has vowed to continue his efforts until Trump is just a bad memory.

Steyer has apologized for the “political inconvenience” his goal may be causing. Republicans want Trump to stay where he is and keep signing their laws, and surprisingly, there are some Democrats who would like Steyer to back off.

Perhaps their reasoning is sound… There are not enough Republicans in Congress who would be willing to end our torture, as of yet, but come November that might change. If there are any naysayers then… I have no words.

Mr. Steyer, who made his fortune as a hedge fund investor, announced this month that he will spend $30 million to mobilize young voters, and he has already quietly funneled nearly $2 million into the campaigns of seven Democrats who seek to unseat Republicans in California. Finally, something the anti-Trump faction can be optimistic about.

In other, not completely unrelated news, CNN money magazine recently published data showing in 2017, $8 of every $10 in new wealth created went to the top 1%. You might remember these are the people who benefit from Trump’s Tax cut, which will be paid for by adding $1.4 trillion to the deficit, cuts from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, healthcare, and many other programs that benefit those in the bottom 10%.

That bottom 10%, by the way, saw no increase in wealth whatsoever— zero. Let me pull out my critical thinking cap and surmise, based on where the rest of the wealth landed, that the remaining 20% went to those closer to the top of the remaining 11-99% demographic.

This my friends is the wealth gap spreading like a crack in our foundation, and it is reaching the point of irreparable damage.

Speaking of the wealth gap, newly created income, and Amazon, Jeff Bezoz, (the bad), Amazon CEO has been named the wealthiest man, not in America but in the world. He is worth $100 billion.

Look, sometimes it may seem like I hate people with money, and I do, (except for the Democrat pictured above), but this Bozo guy, I mean Bezos, reinforces my prejudice.

The wealthiest man in the world got there, in part, by not paying his employees a living wage. Many Amazon employees qualify for food stamps.

An Ohio non-profit organization, called Policy Matters Ohio, did some research and found 1,430 Ohio-based Amazon employees or family members were collecting food stamps as of August last year, while employed for Amazon.

You remember we are paying for billionaire tax cuts, and corporate tax cuts by cutting programs like food stamps.

To be fair, Amazon probably wants some credit for employing over 6,000 workers in Ohio… but they’re threatening to hire more, planning to build three more warehouses.

In order to save face, Mr and Mrs Bozos, I mean Bezos, announced a $33 million donation in scholarships for DREAMers. They likely won’t be around to accept them, but nice try Bozos.

I have an idea. Since Amazon employees are draining tax funded outreach programs for the unemployed, and employed but impoverished, how about we raise corporate taxes ffs! Clearly corporations can not be trusted to pay their employees enough to eat.

Last year, Amazon announced it would spend $5 billion to build it’s second headquarters in Ohio, and with it will come some “high paying jobs.” That sounds relatively subjective to me.

How about we put restrictions on executive pay, and demand it be proportional to that of it’s non-management employees?

In closing, I’d like to thank Tom Steyer— personally, (that was an example of humor…), for being one of the good guys and restoring my faith in humanity.


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One Year After the Biggest Crowd Ever Seen— A Limerick

Ah yes, I remember it well

Tis been almost a year- since we fell

From our perch of respect

The world can reflect

”Twas the biggest crowd ere”… in Hell


The next day we could clearly see

A sea of pink hats, representing “pussies”

That crowd, you’ll allow…

Shall we talk size now?

They’ll serve better than the GOP


Women from every seashore

Run for Congress to even the score

This is truly the end

Of rooms filled with men

Cutting women’s health care. Nevermore



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So Much Politics

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I have started several posts over the past few days, and none have inspired me to hit publish.

Not among them—

* Trump and a porn star have sex. (How many porn stars?) I couldn’t care less, and I’m not in the least surprised; he’s a pig. He’s never been faithful to a wife, and I’d be worried about std’s if I were #3.

I wish the sexual assault allegations against Trump held the public’s interest like this does.

* Also not on the list inspiring me to write is news that Fatty McTrumpster’s doctor lied about his weight and, if the doctor lied about that, the entire physical was an elaborate performance… but at least it was a comedy.

These three guys are the same height and claim to be the same weight… on earth, with gravity. Muscle is heavier than fat, still, someone is lying. Can you guess which?

* I was going to write on various opinions I’ve read regarding Steve Bannon’s testimony with the House Judiciary Committee. Everyone has a theory about this.

If I could pick one that I’d most like to be true, I choose— Bannon is part of a plan that has been set up by Mueller, and Trump fell into it bigly by sending word to Bannon not to answer questions. More obstruction of justice to add to the rest.

I also like the idea that— Bannon cited executive privilege as his reason for refusing to answering questions, but he was referring to Mueller who also falls under “executive privilege.” I have no idea if that’s true, but I like it.

It follows the idea that— Bannon’s refusal to answer was a way to keep Mueller’s investigation private from Nunes and other Trump/Russia participants who are on the “committee.”

But this story has been written by better and more qualified people than I, so I let it go.

* What I did begin was a post about Donald Trump’s claim that he isn’t a racist. The denial and deaf ears of Republicans who were in the room, but will not admit they heard Trump call Haiti and Africa “shit-hole countries.”

Then yesterday—

Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work…”

Only Haitians were removed from the list of about 80 countries to whom H2A and H2B visas are regularly granted.

I didn’t finish writing about this, because what can you add to that? My last post mentioned Trump’s descendants came to this country unskilled.

An artist projected a message on Trump Hotel DC.

* Then finally, along with everyone else, I started working on a post about Trump’s assault on the free press.

I was inspired, as was everyone else, by his “Fake News Awards.”

What kind of a president does something so insulting to the free world, and to the press.

I was going to compare Trump to Roman Emperor Nero, Frances Maximilien Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin.

I was going to add that the Committee to Protect Journalists released a list of the world’s worst oppressors of free press, and guess who topped the list— Donald Trump was followed by Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdoğan, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

I had been writing about this, but then I saw Republican Senator Flake speech. He covered it all. It was an excellent speech, given by a man who votes with Trump 90% of the time, but a good speech. Words.

I only would have added that this is not only Donald Trump attacking the free press. This is a conspiracy to undermine the truth. Trump has wealthy friends who want to keep him in office. They dictated much of the tax plan, and want to reap the benefits, and without the press Trump would stand a better chance at re-election. Like Trump and “fox and friends” said, 90% of Trump news is bad.

Trump’s friend Rupert Murdoch, owns Fox, and recently acquired the Wall Street Journal. According to Reuters, Murdoch has been in contact with AT&T, the owners of Time Warner/CNN. Murdoch wants to buy CNN- but AT&T is not interested in selling.

Now Trump’s Justice Department has recommended AT&T sell either its DirecTV unit or Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting unit – which includes CNN – if they want antitrust approval. A little strong arming is under way.

Nazis controlled half the newspapers published in Germany by 1944.

“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

~George Washington

Only 90% negative is too kind for Trump.


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The GOP, Ex-Con Family Values

In 299 days, if we manage to have a fair election, free from Russian hacking and GOP gerrymandering, where there was red there will be a sea of blue.

More women are running for Congress than ever before in history, 353 this year. Won’t it be refreshing to see women debating women’s healthcare, rather than a room filled with white men like John Shimkus, Illinois Republican Member of the House of Representatives, who in March suggested Republicans were unhappy with ACA was because men must pay for health care plans that cover maternity services.

It might be fun to hear women debating the merits of Viagra, and why it should be covered by insurance when birth control and prenatal care should not?

The GOP purports it is the party of family values. I beg to differ. Where Democrats have women, the GOP has convicts.

This party of family values first backed Roy Moore, a Russian speaking pedophile, accused by many women of perpetrating sexual misconduct against them when they were in their early teens. His behavior was well known enough for him to have been banned from his local mall and YMCA.

Donald Trump explained why he continued to throw his support behind the perv who wanted to take the Senate seat vacated by Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions— “He said he didn’t do it, and he said he didn’t do it.”

Moore lost, poorly on December 12, 2017. The self proclaimed evangelical Christian was waiting for god to change the results. He never conceded, and he’s still fighting the loss. How could he possibly have lost when Russia was throwing their best propaganda and hacking behind him in order to secure his win?

Coincidentally, or not, one of Moore’s accuser’s home was burned to the ground last week, and arson is suspected.

United States District Judge Susan R. Bolton found 85 year old former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, guilty of criminal contempt of court, punishable by up to six months in jail. Donald Trump doesn’t see a problem with contempt of court, and as such pardoned him.

Arpaio has recently announced he will run for Senate in Arizona. His platform, it seems, is racism.

“I’m going to tell you again that that document is a forgery document, and nobody will touch it.” ~ Arpaio

He is perpetuating Trump’s long standing false claims that former President Obama’s birth certificate was a “forgery,” and this is what he will focus on if elected… for real.

Don Blankenship is running for Senate in West Virginia as a Republican, after serving a one-year sentence in prison for conspiracy to evade mine safety laws that led to the deaths of 29 miners.

This guy can’t hold his own umbrella.. he could if he wanted to, but only Democrats hold their own umbrellas. Who is he? Former House of Representatives member Michael Grimm, who after pleading guilty to FELONY tax evasion in 2014, wants his job with the GOP back.

Who is old enough to remember Oliver North? National Security Council staffer under President Ronald Reagan was convicted of three felonies, and sentenced in 1989 after congressional testimony during which he admitted to selling arms to Iran and illegally funding the right-wing Contras militias in Nicaragua. He is running for a place in the GOP Congress.

In addition to GOP’s lack of family values, I would also attest that they have no allegiance to the United States. They are the party of traitors. This is proven daily.

At every turn, they obstruct Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into the confirmed Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016. Most recently they did so with attempts to discredit the FBI itself, as well as witnesses. Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump/Russia dossier, has been the latest victim.

The GOP, many of who have financial ties to Russian investors, who have ties to Putin, continue to conspire against the United States alongside Russia.

Word is out that Mueller is about ready to question Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who claims there was no collusion, and has never condemned Russia for interfering in the election, doesn’t want to talk to Mueller.

Trump would like Mueller to present his questions to him in advance, in written form. Trump’s attorney would then write the answers for him, and he would grasp a giant crayon with his short, soft, fat, greasy fingers, and sign his name at the bottom in his best cursive.

The GOP has shown us their cards—and they’re all Jokers.


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For what it’s worth, it looks as if we may yet survive 2017. Scathed in futility, we have learned not a damn thing. We understood corruption, but we allowed it regardless.

WE KNEW politicians could not be trusted:

Still, we gave them freedom and hoped they would choose to do the right thing.

I believe this lesson was initially taught with the aid of stone etchings, unearthed by archaeologists centuries ago, created by a rare species of dinosaurs with opposable thumbs. The idea has been reinforced by new politicians ad infinitum.

Even if one or two politicians mean well, they are outnumbered by those other politicians who do not mean well. Here’s a shocker— Trump does not mean well. Here’s another shocker— the GOP tax cut is not for you, but it will be paid for by you.

About that tax cut—

WE KNEW major corporations only objective was to enrich top tier management and shareholders. Still we allowed them a 50% tax cut.

We, who work for corporations, have been well aware of that design since the early days when our jobs were called careers. It is an enduring fact that employees are a means to that end.

There was a time when loyalty and longevity in the workplace were rewarded. The rewards included pensions, paid sick time and vacations, bonuses that weren’t taxed in such a way that they were barely worth the envelope and card they are packaged in. Once upon a time an employee who devoted their life to a company was presented with a gold watch. Like a unicorn, I’ve never seen one but it’s a nice story. Granted, the story would end with “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry” retirement, but in those days employees retired with a pension, healthcare, and social security.

These days, out of fear of poverty, we hold on to that shitty job. The hope is that by the time we lose our grip it will be time to meet our maker. No one today can afford to retire, which is why there are not enough jobs for the next generation.

Example— Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

“Working for the man” really means something now. When the phrase was coined in the sixties it was meant as an insult to “suits” who saw the value in security over freedom. Now, “working for the man” is entrapment in a spiderweb. You stay because… what else are you going to do? You hear there are a hundred people in line for your shitty job, begging for the abuse and pittance.

Elitists will argue— “You have a living wage!” They’re right. We only have to lower our standard of living. No vacations, work more hours, live in smaller houses with more roomates, eat your family pets.

We have to accept that we do not deserve health insurance. We are not entitled to “entitlements.” The government has taken a stipend for social security out of our paychecks since we started working, but that wasn’t for our social security, it was for Paul Ryan.

We will just have to depend on our pensions… except that when our CEO filed corporate bankruptcy we lost our pensions, so there is no pension. So, we will need to rely on our 401K. Gambling our retirement savings in a casino called Wall Street. Banks have just been de-regulated, so let’s just see if that 401k is there if we ever retire.

WE KNEW the healthcare system in America had been hijacked. Still, we allowed it to be sabotaged.

It has not been about health or care for decades. It is about politicians and lobbyists making profits.

Health insurance was once provided to employees of big corporations free of charge, because the cost was reasonable. Employees pay the lion share of the cost of insurance today because corruption in healthcare, including pharmaceuticals, has driven prices up so high that continuing to offer free insurance would cut into those profits and million dollar bonuses for CEO’s, top tier management and shareholders.

WE KNEW men (not all) can not be trusted to behave well when they think they can get away with not behaving well.

This behavior is well documented in stone etchings uncovered by archaeologists dating as far back as the caveman. Still, we acted surprised.

WE KNEW Trump would not impose those sanctions on Russia for their interference in the 2016 election.

For one thing, we heard Michael Flynn make that promise to Russia. Other reasons include: Trump is profiting financially from this omission, and why would Trump punish Putin for doing what Trump asked him to do?

We knew all this, but we let 2017 happen anyway. What’s the point of knowing history if you don’t use the information to avoid future similar mistakes.

A New York Times headline today reads “For Trump, a Year of Reinventing the Presidency.” He stole the presidency and destroyed our democracy for Russia, so I guess you can call that reinvention. He was allowed to do this by politicians who are owned by the people who wrote the tax cut and will benefit from it.

WE KNEW all this, and we let it happen anyway.

Try not to let this discourage you. When you figure out how not to let this discourage you, please let me know how you did it.

Finally 2018 is upon us. Hopefully it will be the year the entire GOP depart on their golden parachutes.


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