Tax Bill Moves to Senate

GOP Tax Scam has passed in the House of Representatives, and now moves on to the Senate.

This is great news for the 1% wealthiest, and Corporate America. This is bad news for everyone else. Regardless of what Orin Hatch, GOP President pro tempore of the United States Senate, says this is a gift for the wealthy. Not sure if you buy that? This tax bill allows a tax deduction for owners of private jets.

At the same time, it no longer allows teachers to deduct the school supplies they purchase with their own money… but corporations will continue to deduct the cost of their office supplies.

Healthcare… It feels like we just had this argument…because we did. We are having it again because the tax plan has an Affordable Care Act defunding clause, much like the Trumpcare plan which was voted down in the senate several weeks ago.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, was one of three GOP Senators who saved American healthcare by voting NO, against party lines, to the Graham/Cassidy healthcare bill, which would have resulted in— millions of Americans losing healthcare, a rise in premiums with less coverage for everyone else, and the re-introduction of pre-existing condition exclusions.

That was THEN, this is NOW. While we have supposedly left healthcare alone and moved onto “tax cuts,” the GOP slipped the same healthcare cuts into this tax bill.

A Wall Street investor was quoted in VF magazine likening the GOP Tax bill to a Ponzi scheme. How is that? Like the Ponzi scheme— fraudulent investment operation where profit is generated for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading— this tax bill will offer tax-relief for multinational corporations and the wealthiest Americans which will be paid for by revenue from tax increases and cuts in healthcare benefits for the not so wealthy, both rising as levels of poverty do.

Taxes may go down modestly for some middle class families at first, but the increase in insurance premiums and the decrease in what insurance will cover will more than negate any middle class tax cut. Additionally, the rich man’s tax cut includes drastic cuts to benefits like Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

Let’s go back to Lisa Murkowski. She hasn’t decided how she will vote with regards to this GOP tax bill/ healthcare repeal.

What’s different NOW is this bill has in it other items in it that Murkowski wants, specifically to put an end to Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, so as to open it up to oil and gas drilling. Screw the poor, screw the middle class, screw the environment…she wants oil. It is possible this mandate was thrown in there for Murkowski? Yes.

This tax bill has specific mandates intended to entice several wavering GOP Senators, and the mandates have nothing to do with taxes.

The senate is divided Republicans 52-48 Democrats. Two republicans voting no will force a tie which will be broken by Vice President Pence- we know how that will go. It will take a NO vote from three GOP Senators to kill this tax bill, and that only if every Democratic Senator votes no.

Regardless of the applauds Murkowski received in airports after killing the Graham/Cassidy healthcare bill, I think we can expect Murkowski to go for the oil…

If this bill passes in the Senate we can expect insurance premium increases next year as shown on the chart below.

We can expect funding cuts which will lead to benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These benefits will be reduced regardless of the fact that— since your first day on your first job, you have been paying into these programs for your future use.

The savings garnered from these cuts will be passed the wealthiest among us, a trillion dollar tax cut for corporate giants and the wealthiest 1%, paid for by everyone else.

Donald Trump will benefit hugely, as will Steve Mnuchin, Bob Mercer, and the majority of Trump’s cabinet.

The entire GOP senate has a personal interest in seeing this tax bill pass. They have been on the receiving end of donations from those who would benefit, and they have been warned the money they’ve become accustomed to receiving in the form of campaign donations will be cut off.

GOP members who vote yes are voting to take healthcare away from millions to give money to individuals. They choose to do this in order to continue receiving “donations” from their billionaire donors.

CALL ALL Senators today at: (202) 224 – 3121 Tell them to vote no to this tax bill.


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GOP Believe Their Tax Plan Will Pass

How is it the GOP is confident their tax plan will pass? When did healthcare cuts become part of the tax bill?

“Apparently somewhere between the salad course and the entree, it was decided that permanent corporate tax cuts should be paid for, in part, by kicking 13 million Americans off their health care and raising premiums for millions more,” ~Senator Ron Wyden, Top Democrat on Finance panel

This tax bill is a covert attempt to gut healthcare, but the GOP somehow believes it’s different than previous failed attacks on ACA. Why? This bill gives money to the billionaires who make large donations to campaign funds of GOP members, so more congressional republicans are likely to vote yes to keep their cash cows lactating.

Those GOP members who were outspoken when they voted against the previous attacks on healthcare might put greed over the health needs of average Americans, the same ones who voted them into office, in exchange for continued campaign donations.

As of Wednesday—

“Imagine taking more than $300 billion from older and sicker people who need health insurance, and giving that $300 billion to big corporations and wealthy people as a tax cut. That’s the GOP plan.” ~ Robert Reich:

Senator Claire McCaskill confronted GOP congressmen Orin Hatch as he lied about where the money to fund the tax cut will come from.

Other lies put forth by the GOP in attempts to quell public outrage:

  • “This is a tax cut for the middle class.”

This is a tax increase for those who earn $50,000 or less, and many of those are the same people who will lose healthcare.

  • “Giving corporate giants money back will allow them to invest in more jobs.”

In fact, CEO’s have stated they will NOT create jobs or use their extra money for anything other than personal enrichment.

Someone (Mitch) hasn’t gotten the memo that Americans want to keep ACA—

“This bill will effectively repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate tax so that we can provide even more tax relief to low- and middle-income families,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—

This is a tax cut for the people who need it the least, the wealthiest 1% who already possess 38% of the nations wealth, and a healthcare repeal for the poor and middle class, wrapped up in 1 big shitty bill.

“I know the House is going to pass this bill. I’m one of those people who believes failure is not an option.” ~ House GOP Whip Steve Steve Scalise

Since we are discussing taxes, I would like to point out, while Trump and his people don’t want to contribute their own tax dollars, they have no problem spending other, poorer people’s money.

  • Taxpayers are funding Donald Trump’s legal defense for lawsuits against his private businesses, paying for at least 10 DOJ lawyers and paralegals.
  • Mike Pence spent over $14,000 in tax dollars on local police on his staged NFL stunt, during which he dramatically left the Indianapolis stadium in disgust when football players kneeled during the national anthem. The total cost for Pence to fly from Las Vegas, to Indianapolis for the game, $242,500 and that was all for less than 1 minute’s entertainment made on behalf of Donald Trump, and paid for by you and me.
  • We all remember Steve Mnuchin and his latest and most evil trophy wife flying around chasing the eclipse on our tax dollar.

Our money and our health mean nothing to the people “we” (Putin) voted into office to represent us. It’s time to let them know we do not approve.

To acquire contact numbers for your specific members of Congress—

Or Call Congress with one number: 1-844-USA-0234

CALL ALL Senators today at: (202) 224 – 3121


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Wealth Gap and Tax Cuts — A Poem

In the United States the richest 

1% of the population hold

38.6% of the wealth…what’s best 

Compared to a decade ago 


Back before the 2007 recession

That same top group held 33.7% 

Know that, and I’ll ask you a question

Do they need a tax cut of even a cent?


Consider– That 1% group at the top 

Have more than we 90% at back of the line

Money never “trickles down”–so stop

Believing it as your wealth declines


As you struggle to pay for food and rent

Know the gap: between 10% wealthiest

And the middle class is over 1000%

1000 more for the top 1%… greed at it’s best 


When they take tax cuts for themselves soon

And rob us of our health care

Steal retirement pensions and 401Ks

Think about those CEOs who dare


To earn in a single hour

What their average employee 

Néophytes with no earning power

Must work over a month to see


When you pull out your credit card to buy

Your groceries for the week

Remember the tax cut the GOP try

To give the rich– whose donations they seek

Owed by we fools the 90% who pay tax

73% of the debt, the nations bank notes

Those whores who won’t guard our backs

Know their names when you cast your votes


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Random Thoughts of Trump, Terrorism and Impeachment

I never watch television, “annoyed” isn’t a strong enough word to describe the feelings it triggers in me. It’s like listening to the constant reverberation of a dentist’s drill. I just realized my dentist’s office plays a television in every room…oh God, I have an appointment on Friday…😱!

In such cases as this, if I am forced to sit in a room with a television I am drawn in against my free will, like a mosquito is drawn toward a zapper, and when I leave the room I am stupider than I was when I entered.

On Monday, in my childish Christmas morning like anticipation of the Mueller arrest announcement, I turned on my television (left behind in the divorce). I wasn’t sure how it worked. I tried  to find MSNBC, but I could only find Trump Fox TV, or CBS. I chose the latter. Two news anchors, I don’t know or care to know their names, were on camera discussing the possibilities. One of the anchors repeatedly said “collusion is not a crime.” 

I unplugged the television (couldn’t figure out how to turn it off), and let my brain sizzle for a while. Then I started my search. Collusion is a word synonymous with the word conspiracy. Conspiracy against the United States is a crime. In fact it is one of the charges that was shortly thereafter announced against Paul Manafort, financially related so far. 

My lesson for today is simple:

  • annoying is to television 
  • as
  • collusion is to conspiracy 

They are the same, and all four should be illegal. The spreading of fear by means of broadcasting ignorance and misinformation, whether intentional or unintentional is how we got in this fine mess…and this is a fine mess.
We have a corrupt GOP as the majority of congress. Many of them have financial ties to Russia and are so afraid of their own incrimination in the Mueller investigation that they are sitting on their hands hoping no one will notice them.

They should be filing articles of impeachment. That is their job. Bill Clinton was impeached for something as ridiculous as lying about a consensual sex act! This is treason, election tampering, money laundering…

Filing articles of impeachment would strip Trump of his pardoning power instantly. If he starts pardoning his co-COLLUSIONERs, aka his coconspirators, then there is no rule of law. The bad guys win again, turn over your health insurance, your 401K, and your bank loans on your way out. 

Who wants to live in a country where corruption is the order of the day? I don’t. I want to live in a democracy. I want the majority of the people to rule, the majority who work honest jobs and pay their share of taxes, and don’t funnel money into Argentina and the Cayman Islands. I want the American people to take America back from Russia, and the wealthiest 1%. I want the Nazi’s to crawl back into their hiding places or to seek asylum in Russia. Is this too much to ask?

Incidentally, I have a child who goes to school in lower Manhattan. I was more than a little anxious when she didn’t pick up the phone or respond to my text messages (for ten whole minutes). 8 people were killed and at least 11 injured in what has rightly been labeled a terrorist act. This is a f*d up world. That said, what happened exactly one month ago on October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, left 58 dead, and 500 wounded. It was not labeled a terrorist act because to be labeled terrorism the violent act must encompass a political agenda. This is Trump’s most convenient excuse for racism. Vegas was comparatively swept under the rug by Donald tRump for two reasons.

  1. The Las Vegas attack was carried out by a white man. Trump’s supporters fall into the demographic of white man, and Donald Trump is a white supremacist whose racist agenda was not served by the Vegas attack.
  2. The Vegas attack weapon of choice was firearms. The NRA is more corrupt and powerful than any underworld organization , and they own the GOP.

The U.S. Constitution’s Art 2 Sec 2: “he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” 

Impeach the f*ker already!

Some more optimistic thoughts. I’ve read several arguments by attourneys and come to the understanding that– when Mueller names Trump as a conspirator in this, Trump loses his power to impeach anyone related to the investigation. 

Additionally, Mueller has planned for Trump’s predictable and inevitable melt down. When he (possibly) fires Mueller, it will not affect the proceedings.  Mueller has planned ahead, this is his job, and he’s good at it. As I’ve said before, Mueller is playing chess, Trump is trying really hard to color in the lines.

Who will be next and when will it happen? 


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American Cacophony

Trump’s tweets, their tenor—Te Deum trilling offbeat tambourine 

The tone deaf GOP’s decline bellows “lowest ratings ever seen”

Score for Sarah Sanders solo sycophantic syncopation 

Her words ring false in resonance- that’s her chosen occupation

EPA is a-cappella as earth descends adagio

Pence preludes irrelevance with overused off key vibrato  

Tillerson sings the emperor-moron wears no clothes— new or old

Congress Democrats Republicans their music’s bought and sold

Paul Ryan’s rhythm is all wrong what’s playing isn’t tax reform 

Mitch McConnell stands mute behind him a maestro who misinforms 

Does Niger Trump Benghazi? John Kelly’s rising tempo intermezzo

Putin’s interlude, the chorus cries an overture crescendos

Billionaires steal 4 trillion, an ensemble, savant Trump’s inside job

Mysoginists and racists, take healthcare- with the help of Russian mobs

U.S. political programs lack all acoustic harmony

Be afraid— until 2018 this is our Cacophony

Trump is Determined to Destroy American Healthcare 

People continue to argue that the President of the United States is one man, and one man can not single handedly destroy a nation. I would counter that Trump is one fat man and a half, and he’s doing a bang up job of it. 
Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean to insult the President of the United States Virgin Islands.

“I met with the President of the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands and the President of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, they suffered gravely and we’re be there, we’re going to be there, we have really, it is not even a question of a choice.” ~Donald J Trump, F***ing Idiot of the United States

Donald Trump, in his bigly geniosity (if he can make up words so can I), claims to have conversed with the “the President of the United States Virgin Islands.” USVI is a US territory, (hence the US part of the abbreviation), they have no president worthy of mention—Trump. 

I think he might have had more success speaking to the King Regent of the USVI…or perhaps Virginia, the Virgin God of USVI, who wears a gold cape and rules from the cumulus cloud in the sky above Saint Thomas. 

Back to the source of my anger this morning—

By signing the presidential order to end subsidies for the Affordable Care Act, Trump has essentially opened the floodgates that had contained what individuals can be charged for healthcare. Dump’s determination to destroy ACA, fueled by a racist goal to erase President Obama’s entire legacy, without concern for cost, will result in much higher insurance premiums for the middle class. 

The subsidies he has cut paid the difference for low income Americans who are unable meet insurance costs. Now those costs will be disbursed among those who do pay for insurance, either through ACA or through company provided insurance plans. The result will render millions more Americans unable to afford the new premiums. They will end up foregoing medication and treatment all together. 

Insurance premiums have already increased substantially for 2018 in anticipation of Trump’s shenanigans. I’m angry, and you should be too, because as always it will be the middle class who have been shat on. 

Trump may claim this move will save tax payers billions. If he cared about tax dollars he’d put an end to his family and cabinet’s excessive private jet travel habits and his weekly golf excursions…to check on his properties. Trump’s administration is burning through more tax payer dollars than it would take to continue funding ACA. 

Bloomberg reports estimate rather than saving tax payer dollars, this executive order will cost tax payers $200 Billion over the next decade. 

Donald Trump’s campaign trail rhetoric that “Obama care is failing” was not true at the time, but he is single handedly make sure it fails now. 

This will be Trump’s legacy, destroying the American healthcare system without any intention to rebuild it. Unless Congress acts on the 25th Amendment (remove him based on his insanity), or moves forward with impeachment proceedings soon, Trump will be the end of the GOP (good riddance), and the mass murderer of millions of Americans who are denied healthcare.


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