Wealth Gap Spreads with Cuts to Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamine Franklin

Most countries in the civilized world see education as a necessary investment in their future, crucial for financial success and competitiveness. Most countries do, but not all. What kind of a country doesn’t value education, making it a luxury affordable only to an elite group of children born to the wealthy? The answer: the richest and the most unequal nation in the world— the U.S.A. 

Rather than attempt to reverse this situation, Donald Trump and his secretary of education Betsy Devos (who never attended public school) have something else in mind for our children. Details have emerged of an $11 billion proposed cut to education:

  • After school programs— eliminated
  • The Arts— lost
  • Foreign language— disappears
  • Physical education— a thing of the past 
  • Class sizes—increase
  • Teacher training— what teacher training? 
  • Special Olympics— the stuff of legends 
  • Work study programs— halved
  • Pell grants—cut by 4 billion, 
  • Public service loan forgiveness— gone

And for those whose only option for an education is through student loans, federal loan subsidies take a hit as well. The first action Trump took as president was to eliminate banking regulations. 

Private equity firms, Wall Street banks, and the federal government are already profiting large from the student loan industry. 42 million Americans currently hold student loans totaling $1.3 trillion dollars. We have been in desperate need of reform as tuition rates far exceed the rate of inflation, but Trump has tossed a boulder into the arms of a drowning man. Students seeking loans will be chum in the water for predatory loan sharks. 

Like healthcare, education will be an entitlement for the wealthy. 10% of Americans have 76% of the money. Incomes of the wealthy steadily increase while incomes of the rest of the population remain stagnant. Donald Trump’s mission seems to be to increase the wealth gap. Why is he doing it? The only answer— a bigger tax cut for the chosen few. 

Auto loans and mortgage rates are far lower than interest rates offered for student loans. The message hidden in that fact seems to be that the government doesn’t want you to educate yourself. Consider this: a $10,000 loan offered at a rate of 8.9% will cost the student $25,000 over the course of fifteen years. That is a rate offered to parents with good credit today. The rate after Trump’s changes will be substantially higher. 
Once junior moves back home, into what is now the workout room, he/she will have to make a lot of mocha soy lattes at their post-grad job in order to make those monthly student loan payments… and they will make those payments.


There is no way out of this debt. These lenders will take your disability checks, and your pension, they have secured that right. Although Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy six times, doing so will not help those with student loans. They can not be discharged in bankruptcy. 

Banking will essentially be organized crime run by white collar criminals engaged in activity sanctioned by Trump.

For future generations, Trump and Devos together are intent on destroying hope for all but the wealthiest Americans. Attending college in America is no longer a step on the road to success, but rather it has become a way to exchange good credit for insurmountable debt.

Get the impression Trump doesn’t care about “making America great again” for anyone but himself? I do.


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POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan

Donald Trump believes the human body is like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.

You may have been raised on the belief that exercise keeps you young and fit, and eating a diet of high fat foods and sugar is unwise… science may have misled you… as it has with climate change. 

**You want to look like this? Read my new book. 

Scheduled for release sometime in 2018—

“POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan”

This book and exercise video will do for health and fitness the same thing the GOP hopes to do to Obamacare…the same thing Russia is doing to democracy…the same thing Jeff Sessions is doing to racial equality…the same thing Pence is doing to LGBT rights, and what Trump himself has done to the women’s movement. 

This book spells out a diet and excercise plan using the most monosyllabic text available in the English language. 

The diet:

Steak with ketchup, beautiful chocolate cake, two scoops of ice-cream must be consumed daily.

The workout:
It is my bigly belief that exercise is hard so, if you have to move for any reason, use a golf cart.

**Moneyback guarantee- if your head doesn’t look considerably smaller in 6 weeks you may file a lawsuit for a full refund.

*Masters Degree in Diet & Nutrition ~ Trump University.  


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U With the Uterus 

Hey! You with the uterus! 

Stop right there!

Drop that insurance card!

Hands in the air!

You suspected pregnancy 

And bought a urine test

Don’t try to pass it off as new— 

The condition pre-exists!

Mammograms and Pap smears

All your women’s needs

You expect them to be covered 

In your health plan? That’s just greed.

Rich old white male politicians 

Won’t vote to subsidize the cost

Of care to keep you healthy here

In America— democracy is lost

Though they all had mothers 

Who birthed them at one time

Do their moms see what happened 

To their Repugnant offspring? It’s a crime.

A tax cut has priority 

Over compassion and ethics

Viagra however— treats a condition 

Which never pre-exists

So, you with the uterus, 

Happy Mothers Day!

Of that uterus, what happens to it— 

By the way, you have no say

Though the senate won’t approve this bill, 

Their version keeps women under attack

Because it’s not orange, no it’s Women 

Women are the GOP’s new black

Celebrating the Loss of Healthcare for Millions

It was a day worth celebrating for Republican supporters of the bill repealing healthcare benefits offered in the Affordable Care Act. Their “win,” which if followed by another “win” in the Senate, will result in countless deaths, is a reason to celebrate—for them. The wealthiest country in the free world, it would appear, has the greediest politicians.

Our retribution will come on Election Day. The following members of the House of Representatives who voted yes are up for reelection next year:
*Jason Chaffetz was all smiles as he rolled in to vote yes on the bill that cuts healthcare coverage for millions of taxpayers— after having had his own elective surgery on a preexisting condition—paid for by tax payers. 

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of this attitude toward healthcare is “There but for the grace of God go I.” I live in recognition that others misfortunes could be my own. I understand that my fate is not entirely in my hands. Because I am fortunate to have healthcare today does not guarantee I won’t meet with the adversity of being uninsured tomorrow. 

If you have an excellent healthcare package through your employer, as do I, you may think none of this matters to you. Think again. Many of these stipulations allow employer provided plans to follow suit in what will become the new normal. 

“Deductibles are going to come down. It’s going to be fantastic health care,” Trump said of the Republican-backed American Health Care Act. “Right now Obamacare is failing.” 

A closer look at the changes the bill provides: 

  • At least 24 million Americans will lose their healthcare. 
  • Slashes Medicaid benefits overall by $880 billion.
  • Lifetime caps on coverage…Insurance offered by employers may also be imposed with a lifetime cap. 
  • Allows states to exclude such benefits as: emergency services, hospitalization, mental health care, preventive care, maternity care, and substance abuse treatment.
  • Insurance rates will be based on health history. States will no longer require insurers to charge the same rates for everyone, regardless of their medical history. The elderly will pay 5X more for their insurance coverage, and cancer patients could be required to pay up to $140,000 annually for insurance. 
  • Preexisting conditions put you into a high-risk pool…and if you’re wondering what is considered a preexisting condition here are a few examples: alzheimer’s, rape, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy, mental health disorders, diabetes, arthritis, aids, cerebral palsy, paralysis, eating disorders, paraplegia, alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, transsexualism, Pneumocystic pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, organ transplants, Crohn’s disease, congestive heart failure, hepatitis, lupus, coronary disease, kidney failure, (meaning dialysis isn’t covered), etc. 

Those with preexisting mental health issues will be denied healthcare by the same politicians who will make guns accessible to them.

  • Medical underwriting, is back—when you apply for insurance you’ll have to document every condition or ailment you’ve ever had.
  • Ends taxes on corporations by almost $300 billion 
  • Tax cuts of $300 billion given to the wealthiest 2%
  • Big Pharma’s lobbying pays off with hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts – for the industry that charges Americans exponentially higher prices for the same drugs than any other country in the world. 

Supporters of this bill have their own peculiar preexisting condition. They lack the humility that would allow them to understand that no one deserves healthcare more or less than they do. They believe they are entitled to that which they would deny others. These politicians who celebrated yesterday voted to keep ACA benefits for themselves…paid for by taxpayers, many of whom will lose their own coverage. 

Hours after celebrating the first step in the annihilation of America’s healthcare, Trump met with Australia’s Prime Minister and praised their universal healthcare system. 

“I shouldn’t say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia, because you have better health care than we do. We’re going to have great health care very soon.” ~Trump 

And now Trump is in NJ golfing for the weekend.


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Which Members of the House Will Vote Yes for the Affordable Care Act – Repeal?

The GOP is hoping for 216 votes today. That is the number of politicians required to take healthcare away from millions, and limit benefit coverage for most everyone else. 

Today’s vote is an attack on the poor and the middle class, it’s an assault on the disabled and the elderly, it’s abuse against women and children, an act of cruelty against the mentally ill and further victimizes those who have suffered sexual assault.

The only objective in today’s vote is to take away from millions in need, in order to give a substantial tax cut to the wealthiest 2% of the population. Mammograms, c-sections, mental health coverage, pre-existing conditions, are just some of what is at risk today. 

150 members of the House are planning to vote yes, 45 are undecided, 9 are leaning no, and 33 are planning to vote no. These numbers seem to be changing in favor of the bill as I type, but If the no votes hold ground the bill will garner only 204 votes, 12 shy of passing. 

Call your senators in Washington D.C. to voice your opinions on today’s vote—202-224- 3121.

Paul Ryan believes Republicans have the numbers they need to push the bill through. Remember their names— those who vote yes, because they have no place in public service—which is what politics is. This is still a democracy. Our retribution comes at election time. 

The following House Republicans support or lean yes on today’s vote:

AL-Bradley Byrne,  AL-Martha Roby,  AL-Robert B. Aderholt,  AL-Gary Palmer,  AR-French Hill,  AR-Steve Womack,  AR-Bruce Westerman,  AZ-Martha E. McSally,  AZ-David Schweikert,  CA-Tom McClintock,  CA-Devin Nunes,  CA-Kevin McCarthy,  CA-Ken Calvert,  CA-Mimi Walters,  CA-Dana Rohrabacher,  CA-Darrell Issa,  CA-Duncan Hunter,  CO-Mike Coffman,  FL-Matt Gaetz,  FL-John Rutherford,  FL-Gus Bilirakis,  FL-Dennis A. Ross,  FL-Vern Buchanan,  FL-Tom Rooney,  FL-Brian Mast,  FL-Francis Rooney,  GA-Earl L. “Buddy” Carter,  GA-Drew Ferguson,  GA-Rob Woodall,  GA-Doug Collins,  GA-Barry Loudermilk,  GA-Rick W. Allen,  GA-Tom Graves,  IA-Steve King,  IL-Peter Roskam,  IL-Rodney Davis,  IL-John Shimkus,  IL-Adam Kinzinger,  ILDarin M. LaHood,  IN-Jackie Walorski,  IN-Jim Banks,  IN-Todd Rokita,  IN-Susan W. Brooks,  IN-Luke Messer,  IN-Larry Bucshon,  KS-Roger Marshall,  KS-Lynn Jenkins,  KY-James Comer,  KY-Brett Guthrie,  KY-Andy Barr,  LA-Steve Scalise,  LA-Clay Higgins,  LA-Ralph Abraham,  MI-Jack Bergman,  MI-Bill Huizenga,  MI-John Moolenaar,  MI-Fred Upton,  MI-Tim Walberg,  MI-Mike Bishop,  MI-Paul Mitchell,  MI-Dave Trott,  MN-Jason Lewis,  MN-Erik Paulsen,  MO-Ann Wagner,  MO-Blaine Luetkemeyer,  MO-Vicky Hartzler,  MO-Sam Graves,  MO-Billy Long,  MO-Jason Smith,  MS-Gregg Harper,  MS-Steven M. Palazzo,  NC-George Holding,  NC-Virginia Foxx,  NC-Mark Walker,  NC-David Rouzer,  NCRichard Hudson,  NC-Robert Pittenger,  NC-Patrick T. McHenry,  ND-Kevin Cramer,  NE-Don Bacon,  NE-Adrian Smith,  NJ-Tom MacArthur,  NY-Lee Zeldin,  NY-John J. Faso,  NY-Claudia Tenney,  NY-Tom Reed,  NY-Chris Collins,  OH-Steve Chabot,  OH-Bob Latta,  OH-Bill Johnson,  OH-Bob Gibbs,  OH-Pat Tiberi,  OH-Steve Stivers,  OH-James B. Renacci,  OK-Jim Bridenstine,  OK-Markwayne Mullin,  OK-Frank D. Lucas,  OK-Tom Cole,  OK-Steve Russell,  OR-Greg Walden,  PA-Mike Kelly,  PA-Bill Shuster,  PA-Tom Marino,  PA-Lou Barletta,  PA-Lloyd K. Smucker,  PA-Tim Murphy,  SC-Joe Wilson,  SC-Trey Gowdy,  SC-Tom Rice,  SD-Kristi Noem,  TN-Phil Roe,  TN-John J. Duncan Jr.,  TN-Chuck Fleischmann,  TN-Diane Black,  TN-Marsha Blackburn,  TN-David Kustoff,  TXTed Poe,  TX-Sam Johnson,  TX-John Ratcliffe,  TX-Jeb Hensarling,  TX-Joe L. Barton,  TX-Kevin Brady,  TX-Michael McCaul,  TX-K. Michael Conaway,  TX-Kay Granger,  TX-Mac Thornberry,  TX-Bill Flores,  TX-Jodey Arrington,  TX-Lamar Smith,  TX-Pete Olson,  TX-Kenny Marchant,  TX-Roger Williams,  TX-Michael C. Burgess,  TX-Blake Farenthold,  TX-John Carter,  TX-Pete Sessions,  UT-Rob Bishop,  UT-Chris Stewart,  UT-Mia Love,  VA-Scott Taylor,  VA-Robert W. Goodlatte,  VA-Morgan Griffith,  WA-Dan Newhouse,  WA-Cathy McMorris Rodgers,  WI-Paul D. Ryan,  WI-Jim Sensenbrenner,  WI-Glenn Grothman,  WI-Sean P. Duffy,  WV-David B. McKinley,  WY-Liz Cheney

The following members of congress have not disclosed their positions on the bill:

Rick Allen Ga., Justin Amash Mich., Marsha Blackburn Tenn., Rod Blum Iowa, Mike Bost Ill., Ken Calvert Calif., Mike Coffman Colo., Paul Cook Calif., Mario Diaz-Balart Fla., John Faso N.Y., Rodney Frelinghuysen N.J., Bob Gibbs Ohio, Darrell Issa Calif., Bill Johnson Ohio, David Joyce Ohio, Steve King Iowa, Adam Kinzinger Ill., Steve Knight Calif., Doug LaMalfa Calif., Brian Mast Fla., David B. McKinley W.Va., Martha McSally Ariz., Tim Murphy Pa., Erik Paulsen Minn., Bruce Poliquin Maine, Tom Reed N.Y., Dana Rohrabacher Calif., Peter J. Roskam Ill., Edward R. Royce Calif., Elise Stefanik N.Y., Michael R. Turner Ohio, David Valadao Calif., Rob Wittman Va., Kevin Yoder Kan., Don Young Alaska

The above are all members of congress whose primary purpose is to benefit the wealthy. They can be replaced.


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Chaffetz — Back So Soon?

James Emergency Elective Surgery Chaffetz sucked it up and went back to Washington just days after having his time sensitive surgery to remove 12 year old metal hardware from his foot. Regardless of whatever shady activity motivated him to find a way to get out of work quick, he’s back. 

Rumors of blackmail, FBI investigations, and bribes swirl around our newest superhero—Titanium Screw Man, guaranteed to set off metal detectors everywhere…until now. The metal is gone, and he’s back in what feels like hours…and he promised he’d be out 4 weeks.

Why the rush? He took care of his pre-existing condition, and then rushed back in time to vote for the GOP bill that will screw you out of healthcare coverage for your pre-existing conditions. That is one dedicated jerk.