Judging Alabama

Dear People of Alabama,

A recent poll taken by Winthrop University found, among white Americans living in the South, nearly half feel as if they’re under attack. I can see how fighting the “bubba” stereotype would be difficult.

Admittedly, with the knowledge that 30 people have corroborated allegations regarding a GOP Senate nominee, Roy Moore, having molested at least five teenagers, including a 14 year old CHILD, yet he maintains support of 55% according to an Emerson College survey taken after these allegations were made public… I hear banjo music. I’m sorry.

Best wishes in your future success fighting the cliché in future.

Lydia Libtard


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Wen Youre Name is Donald Trump

Wen youre name is Donald Trump you donut no how to spell?

Their, there, they’re- all work the same. And Your losers I can tel%

Geography is hard twoo — Gina; TieOne: Phillippines?

I avoid the US because Bob Mueller has subpoenes 

Middle East don’t care countries like the one we’re I am now

Hope Hicks my special ‘friend’. Travels with Milana ? Butt how

Shea’s happee to be rid of me–and she Putin her time

Besides I sed at 35 a woman’s past her prime

Periods and question marks and commas and ellipsis

I looked directly at the sun to learned what an eclipse is

My Nazi dad bought my degree from a school called Wharton 

They don’t like too mention it but theiy were pade a fortune

Speecking supremasists, herd the evangelical threats 

Of violence when I am impeeched…are we all Christian yet?

Weire led by pedophiles and swindlers and racists to boot

My religion requires tikis and a nazi salute

I love to body shame although it shows Eye have no class

I donut realize I have a glowing orange fat ass

American majority you are “haters and fools”

Eye insult US intel…because Putin says hees cool

It’s SAD! All the dicktaters do knot think I am thare frend 

Thay never liked Hillary. That’s whare arguments all end’


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Victory Dance for Democracy 

GOP lost 2 govs alltogether

Dems gained 14 seats — latest measure

Results now finalized

Gloating’s undignified

As such, I’ll let others have the pleasure–


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Paul Manafort Wants to Travel

Today I offer a Spanish Proverb for your rumination on this good Sunday, November 5, 2017—

“When we free the eggs we will see.”

It has been almost a week since Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s first indictments. As has been widely reported, Paul Manafort was released to home confinement upon posting $10 million bail. Apparently Manafort wants more freedom. 
This three passport carrying, now cash poor conspirator against the U.S. is, according to ‘Politico,’ requesting release from GPS monitoring and home confinement at his condo in Alexandria, Va. He wants the freedom to travel to Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and New York… GPS free, in exchange for:

  • His primary residence in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
  • His Trump Tower condo in Manhattan
  • A Chinatown Condo on Baxter Street
  • Millions more in cash
  • His life insurance policies worth a total of $4.5 Million
  • His wife Kathleen…or something about her.

— Mr Man is charged, so far, with money laundering and failing to register as a foreign lobbyist, although many more charges are pending. 
And if anyone is listening, I would like to offer all my personal assets, including my thirteen year old dog, in exchange for a new life in the south of France…but I need a good WiFi signal.

These billionaire criminals, with Russian mob ties, have a lot of nerve… a lot of nerve… seriously. But they expect special treatment because they usually get it. 

As of yet, Manafort’s requests have not been granted. During his hearing on Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson— “seemed reluctant to discontinue his surveillance.”

 I would hope so… but what about my request?

In summation, I would like to offer my thoughts on the Spanish Proverb quoted above. When we free eggs, what we will most likely see are hatched birds flying away.

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Tired of All This Winning? I Am.

First let me say I am disappointed there were no new arrests made on Friday by Bob Mueller. I apologize for expressing my anticipation and excitement at conjecture made by those who claim to have friends on the inside. The twitter buzz was off, and although I hope not by too many days, I will never repeat my mistake by saying as much…after that last sentence. 
To my long suffering fellow Americans I am inclined to say– the best things in life are worth waiting for, patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait…and all that jazz. 
Now that I’ve scraped the egg substitute off my vegan face I can move on.

With Halloween just having passed, the answer to the following question should come easy: What does fear sound like? 

Chattering teeth, screams, knees knocking together… 

Yes, all that can be heard coming from the Oval Office, but additionally we may add the GOP the voices rising in discontent. Voices of those whose continued attempts to obstruct the Mueller investigation have become tiresome. 

Matt Gaetz of Florida, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Louie Gohmert of Texas have called on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller III to step down from the Trump/Russia investigation. Their reason? Hillary Clinton and uranium… amazing.

Moving on, the Republican tax bill is just that- it will come in the form of a bill to middle and low income taxpayers, and in form of direct deposit to the wealthy. The benefits of the bill seem to be form fitted for Trump’s beautiful chocolate cake loving fat ass. (Body shaming a body shamer is okay.)

Listed are five examples of changes we can expect: 

  1. Lowly teachers are singled out in this attack. Most teachers in this country which does not value education, example- Betsy Devos is our Secretary of education, are forced to spend their own hard earned money on classroom supplies– due to a lack of government funding. Teachers will no longer be allowed to claim the cost of said items as a tax deduction. Education is Trump’s enemy because the majority of his base are happily uneducated. Uneducated people are easier to manipulate.
  2. That $10 Starbucks gift card you received at work for a job well done…taxes will be due on that by April 15th. 
  3. First premiums for substandard health insurance become impossible to afford, then medical bills are no longer a tax deduction. For major medical costs, anything over 7.5% of your adjusted gross income is no longer tax deductible. This is a direct attack on lower income Americans because, at their income level, 7.5% will be exceeded with one hospital visit. 
  4. This bill eliminates state and local tax deductions- Residents of high tax states like Illinois, California and New York may want to consider a move.
  5. Corporate tax rates are cut to 20%… because CEO’s have to eat too.

This tax bill adds $1.5 trillion to the current deficit of $20 trillion. 
The phrase “the devil is in the details” must hold true here, because there are no details in the bill.  This is essentially a request to sign a blank check to be filled in, by white coller criminals, at a later date.
Speaking of the prince of darkness, Paul Ryan is up for re-election in 2018. How many times does he have to show us his lack of conscience before we recognize him for the used car salesmen he should be? I am considering a move to Wisconsin so I can vote against him, and I encourage all my readers to do the same. 
Tired of all this winning? I am.

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It’s a Twitter News Morning

All fingers crossed this morning with the hope a sting will follow the loud buzz that more arrests will be made today as a result of the Mueller investigation. 

Meantime– Trump is on a rampage. (Note–“on a rampage” letters can be rearranged to spell the words ORANGE and MAGA.) Apparently an exiting White House staffer disabled Trump’s twitter account on their way out. It took 11 peace filled minutes to re-connect, and Trump seems to have short-circuited as a result–

In those 11 minutes, Donald Trump became president…then–

Nobody is asking…

Here he pretends to have read a book…

Here he acknowledges the anger Americans feel, but doesn’t acknowledge himself as the source of it.

More lies about reading…
Name calling a respected woman in politics.

After calling the white man who shot over 500 people “sick,” he calls the man with more pigment who killed 8 and injured 12 a “degenerate animal.” (Hey NRA, what if instead of the rented Home Depot pickup truck the New York attacker had an Arsenal of your semi-automatic rifles? More carnage… ya think?)

Someone must have wrestled the phone out of his short fat hands because there has been silence for almost an hour.

In other twitter news, Bloomberg reports–Ex Twitter employee was ignored after reporting a massive proliferation of Russian and Ukrainian accounts in 2015.


Non-Twitter news– Everyone is discussing the “winners and losers” in the GOP tax proposal. I think we all know who wins and who loses in this bill. The only clue I will offer is the huge tax cut offered to those homeowners who purchase real estate at a cost over $500,000. 

One last dignified news bite–

And now we await news on whether Flynn, Kushner, someone else, or all of the above will join Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos in Muellerhood.


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