Tax Day for Trump: February 7th

One failed promise of Trump’s will be clear

A hearing for disclosure draws near

Transparent taxes,

Secret finances

Pelosi’s House will persevere

Democrats Announce Hearing On Trump’s Tax Returns

What’s the GOP Up To?

Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell: His Senate Head emerged from it’s protective shell yesterday long enough to give a snarky speech on the Senate floor during which he accusing Democrats of attempting a “power grab” to win elections.

Okay, what are those tricky democrats up to now… gerrymandering?

No, that’s a GOP manipulation of district borders, rendering the popular vote irrelevant. Democrats want Election Day declared a federal holiday, in order to make voting easier for working Americans.

Why is the Turtle Majority Leader pushing back against a bill making it easier for federal workers to vote, thereby increasing voter turnout?

Hmm. Didn’t those federal workers just endure 33 days without pay, thanks to McConnell? Is he promoting voter suppression because he’s afraid federal employees would use their time off to work to elect Democrats?

Speaking of the shutdown, McConnell and his GOP comrades rejected a bill that would give back pay to federal contractors. The Turd wants to use those earned wages to repeal an estate tax for the rich.

Kentucky, what the Hell is going on?

The only way he can survive is by disenfranchising the working class and gerrymandering, and perhaps pulling a Ted Cruz by using touchscreen voting machines with “glitches.”

The GOP, a party of millionaires, doesn’t want to pay federal workers, nor do they want them to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

This brings another reprehensible news story to my mind:

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, and Montana Republican Jon Tester, are millionaires who collect government bailout funds meant to offset agricultural losses caused by Trump’s tariffs.

Grassley, who played a part in penning the bill, is taking full advantage for his his Iowa farm.

Again, millionaire Chuck Grassley created a bill that allows him to collect hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars.

There is a pervasive greed that links these stories. I’m not complaining for the sake of complaining. I have solutions:

  1. We need a bill to prevent politicians from collecting bailout funds they designate.
  2. Because millionaire politician Mitch McConnell is personally responsible for perpetuating 35 days of closed government, during which workers incurred a 10% loss of their annual pay, and since he doesn’t want to sign a bill to give them back pay, Mitch should pay them out of his own pocket.

GOP rejects bill to give back pay to federal contractors, wants to repeal estate tax instead

McConnell Mocks Idea Of Making Election Day A Paid Holiday For Fed Employees

Chuck Grassley plans to take Trump’s federal farm bailout cash, calls it ‘equal treatment’

Grassley netted nearly $370,000 in farm subsidies, environmental group says

Millionaire Sen. Chuck Grassley Applying For Trump’s Farm Bailout Funds

Millionaire Sens. Chuck Grassley and Jon Tester want Farm Bailout Cash

Let Them Eat Nothing ‘Berders! a limerick

Ross had money laundering expertise

Which landed him a job with Chief Covfefe

He can’t understand

Middle class demands

To be paid for work, is beyond belief

Ross: ‘I don’t quite understand why’ federal workers need food banks during shutdown

Hypocrisy Has Not Shutdown

I have 3 news bites for you today, because that’s all I can stand. Two of the stories were mentioned in my post yesterday, but there have been some updates.

Brevity is the soul of wit, so I’ll try to keep this witty, like a quick colonoscopy.

1. *Update on news regarding Trump’s attempts to lift Russian Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska’s sanctions.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s bill, to stop Trump from lifting sanctionspassed overwhelmingly in the House of Representatives with a 362 to 53 vote.

However, the Senate failed to reach the 60 votes needed to maintain sanctions against Deripaska. Schumer needed to sway 13 GOP Senators in order to maintain the sanctions.

Only 11 maintained the stance they had in April 2017: GOP Sens. John Boozman (Ark.), Susan Collins (Maine), Tom Cotton (Ark.), Steve Daines (Mont.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Josh Hawley (Mo.), John Kennedy (La.), Martha McSally (Ariz.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ben Sasse (Neb.) voted to end debate on the resolution and advance it to a final vote.

Here is a list of those Senators who want to forgive the Russians for their cyber war against us:

The final senate vote was 57- 42, so the bill to eliminate sanctions did not pass in the senate. Notably absent from the list is traitor Mitt Romney who was among the no votes. Romney… is not worth another sentence.

Some others who wanted Russian mobster Deripaska’s sanctions lifted:

Why is congress voting, during a government shutdown, to follow through with what was a done deal? Sanctions were imposed in a voted in April of 2017, with almost every member of congress agreeing.

Congress is voting now because Trump thought no one would notice, due to his government shut down, he quietly moved to lift sanctions. It’s likely he had no choice as per his blackmail agreement with Putin.

You might remember Mike Flynn telling Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak not to worry about those sanctions President Obama’s imposed prior to Trump’s inauguration in retaliation for Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election. Will Deripaska, client of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, money laundering Russian mobster, friend-o-Putin, who played a large part in putting Trump at the Hell…m of our government, be sanctioned for his role in sabotaging our 2016 election, taking away our constitutional right to choose our government leaders, installing a Russian asshat in the White House?

Did I mention the GOP Senate is under Russia’s control?

What happens now that the House voted overwhelmingly to maintain sanctions, but the Senate voted to withdraw sanctions?

Hell if I know. Anyone?

2. The Senate voted to end the government shut down! That’s great news! But the government remains closed because…

Mitch McConnell’s shell can not be located. He’s hiding. Yes, Mitch McConnell is hiding in order to keep the government closed.

3. Donald Trump has ordered the return of dozens of employees in order to reopen offshore drilling despite the government shutdown. He’s bringing back dozens of employees to reopen offshore drilling during a government shutdown. He’s reopening offshore drilling during the government shutdown… offshore drilling…

Trump has financial interests in oil, the environment… not so much.

Hypocrisy has not shutdown.

Trump administration to bring back offshore drilling staff during shutdown

Trump’s half-baked offshore drilling plan is not safe

Where oh where is Mitch McConnell hiding out?

Joe Manchin Thinks it’s His Place to Apologize for an Unrelated Adult Woman

**This post contains profanity. It is not meant to be read by the pearl clutching faint of heart who are easily indisposed by the vapours.

W/VA Senator Joe Manchon, Republican in Democratic clothing, has been on the press circuit apologizing for a comment made by a new congresswoman, Democrat Rashida Tlaib.

Senator Manchin, who is not her father, is apologizing on her behalf for her use of the following statement- “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”, “the motherfucker” in question being motherfucker Donald Trump.

Senator Joe Manchin was on FOX News, a Democratic Senator performing on GOP propaganda TV, calling her statement: “horrible,” “disgusting,” “deplorable.”

Side note: Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for blackout drunk frat boy, sexual predator, and repeated perjurer, Brett “I liked beer… I STILL LIKE BEER.” Kavanaugh, now sitting in a lifetime appointment in the Supreme Court.

Incidentally that SCOTUS appointment, that would not have passed without Manchin’s aye, mandates all 83 credible misconduct cases against him be dismissed… and they were:

Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh

Here is what Manchin said with regards to his Kavanaugh vote:

Manchin also likes to say the word “shit”… a lot. Should we go through all curse words and assign them a value with regards to their offensiveness?

Also, and more importantly, Senator Joe Manchin has never condemned Donald Trump for his vulgar behavior. Need I repeat that motherfuckers long list of profanity, while bragging of sexual assault, or that used with regards to any who oppose him?

According to Manchin, and Trump, and the GOP, there are rules of decorum for women, especially those who are not of the Christian and lilly white genus, but there are no rules for Donald Trump, his GOP accomplices, or any of his sexual predator friends.

What’s this related story?…

CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years

Remember the EpiPen price jump of 400%? I’ll remind you.

The lifesaving device, which contains $1’s worth of epinephrine, jumped to over $600… per pen. The device is sold in Canada for as low as $50.

Imposing said price hike of the lifesaving epinephrine device was Mylan Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Heather Bresch. She gave herself a raise for that move. Her annual salary rose 671%, from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

By the end of 2017, continued public outcry over her pricing of EpiPen forced her to sell a generic version for $300.

CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator

Whadda ya know, Bresch is Manchin’s daughter.

That’s not all. She is a tax evader.

Mylan moving overseas in tax play | News, Sports, Jobs – Weirton Daily Times

Pop quiz time.

  1. Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans, any sitting Congress person” for lawmaker Tlaib’s colorful call for Trump’s impeachment, but did he ever apologize for his daughter when she evaded taxes by moving her company out of the U.S., pocketing tens of millions of dollars in tax savings?
  2. Did Joe Manchin apologize when his daughter, Heather Bresch, endangered the lives of so many, when she priced them out of EpiPens?
  • Answer Key:
  • No to both.
  • Manchin slams ‘horrible’ comments from Dem calling for Trump impeachment: ‘So disgusting’

    Fuck Joe Manchin.

    Bye Paul, Stay Gone… a limerick

    Speaker Ryan finally left… Godspeed

    For the U.S. ’twas a very good deed

    He left politics

    An act that eclipsed

    His performance artfor those in need

    Forced his way into a closed soup kitchen

    To wash clean dishes, not really pitch in

    Already clean?

    What could he mean?

    Feigned public servitude: photo mission