Mueller’s Report: No One Knows… a poem


Mueller’s report has been turned in, at last

On Trump’s Russia treason, the probe was vast

What was investigated? This we know:

Mueller found much and shared procured info



Treason, beyond Russia, to entertain:

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain

Qatar, Israel, and the UAE,

Played part in this widespread conspiracy



Trump’s crimes, Mueller shared his gains

The Southern District of New York— remains

And Virginia’s Eastern District Court too

Financial crimes, RICO, fraud, the probe grew


“No further indictments” doesn’t account

For all Mueller shared it’s a large amount

Not to mention the sealed indictments filed

Plea deal inquests, several, all compiled


Trump tries to distract with his insane rants

He’ll claim to know he’s been cleared, but he can’t

We know less today than we knew before

It’s not over, we should expect much more



We wait for Attorney General Bill Barr

To sum up Mueller’s work, that won’t go far

The report’s been subpoenaed by Congress

No one knows the future, we only guess


My big hope lays in AG William Barr

That he’s not who Trump thinks, but Bob Muller

Planted him there, and he’s a patriot

In place to take down traitor idiot

Robert Barr and Robert Mueller, 1991

Manafort’s Sentence is a Crime

Yesterday, Thursday March 7, 2019, for those of you in other planetary time zones, Paul Manafort, (presidential campaign chairman for Donald Trump), a man with shady Russian and Ukrainian ties, (understatement), was sentenced to 3.9 years in prison by Judge T.S. Ellis. (Not to be confused with long dead 19th century American poet T.S.Elliot.) Judge Ellis, I understand, also goes by the name Judge Fvckwad.

Paul Manafort’s defense team begged for an unheard of lenient sentence of 5 years.

Math time:

12 months x 5 years = 60 months requested

Manafort received 3.9 years = 47 months

I can’t show my work because I copied the answer,

but the answer is…

13 months… Manafort received a sentence 13 months less than the insanely lenient sentence his attorneys requested.

Manafort’s lenient sentence has caused outrage among anyone with an understanding of white collar criminal privilege. I tried to point out to a few people that the sentence did not encompass crimes related to the 2016 election. From what I understand, and I am quite frequently wrong, (see yesterday’s post), it only pertained to Manafort’s $6 million tax fraud.

Still, let’s put this in perspective. Paul Manafort failed to disclose $16 million to the IRS. Let those among us whom haven’t forgotten about $16 million cast the first stone, (not Roger Stone please). With that “omission”, Paul Manafort defrauded the IRS of $6 million. The law recommends 19-24 YEARS for this crime.

The punishment Manafort received was the equivalent of what one can expect if they steal $100, while not rich or white.

Remember how Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million? And remember how he was desperate to have people believe the loss was due to (nonexistent) “widespread voter fraud among democrats”? Remember when Trump found his scapegoat, a woman who voted while on probation, not knowing she wasn’t allowed to do so? That woman who cast a single vote, by mistake, received a harsher sentence than Paul Manafort, a traitor.

Prior to announcing the sentence, Judge Ellis said Manafort has led an “otherwise blameless life.”

But, Manafort has gout, so let’s overlook all that.

I am a Pollyanna at heart. I look for a shred of good news to focus on with everything in life, because if I don’t do that, anguish, despair and apathy put me in a chokehold, and then who will put my towels in the dryer?

The ray of light I found was the idea that: “tomorrow is another day.” Tomorrow, actually next week, Paul Manafort will be back in court to be sentenced for other crimes. He will eventually be tried for treason, and when the feds have had their fill, the southern district of New York gets to eat… then he’ll be the one “who’s sorry now”. The odds are pretty good that Paul Manafort will die in prison.

*Entertainment break:


Again, I’ll say it without any poetic 🙄 flourish, Paul Manafort has yet to be charged with anything relating to the 2016 election.

And let me point this out, Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors were not happy when Judge Ellis announced his 3.9 year decision.

I don’t care about Paul Manafort’s ailing health, he came to the hearing in a wheelchair with a bandaged foot, to ask the judge for compassion.

*👆🏼photo from Daily Beast article below my text👇🏼

“To say I feel humiliated and ashamed would be a gross understatement.” ~Paul Manafort

Fvck that noise.

Of those Robert Mueller has prosecuted as part of this Trump/Russia investigation, six have been sentenced so far, and believe it or not, Paul Manafort’s 3.9 year sentence has been the harshest doled out to a Trump associate to date.

Next week, Judge Amy Berman Jackson of US District Court for the District of Columbia will sentence Manafort for two conspiracy charges… so chin up… but those crimes only carry a maximum penalty of five years.

Ugh… I have towels in the washer.

Manafort Got Off Easy for Now but Mueller’s Not Done Yet

Texas Woman Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Voter Fraud Loses Bid for New Trial

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Paul Manafort Is Sentenced to Less Than 4 Years in 1 of 2 Cases Against Him

Mueller’s Report, Coming Soon

Widespread reports circulating indicate Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General, Bill Barr, expects to have Robert Mueller’s completed report next week.

Completion of the Mueller report is seemingly confirmed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s resignation, effective “in the coming weeks”. Rosenstein had previously stated he would step down from his position once the Mueller report was completed.

Since Robert Mueller is required to turn his report over, when completed, to Trump’s newly appointed Attorney General, let’s consider who that guy is:

  • Last year Barr penned a 20 page memo criticizing the Mueller investigation, accusing him of partisanship.
  • Barr has a history of defending Trump.
  • Barr endorsed the firing of James Comey.
    Barr called for investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
  • The million dollar question is– how will this play out? Who knows? I can only say what I’d like to see happen.
  • In a perfect world there would never have been a President Trump but, not only is it not a perfect world, it’s a pretty shitty world lately, so I’d be very happy with my second choice…
  • Prologue: a flurry of indictments dropped, indictment Friday on steroids. These indictments include, but are not limited to Don Jr, Jarvanka, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, the whole GOP/Trump gang, all the best people… even Barr.

    Act I: Bob Mueller turns over his report to Deputy AG Rosenstein, who turns it over to congress and immediately releases it to the public.

    Act II: President Pelosi shows no mercy. Trump’s orange skin fades to pasty gray, hair glue dissolves rendering him bald, and they all die in prison after decades of suffering without grooming products.

    I never get what I want. This is more likely to happen:

  • Barr has said “soon after” he receives Special Counsel Mueller’s report he will submit it to congress. He clarified that he might instead write his own version of the report and turn that over to congress in lieu of the actual report we all want to see… unredacted.

  • Barr, Trump’s brand spanking newly appointed AG, might instead hold onto the report indefinitely. Congress would fight it, but that would take time. Theoretically, the public may never see it.
  • There are so many ways this could disappoint. Why wait? I’m disappointed now.
  • ~

    *Another thought,👇🏼 Part 2.👇🏼

    Mueller’s Report Coming Soon, Part 2… a limerick


    DOJ to announce end of Mueller investigation as early as next week: CNN

    Ex-Russia inquiry chief Rod Rosenstein ‘plans to resign’

    What will happen when Mueller submits his report to AG Barr

    It is Indictment Friday… limerick

    Roger Stone has lived in constant fear

    For good reason, it’s now become clear

    “Obstruction,” the charge

    Are we on the verge?

    Indictment Friday…will more disappear?


    Lying, witness tampering, Mr Stone

    At age 66, he won’t die alone

    Seven counts in all

    Poor Roger’s downfall

    Will cushion Trump when he’s overthrown

    Watch the arrest as it happened on CNN 👆🏼

    Trump Associate Stone Charged With Obstruction in Mueller Probe