Cheaters Never Prosper… If They Get Caught

While the kleptocrats in control of our political system have wielded their power to widen the wealth gap, the ultra rich have rigged the future for their underachieving offspring by gifting them Ivy League College admissions that likely come with matching ill gotten diplomas.

Let’s be honest, this shocking college admissions scandal is nothing new. The super rich have been buying their children admission to and diplomas for Ivy League schools forever.

Donald Trump is a perfect example. He was not a student of choice for Wharton School of Business. If anything, the school has lost much of it’s credibility because they allowed Donald Trump to slip through the cracks. He can’t form a simple sentence without making several simple mistakes.

Further proof that Trump didn’t earn his entry to Wharton was provided by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who admitted during testimony to having threatened Trump’s former schools with lawsuits should any of his transcripts be released to the media.

The current college admissions scandal is only shocking in that it has created problems for least 50 people.

Those 50 people have much in common:

  1. They’re among the wealthiest Americans
  2. They received an unbelievable tax cut this year
  3. They all have children roughly the same age
  4. They all purchased the services of a man, Rick Singer, 58, who guaranteed their underachieving children admission into the school of their choice.
  5. They’ve all been arrested and charged with conspiracy related to racketeering, wire fraud, and more, as a result of #4👆🏼
  6. They used the fee they paid, to cheat, as a charitable tax deduction. (Tax fraud?)

Rick Singer, Admissions Fraudster

Among the newly felonious ultra rich parents are:

Hedge fund execs, doctor’s, some coaches bribed to play along, also…

  • Fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, and his wife actress wife Laurie Laughlin, of “Full House”*Photo credit Jeffrey Hudson @ItsJeffHudson twitter

Mossimo is a Trump fan who has been heard complaining about there being “a lot of takers and entitled people out there.” (Oh, the irony.) Laughlin has been dropped from her contract with the Hallmark Channel, but I think they’ll survivor without her income. “Mossimo”, a target brand, was bought out in 2005 for $135 million. Target is currently phasing out the brand.

Their 19-year-old daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, freshman at USC, is a “YouTube star” with over 1.9 million subscribers, whose persona revolves around her college dorm life, her party life and of course her makeup line (cancelled) with Sephora. She’s on video making statements like:

“I do want the experience of game days, partying, I don’t really care about school, as you guys know.”

“I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend.” ~Jade Giannulli

    • Actress Felicity Huffman, of “Desperate Housewives”

    • Gamal Abdelaziz, former president and CEO of Wynn Resorts Development,
    • Extremely arrogant and unapologetic attorney, Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of the law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP,
      Jane Buckingham: president of a consulting firm whose clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, she is also the author of 6 books, ironically, one is a guide to motherhood.
  • Jane Buckingham
  • “My child doesn’t test well.” ~ Jane Buckman
  • (Somebody tell Ms. Buckman, a lot of people’s children don’t test well.)
    • Gregory Abbot, CEO of the International Dispensing Company, and his wife Marcia.

    Gregg and Marcia Abbott’s daughter who benefitted from cheating has not commented, but her brother Malcolm Abbott — also known as rapper Billa B, who happened to be smoking a *blunt when approached outside of the family’s 5th Avenue Apartment in NY, shared his insight:

    “I believe everyone has a right to go to college, man.” ~Malcom Abbott

    I believe this guy doesn’t get it.

    *I’m not hemp to the jive; I had to google search “blunt”: It’s a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana… you’re welcome. You’re never too old to learn something new, man.

    Ah… the entitled elite. The entitlement of their children should not come as a surprise.

    What is one entitled to, really? This is one of those existential questions like— What is life? The answer could be anything. It has been said that life is a novel.

    What are entitlements? – The dictionary says entitlements are a guaranteed right.

    As with everything we all have different answers to every question. Everything is subjective.

    Life might be what you make it, and entitlements might be…

    A. For the super rich they might be life changing unfair advantages- like buying admissions to Ivy League schools, buying politicians to create legislation that will grow your riches, buying immunity from the law, having connections who will employ you in a job you don’t deserve.

    B. For those among the working class they are benefits they paid into throughout their lifetimes, like Social Security and Medicare, affordable healthcare.

    The irony is that those in group A don’t believe those in group B are entitled to their entitlements.

    Wealth gap guy w/healthcare, Joe Walsh, doesn’t think healthcare is a right. The United States healthcare system ranks last on the list among developed nations for having accessible healthcare. We CAN afford to take care of our people, but the greedy super rich are not required to pay their fair share of taxes, as are the middle class, so there is no money for healthcare. That and the fact that too many people are making money off the backs of the sick.

    I may be a terrible person for deriving joy from the misfortune of others, but the timing of this story of indictments came as I was weighing options for medical bills I have that I simply can not afford to pay. (No need for indigence, I’ll find a way.) Even with “excellent health insurance,” healthcare in America is unaffordable. These newly felonious people have just posted millions of dollars in bond, after paying tens of thousands of dollars to cut in the college admissions line, and I can’t afford my portion of a bill charged by an in network, outpatient, facility where my daughter’s tonsils were removed.

    Anyway, how did the cheating commence?

    • Some kids claimed to have learning disabilities, and as such, were given unlimited time to take their college entrance exams, ACT & SAT.
    • Some tests were taken for the kids by “ringers” (a genetically gifted 38 year old Yale alumni).
    • Some kids test answers were changed prior to submission.
    • Essays were submitted that were not written by the student.
    • Some kids claimed to be athletes, photoshopping photos of them in action, and bribing coaches to concur.
  • Here is a picture of ME doing my cool down lap after winning the gold for the 400 meter backstroke in 2024 Summer Olympics… I don’t recall where it was held. (I’m so frugal that I still wear those glasses.)
  • With everything going on in the world today, it’s stupid to focus on this trivia, right?
  • Well, considering what just happened in New Zealand, of course this is a thoughtless post, and I’m sorry for it.

    I think these problems are all somehow connected though. Divide and conquer goes back to Roman times.

    My only defense in focusing on this today is my three college aged children. They are of the 99%— not rich. They have to work hard for everything they get. That’s fine if everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed.

    There is nothing wrong with working hard, but there is something wrong if we’re working hard toward an unattainable goal, then we’re all just fools, aren’t we?

    The rich and powerful are using their money to keep themselves rich and powerful and, in the process, stacking the deck against the rest of us, the 99%. They already have an unfair advantage. They have the money for private tutors, test prep courses, prep schools.

    Rich kids miraculously getting into schools that should be beyond their, scope due to a lack of intellect and impetus, it’s not new.

    I’ve been hearing first hand accounts from my own children. These kids cheat to get in, then they have to cheat to get through, then once they have their diplomas their family connections get them jobs they don’t deserve, eventually they’re on the Supreme Court, and they will never know what it is to have the weight of student loans bearing down on them.

    The struggles of the middle class are nearly insurmountable when rich people cheat.

    There are rules in life; it would help if we all followed them:

    • The golden rule— “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    • The coach rule— “Quitters never win, winners never quit.”
    • The pirate coach rule— “There’s no aye in team.”
    • And the fairness rule— “Cheaters never prosper… if they get caught.”

    Every charge and accusation facing the parents in the college admissions scandal

    Hollywood actresses among dozens charged in college entrance exam cheating plot – NBC News

    What’s the GOP Up To?

    Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell: His Senate Head emerged from it’s protective shell yesterday long enough to give a snarky speech on the Senate floor during which he accusing Democrats of attempting a “power grab” to win elections.

    Okay, what are those tricky democrats up to now… gerrymandering?

    No, that’s a GOP manipulation of district borders, rendering the popular vote irrelevant. Democrats want Election Day declared a federal holiday, in order to make voting easier for working Americans.

    Why is the Turtle Majority Leader pushing back against a bill making it easier for federal workers to vote, thereby increasing voter turnout?

    Hmm. Didn’t those federal workers just endure 33 days without pay, thanks to McConnell? Is he promoting voter suppression because he’s afraid federal employees would use their time off to work to elect Democrats?

    Speaking of the shutdown, McConnell and his GOP comrades rejected a bill that would give back pay to federal contractors. The Turd wants to use those earned wages to repeal an estate tax for the rich.

    Kentucky, what the Hell is going on?

    The only way he can survive is by disenfranchising the working class and gerrymandering, and perhaps pulling a Ted Cruz by using touchscreen voting machines with “glitches.”

    The GOP, a party of millionaires, doesn’t want to pay federal workers, nor do they want them to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

    This brings another reprehensible news story to my mind:

    Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, and Montana Republican Jon Tester, are millionaires who collect government bailout funds meant to offset agricultural losses caused by Trump’s tariffs.

    Grassley, who played a part in penning the bill, is taking full advantage for his his Iowa farm.

    Again, millionaire Chuck Grassley created a bill that allows him to collect hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars.

    There is a pervasive greed that links these stories. I’m not complaining for the sake of complaining. I have solutions:

    1. We need a bill to prevent politicians from collecting bailout funds they designate.
    2. Because millionaire politician Mitch McConnell is personally responsible for perpetuating 35 days of closed government, during which workers incurred a 10% loss of their annual pay, and since he doesn’t want to sign a bill to give them back pay, Mitch should pay them out of his own pocket.

    GOP rejects bill to give back pay to federal contractors, wants to repeal estate tax instead

    McConnell Mocks Idea Of Making Election Day A Paid Holiday For Fed Employees

    Chuck Grassley plans to take Trump’s federal farm bailout cash, calls it ‘equal treatment’

    Grassley netted nearly $370,000 in farm subsidies, environmental group says

    Millionaire Sen. Chuck Grassley Applying For Trump’s Farm Bailout Funds

    Millionaire Sens. Chuck Grassley and Jon Tester want Farm Bailout Cash

    Donald Trump’s Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

    Donald Trump’s tribute to Martin Luther King Jr consisted of a surprise visit to the memorial service. The duration of Trump’s visit did not exceed 90 seconds.

    His speech:

    “Good morning, everybody. It’s a great day. It’s a beautiful day. And thank you for being here. Appreciate it.” ~ Donald Trump

    Trump left, most likely in order to resume tweeting about his wall, Nancy Pelosi, etc.
    The day before:
    Kentucky’s Covington Catholic Boys High School had a field trip. Their destination was the Washington DC “Pro life rally.” Note the boy, third from the right’s hand gesture, half hidden by his scarf.
    (There is some irony in these pubescent boys, not of voting age, telling women what they can and can not do with their bodies, but that’s another post.)

    The “Pro Life” rally coincided with the Indigenous Peoples march in Washington DC at the Lincoln memorial.

    An altercation went viral.

    Dubbed “Smirkboy” for obvious reasons, Nicolas Sandman, is seen in a short video, displaying his disrespect for a Native American war veteran, Nathan Phillips, who was drumming and chanting, while surrounded by a large group of teenaged boys who were jeering and jumping and shouting. It was difficult to watch.

    Witnesses said the boys were shouting “build that wall, build that wall!” Clearly Covington HIgh School doesn’t teach American History.

    The visibly upset war veteran spoke on camera later of his attempt to diffuse an escalating situation, between the boys and another group of protesters, and the fear he felt when the mob of boys, who had him surrounded, would not let him pass to leave.

    The school apologized as public outrage made it impossible to ignore the situation.

    Smirking boy, subject of the viral video, finally released a statement. It is not typical of a statement a Kentucky teenager might make… for good reason. The statement Nicholas Sandmann purportedly wrote was in fact written and released by a PR firm RunSwitch, which is directly linked to their Kentucky GOP Senator Mitch McConnell.

    Back to the night of Martin Luther King Holiday: Trump chimed in on behalf of the Covington Catholic High School boy whose smirking (not to be confused with smocking) face staring down a Native American war veteran at the Washington monument went viral.

    Jake Tapper of CNN was among the first reporters who went forward with the PR spin on the story, shaming those who believed what their eyes saw in the short video. It turns out a friend and colleague of Jake Tapper runs RunSwitch PR firm. What’s a little fake news among friends. And we all fell for it…

    “Watch the 2 hour video, you’ll see a different scenario than the short edited version suggests.”

    “We asked our teacher for permission to sing our school song, and we were praying.” ~Covington Mob Spin

    “They surrounded Nathan Phillips chanting their school song.”

    (Is their school song “build that wall, build that wall?”)

    Who has 2 hours to watch something that in the grand scheme of things: treason, lifted sanctions, government shut down with the goal being to bust the FBI, doesn’t really matter? It’s easier to say, oh, I guess I didn’t see what I saw.


    “Truth isn’t truth.” ~ Rudi Giuliani

    “What you’re seeing in the news is not what’s happening.” ~ Donald Trump

    “I have a memo.”~ Devin Nunes

    “In my world everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.” Katie, “Horton Hears a Who” Dr Seuss

    Back to the PR spin—

    It is an extensive campaign. These “innocent boys” were not bullying. They have been victimized. Their lives have been forever changed by liberals who made assumptions about them because they wore MAGA attire.

    (Men make assumptions about women based on their attire everyday, use it as an excuse to harm them, but that’s another post.)

    But, I’m glad they brought up MAGA attire. Wearing political attire to the rally when they were there representing their Catholic school, a tax exempt religious organization, is against IRS law.

    Audit them.

    The 1st Amendment of the Constitution addresses the separation of church and state:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

    The school must forfeit their tax exempt status. In fact, no religious organizations should be tax exempt. Tax exemption is indirect funding and blurs the line of separation between church and state.

    Back to the poor innocent Catholic school boys victimized by a 65 year old Native American war veteran:

    A few of the boys took off their shirts as they were ranting.


    Prior to the viral incident, a smaller group of the same Covington High School group was taped harassing girls who walked past.

    WATCH: Woman Claims Covington Catholic MAGA Students Harassed Her at D.C. March

    More stories and photos surfaced, clouding to Smirkboy’s narative. The behavior cultivated at Covington Catholic High School has not been very Christ like.

    White power signs flashed at a basketball game.

    Taunting of a black player from the opposing team. Note the black paint covered student on the lower right.

    How were these boys allowed in the gym in blackface? Why did no adult come forward to stop it?

    A related question: Which of those boys will be our next black out drunk frat boy rapist on the Supreme Court?

    What’s this!?👇🏼?!

    The most recent video of the Covington kids DC field trip, one of them shouts to a group of girls “IT’S NOT RAPE IF YOU ENJOY IT!”

    And this!?👇🏼?!

    I have seen the videos. Smirkboy smirks throughout the 2 hour video while the mob of hormonal ly challenged boys shout and jeer and make tomahawk gestures.

    It’s all fun and games until a video goes viral.

    Donald Trump’s divided America is out of control. Racist taunts, white supremacy, sexual harassent, have become acceptable. He now plans to meet with the Covington High School group whose values are in line with his.

    The night before Martin Luther King Jr day, VP Pence said Trump is much like Martin Luther King Junior, reading part of his “I have a dream” speech, linking it somehow to Trump’s wall.

    I’m trying.

    Joe Manchin Thinks it’s His Place to Apologize for an Unrelated Adult Woman

    **This post contains profanity. It is not meant to be read by the pearl clutching faint of heart who are easily indisposed by the vapours.

    W/VA Senator Joe Manchon, Republican in Democratic clothing, has been on the press circuit apologizing for a comment made by a new congresswoman, Democrat Rashida Tlaib.

    Senator Manchin, who is not her father, is apologizing on her behalf for her use of the following statement- “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”, “the motherfucker” in question being motherfucker Donald Trump.

    Senator Joe Manchin was on FOX News, a Democratic Senator performing on GOP propaganda TV, calling her statement: “horrible,” “disgusting,” “deplorable.”

    Side note: Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for blackout drunk frat boy, sexual predator, and repeated perjurer, Brett “I liked beer… I STILL LIKE BEER.” Kavanaugh, now sitting in a lifetime appointment in the Supreme Court.

    Incidentally that SCOTUS appointment, that would not have passed without Manchin’s aye, mandates all 83 credible misconduct cases against him be dismissed… and they were:

    Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh

    Here is what Manchin said with regards to his Kavanaugh vote:

    Manchin also likes to say the word “shit”… a lot. Should we go through all curse words and assign them a value with regards to their offensiveness?

    Also, and more importantly, Senator Joe Manchin has never condemned Donald Trump for his vulgar behavior. Need I repeat that motherfuckers long list of profanity, while bragging of sexual assault, or that used with regards to any who oppose him?

    According to Manchin, and Trump, and the GOP, there are rules of decorum for women, especially those who are not of the Christian and lilly white genus, but there are no rules for Donald Trump, his GOP accomplices, or any of his sexual predator friends.

    What’s this related story?…

    CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years

    Remember the EpiPen price jump of 400%? I’ll remind you.

    The lifesaving device, which contains $1’s worth of epinephrine, jumped to over $600… per pen. The device is sold in Canada for as low as $50.

    Imposing said price hike of the lifesaving epinephrine device was Mylan Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Heather Bresch. She gave herself a raise for that move. Her annual salary rose 671%, from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

    By the end of 2017, continued public outcry over her pricing of EpiPen forced her to sell a generic version for $300.

    CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator

    Whadda ya know, Bresch is Manchin’s daughter.

    That’s not all. She is a tax evader.

    Mylan moving overseas in tax play | News, Sports, Jobs – Weirton Daily Times

    Pop quiz time.

    1. Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans, any sitting Congress person” for lawmaker Tlaib’s colorful call for Trump’s impeachment, but did he ever apologize for his daughter when she evaded taxes by moving her company out of the U.S., pocketing tens of millions of dollars in tax savings?
    2. Did Joe Manchin apologize when his daughter, Heather Bresch, endangered the lives of so many, when she priced them out of EpiPens?
  • Answer Key:
  • No to both.
  • Manchin slams ‘horrible’ comments from Dem calling for Trump impeachment: ‘So disgusting’

    Fuck Joe Manchin.

    Misogyny Much?

    “Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary” 🤔

    Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary

    Are we really doing this again? Are we ranking female politicians based on personal likability… again?

    Are we looking for a nanny? Just say: I don’t like her because she talks instead of cooing, she’s not smiley enough, her clothes, and her hair… if only she wasn’t quite so boring.

    This Politico story quotes a one time advisor of Elizabeth Warren’s who champions her, which should be edifying but, it confirms the problem here.

    “I know her. I think she is a warm and affectionate person.”

    When is the last time “warm and affectionate” was a qualifier for a male politician?

    Can we discuss the history of her votes on policy? What about her political beliefs and agenda?

    Misogyny much? Who is the jackass who wrote this?

    Oh… it’s a woman… my bad. I forget women can be misogynistic pigs too. They did get Trump elected.

    Now let me remind everyone of the facts this reporter, Natasha Korecki, forgets:

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million. The only reason she’s not sitting in the White House today is a the illegal workings of that popular new band— Treason Trump and the Putin Playbook. Their number one hit: data purchased from Cambridge Analytica allowed targeted propaganda on social media to sway the easily swayed, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, voting machine tampering in key swing states all that plus our antediluvian electoral college (the reason “swing states are a thing) =Trump electoral “win”.

    Trump’s fragile ego can’t handle his popular vote loss, so he likes to say he had the biggest electoral win in history, as if he knew any history. (Google Frederick Douglas / Trump)

    If we are looking at facts, and not listening to IQ45, we will find: of all the 58 presidential elections, Donald Trump’s electoral college win margin ranked 46th place… out of 58.

    If Trump had half a brain he’d stop reminding people of the election. Even GW Bush was smart enough not to repeatedly (or ever) mention his “win” over Al Gore.

    The electoral college needs to go.

    Oh, and shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but the GOP house “quietly” ended the Probe into the FBI decision on Clinton’s e-mails. 🙄

    House GOP quietly ends probe into FBI’s 2016 decisions – NY Daily News

    Anyway, I went off point again.

    Reporters have an obligation. The stories they choose to write direct the public’s mindset, hence the effectiveness of propaganda.

    DO BETTER POLITICO! Maybe don’t use Natasha Korecki’s work.

    Try to write… I don’t know… about judging politicians, female and male, based on something that will have a direct affect on people’s lives… like their politics?

    Dear Nancy… a limerick

    Dear Nancy, I know you have a long list

    Fix the U.S. so we might coexist

    Kids out of cages

    Government wages

    Healthcare coverage for what pre-exists


    Reverse policies Trump contrived to fail

    Spies, traitors, and thieves, all removed and jailed

    Don’t forget Kavanaugh

    Impeach or withdraw

    Perjured, misogynistic, Koch owned male

    Money Line Parlay: How Did the Kavanaughs Afford Their $1,225,000 Home?

    Who is paying for the next Supreme Court justice?