Donald Trump is Hiring

Help Wanted: Servers, Cooks, Chefs, Maids needed to work at Mar-a-Lago, the “Winter White House” in Palm Beach Florida. Americans need not apply.

Donald Trump has a filed applications for 78 -H2B Visas in order to HIRE FOREIGN LABOR to work as cooks, chefs, maids, servers, etc. at his Florida golf resort Mar-a-Lago. This is in addition to the 149 “guest workers” he has used in the past year alone, according to the department of labor.

Trump claims there aren’t enough people in Palm Beach willing to work…but Palm Beach’s Career Services Agency say’s different. The agency has 1,237 Palm Beach Country residents who are interested in server, cook, or chef positions. Let’s pull out the bullshit-o-meter for some math: 1,237 > 78…🤔

Trump has been hiring foreign workers for decades, in every capacity. This is his way of saving money on labor costs, because billionaires need more money. 

Additionally, Donald Trump and his lovely daughter Ivanka continue to manufacture their Trump products in China, Bangladesh, Hondouras, Vietnam, etc., for the same reason. The employees in those sweatshops are paid a fraction of what they’d be paid here, and without the cost of benefits like health insurance and Social Security. Even Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats are made in China! 

All this while immigration rips apart families to deport people who have been in this country for years contributing to society. There are two sets of rules here, and the best word to describe Trump and his agenda is hypocrisy. 

Am I surprised he hasn’t a shred of loyalty for the people who voted for him, or that he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is? —

“Buy American, Hire American”

— I’m not surprised, but I am angry. 


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The Misery of Being Ann Coulter

I’d like to pause today to shed light on a travesty of justice inflicted on Ann Coulter…by Delta Airlines.

You know Ann Coulter, she is often on Fox News and expounds extremely racist far right wing ideologies with a venomous bite of hatred toward everyone who is not her. Her actual job—the woman is paid a lot of money to be a bitch…a lot of money, a big bitch. 

Her trials began when she left her home (which she should never do), and went to the airport to travel from point A to Point B. Her broomstick must have been in the shop, forcing her to travel among the peasants.
As her tweets show, all was not perfect in her aryan travels.  

She spent the 2 hour flight tweeting her opinions on the experience. The injustice for someone as white, tall, beautiful and important, (who has no self awareness and believes she is the center of the universe) to be asked to change seats is insufferable. Considering that, in her mind, no one else matters or has feelings, Delta picked the wrong bitch to move.

Apparently it took her a looooong time to figure out how to buy a ticket.

The Airlines changed “her seat.” In her universe, when she went online to purchase her ticket, she clicked on the seat and paid a $30 charge for 3″ of extra legroom, that seat became her seat! She not only owns the seat, she owns the airplane, the employees, and the passengers. 

Delta gave her a different seat, but gave her seat to someone with a bit more pigment in her skin than the supreme white shark.

In taking this photo, clearly without the subjects permission, and publishing it, Ann Coulter violated their rights to privacy, exposed these innocent people to ridicule and harassment. She repeatedly published the photo with remarks disparaging the woman’s size, heritage, and legal right to be in the US…why? Because she had been given a seat on an airplane that Ann Coulter believes she OWNS. I hope they have retained a lawyer by now.

Misery Colter also took a photo of an airline employee and insulted her.

She insulted everyone in working class America, 

Delta responded:

Perhaps she was also recompensed with a little extra DNA in her beverage…one can only hope. I have always been aware it is impolitic to treat those who handle your food and drink with such outward contempt. 

Coulter did get from point A to point B safely, she was refunded her $30, she received an apology, and she also got the attention that someone who lost relevance long ago yearns for. 

The real travesty of justice is that she was allowed to travel in a cabin with human beings. I believe Ann Coulter and the wolves who raised her have some apologies to dole out, but the Ann Coulters of the world never apologize. 

Ann Coulter, if everyone in the world had your problems there would be no suffering—except for dealing with you. The next time your broom is in the shop, consider chartering a private plane, or better yet stay home. 


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Why Are They Letting Donald Trump Talk?

Donald Trump’s latest trip to Paris has resigned me to a few facts:

  • Donald Trump is not interested in learning how to shake hands like a normal person— how not to assault on first meeting. He is an uncivilized bully asserting dominance from the onset of every encounter. (This caveman technique does not extend to Vladimir Putin.) Trump doesn’t seem to care that people walk away from him thinking “what a jackass!” 

His latest victim- First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron

  • Donald Trump does not understand that commenting on a women’s appearance, especially a women he does not know, is inappropriate and disrespectful. Whether he believes he is complementing or an insulting, no one wants or needs his validation on their physical attributes. This behavior by a man with his history of sexual assault and misogynistic tendencies is creepier than it would be by most other men who think they’re being charming. “She’s in such good shape,” and “beautiful” is not something you say to the President of France’s wife. Trump is representing the U.S. very poorly, and I for one am embarrassed by him.

Leave the women you encounter alone you fat assed old pervert.

  • One last thing. Donald Trump’s stupidity is his own, and I object to his implications that “a lot of people” share his ignorance. During his speech in Paris he said “France is one of America’s oldest allies, a lot of people don’t know that.” I just about lost my covfefe. Speak for yourself you idiot. 

Perhaps he might ask when the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and its condominiums will be complete. He might suggest gold plating. He might he remind Macron how well the Panama Canal thing worked out and suggest something similar for the Canal Saint-Martin. Donald Trump should not leave the U.S. in fact, I believe he should limit his travels to to U.S. states where he won the popular vote.


Somebody Explain the Electoral College? … I Will!

I just had my first Twitter melt down. (How Trump of me.) I was responding to a gentleman who was under a misapprehension regarding the electoral college. It’s understandable that anyone would be confused about something as nonsensical as the Electoral College, and the fact that it has not been abolished these two hundred plus years later is beyond any explanation.

Up until the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, after the presidential election of 2016, (which is when the members of the electoral college convene in their respective states to cast the votes that actually determine who wins— ridiculous but true), I still held hope in the Electors, the men who have the job of casting the actual votes that decide the next leader of the free world. 

If you read my blog, you understand my hope was that these men would do what the founding fathers intended which, as I interpret the constitution, would have been to vote to “protect the will of the people” by putting the actual decision of the presidency in the hands of the popular vote, and not to submit to the results of gerrymandering (the manipulation of boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class), and Russian interference. 

The electoral college voted as they were expected to vote. The winner lost, the loser won, and Angela Merkel became the leader of the free world. 

That said, it was the arrogance of this twit, I mean tweet, that inspired me to re-post from January 09, 2017. 

Enough. He believes we have the electoral college so that the 10 most populated cities “who think they are intielctuallly superior to everyone” can’t decide the direction of the country. I won’t post my response here, but I think Ty needs a more thorough explanation.

So, not because I think I’m your “intellectual superior” but because everyone needs to understand the ugly truth of our history, this is for you Ty… and I’m sorry I called you a moron.

Someone (Nicolas Miller) once stated that our electoral system for electing presidents “is truly a gift that keeps on giving”- I say if there is a gift receipt I’d like to exchange it for something more fitting a Democracy. (Democratic republic for those who can’t grasp the fact that Democracy is the ideology this country strives for.)

The electoral college was adopted in 1787. The failures of the system were first apparent in 1800 with a tied election. Since then, elections in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016, all resulted in the loser winning.

I finally saw Hamilton the musical last night. I loved it, it was amazing. Beyond making … hmm…what’s his name…Alexander Hamilton a household name, it shed light on the man’s genius. He was an interpreter of the constitution, penning 51 of the 85 essays called the Federalist Papers which had the purpose of defending and clarifying the proposed Constitution, he was founder of the nation’s financial system and the first Secretary of the Treasury, he founded what was to become the US Coast guard, and he launched the New York Post. Those are only some of the achievements he accomplished in a relatively short lifetime…not bad for an illegitimate orphan from the British West Indies. 

Besides the inducement of enjoying theater, I had another reason to see Hamilton. I was interested to see if the subject of the electoral college was addressed in the musical, because Alexander Hamilton was in large part behind its conception. In answer to that, no it wasn’t specifically addressed. The musical was written before the subject became such a hot topic of debate. Hamilton’s authorship of 51 of the essays in Federalist Papers was mentioned.

In recent months, the most hotly debated essay of the Federalist Papers has been No. 68. It is the second in a series of 11 of said essays discussing the powers and limitations of the Executive branch and the only one to describe the method of selecting a president.
The electoral college was a compromise. It was concocted to garner enough support to ratify the constitution. 

The founding fathers were split on how a president should be elected. Some wanted a direct election by the people, while others wanted the president to be elected by congress. 

Again, the electoral college was a compromise concocted to garner support for the constitution which had not yet been ratified. 

In an attempt to gain support of the slaveholding states, the “Three-Fifths Compromise” was included in the Electoral College proposal—three fifths of the population in those states at the time were slaves— who were not allowed to vote. This “Compromise” essentially gave a slaveowner’s vote the weight of the numbers of their slaves. If their slaves had been given a vote, and they voted in accordance with their slave owners that might have been fair…or not.

By virtue of the original intent of the Three-Fifths Compromise, it should have been abolished the same year blacks were given a vote. 

Let’s go back to Hamilton. He was anti-slave, however he viewed the system of an electoral college as superior to direct popular election for a few reasons:

  • he recognized, the “sense of the people should operate in the choice,” and would through the election of the electors to the Electoral College. Second, the electors would be:
  • “men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”
  • Such men would be “most likely to have the information and discernment” to make a good choice, and avoid the election of anyone “not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications”.
  • Corruption of an electoral process could most likely arise from the desire of “foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” To minimize risk of foreign machinations and inducements, the electoral college would have only a “transient existence” and no elector could be a “senator, representative, or other person holding a place of trust or profit under the United States”; electors would make their choice in a “detached situation”, whereas a preexisting body of federal office-holders “might be tampered with beforehand to prostitute their votes.”

Also, a successful candidate for the office of president would have to have the distinguished qualities to appeal to electors from many states, not just one or a few states:

  • “Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States”

Hamilton expressed confidence that:

  • “It will not be too strong to say, that there will be a constant probability of seeing the station filled by characters pre-eminent for ability and virtue”
  • The members of the electoral college do not have an infinite number of responsibilities. They have one job. That job is to ensure the person elected to office of President of the United States:
  1. reflects the will of the people, 
  2.  is unaffected by foreign machinations,
  3.  is someone with requisite qualifications.

On December 19, 2016, Members of the Electoral College failed to do their intended job. 

In addition, more than 50 Electoral College members who voted for Donald Trump were ineligible to serve as presidential electors because they either did not live in the congressional districts they represented, or they held elective office in states legally barring dual officeholders, and yet these factors were ignored by the Senate this Friday, January 6, 2016, when a third opportunity to disqualify an illegitimate election was disregarded.

Corrupt cowardice is at the helm of America’s sinking leader-ship. Our tax dollars pay these people who have allowed so many opportunities to correct an injustice to a vast majority of the population before Inauguration Day. Sorry, but I think it’s bullshit.


165 Days 8 Hours 46 minutes of Trump

After 165 days in office, and 50 days on several different golf courses, Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment, in my humble opinion, has been dividing Americans by color: blue on the left, red on the right, and the orange one has been on Twitter behaving badly and encouraging others to follow suit. 

After this Independence Day celebration I am left wondering when we will gain our independence from Vlonald. This is not the land of the free our forefathers had in mind. While we are not exactly under Russian occupation, there is a large Russian operative at work in Washington. 

Donald Trump would have us believe this Friday will be his first meeting with Vladimir Putin. Analysts are beating the what ifs to death: What will happen between Trump and Putin at the G20 summit in Germany? Has Trump painted himself into a corner? Will he attempt to offer Putin relief from sanctions despite the Senate bill that passed almost unanimously last month, limiting his presidential power to lift sanctions without congressional approval? Will Trump condemn Russia’s election meddling? Trump is in a no win situation according to various stories. 

If Trump reprimands Putin for interfering in the election that put him in office, I’ll eat Putin’s horse. I believe Donald and Putin will have a snuggle fest followed by a Trump instigated hand shaking fight with the leaders of the free world. He has to prove his verility to Vlad. Of course there will be a photo-op for propaganda news. 

Trump is surely disappointed in his hopes to gift Putin with the U.S. voter information his team attempted to assemble from each state in order to “investigate voter fraud.” It is more likely he wanted to allow Putin to select politicical wins in our 2018 and 2020 elections…again, my opinion. As those less conspiratorially minded believe, Trump wants the information for purposes of voter intimidation and suppression. Very few states cooperated with his illegal request, mine seems to be one of the few that is still undecided. 

In any case, the summit will be a distraction from talk of investigations. It has been said that wisdom sails with wind and time. Have we been sailing with enough wind?

According to Scott Dworkin, founder of The Democratic Coalition, there is progress with regards to Trump/Russia, however slow it seems. There is a wise team steering this barge. Besides the Mueller Investigation there are also investigations taking place with the House Judiciary Committee, the House Intelegence Committee, the Senate Judiciary committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Treasury Department, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the Department of Justice… there must be something there for all that. 

The subjects of investigation are: obstruction of justice, blackmail, money laundering, wiitness intimidation, conspiracy, collusion, and fraud. 

The following people, according to Dworkin, are now under investigation: Trump, Manafort, Flynn, Page, Don Jr, Jared, Epshteyn, Gorka, Cohen, Sessions, Nunes, Ivanka, Pence, Stone, Caputo, Gordon, Lewandowski, Eric, Tillerson, Wilbur Ross, Kingston, and Davis. 

I am attaching Dworkin’s newly released report for your perusal. He has been working tirelessly to compile the information, and hopefully with everyone working together, our Trump/Putin Independence Day isn’t too far off. 

The Dworkin Report: Evidence Tying Donald Trump to Russia


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Chris Christie Solves Budget Crisis

Jersey’s Governor Christie bemoaned

A budget impasse can’t be condoned

Decreed parks and shores closed

3500 furloughed 

Then used the beach for his family alone


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