Trump Tries a New Story on for Size

“I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. It was a den of thieves they were plotting against my election. Probably it’s never happened like that in terms of intelligence and in terms of anything else — but they were actually plotting against my election.” Donald J Trump June 16, 2017

The man lies knowing full well there is proof on film that he is lying.

Why does he continue to lie so blatantly? Because it works. His tactic of repeating lies until they are accepted as fact got him elected. And they keep his “people sitting up at attention when he speaks,” just like North Koreans do with Kim Jong Un.

I saw some unsettling numbers yesterday regarding this “Trump, Rusherrr investigation”:

  • 59% of voters don’t know about the indictments & guilty pleas
  • Mueller’s approval rating is, at an all time low, 32%
  • Only 53% of voters believe Mueller is conducting a fair investigation

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Let’s remind those people, shall we?

There have been over 100 charges filed against 20 people, and 3 companies.

More specifically:

  • Mike Flynn, convicted
  • Rick Gates, convicted
  • George Papadopoulos, convicted
  • Alex Van der zwaan, convicted
  • Paul Manafort, indicted and jailed
  • Robert Cohen, expected to cooperate
  • Felix Sater, expected to cooperate
  • George Nader, cooperating
  • Richard Pinedo, cooperating

Then there are those who have perjured themselves:

  • Trump Jr,
  • Jeff Sessions,
  • Eric Prince

For those who missed the news yesterday, Paul Manafort is no longer on house arrest. He traded in his ankle bracelets for an orange jumper, because was found to have been in contact with witnesses in the investigation… witness tampering.

Trump and Giuliani are now waving pardons in front of Paul Manafort before he’s even convicted, no doubt in attempt to keep him from cooperating with the prosecution. This is also witness tampering.

Paul Manafort’s crimes are both State and Federal, and State charges can not be pardoned by the president. I’d bet my tax cut (🙄) that Mueller is aware of this, as is the New York Attorney General.

But why would an innocent man need to be pardoned?

For an innocent man, Trump has put a lot of thought into pardoning himself.

New York State also has Trump and his family in an unpardonable net:

That the disinformation campaign continues to sway public opinion is mind boggling.

We are at war. Disinformation continues to spread unchecked. Russia is in the White House. The Kremlin has influenced most of the GOP, to the extent that they continue to push for an end the Mueller investigation.

Who wants to end an investigation that has been so successful in such a short period of time?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Devin Nunes (R-Calif), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Orin Hatch (R-UT), Mitch McConnell, (R-Kentucky)… just to name a few.

They say it’s costly and distracting. That $17 million spent in a little over a year is distracting our dotard.

Many members of the GOP still in office, (like Mitch McDonnell and Orin Hatch), had the opposite sentiment with regards to Iran Contra investigation which cost tax payers $47 million, and the White Water investigation which cost $52 million. The duration of each of those investigations was 5 years. Did I mention those investigations were unsuccessful?

So, what’s my point?

We need to educate those who are unaware of Mueller’s success to date. Spread the word. Wake these people up. November 2018 is just around the corner, let’s not let history repeat itself.

Donald Trump Lies

Donald Trump lies every time he opens his mouth.

Says everyone.

We were all there when these things he lies about happened, but the repetition of his lies have the effect of casting doubt on what we remember as fact. Still, it is hard to lie effectively when everything is documented on camera, but he does it anyway.

This makes sense because… 🤔 the democrats colluded to make Trump President because… I’ve got nothing.


In this unrelated tweet last night, Trump either admits he is a spy, or he’s attempting sarcasm, implying he’s no spy. ~~~~~

Speaking of spys, let’s go back to May 9, 2017, the day Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Comey had been investigating Russia’s role in our presidential election, and he refused to pledge his fealty to Donald Trump.

On May 10, 2017, the day after Trump fired Comey, he invited the two Sergeys to hang out in the Oval Office. During said meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, and Russia’s Ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, Comrade Trump shared highly classified information which he had received from Israeli intelligence officials regarding— terrorist group ISIS’s work to develop laptop bomb that could pass through airport security undetected.

(🤔 That’s something a spy might do.)

Again, this was highly classified information that had not been shared even with close American allies. This disclosure alarmed intelligence officials in Israel and in the US.

Also during this partiya, Trump told the Russian diplomats—

“I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off. I’m not under investigation.”~ Traitor Trump May 10, 2017

Another curious occurrence during that meeting, the Russian press was allowed into the Oval Office to cover the story, while US reporters, without exception, were not.

The next day, in an interview with Lester Holt Trump said—

“When I decided to just do it, I said to myself, you know, ‘this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story.’”

~Traitor Trump, May 11, 2017

With regards to Russia’s meddling in the election, Trump was required by law to impose sanctions by January 2018. The sanctions to be levied had been voted on with a 100% yes vote by Congress. Trump just decided not to sanction Russia for its election meddling, ignoring the deadline.

On March 15, 2018, the White House announced Trump would punish Russia by fining 19 Russian individuals who played a part in tampering with the election. None of the 19 individuals do business with Russian military or intelligence entities.

On March 26, 2018, the US announced it would expel 60 Russian diplomats, in retaliation for the nerve agent attack that took place in London, targeting former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal (yes, another Sergei) and his daughter Sergei Yulia.

When Donald Trump realized the number of expelled Russians from the US exceeded that of those expelled by European countries he blew an orange gasket.

Soon after, a State Department official confirmed that the US would not require Russia to reduce the number of staff in its Washington embassy. To put it plainly, Russia could replace the 60 expelled diplomats with 60 new ones.

When it became apparent last week that Russia continues to support Syria, after their chemical attack against civilians, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said more Russian sanctions would be announced on Monday.

Monday rolled around and The White House contradicted the claim, stating Nikki Haley must have gotten confused when she said there would be new Russian sanctions on Monday.

Haley struck back at the White House, saying—

“With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

Her confusion may have been in who makes US leadership decisions. Answer— Vladimir Putin. She’ll likely be next on the long list of former Trump administration officials. .~~~~~

Onto another unrelated subject this morning, Trump continues to attack the state that holds the 6th largest economy in the world, keeping this country afloat.

Still, part of this tweet of Trump’s is correct; there is a “revolution” going on. Regarding the nature and scope he is mistaken. The revolution is happening across America, and the revolt is against Donald Trump and the entire corrupt party that continues to enable him.

Trump’s revised version of history is wrong. Many of us don’t bother to question him anymore because it’s exhausting. That’s a dangerous habit to slip into. Donald Trump is not some senile old grandpa whose nonsense is best ignored. We need to continue to call him out on every lie. This president is not normal, and he is a threat to democracy.


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Trump Too Shall Pass

Like most of you, last night I watched George Stephanopoulos interview former FBI Director James Comey on 20/20.

Cudos to Stephanopoulos for his questions. (Run for office?)

The interview was all it was hyped to be, but it didn’t change my opinion of Comey, or Trump. (Good vs Evil)

Trump is evil. To use Comey’s words— Trump is morally unfit to be president, and he’s a liar.

Comey, a registered republican, is honest to a fault. That fault— ten days before the 2016 election he, unnecessarily and prematurely, offered congress information, in the form of a letter, informing them he was reopening the Clinton e-mail investigation, in light of new unexamined information. That letter was the straw that broke democracy’s back. It cost Hillary Clinton the presidency, and left us with Trump, a lifelong criminal, in the White House who seems to be running the country as per Vladimir Putin’s instructions.

Comey’s reasoning was, as the Director of the FBI, he was concerned with how the issue at hand would permanently damage the agency’s credibility. It is ironic that the agency’s credibility has been relentlessly under attack since Trump (literally) took office.

Comey doesn’t think he had a choice, he doesn’t see his decision as a mistake, and says, given the opportunity, he would make the same decision again.

(Ten minute writing break to bang head against wall.)

In Comey’s mind he was in an impossible position… he is honest to a fault.

So, what’s done is done, now what? We have a traitorous squatter in the White House, and a GOP majority whose detached indifference, or their own guilt, has left them paralyzed to act. They’d rather resign than stand up to Trump. They aren’t even willing to draft legislation that would protect Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Want another example of GOP hypocrisy?

The following is a list of GOP Senators, still in office who, will not take a stand against Trump but, voted to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about oral sex:











My hope is that the Mueller investigation will survive the GOP.

To quote Madeline Albright, quoting Mussolini,

“if you pluck a chicken one feather at a time nobody notices.”

Be vocal. Stay focused. This is not normal. Encourage everyone you know to vote.

I know I vacillate between “It’s over,” and “Nothing will happen until Democrats take back congress in November and take office in January.” 😑The truth is only (the twitter) God knows when this will end. Chin up, Trump too shall pass.

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A Twitter ❤️ Love Story

“Unbelievably Comey” didn’t enjoy

My breath on his cheek, he was being coy

I could take it that far

Because I’m a star

Is this harassing those whom I employ?

The book Comey wrote is under my skin

Nothing’s been right since I hired Flynn

Comey wouldn’t let it go

Clearly he doesn’t know

Who I am…watch this story I spin—

Comey throws AG Lynch “under the bus”

I don’t know how, but I heard it on Fox

They’ve got me excited

I won’t be indicted

Tell me James, is our love really lost?

“I never asked Comey for loyalty”

I just wanted to hold him as you can see

I took my chances

He rebuffed my advances

Took the first opportunity to flee

Slippery James Comey is a tall man

I tried to impress him with my orange tan

Pulled him to my face

For a “manly” embrace

It was over before it began



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Donald Trump, Another Day

Whether you think bombing Syria was warranted or not, Donald Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes without the approval of congress was illegal. I think even Trump would agree with that statement… were he not the potus of whom I speak.

And just like that, the awesome force of a US airstrike succeeded in redirecting worldwide news away from Trump’s attorney Michal I (I’veNeverBeenToPragueInMyLife) Cohen, and onto Damascus. Forgotten was the newest piece of evidence that the Christopher Steele dossier is legitimate. Cohen strategized in Prague with Russians to hand Trump the election. There was indeed coordination between the Trump organization and Russia.

The amount of evidence seized during the raid of Cohen’s offices further substantiate the criminal investigation he is the subject of— travel records, financial transactions, communications, audio recordings, etc, are in the hands of the FBI and, even more troubling to Trump’s advisors, these are also in the hands of the state of New York. Why is that more troubling? Trump’s jurisdiction to pardon those convicted of crimes does not extend to state crimes.

Like many people around the world, I am suspicious of everything Trump says and does, but even he wouldn’t be so despicable as to carry out an unauthorized bombing for purposes of distracting the press from his lifetime of crime, conspiring with an enemy state, multiple sex crimes and scandals… who would even think of doing something so horrible as risking the lives of innocent children for selfish reasons?

We have a system of checks and balances, in the constitution, meant to protect us from the machinations of a single lunatic president. Trump has systematically removed anyone who might act as a barrier between him and… oh, let’s say bombing Syria on any given Friday, and perhaps nuking North Korea on a random Tuesday.

But, perhaps everyone in the administration isn’t heartless.

“I’ve never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of Syria. It’s got to end.”~ Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

That’s nice, Jim, but the numbers pertaining to Syrian refugees admitted to the United States are… not so much:

2016: 15,479

2017: 3,024

2018: 11

Adding to Trump’s bad day, the publicity tour to mark the publication of James L (LordyIHopeThereAreTapes) Comey’s **book, about Trump. Yes, I have placed my order.

Let’s pretend Trump didn’t bomb Syria to distract us from the Cohen news and the Comey book, what else might he want to distract us from?

While the press watched the light show over Damascus, preparations were made to fire Rod Rosenstein, the only man who can legally fire Robert Mueller but will not do so.

Bob W (WillNotSeekRe-Election) Goodlate, Trey S (Slytherin) Gowdy, and Devin M (Memo) Nunes, are demanding Rosenstein turn over evidence in the Mueller investigation… or else.

Rosenstein is left with a choice, he either gives Mueller’s sensitive evidence to these three obstructionists or he’s fired and replaced by someone who is willing to end the Mueller investigation.

Trump continues to fight the inevitable end of his criminal life and presidency long after even Nixon would have resigned. Trump will have to be physically removed from office. He’ll never leave voluntarily because he believes the presidency is keeping him out of jail. 🤔

On the bright side, let’s review the progress Robert Mueller has made to date:

  • National Security Advisor Michael L (LockHerUp) Flynn has flipped
  • Trump’s deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates has flipped
  • Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort: indicted on thousands of counts (slight exaggeration)
  • NRA is under FBI investigation for it’s ties to Russian money
  • Republican National Committee deputy finance chair Elliot Broidy is likely under FBI investigation
  • The findings during the raid of Michael Cohen’s offices include taped phone conversations, which are as good as a Cohen acting as a cooperating witness.

It may not seem like it, but here is a glimmer of light ahead. Some say we’re in the ninth inning. I hate sports, so let’s call this the spin cycle, or we could say the landing gear is down, the elevator doors are about to open, mind the gap, the check’s in the mail, the color will match when the paint is dry, the after dinner mints are on the credit card tray…maybe we’re not not quite that far along, but we’re getting there.

**James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty,” will be released on April 17, May be purchased on Amazon, who will use their delivery boy, USPS to bring the book to your door.
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Trump Issues Another Inappropriate Pardon

Trump has pardoned Scooter Libby whose crime was lying to the FBI. James Comey was the justice department official with oversight over Libby’s case in 2005, during George W’s reign.

“I don’t know Mr. Libby, but for years I have heard that he has been treated unfairly. Hopefully, this full pardon will help rectify a very sad portion of his life.” ~D. Trump

This dotard move is part of Donald Trump’s agenda to attack James Comey’s credibility. It is also a blatant attempt to demonstrate, to those who are questioned by Robert Mueller, that there are no consequences for lying to the FBI.

Will this backfire? By pardoning a liar, one who lied to the FBI no less, isn’t Trump obstructing justice… again? Isn’t this indirectly witless witness tampering? Isn’t this just another example of Trump’s abuse of power? These are rhetorical questions; I don’t need them answered.

He’s an Idiot.


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