Allow their government to reverse the environmental regulations that protect food, air, and water?


Take healthcare from the sick, food from the hungry, and shelter from the elderly?


Take money from the poor to give more to those who already hoard half the worlds wealth?


Accept racism, and dictators?


Think it’s fine to spend: $70 million in tax dollars for an illegitimate president to golf, another $70 million for said potus to vacation, another $30 million for a military parade, $12 billion in tax dollars to be spent as an emergency bail out for farmers who suffer under his ignorant tariffs, $70 billion to build a Wall, $233 million to separate immigrant parents from their children?


Take babies from their parents without feeling any kind of remorse?


Miss a July 10 deadline to reunify those families, extend the deadline to July 27, adding 17 days of torment to these peoples suffering, only to have officials claim the reunification process is complete, when it is far from complete?

Hundreds of Immigrant parents were misled by U.S. officials when they agreed to deportation, and are now considered to have relinquished their parenting rights.

Immigrant parents misled by U.S. when they agreed to deportation: filing


Ask a 6 year old migrant detainee, who has suffered sexual assault, to initial a document that shifts responsibility of the assault to her?

A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center


We are Trump era Americans. This administration has taken our humanity, and we have allowed it.

Do something about it, or own it.


The Reunification Deadline Was Yesterday, So How Did We Do?

The reunification deadline has come and gone, and the government has declared the deadline was met… mission accomplished.

Never mind the “more than” 700 migrant families who the government has been unable to reunite… because they’re “ineligible”.

More than 700 migrant families are unable to be reunited – CNN Politics

How many more than 700 anyway?

The government will own 711 “ineligible” families were not reunited, but The Guardian reported the number of parents at 914.

Incidentally, even if the government number is correct, “711 families” does not mean 711 children. The number of children per family has not been specified.

What would cause 711 families to be ineligible? The Trump administration says the ineligibility is a result of either “red flags” that prevent reunification, or because the parents could not be located in time for the deadline.

It has recently been reported that he government deported 463 parents, without their children. So there we have the explanation for the second scenario. An administrative failure, or perhaps intentional cruelty. Parents were deported, to Central America or Mexico without legal counsel and without so much as a claim ticket for the children taken from them. They’ve been written off as “can not be located” by the people who relocated them.

As for the “red flagged” children, what “red flagged” them, and why were they deemed disqualified? One of two reasons:

“Their parents don’t want them.”

Did they really not want them?

Parents at the border, who couldn’t read English, were forced to sign forms relinquishing their rights to be reunited with their children.

How so?

The top of the form they had to fill out asked for their names in Spanish and English, and the “sign here” line at the bottom was also bilingual, but the multiple choice question in the middle was—

English only:

“1. Leave with your child.

2. Leave without your child.”

The land of the free, home of the brave, did this. They made no records of who belonged to who, or exactly how many children they were taking.

The second disqualifier keeping families separated is a conviction of a serious crime. What constitutes a serious crime? Serious crimes include: murder, sex crimes, trafficking, DUI… okay, but a DUI. A DUI means no child for you? This standard is “more stringent than would normally be applied in approving a sponsor for a child.” ~Mark Greenberg, a fellow at the Immigration Policy Institute.

This administration will eventually be held accountable for these crimes— Kirstjen Nielsen, Jeff Sessions, Stephan Miller, Donald Trump, that’s you.

I can not imagine what these parents, human beings, must be feeling not knowing what their children are being subjected to without their protection.

If the human suffering aspect of this tragedy doesn’t stir your pot, maybe the daily drain on taxpayer dollars will. The cost of housing each child… $775. per person, per night.

‘Tent cities’ for migrant children reportedly cost much more than detaining families together

Somebody is getting rich by holding onto these children.

So that’s it, mission accomplished.

Next story: “I did not collude in the crimes that are not crimes, they’re a witch hunt.”

Does Your Child Have a Lawyer?


To celebrate the 4th of July

Congress took sabbatical all this week

Meanwhile 2000 migrant children cry,

Kidnapped, they do not understand, or speak

The language their captors question them in

Ordered to court and put before a judge

Witness this, America’s latest sin,

Our President— a racist with a grudge

This GOP party, power hungry, obscene

Claim they oppose severing families, still

Innocents kidnapped and caged haven’t seen

Their parents, don’t know when or if they will

Stolen babies cry. This is injustice.

Reps with their families, without concessions

Shame on Trump, shame on members of Congress,

Shame on ICE, shame that disgrace Jeff Sessions

Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone

Trump’s Three Ring Circus

Where to look…

Ring 1—

They’re Taking Away Our Social Services TODAY:

The Republican majority just voted to pass the House 2019 budget, rejecting every amendment offered by Democrats. This is, in part, to cover the $15 trillion added to the federal deficit with the GOP Tax Cut for the wealthy, and corporate America.

The GOP House worked tirelessly, behind the scenes, to pass their budget, out of committee:

  • Ending SNAP, The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for 1.5 million veterans and 23,000 active duty households who rely on food stamp benefits.
  • Issuing a fast track repeal of the Affordable Care Act, bringing back the pre-existing condition.
  • Cutting $2 TRILLION from Medicare and Medicaid.

The Center Ring—

They do not plan to stop taking children:

The main spectacle we are witnessing comes in the form of human rights violations, targeting children, devised by Stephan Miller, taking place under the supervision of Mexican food connoisseur Kirstjen Nielsen, (both she and Miller were chased out of Mexican restaurants this week).

  • Widely reported today is the story that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been telling Republican lawmakers— the plan is to resume separating families once public and media attention has been redirected. She believes the policy works and she supports it 100%, as do the majority Republicans in Congress, as does Trump.


  • In a cabinet meeting on migrant kids, Trump said his executive action is “limited,” may still result in separations, and “It leads to separation ultimately.”
  • Border Patrol agents shut down I-95 southbound in Maine. “If you want to continue down the road, then yes ma’am. We need to know what citizen — what country you’re a citizen of,” an agent said.

Ring 3—

This Girl is Missing, and there are no records of any of the 2300 Children taken at the US border.

The girl who has become the face of the Republican Party can not be accounted for… in fact there is hardly a word of any girls or toddlers.



No records were made of the 2300 children separated from their parents, re-classified as unaccompanied minors, and flown across the country to various holding facilities.

One more thing to consider:

Are you ashamed of this country that was stolen from it’s indigenous people?

Is America really the land of the free?

Where Are the Migrant Girls?

Who would have thought back on November 9, 2016, the day Donald J Trump and Russia grifted into the White House, that this was where we were headed?

A lot of us.

Many of us understood, even then, that although our government is set up in a way to deter this kind of demagoguery, there is enough corruption in government that it is possible to override every safeguard.

The truth is, Donald J Trump got where he is by appealing to prejudice and greed, not by the rational thought of Americans. Granted, some Americans were manipulated, by the efforts of Trump’s campaign officials and the Kremlin, in their use of propaganda via social media.

Still, all that alone would not have given Trump a win, not without the successful efforts to tamper with voter registration, disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters, and the actually hacking into polling machines, targeting key states to manipulate an electoral win that gave Trump and Russia the government of the United States.

Even with all that, if more people had showed up to vote, or even put in a little effort to mailing in a ballot, we wouldn’t have:

  • Exited the Paris Accord,
  • Given the rich a massive tax cut in exchange for our healthcare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, college loans, and all the other social services that democratic nations offer their citizens,
  • We wouldn’t have rising gas prices and a stock market reflecting an impending trade war,
  • We wouldn’t be on the brink of war with our allies,
  • We wouldn’t be working with Russia, North Korea, and China to undermine democracy.

And the biggest atrocity to date,

  • We wouldn’t be listening to, what has become a 24 hour a day tool for propaganda, FOX News, lies about the thousands of babies taken from their parents and imprisoned, with no plan on ever reuniting them.

This is a Trump policy.

**To the Nazis, who attempt to post propaganda in the form of comments on my blog, put your effort somewhere else, it won’t be posted here.

We are watching untold cruelty unfold at our borders. The numbers we are given, on how many children our White House has taken and given to privatized detention centers, don’t add up.

It is alarming that none of the photos released include any girls or toddlers.

Jacob Soboroff, MSNBC correspondent, has passed on information he was given by the Department of Health and Human Services:

“Of the 11,786 minors currently in the unaccompanied alien children program, 3,280 are female and 8,506 are male.”

A simple google search confirmed my understanding that there are more female babies than male babies born in North America.

As you can see in this graph, in Mexico, and South America, where a majority of these children originate, the population of females is higher than the population of males. The numbers released from the White House claims 8500 boys and 3200 girls are being held in these cells.

Where are the rest of the girls? Even if the birthrates were even, that leaves approximately 5300 girls unaccounted for.

Where are the girls missing from the count?

Is this country, that feigns concern about sex trafficking, selling the girls?

Where are the girls?

You know as well as I do that we can expect, in future, to hear stories of sex crimes, abuse, and torture against these children.

You can not take children out of the protection of their parents arms and give them to strangers in a civilized nation. These are human rights violations. These are war crimes.

This must stop today.

Call your members of Congress to demand they put an immediate end to Trump’s policy of separating families. Demand they reunite those already separated. Hold those who crafted this policy, as well as those who support it, Sessions, Trump, Kristjen Nielson, Sarah Sanders, etc, accountable.

Call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121

Watch video of immigrant girls taken from border, moved to NYC last night.


When You’re Almost a Nazi

Jeff Sessions mandates you should know

Donald Trump has a way to go

Before he will be

A full fledged Nazi

His Kaiser mustache needs to grow

Sessions: Detention centers not like Nazi Germany

It’s odd he’d compare to down play

Nazis taking children away

Trump’s superior

Because the führer

Branded, Trump hasn’t… yet to-date