U With the Uterus 

Hey! You with the uterus! 

Stop right there!

Drop that insurance card!

Hands in the air!

You suspected pregnancy 

And bought a urine test

Don’t try to pass it off as new— 

The condition pre-exists!

Mammograms and Pap smears

All your women’s needs

You expect them to be covered 

In your health plan? That’s just greed.

Rich old white male politicians 

Won’t vote to subsidize the cost

Of care to keep you healthy here

In America— democracy is lost

Though they all had mothers 

Who birthed them at one time

Do their moms see what happened 

To their Repugnant offspring? It’s a crime.

A tax cut has priority 

Over compassion and ethics

Viagra however— treats a condition 

Which never pre-exists

So, you with the uterus, 

Happy Mothers Day!

Of that uterus, what happens to it— 

By the way, you have no say

Though the senate won’t approve this bill, 

Their version keeps women under attack

Because it’s not orange, no it’s Women 

Women are the GOP’s new black

Celebrating the Loss of Healthcare for Millions

It was a day worth celebrating for Republican supporters of the bill repealing healthcare benefits offered in the Affordable Care Act. Their “win,” which if followed by another “win” in the Senate, will result in countless deaths, is a reason to celebrate—for them. The wealthiest country in the free world, it would appear, has the greediest politicians.

Our retribution will come on Election Day. The following members of the House of Representatives who voted yes are up for reelection next year:
*Jason Chaffetz was all smiles as he rolled in to vote yes on the bill that cuts healthcare coverage for millions of taxpayers— after having had his own elective surgery on a preexisting condition—paid for by tax payers. 

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of this attitude toward healthcare is “There but for the grace of God go I.” I live in recognition that others misfortunes could be my own. I understand that my fate is not entirely in my hands. Because I am fortunate to have healthcare today does not guarantee I won’t meet with the adversity of being uninsured tomorrow. 

If you have an excellent healthcare package through your employer, as do I, you may think none of this matters to you. Think again. Many of these stipulations allow employer provided plans to follow suit in what will become the new normal. 

“Deductibles are going to come down. It’s going to be fantastic health care,” Trump said of the Republican-backed American Health Care Act. “Right now Obamacare is failing.” 

A closer look at the changes the bill provides: 

  • At least 24 million Americans will lose their healthcare. 
  • Slashes Medicaid benefits overall by $880 billion.
  • Lifetime caps on coverage…Insurance offered by employers may also be imposed with a lifetime cap. 
  • Allows states to exclude such benefits as: emergency services, hospitalization, mental health care, preventive care, maternity care, and substance abuse treatment.
  • Insurance rates will be based on health history. States will no longer require insurers to charge the same rates for everyone, regardless of their medical history. The elderly will pay 5X more for their insurance coverage, and cancer patients could be required to pay up to $140,000 annually for insurance. 
  • Preexisting conditions put you into a high-risk pool…and if you’re wondering what is considered a preexisting condition here are a few examples: alzheimer’s, rape, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy, mental health disorders, diabetes, arthritis, aids, cerebral palsy, paralysis, eating disorders, paraplegia, alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, transsexualism, Pneumocystic pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, organ transplants, Crohn’s disease, congestive heart failure, hepatitis, lupus, coronary disease, kidney failure, (meaning dialysis isn’t covered), etc. 

Those with preexisting mental health issues will be denied healthcare by the same politicians who will make guns accessible to them.

  • Medical underwriting, is back—when you apply for insurance you’ll have to document every condition or ailment you’ve ever had.
  • Ends taxes on corporations by almost $300 billion 
  • Tax cuts of $300 billion given to the wealthiest 2%
  • Big Pharma’s lobbying pays off with hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts – for the industry that charges Americans exponentially higher prices for the same drugs than any other country in the world. 

Supporters of this bill have their own peculiar preexisting condition. They lack the humility that would allow them to understand that no one deserves healthcare more or less than they do. They believe they are entitled to that which they would deny others. These politicians who celebrated yesterday voted to keep ACA benefits for themselves…paid for by taxpayers, many of whom will lose their own coverage. 

Hours after celebrating the first step in the annihilation of America’s healthcare, Trump met with Australia’s Prime Minister and praised their universal healthcare system. 

“I shouldn’t say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia, because you have better health care than we do. We’re going to have great health care very soon.” ~Trump 

And now Trump is in NJ golfing for the weekend.


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Reprehensible Ex-Representative Joe Walsh 

Today is a two post day because I feel the need to vent. A fellow blogger (loisajay1213) commented on a post I published two days ago, about pre-existing conditions. She asked if I had seen Jimmy Kimmel on the news last night. I had not, but I’ve mastered google, and easily found a monologue of his which was likely the subject of the news story. 

During that same google search I also found a fine example of the hypocrisy of the party of family values. 

Former representative, and current jackass, Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), a man who (illegally) doesn’t feel the need to pay his own child support—tweeted about Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue, writing: 

I predict Joe Walsh will someday be a lonely old man in a nursing home whom none of his children care to visit. 


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Speaking of Cake

Speaking of cake, today is my birthday. Please don’t comment happy birthday, because I’ll ignore it. I hate everything about birthdays. I only mention mine to illustrate the fact that birthdays are just another day. If a person (I) expects people to bow at their (my) will, just this one day a year, they (I) will be sorely disappointed. 

I woke up to the sound of my 16 year old son’s manly voice: “Happy Birthday Mom, I’m sick.” 

Regardless of how that sentence started, my response was the same as it is every week when he tries this: 


He continued as always: “I was getting sick yesterday, if you didn’t notice, you’re not paying attention.”


I could go into more details, but I choose to save those for the Department of Children and Family Services. When they knock on my door to inquire as to why my son doesn’t show up for school once or twice a week, I’ll invite them in for a slice of birthday cake, and hope they can advise me on how to parent this 16 year old who towers over me, and respects me not, because I’m at a loss. 

Yay me! Another year older.


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An Intoxicated Volcano Erupting with Shimmering Bliss that Smells Pretty Good

Every once in a while it’s nice to reflect on the good things. Today I will attempt to list 10 things in my life that are pleasant.

  1. My children are all healthy. That wasn’t the case 6 months ago, so I am…beyond any interjection your thesaurus has to offer…I am an intoxicated volcano erupting shimmering bliss that smells pretty good.
  2. My car runs.
  3. Aldi sells gummy bears.
  4. The hydrangea bush I thought I killed is showing signs of life.
  5. You can buy hair color for $7.95, and sometimes with a $2.00 coupon.
  6. I’m not as old as I’ll be next year.
  7. Thanks to Donald Trump cutting the environmental protection agency out of the budget, I’ll soon have waterfront property. (Sorry neighbors, this is about me.)
  8. It’s spring!
  9. My unibrow has been contained.

Is that really only 9? Ugh.
    10.  I’m done writing today’s post—that counts, my blog my rules.

I’m not a Pollyanna. I have to admit my life isn’t perfect, regardless of the impression my list has left you with. For example: today is ‘National Grilled Cheese Day, and I can not participate in the celebrations taking place across the country, due to lactose intolerance. Still, I choose to focus on my list…today.

Let’s see your list.


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Opinion of an Airline Employee

United Airlines is having a bad month. Actually that statement is mild— they’re in the middle of a public relations nightmare. 

Viral videos circulating this week of a passenger dragged off an oversold airplane, and the photos of his bloodied face after hitting a few armrests along the way, have sent twitter a flutter with angry opinions. The video gives “fear of flying” new meaning.

There was also a leggings incident on United a few weeks back. I’ll refresh your memory: A teenaged girl was told to change her clothes before she was allowed to board the aircraft…while traveling on a free pass. 

Emotions based on a lack of understanding of the airline industry run high. 
I am an airline employee. I try to never say that on my blog because I need my job, and I don’t want to be censored. As a single mom of 3, who hates Donald Trump, I have plenty to write about without mentioning my job. 

Today I am breaking my silence as a public service (because I am also a humanitarian), to explain—not condone, everything that has people United hating. 

I do not work for United, but that fact is irrelevant because every single airline is run the same way, (the exception being how they treat their employees.) They all have mechanical delays and weather delays, they all overbook flights, and they all sell shitty food. We are all United Airlines.

I’ll start with the leggings incident. It’s ridiculous in my humble opinion, and I’ll tell you why.  I have 2 girls, both have survived my mothering and are now in college. (Another reason I need my job.) My girls and I have had multiple vicious fights about leggings. Leggings are not pants. My tombstone someday will read:

Her last words were: “Leggings will never be pants…and I told you I was sick.”

Wear your leggings to the dance studio, or the gym, but out in the world they are inappropriate. I didn’t like the way adult men leered at my girls when they wore leggings, and if wearing a shirt that covers your butt will prevent that, just wear a long shirt! I have written countless posts about the clothes fights I’ve had with my girls, (if you care to read them try a google search.) I also have clothes fights with my high school aged son, but that’s for a future post. 

Consider this—when I started my job in the early 90’s, if you used a free pass to fly, you had to adhere to a strict dress code, i.e. dress up: men in suits and ties, women in business attire. The agents made us change our clothes all the time. They were the original fashion police, and it was extremely subjective. There were guidelines: shirts had to have collars, if you wore a skirt or dress you had to wear stockings, no flip flops…it was hell (not really.) It was what it was, and that’s all what it was. 

Back to the airline leggings caper—So, this little girl with the leggings who had to change her clothes— I don’t see it as sexist as some people are trying to make it; I see it as the company trying to project a professional image. It was a free company issued travel pass, had she purchased a ticket she would have not heard a word about her lack of pants. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the employee lost their travel-pass privileges over the drama, because that’s exactly what would have happened in the 90’s. That’s my opinion on that. If you disagree, tell someone who cares. (An example of my work attitude—that would be a joke.)

Now back to the saga of the oversold flight—There is a percentage of travelers who mis-connect everyday, different destinations more so than others, and certain days, or times of the day have more misconnects. For example, the day we “fall back” changing our clocks to daylight savings, is a big day for people missing their flights. If people are connecting to a flight from another flight that was delayed, they too would misconnect and need to be re-booked. 

It is someone’s job to calculate trends and averages and use that data to decide how many seats to sell on flights to various destinations at various times of the day or week, regardless of the number of seats on the airplane. If there is bad weather in the mix, or a big travel weekend like Thanksgiving, fuh·ged·da·boud·it. 

My opinion on overbooking flights really doesn’t matter, but I’ll tell you anyway. It is wrong, and it’s driven by corporate greed– like everything.

On the other hand, if you oversleep and miss your flight, the airlines will put you on another flight. They may charge you a fee, but let’s go back to the 90’s again- if you lost your paper ticket, you lost all the money you paid for the flight. The airlines sold the seat and received payment for the seat whether anyone sat in it or not. It doesn’t work like that now. Everything is much more forgiving. You lose the boarding pass, you can pull up another one. You miss your flight, you jump on another one. You forget to wear pants, you throw a long shirt on. 

Relax– travel is intolerable if you overthink it, and if you try to control it, you’ll be carried off the airplane by airport security. 

If you’re on a flight that’s oversold, you’ll hear the agent ask for volunteers to take the next flight in exchange for a travel voucher worth a certain amount of money. There are people who hope for this scenario. They get a paid for hotel room, if the next flight isn’t until the next day, sometimes they receive a food voucher, and they get hundreds of dollars to use the next time they’re brave enough to get sucked into the vortex of airline travel.   

My opinion is that the entire industry is out of control. Travelers want flexibility, but if they buy a ticket on a flight they want to be guaranteed a seat. It is crazy, but that isn’t always the case. 

This post is too long, so if anyone is still reading I’ll do you a favor and get to the point. You can’t have everything in life, or in travel: low prices, flexibility, forgiveness for oversleeping, a free ticket without pants. You can not have it all because it leads to what happened on that United flight this week.

I blame corporate greed, but, if you read my blog you know I always do. All CEO’s want, more than anything, is their annual bonus, and maybe a golden parachute. They aren’t standing at a podium at the gate with 30 people who can’t get home because some shirt in an office somewhere figured overselling the flight would maximize their profits. If they were the person getting yelled at face to face on a regular basis, my bet is things would change. The day to day frontline employees are as much a victim of these policies as the poor guy being carried off the airplane. They take all the abuse and see NONE of the benefits of this policy. 

I say blame the guy at the top…and don’t mention my name.

One last thing. If someone tells you they work for the airlines, that doesn’t mean they want to hear about your worst flying experience. If I find out you work for McDonalds, I’m not going to go into a long diatribe about how once my french fries were missing. 

We never had this conversation. 


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