When You’re Almost a Nazi

Jeff Sessions mandates you should know

Donald Trump has a way to go

Before he will be

A full fledged Nazi

His Kaiser mustache needs to grow

Sessions: Detention centers not like Nazi Germany

It’s odd he’d compare to down play

Nazis taking children away

Trump’s superior

Because the führer

Branded, Trump hasn’t… yet to-date

Manafort Goes to Jail… a limerick

Bye Felicia, hope your brought your toothbrush

Revoked house arrest? Seems harsh and unjust!

Witness tampering?

A “crime”… that’s a thing?

Don’t drop the soap. Turn witness… if you must

This tweet didn’t age well—

Judge Orders Paul Manafort Jailed Before Trial, Citing New Obstruction Charges – The New York Times

If Only We Were More Like North Korea… sigh (a limerick)

“He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.” ~ Donald J Trump, on Kim Jong Un

Dear Donald, again you trespass

On American mores en-masse

This democracy

Will triumph, you’ll see

And we’re NOT “your people”, jackass

Donald Seems Worried… a limerick

Why is this innocent man concerned,

Planning his pardon once all is learned?

When Manafort flips

Trump’s dictatorship

Will be over, this court is adjourned.

A gift— I’m a humanitarian

Heed my advice, if you possibly can

Four words of hope:

“Soap on a Rope”

Try not to drop the lather, old man


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Quiz: Are You A Racist?… a limerick

I’ve devised this simple test to see

If you’re a racist… and yes, it’s free

Look at these photos

Are you discomposed

By Roseanne or men on bended knee?


Screams the Anthem, grabs crotch, spits the ground

They protest injustice without sound

No need for a pen

If you answered: men

Then: Yes. Ignorance can be profound