Victory Dance for Democracy 

GOP lost 2 govs alltogether

Dems gained 14 seats — latest measure

Results now finalized

Gloating’s undignified

As such, I’ll let others have the pleasure–


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Mueller Moves

And so this is how it begins,

He who bet on Manafort wins,

The first Trumpy to go.

This IS moving slow…

Who is next? Sources say Michael Flynn.

A link to the indictment —

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Who Commissioned the Steele Dossier – A Limerick 

Today I would like to express

Trump’s denial tweets don’t impress

MI6 Agent Steele’s

Penned Dossier’s real

Who commissioned it? I can confess…


A power family, Republican

Against whom, early on, Trump did run

A dad and dad’s son 

Prez 43 and 41 

Shrub is their last name’s synonym


Yes, it was Jeb, and Trump knows it well

Lies based on fear have a distinct smell

The dossier’s proved true

Mueller’s using it too

Trump is nervous— it’s easy to tell


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A Limerick for Sarah Hickabee [sic?] Sanders 

To accuse Comey of crime…that’s inspired

“Those are real reasons for why he was fired,” 

Middle name…is it Hick?

I hear banjo music

When you speak Trump and “for why he” conspired

A Limerick for My Second Spawn

On this day in 1997

A bundle descended from heaven

Her name was Emma

Alas a dilemma 

For you, a clinical progression:


“Heaven” in real terms was my uterus

Manifested in a large protuberance 

She was happy in there

Sadly going no where 

Her firm grip was somewhat dubious 


My obstetrician scheduled an induction

I arrived at 9 AM as per instructions

5 pm rolled around 

No child to be found

I was disappointed…still no introductions 


My doctor clocked out, left for the day

My (then) spouse was told “no need to stay”

“Oh no, you won’t go!”

Amniotic fluid did flow

Is there a doctor in this building? “HEY!”


A random doctor pulled in from the hall

No time for pain meds – no, nothing at all

I didn’t get them last time

A conspiratorial crime?

Nurse said “Don’t push or the baby will fall!”


Oh yes, that is what I was told

I had to fight birth, attempt a stronghold

Keep the babe inside

I tried as I cried:

New doc scrubbed in, gown on, “release hold!”


Loud screams “now you can push”  and a birth

Twenty years, hilarity and mirth

Long forgotten—the pain

I’d do it again

My love Emma, my angel on earth.


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