A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

Active Measures | Super Ltd

Active Measures | Super Ltd

If you haven’t yet, watch the new documentary “Active Measures,” released on Saturday August 31, and available on: iTunes, Hulu, or in Theaters.

I’ve watched it… twice. (Dork)

I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on over the past two years, trying to understand what happened to the US government, and I thought I had a firm grasp in my comprehension. This film fills in blanks, puts facts together, events in order, adds particulars I was unaware of, and adds suspenseful background music. 😳

Several well informed people participated in the documentary, including the man of the week, Senator John McCain, President Hillary Clinton (yes she is), several former members of the CIA and FBI, etc.

The film starts at the beginning (strange choice) with a brief Russian history lesson. It details the rise of Vladimir Putin, explains Paul Manafort, exposes Trump, and tells of all the others.

If you think Russia is our friend, you are wrong, and that point is driven home in this film.

I took notes, because I’m a nerd.

I’m giving you my notes so you can relax and watch the film.

(Advice on improving my note taking skills is welcome.)
Divide and conquer—
Brexit, Nato Alliance, Destroy the EU,
Murders journalists and all opposition
Cyber war:
Social media propaganda
Trolls- real people
Theft of data
White supremaaiat xenophobia rallying
Purchase of power plants
Systematic outages in winter
Money laundering (👈🏻👆🏼👇)Non-transparent Shell Corp – Grand Cayman – undetectable.
(I’m hungry)
(Still hungry)
Tillerson friendship award by Putin
Facilitated Alignment with Putin’s regime
Sanctions 19% of $500 billion arctic exploration deal
Drilling enterprise
Obama sanctions
In December exactly 19% of rosneft sold
Chief of staff of rosneft assasinated
Not limited to what we know now
“the biggest Intelligence breach in history of the world.”
(Pause to comfort dog due to loud thunderstorm)
(I wonder if a Google search of the word idiot still brings the same result…)

Yes, it does.)

Back to film:
Manafort mumbling “that’s what he said what I said what opposition is” (reminds me of Robert Kardashian’s face when OJ was found not guilty of murdering his ex wife and her friend.)
Trump tried to remove imposed sanctions immediately.
Trump will not implement new sanctions.
Conspicuous coverup.
Claiming a new plan to join forces to fight cyber warfare

Putin and I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things, will be guarded..” Trump tweet after Helsinki
The world sees it.
(Peppermint tea break)
Exposure via financial dealings
Obstruction of justice conspiracy Aiding and abetting aid and comfort-treason
We have done nothing to prepare from future cyber attacks


Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office because Putin wanted him there.

My question— Hillary told us everything about Trump/Russia in her debates with Trump. She was IGNORED.


No hanging organ?


Russians is actively engaged in a cyber war against the US. They hacked our presidential election, and they’re already at work on the next one. The GOP has done nothing to prevent it from happening again.

Good point.

Watch the film, share your thoughts.

Active Measures | Super Ltd

Active Measures | Super Ltd

Trends in GOP Nepotism

Father son crimes are the new Orange. Trump and little Don Jr,

Michael Flynn and little Mike Junior,

Chris Collins and his little Cameron, all set the trend.

Someone should warn Jarvanka… although at this point it would be as good as throwing a life preserver at a beached whale’s head— too little, too late. Trump has already lamented the loss of other men Ivanka could have married.

Representative Collins is the first in congress to be indicted by the FBI in what is sure to be a clean sweep of the GOP House.

In his statement to the press, he not only denies the charges, but does not mention his son, or his son’s girlfriend, or her father, all of whom are involved, and confessed to the crime.

Throwing ones spawn under the bus is par for the course for this group of politicians.

Mike Flynn seems to be the only criminal with family values. He is reportedly cooperating with the Mueller investigation hoping to negotiate a lenient sentence for his son.

Back to Collins and his proclaimed innocence:

The odds that the charges issued in the indictment, by a federal grand jury consisting of at least 12 Americans who reviewed the evidence before concluding there was probable cause to levee charges, are not a good bet.

Consistent with the prevalent #OnlyMeGOP mentality, Collins “fights to clear his name” with the clock is running. His name is taking the republican slot on the ballot for NY district 27, and his refusal to resign prevents the GOP from replacing him in his heavily gerrymandered district. This does not bode well for the republican fight to retain the majority in the House.

I really don’t care, do you?

Trump Tries a New Story on for Size

“I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. It was a den of thieves they were plotting against my election. Probably it’s never happened like that in terms of intelligence and in terms of anything else — but they were actually plotting against my election.” Donald J Trump June 16, 2017

The man lies knowing full well there is proof on film that he is lying.


Why does he continue to lie so blatantly? Because it works. His tactic of repeating lies until they are accepted as fact got him elected. And they keep his “people sitting up at attention when he speaks,” just like North Koreans do with Kim Jong Un.

I saw some unsettling numbers yesterday regarding this “Trump, Rusherrr investigation”:

  • 59% of voters don’t know about the indictments & guilty pleas
  • Mueller’s approval rating is, at an all time low, 32%
  • Only 53% of voters believe Mueller is conducting a fair investigation

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Let’s remind those people, shall we?

There have been over 100 charges filed against 20 people, and 3 companies.

More specifically:

  • Mike Flynn, convicted
  • Rick Gates, convicted
  • George Papadopoulos, convicted
  • Alex Van der zwaan, convicted
  • Paul Manafort, indicted and jailed
  • Robert Cohen, expected to cooperate
  • Felix Sater, expected to cooperate
  • George Nader, cooperating
  • Richard Pinedo, cooperating

Then there are those who have perjured themselves:

  • Trump Jr,
  • Jeff Sessions,
  • Eric Prince

For those who missed the news yesterday, Paul Manafort is no longer on house arrest. He traded in his ankle bracelets for an orange jumper, because was found to have been in contact with witnesses in the investigation… witness tampering.

Trump and Giuliani are now waving pardons in front of Paul Manafort before he’s even convicted, no doubt in attempt to keep him from cooperating with the prosecution. This is also witness tampering.

Paul Manafort’s crimes are both State and Federal, and State charges can not be pardoned by the president. I’d bet my tax cut (🙄) that Mueller is aware of this, as is the New York Attorney General.

But why would an innocent man need to be pardoned?

For an innocent man, Trump has put a lot of thought into pardoning himself.

New York State also has Trump and his family in an unpardonable net:

That the disinformation campaign continues to sway public opinion is mind boggling.

We are at war. Disinformation continues to spread unchecked. Russia is in the White House. The Kremlin has influenced most of the GOP, to the extent that they continue to push for an end the Mueller investigation.

Who wants to end an investigation that has been so successful in such a short period of time?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Devin Nunes (R-Calif), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Orin Hatch (R-UT), Mitch McConnell, (R-Kentucky)… just to name a few.

They say it’s costly and distracting. That $17 million spent in a little over a year is distracting our dotard.

Many members of the GOP still in office, (like Mitch McDonnell and Orin Hatch), had the opposite sentiment with regards to Iran Contra investigation which cost tax payers $47 million, and the White Water investigation which cost $52 million. The duration of each of those investigations was 5 years. Did I mention those investigations were unsuccessful?

So, what’s my point?

We need to educate those who are unaware of Mueller’s success to date. Spread the word. Wake these people up. November 2018 is just around the corner, let’s not let history repeat itself.

A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem

Trump complains about Mueller’s expenses

$17 million and not without consequences

75 criminal charges have been brought

Against 22 defendants… and plea deals sought

Of those defendants now charged, 5 have pled guilty

1 so far has been sentenced… no “hoax” here to see”

How idiotic would a traitor have to be

To plead guilty to a hoax? Explain this to me.

In contrast:

Potus 45 in office 16 months to date

110 days golfing, is this worth debate?

Golf cost to taxpayers: $67 mill plus

Math is important, even to the treasonous

Trump Golf Count

67-17=$50 million more

Spent on golf than Mueller so, shut the front door

On Trump’s behalf let us compare witch hunts or yore

Do not let this distract from the current trade war:

Iran-Contra: $47 million.

Ken Starr: $52 million.


$17 mill Mueller spent, compare and contrast

The budget price, as to $15 trill, is vast

The cost Trump’s tax cut added to the deficit

Which top 1% and corporations collect


Donald was Put-In to power, not by US

The GOP turns a blind eye, (rhyme-word) treasonous

Someday those of us who did not purchase red hats

Will look back on these days and think… WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?


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Donald Trump, Another Day

Whether you think bombing Syria was warranted or not, Donald Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes without the approval of congress was illegal. I think even Trump would agree with that statement… were he not the potus of whom I speak.

And just like that, the awesome force of a US airstrike succeeded in redirecting worldwide news away from Trump’s attorney Michal I (I’veNeverBeenToPragueInMyLife) Cohen, and onto Damascus. Forgotten was the newest piece of evidence that the Christopher Steele dossier is legitimate. Cohen strategized in Prague with Russians to hand Trump the election. There was indeed coordination between the Trump organization and Russia.

The amount of evidence seized during the raid of Cohen’s offices further substantiate the criminal investigation he is the subject of— travel records, financial transactions, communications, audio recordings, etc, are in the hands of the FBI and, even more troubling to Trump’s advisors, these are also in the hands of the state of New York. Why is that more troubling? Trump’s jurisdiction to pardon those convicted of crimes does not extend to state crimes.

Like many people around the world, I am suspicious of everything Trump says and does, but even he wouldn’t be so despicable as to carry out an unauthorized bombing for purposes of distracting the press from his lifetime of crime, conspiring with an enemy state, multiple sex crimes and scandals… who would even think of doing something so horrible as risking the lives of innocent children for selfish reasons?

We have a system of checks and balances, in the constitution, meant to protect us from the machinations of a single lunatic president. Trump has systematically removed anyone who might act as a barrier between him and… oh, let’s say bombing Syria on any given Friday, and perhaps nuking North Korea on a random Tuesday.

But, perhaps everyone in the administration isn’t heartless.

“I’ve never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of Syria. It’s got to end.”~ Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

That’s nice, Jim, but the numbers pertaining to Syrian refugees admitted to the United States are… not so much:

2016: 15,479

2017: 3,024

2018: 11

Adding to Trump’s bad day, the publicity tour to mark the publication of James L (LordyIHopeThereAreTapes) Comey’s **book, about Trump. Yes, I have placed my order.

Let’s pretend Trump didn’t bomb Syria to distract us from the Cohen news and the Comey book, what else might he want to distract us from?

While the press watched the light show over Damascus, preparations were made to fire Rod Rosenstein, the only man who can legally fire Robert Mueller but will not do so.

Bob W (WillNotSeekRe-Election) Goodlate, Trey S (Slytherin) Gowdy, and Devin M (Memo) Nunes, are demanding Rosenstein turn over evidence in the Mueller investigation… or else.

Rosenstein is left with a choice, he either gives Mueller’s sensitive evidence to these three obstructionists or he’s fired and replaced by someone who is willing to end the Mueller investigation.

Trump continues to fight the inevitable end of his criminal life and presidency long after even Nixon would have resigned. Trump will have to be physically removed from office. He’ll never leave voluntarily because he believes the presidency is keeping him out of jail. 🤔

On the bright side, let’s review the progress Robert Mueller has made to date:

  • National Security Advisor Michael L (LockHerUp) Flynn has flipped
  • Trump’s deputy campaign chairman Richard Gates has flipped
  • Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort: indicted on thousands of counts (slight exaggeration)
  • NRA is under FBI investigation for it’s ties to Russian money
  • Republican National Committee deputy finance chair Elliot Broidy is likely under FBI investigation
  • The findings during the raid of Michael Cohen’s offices include taped phone conversations, which are as good as a Cohen acting as a cooperating witness.

It may not seem like it, but here is a glimmer of light ahead. Some say we’re in the ninth inning. I hate sports, so let’s call this the spin cycle, or we could say the landing gear is down, the elevator doors are about to open, mind the gap, the check’s in the mail, the color will match when the paint is dry, the after dinner mints are on the credit card tray…maybe we’re not not quite that far along, but we’re getting there.

**James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty,” will be released on April 17, May be purchased on Amazon, who will use their delivery boy, USPS to bring the book to your door.
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A Pardon Won’t Help

It has been widely reported this week that Trump’s (former) Attorney, Frank Dowd, floated the idea of blanket pardons for Mike L(LockHerUp) Flynn and Paul W(WorksForPutin) Manafort, although he denies it.

A blanket pardon for both Manafort and Flynn… how warm and fuzzy, but I think they should have their own, incase they don’t get to share a cell. Why doesn’t the prison provide blankets anyway?

They do? Well then… that isn’t… a blanket… okay relax, hold on.

Google says a blanket pardon refers to the fact that the president has the authority to pardon any and all crimes, from treason, to tax fraud, to money laundering, to sex trafficking, even murder, at any point before or after conviction.

As with everything pertaining to Trump, there is a big butt—

  • Butt, Trump can not pardon himself.
  • Butt, any pardon he issues at this stage of the game might be seen as witness tampering or obstruction of justice. (Which is why Dowd denies having considered it.)

And the biggest butt of all…

  • Butt, Trump’s “absolute authority” doesn’t protect said traitors from state charges.

Money laundering charges in the state of New York could put Manafort away for life. Flynn, Don Jr. and Kushner all committed crimes on the state level as well.

The fact that Mueller has only brought forward one set of charges, mostly financial crimes committed prior to the campaign, is a hint that he might be (he is), saving other charges for prosecutors on the state level. Like what? Maybe… tax fraud, soliciting stolen goods, soliciting or conspiring to hack computers, I don’t know.

Mueller has met with New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and New York district attorneys on many occasions, and it would be safe to assume they are coordinating efforts, since a person can only be charged once for the same crime.

It is no secret there is no love lost between New York States Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Donald Trump. (Does anyone in New York like Donald Trump?) My point is, while Trump May control the GOP Congress, that capacitation will not extend to New York.

Trump’s public contemplation of what his power to pardon means to anyone who might be tempted to accept a plea deal, is not taking state charges into consideration.

Trump can not bribe witnesses, with the promise of a pardon, to not take a plea deal from Mueller. Hopefully Trump will find an attorney who can explain this to him in monosyllabic English.

Blankets might not be a bad parting gift.


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