Will the SCOTUS Vote Commence as Scheduled?

Kavanaugh lined up the girls he coaches behind him, a protective shield against what he had to know would eventually be divulged.

Why would a Supreme Court Nominee repeatedly mention coaching his daughter’s all girl basketball team. He said it several times; he even introducing them all, by name… twice. Why? He was using these girls, because that’s what Brett Kavanaugh does and has done his whole life. He uses girls for his own design. He didn’t want us to figure that out though. He wanted us to think, “what an involved caring dad.” Maybe he thought their presence would keep the line of questioning subdued… innocent.

One of Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates, Deborah Ramirez, is the subject of a story in the New Yorker, by written by Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow, published late last night.

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from the Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years, by His Yale Classmate Deborah Ramirez

Deborah Ramirez came forward with allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh, and like Dr. Blasey Ford, she has requested an FBI investigation into the matter, and an investigation which must include witnesses.

The New Yorker article claims the GOP was notified of the pending allegations last week. Last night the GOP feigned surprise.

They’re acting surprised because this shines a new light on their bullying of Dr Blasey Ford on every level. Chuck GrASSley’s arbitrary deadlines to force her to testify immediately, or not at all, make sense. The letter, signed by 65 women who were not raped by Kavanaugh… they knew.

GrASSley, Lee, McConnell, Hatch, and the rest, wanted Kavanaugh confirmed before this New Yorker story came out.

These new allegations explain the abhorrent treatment of Dr Blasey Ford’s. The death threats that forced her and her family into hiding seem to have been designed, not only to unnerve her, but to frighten other victims from coming forward. Hacking into Dr Ford’s email in order to impersonate her was a character assassination designed to discredit her and demoralize anyone else who might be thinking of coming forward. These dual purpose attacks of the first victim were meant to push her to the point that she would decide not to testify, and to keep others quiet for fear of the same retribution.

What happens at Georgetown Prep…


These men with the majority in Congress did not expect Dr Ford to be so strong in her conviction. She has suffered untold consequences because of her attack, for over three decades.

Did they know there was a third allegation forthcoming?

Then there were three… at least. Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels attorney,) claims to have a credible client who will testify under oath that Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were known to throw group gatherings, during which he and his accomplices targeted underaged girls to ply with with alcohol, then take turns raping them. (allegedly)

The following details are difficult to read, but imagine the difficulty of living with the memory.

So many secrets.

The problem with this type of story is the majority of witnesses would be participants in the rapes. They would be destroying themselves by corroborating.

However, victims are witnesses. Anyone the victims spoke to is a witness. They need courage to come forward to take a stand against these powerful men.

Senator Lindsey Graham said yesterday “What do you expect me to do, destroy a man’s life because of allegations?”

Senator Graham is under duress. Clearly someone is holding something, a secret, over him.

America does not appoint a man like, a man who hates women, to the SUPREME COURT for a lifetime appointment.

And by the way, why are these men NOT CONCERNED WITH THE WOMENS DESTROYED LIVES?

Kavanaugh hates women. Do we need the swing vote on the Supreme Court to be a man accused of unspeakable crimes against women? He is a man with extreme views, ranging from birth control to abortion, to immigration. He has he lied to congress.

Remember this moment? He refused to shake hands or even engage in conversation with a man whose daughter was shot and killed during the mass shooting at Parkland High School in Florida.

Why hasn’t he withdrawn? Is it because he has assured Donald Trump his freedom from any possible future conviction on treason, or any impending conviction on obstruction of justice?

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tell them what you think of their nominee.

Someone else did the work, taking the trouble to look up zip codes, I only copied this list to share:

Senator Sasse




If staff asks, Sasse’s ZIP CODE: 68508

Senator Mike Lee




If staff asks, Lee’s ZIP CODE: 84138

Senator Thomas Tillis




If staff asks, Tillis ZIP CODE: 27858

Senator John Kennedy



225-926 – 8033

If staff asks, Kennedy ZIP CODE: 71303

Senator Orrin Hatch




If staff asks, Hatch ZIP CODE: 84138

Senator Chuck Grassley




If staff asks, Grassley ZIP CODE: 52401

Senator Lindsey Graham





If staff asks, Graham ZIP CODE: 29601

Senator Jeff Flake




If staff asks, Flake ZIP CODE: 85016

Senator Ted Cruz





If staff asks, Cruz ZIP CODE: 78701

Senator Mike Crapo




If staff asks, Crapo ZIP CODE: 83402

Senator John Cornyn





If staff asks, Cornyn ZIP CODE: 75244

RapeyK Practicing the Truth

  • Since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward to share her story of assault by blackout drunk, frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavanaugh, heretofore referred to as RapeyK, she has been: threatened and harassed to the point that she felt, in order to keep her family and herself safe, they had to go into hiding,
  • Someone hacked into her email, impersonating her, the goal being to defame her character,
  • And she has been bullied by the Republican men in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Meanwhile, RapeyK has been apologized to for the inconveniences caused by the delay stemming from this insignificant assault charge. But he has kept busy. He has been coached for hours on end by none other than the chairman of the Senate Confirmation hearing, Chuck GrASSley, practicing his denial of the assault charges… because that’s what innocent people do, right… practice telling the truth?

    From the beginning of the proceedings, the GOP (boys club) has formed a fetid protective shield around RapeyK.

    During their turn to question him they asked him fluff questions, about coaching his daughter’s basketball team, could he introduce them, twice… personal superficial questions intending to normalize this misogynistic evil man whose records remain hidden.

    When it was the Democrats turn to question RapeyK, he danced around serious questions… when the senators were persistent he lied.(Shoulda practiced more.)

    *I want to write this quickly so I can go outside and challenge the first old white man I see to a cage fight. So I’ll paraphrase:

    When it was the Democrats turn to question RapeyK, they had serious questions: ‘Did you know you were in possession of MY stolen emails in 2002?’ An angry Senator Leahey asked.

    Kavanaugh said (I’m paraphrasing again) ‘Well, womp womp , at the time… you know womp womp, it’s normal to use any material in these kinds of proceedings…’

    Back and forth the same question repeatedly asked until finally RapeyK cracked and said: “No”


    It was proven he knew, when an email HE SENT, was produced titled: “spying” (genius)

    Moving on, when our next US President, Senator Kamala Harris, (my prediction), a former prosecutor, was in the process of handing RapeyK his ass, GOP Senator Lee ass-blocked her. (He’s an ass.)

    Harris had been repeatedly asking: ‘Did you ever discuss the Mueller investigation with the law firm Kasowitz, Benson, and Torres?’ RapeyK responded by sputtering, turning pink and acting stupid.


    The video is worth watching.

    He did not answer. Regardless, you could tell the question had relevance, but how?

    It turns out RapeyK met with Kasowitz, Trump’s attorney, (easy to forget Kasowitz is part of the Kasowitz Benson and Torres law firm.) and shortly thereafter his $200 thousand in credit card debt disappeared.

    And I had been yelling at my TV, “ASK HIM ABOUT THE $200k!” …She was.

    The Many Mysteries of Brett Kavanaugh’s Finances – Mother Jones

    *Special thanks to Senator Lee for the short break and lesson on how law firms are like rabbits.

    There is more to this GOP boys club… it looks and smells like a conspiracy.

    Please welcome two new cast members to our RapeyK Shit Show: Ed Whelan and Garret Ventry. 👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾👏👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼

    Spokesperson for Grassley’s Judiciary Committee hearings resigns over sexual harassment allegations: report

    Garrett Ventry has been in the news this week. He abruptly resigned from his position as spokesperson for GrASSley and the Judiciary Committee. He resigned because his past caught up with him, as pasts tend to do. (Said past included sexual harassment allegations.)

    Ventry had been hired by the GOP through a PR firm, CRC Public Relations.

    That firm also worked with… Ed Whelan.

    PR firm helped Whelan stoke half-baked Kavanaugh alibi

    Ed Whelan was the creative genius behind RapeyK’s 4th alibi.

    Alibis to date:

    1. He wasn’t there.

    2. What party? (Yes, in that order.)

    3. I don’t know her.

    4. (And Whelan’s baby:) “White guys at prep school look alike, so it wasn’t RapeyK, it was this guy.”

    It looks like Whelan searched the yearbook to find the picture that most closely resembled RapeyK’s, and that was how they chose the random guy they accused. (lawsuit?) Never mind that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had known RapeyK prior to the incident, and says she 100% did not mistake him.

    Stay with me.

    RapeyK says that wasn’t an alibi anyone helped him with… especially not the PR firm hired by the White House.

    Ed Whelan’s Troubles Might Be Just Beginning

    Whelan and RapeyK deny they conspired to come up with that story… got it, okay. Bullshit. Remember, RapeyK is a serial liar.

    Kavanaugh ally says he did not communicate with White House or Supreme Court nominee about theory of another attacker

    The bigger question is— WTF What is GrASSley’s role in this? Was he directly involved in the smear campaign against Dr Ford? Was the firm he hired behind the hacking and death threats?

    RapeyK could have used his old friends who hacked the Democratic Senators e-mails in 2002.

    The GOP (boys club) is protecting RapeyK in so many ways.

    Senator GrASSley continues to call this a “he said, she said situation.” Meanwhile he directs his effort to making it a “he said she said situation.”

    This case has evidence:

    • Circumstantial evidence, other students’ accounts and putting him at the party, etc.
    • Contemporaneous evidence, the notes her therapists took years ago when she discussed the experience, a marriage counselor’s notes from years back, having told her husband about the attack years before.

    GrASSley is refusing to allow evidence to be a part of the hearing. (boys club)

  • Dr Christine Blasey Ford wants the other man who was in the room and played a part in the attack, Mark Judge, to testify, but he doesn’t want to. They will not subpoena him. (boys club)
  • Mark Judge, other man in room, won’t testify about Christine Blasey Ford’s Brett Kavanaugh claim – Washington Times

    More facts:

    At the time of the attack, RapeyK’s mother worked for the Maryland State’s Attorney’s office. (More reason for a 15 year old girl to keep the attack to herself.)

    Two days ago, Republican Maryland Governor Hogan, says there will be no investigation of Kavanaugh allegations on a state level. (boys club)

    Gov. Hogan rules out state police investigation of Kavanaugh allegations

    Also two days ago, the Maryland police chief says he is prepared to investigate’ Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault.

    Maryland police chief ‘prepared to investigate’ Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault

    So who are you going to believe?

    I don’t know who I believe, but Governor Hogan is up for re-election in two months, Ford has waited this long, what’s two more months?

    It’s not difficult to connect the dots from RapeyK to the GOP and Trump/Russia. None of this will end well for these guys.

    I hope November 6 is a fair election.

    * UPDATE—

    *A new story with allegations, by a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s, regarding a sexual assault. This is the Jane Meyer and Ronan Farrow story mentioned above.

    The link below to a story just published in the New Yorker is a must read. The most compelling information, in my opinion, is offered not by the woman who was assaulted, but by an ex-girlfriend of Mark Judge, “the other guy in the room.” Please read to the end.

    Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from the Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years, by His Yale Classmate Deborah Ramirez

    Game of Trump

    Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment – The New York Times

    Everyone, even FAUX news, is reporting that this 👆🏼New York Times story is factually incorrect, and is a “set up,” dictated to NYTimes, who are either in on it or really bad at their job. Word is this gives Trump his excuse to fire Rosenstein, whom he would replace with someone more pliantly willing to fire Special Council Robert Mueller.

    Mueller is now investigating $3 million dollars that changed hands on June 3, 2016. That was the day Don Jr received an email requesting his presence at a treason meeting at Trump Tower. You’ll remember his response: “If it’s what you say it is, I love it. Especially later in the summer.” The $3 million changed hands between two people at that (nothing burger) meeting.

    I believe the NY Times “bombshell” story serves another purpose as well:

    It takes the attention off blackout drunk, frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavanaugh. Trump was doing so good, but he couldn’t keep his fingers still, ignoring his staff’s request that he remain silent on the subject… he tweeted:

    Outraged? Many people are, but the NY Times story worked. It knocked Kavanaugh out of the headlines.

    What had been in the news was Dr Ford, the woman who Judge Kavanaugh (allegedly🙄) assaulted and attempted to rape, requested an FBI investigation, standard procedure with every other SCOTUS, and was flatly refused.

    Dr Ford has been receiving death threats. Her email was hacked and someone impersonated her online with the intention of smearing her. This forced her and her family to go into hiding, and her offer to appear and testify needed to be modified.

    Seeing this as their opportunity to keep this credible witness from testifying, the GOP refused to accommodate her. “Monday, or we are taking a vote on Kavanaugh”. ~Chuck grASSley

    Dr Ford was silent for a day, weighing her options. Republican Senator, Chuck grASSley, announced his “repeated attempts to contact her, eager for a reason to vote without anymore talk of Ford.

    Ford’s attorney contacted the judiciary staff saying she is “willing to testifying next Thursday in a public hearing in Washington assuming her safety is guaranteed, Kavanaugh testify first and no outside counsels question her. She wants them to subpoena Mark Judge,” (the other guy in the room.)

    The outside counsel request was due to reports that the GOP panel was considering retaining a defense attourney, who specializes in sexual assault cases, to question her. They want a specialist to ambush her.

    The GOP made a counter offer, between coaching Kavanaugh:

    No to everything, except a postponement until Wednesday, not Thursday.

    Mental health break.

    Okay, I’m better.

    Then there were attempts to garner sympathy for blackout drunk frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavenaugh. He is very upset because he’s getting hate emails, so he wants to get this over with, for the sake of his family.

    He owes his family an apology, and he owes Dr Ford an apology, and he owes me, all of America, and planet earth an apology, because he did this.

    Mitch McConnell is unfazed by the uproar against kavanaugh.


    I love Mazie.❤️ Senator Mazie Hirono (D/HI), my new hero, has held several press conferences speaking out against the poor treatment of Kavanaugh’s victim, by the GOP, and all men.

    “Guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.”

    With regards to Chuckie grASSley’s earlier claim that Republicans had done everything they can to contact Dr. Ford, The Senator said:


    And the crescendo:

    “I’ve been fighting these fights for a — I was going to say f-ing long time. I want judges who are fair and qualified and care about individual and civil rights. If that’s considered liberal, as opposed to what I call justice and fairness, as I am wont to say, ‘F*** them!’ “

    Kavanaugh’s fabricated wholesome family man, girls basketball team coach, persona is beginning to sour. People who know him are coming forward. This week I included in several of my posts, essays written by the ghosts of frat boy’s past, (his peers didn’t think he was a good guy.) But now:

    “Harvard Law Students Say School Should Reconsider Brett Kavanaugh’s Teaching Job”

    Harvard Law Students Say School Should Reconsider Brett Kavanaugh’s Teaching Job

    And Yale won’t be outdone:

    Yale Law dean: Reports that professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh “of enormous concern.”

    Yale Law dean: Reports that professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh ‘of enormous concern’

    Here is a sampling of the opinions of people who knew both Kavanaugh and Ford in high school:

    I hope the reason Ford is postponing her testimony for the senate is because she’s busy filing a criminal complaint against both Kavanaugh and his buddy, Mark Judge. He was the one who helped push her into the bedroom and locked the door.

    She has grounds to file complaints for kidnapping as well as sexual assault. And there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in Maryland. (According to a Harvard law professor.👇🏼)

    Since Republicans refuse to allow the FBI to investigate her allegations of sexual assault as part of the vetting process, the state can do it.

    Meanwhile, the attacks on Dr Ford, first by Kavanaugh, and now by the GOP, are a joke to a certain faction of society. South Carolina Republican Representative, Ralph Norman tried out a new joke during a debate yesterday:

    “Did y’all hear the latest late-breaking news on the Kavanaugh hearings? Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out that she was groped by Abraham Lincoln.”

    Rep Norman is a pig. I hope this failed attempt at humor, disrespecting Ginsberg, a great woman, and timed to injure Dr Ford, costs him his re-election.



    This game isn’t over.

    Lying to Congress is Okay

    Lying to Congress under oath is apparently not a problem, everyone does it: Betsy Devos, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Steve Mnuchin, Tom Price, Don Jr, Brett Kavanaugh… I’m unclear on why the formality of swearing someone in continues… perhaps nostalgia or tradition.

    Brett Kavanaugh wants to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

    Everyday I tell myself- this is the last time I’ll write about him, but he’s just such a jackass, I can’t stop. Anyway…

    He has been a federal judge since he lied under oath in 2006. You may remember one of his more noteworthy judgements:

    By now you know Kavanaugh has been accused of a sexual assault which (allegedly🙄) occurred at a party when he was 17.

    There was another person besides Kavanaugh and the victim involved, someone else present during the (alleged🙄) incident.

    Kavanaugh’s classmate, accomplice and good friend, who ironically is named Mark Judge, was the guy who (allegedly🙄) helped Kavanaugh push the then 15 year old girl, Dr Blasey Ford, into a bedroom, locked the door and turned up the music… (while Kavanaugh physically attacked her, covering her mouth so no one could hear her screams) that guy. He won’t testify. He doesn’t want to.

    What’s his problem?

    Mark Judge wiped out his social media, so that’s not open for investigation, but he has waxed eloquent several times regarding his days of partying in high school, saying he is “SHOCKED” about the things he got away with.

    He may have (allegedly🙄) jinxed himself.

    Mark Judge has described the high school he and Kavanaugh attended as “POSITIVELY SWIMMING IN ALCOHOL”, saying: “I’m a blackout drunk.”

    Mark Judge wrote on one page of his yearbook: “Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.” His page also references “100 kegs or bust” and “Alcoholics Unanimous [Founder].”

    He also wrote a memoir in 1997, “Wasted: Tales of A GenX Drunk.”

    He’s an upstanding member of society.

    This is Mark Judge today. When he was recently asked about the (alleged🙄) sexual assault, he said: “I never saw Kavanaugh behave the way Dr Fords described.” Makes perfect sense that a “blackout drunk” wouldn’t remember.

    Someone remembers Mark Judge well:

    Back to wannabe SCOTUS, Brett Kavanaugh’s, high school yearbook similarly includes references to the “Keg City Club” and “100 kegs or bust.” It also includes a reference to the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, one possible interpretation of which is slang for a sexual situation involving two men and a woman.

    Again, Mark Judge doesn’t want to testify, and he has not been subpoenaed. He may not want to testify because he knows he is not a credible witness.

    That never stopped Brett Kavanaugh. The more you know about him the less credible he becomes, which is why the GOP has hidden 93% of his records.

    Dr Christine Blasey Ford is credible.

    The two frat boys should be worried. She could, and should, still file criminal charges against them for what they did to her in high school. Maryland has no statute of limitations for rape or for assault.

    The following is a letter of support a classmate wrote on her behalf and posted on Facebook:

    A tweet on behalf of Dr Ford by another classmate:

    And by someone who was part of Kavanaugh’s group, an essay on the website talkingpointsmemo.com/news/kavanaugh

    Kavanaugh, who has lied very hard to be the next SCOTUS, has the sympathy of Donald Trump, Chuck (I’d like to cage fight you) Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch… to name a few. To them this is an inconvenience.

    “This has been a drive-by shooting when it comes to Kavanaugh . . . I’ll listen to the lady, but we’re going to bring this to a close.” ~Senator Lindsey Graham

    He also said this confirmation needs to happen “ASAP.”

    Kavanaugh is the victim to them.

    These GOP members of the Senate Confirmation Hearing want Dr Christine Blasey Ford to testify to them rather than allow the FBI to investigate first. Chuck Grassley says there is no need for an FBI investigation.

    Hmm… not a woman among them.

    What’s the rush anyway?

    Are MORE allegations coming out?

    Federal court employees just accused Kavanaugh of helping to cover up sexual misconduct by his boss

    Only if you count the 15 former employees, of former Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, who mentored Kavanaugh, then yes there are more allegations. The 15 women have (alleged🙄) Kavanaugh was aware of his mentor’s sexual misconduct, covered for him, and lied under oath regarding the matter(again with the lying.) The 15 accusers say they have receipts.

    Dr Ford, the actual victim, was willing to appear, as requested, next Monday to share her story. Since her name has become public, her computer and email have been hacked, she has been ridiculed, and she has had several death threats. Because of the death threats, Ford and her family have been forced to move out of their home and hire security.

    The threats impelled her, via her attorney, to request an FBI investigation into the matter prior to her appearance at the Senate Confirmation Hearings.

    Trump is standing in the way of an FBI investigation.

    Grassley and his gang are saying are happy (allegedly🙄) to give Ford a fair hearing as long as she does everything their way:

    1. Monday

    2. No FBI

    3. Kavanaugh and Ford will be the only witnesses.

    To recap:

    • Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to talk to the FBI.
    • Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend, and accomplice, does not want to talk to the FBI.

    Why not?

    They know that unlike lying under oath to congress, lying under oath to the FBI has consequences.

    I’d bet there are more women out there who have stories about Kavanaugh.

    Senator Collins Has Never Been “Undecided”

    There is a movement among the masses known as “crowdfunding”. Citizens have used social media to pledge donations to the political opponents of those politicians who they feel are not representing them well. Senator Susan Collins of Maine is among the most recent targets of crowdfunding.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised, to be paid to the campaign of Senator Collins’ opponent, in the event she votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. Kavanaugh is the judge who has perjured himself multiple times with hopes of being confirmed. If this was any other point in history he wouldn’t have come this far.

    The amount of money raised against Collins is enough to have garnered the attention of said Republican Senator from Maine. She has called it bribery.

    Think about it. It is pathetic that in order for politicians to do their jobs, represent those who voted them in, vast amounts of money needs to be infused to even garner their attention.

    Using money to influence federal legislators is something lobbyists do regularly, and it has served them well.

    For example, “bribes” are the reason our prescription drug costs have skyrocketed. “Bribes are the reason the price of pharmaceuticals drugs used in hospitals is exponentially higher than the ridiculous prices already paid. “Bribes” are the reason insurance companies decide our healthcare treatment rather than our doctors. Bribes are the reason the GOP tax scam bill passed. Bribes are what drives politics today, not the people who elect those enriching themselves as they turn their backs on their people.

    I’ve listed Collins among those who are “undecided” with regards to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as SCOTUS. Her phone number and email address have been in several of my recent posts.

    I was mistaken. Senator Collins is feigning indecision. She never had any intention of voting no to the man who will decimate women’s rights, the rights of labor, healthcare, contraception, money in politics, voting rights, LGBT rights, executive power…

    Her husband is lobbyist Thomas Daffron of Jefferson Consulting Group. He is on the payroll of Russian oligarchs. There is no question as to whether Senator Collins is compromised.

    This explains her voting pattern, and the policy of those who answer her phones. If you call Collins’ office, in order to voice your opinion that she should vote no, the person who answers the phone will tell you they’ll pass along your message. They’ll do so without taking note of the call even keeping a tally of calls.

    Regardless of what her constituents in Maine have to say, Collins belongs to the Senate Majority. This speaks to the high level of corruption in the GOP, and this is why the GOP will not survive Donald Trump.

    Russia controls the GOP, often via millions of dollars funneled through the NRA. Republican members of Congress do not represent their constituents.

    Don’t let Collins fool you; she was always a yes vote.

    Incidentally, in the past two months, while we have been focused on Kavanaugh, the GOP has confirmed twenty six district court and federal appeals judges.

    They are worried, as they should be, they’ll lose the majority in November. They’re scrambling to do what they can to protect themselves and their political agendas before that happens.

    Republicans Confirmed A Lot Of Judges While Everyone Was Focused On Brett Kavanaugh

    This is the list, again, of Senators who claim to be undecided with regards to their SCOTUS vote. Collins is at the top of the list.

  • Susan Collins
    • ME: 207-784-6969
    • DC: 202-224-2523

    Lisa Murkowski

    • AK: 907-271-3735
    • DC: 202-224-6665

    Joe Donnelly

    • IN: 317-226-5555
    • DC: 202-224-4814

    Joe Manchin

    • WV: 304-342-5855
    • DC: 202-224-3954

    Heidi Heitkamp

    • ND: 701-258-4648
    • DC: 202-224-2043

    If you prefer to email, the link below is complete list of senators with email addresses. It tells you who has committed to vote yes or no, and who is leaning toward a vote, and who remains completely undecided. For many, like Collins, their professed stance is purely theater.

    SCOTUS Senators Tracker

    I still believe our Senators should be called or emailed daily.

    Please urge people to vote. This is, without question, the single most important primary election this country has had. Every vote matters.

    Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

    Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

    **Update, New information on Kavanaugh added on 9/13/2018 2:44 est.

    Senator Dianne Feinstein received a letter concerning Brett Kavanaugh. She has passed the information, which pertains to sexual misconduct, on to the FBI.

    The senate vote has been postponed until next week.

    ***Update to my update 9/13 6:37pm est

    According to Matt Zapotosky, Washington Post:

    The FBI does not plan to launch a criminal investigation of Kavanaugh regarding these new allegations; instead the bureau passed the information on to the White House as an update to Kavanaugh’s background check… of course. 🙄

    A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    If you haven’t yet, watch the new documentary “Active Measures,” released on Saturday August 31, and available on: iTunes, Hulu, or in Theaters.

    I’ve watched it… twice. (Dork)

    I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on over the past two years, trying to understand what happened to the US government, and I thought I had a firm grasp in my comprehension. This film fills in blanks, puts facts together, events in order, adds particulars I was unaware of, and adds suspenseful background music. 😳

    Several well informed people participated in the documentary, including the man of the week, Senator John McCain, President Hillary Clinton (yes she is), several former members of the CIA and FBI, etc.

    The film starts at the beginning (strange choice) with a brief Russian history lesson. It details the rise of Vladimir Putin, explains Paul Manafort, exposes Trump, and tells of all the others.

    If you think Russia is our friend, you are wrong, and that point is driven home in this film.

    I took notes, because I’m a nerd.

    I’m giving you my notes so you can relax and watch the film.

    (Advice on improving my note taking skills is welcome.)
    Divide and conquer—
    Brexit, Nato Alliance, Destroy the EU,
    Murders journalists and all opposition
    Cyber war:
    Social media propaganda
    Trolls- real people
    Theft of data
    White supremaaiat xenophobia rallying
    Purchase of power plants
    Systematic outages in winter
    Money laundering (👈🏻👆🏼👇)Non-transparent Shell Corp – Grand Cayman – undetectable.
    (I’m hungry)
    (Still hungry)
    Tillerson friendship award by Putin
    Facilitated Alignment with Putin’s regime
    Sanctions 19% of $500 billion arctic exploration deal
    Drilling enterprise
    Obama sanctions
    In December exactly 19% of rosneft sold
    Chief of staff of rosneft assasinated
    Not limited to what we know now
    “the biggest Intelligence breach in history of the world.”
    (Pause to comfort dog due to loud thunderstorm)
    (I wonder if a Google search of the word idiot still brings the same result…)

    Yes, it does.)

    Back to film:
    Manafort mumbling “that’s what he said what I said what opposition is” (reminds me of Robert Kardashian’s face when OJ was found not guilty of murdering his ex wife and her friend.)
    Trump tried to remove imposed sanctions immediately.
    Trump will not implement new sanctions.
    Conspicuous coverup.
    Claiming a new plan to join forces to fight cyber warfare

    Putin and I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things, will be guarded..” Trump tweet after Helsinki
    The world sees it.
    (Peppermint tea break)
    Exposure via financial dealings
    Obstruction of justice conspiracy Aiding and abetting aid and comfort-treason
    We have done nothing to prepare from future cyber attacks


    Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office because Putin wanted him there.

    My question— Hillary told us everything about Trump/Russia in her debates with Trump. She was IGNORED.


    No hanging organ?


    Russians is actively engaged in a cyber war against the US. They hacked our presidential election, and they’re already at work on the next one. The GOP has done nothing to prevent it from happening again.

    Good point.

    Watch the film, share your thoughts.

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    Active Measures | Super Ltd