Can I Get A— “What About Her Emails?!”

Which title to use? There are so many possibilities:

  • Donald Trump— “I Alone Can Fix It.”
  • Irony, hypocrisy, and the GOP
  • “So Much Winning”
  • A GOP Day… Without Government
  • America, the Worlds New Shithole.
  • “So Much Winning!”
  • The Government is Closed for Business

You get the idea. Today felt like Christmas morning… in that I didn’t know what I would find when I woke up.

After GOP leaders locked Democrats out of negotiations and instead sat with lobbyists to write tax legislation, that they passed on their own, they demanded Democrats sign the check. This standstill continued when I fell asleep… face in popcorn.

I woke weary with anticipation and looked at the news headlines on my phone with some satisfaction. I found the Democrats did not completely roll over to enable the failure that is Donald Trump to continue.

In fact, this was not a vote that went along party lines. There were a number of crossovers from both parties. Several Democrats from Red states voted yes to the proposed budget, and several Republicans voted no. More specifically, the following Republicans also voted against the budget— Senator Flake, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Lindsey O. Graham. Own it Mr. President.

In the end Mitch A.(Am-I-a-turtle) McConnell and Paul E.(Eats-small-children) Ryan did not have the votes. We can guess who they blame.

He who holds power of the majority, in all branches of government shall blame the minority, (democrats), for their own political impotence. — I am pretty sure that’s in the constitution.

Paul Ryan, who received government assistance as a child, tried to use children’s healthcare to shame members of congress into supporting their policies. In order to balance the tax cuts for Koch Industries, and Wells Fargo, and Pfizer, and Goldman Sacs, and Walmart and Apple and Exxon and etc. Ryan held a press conference implying that those who vote no “don’t want healthcare for kids.”

McConnell tweeted a similar sentiment.

Mitch McConnell is a no-brainer… literally. CHIP expired three months ago and the GOP could have reauthorized it at any time. They did not.

… and let’s try that old standby now

Can I Get A—

“What About Her Emails!?!”

What happens now that there is no government?

The Ten Commandments of Government shut down.

  1. The middle class shall get screwed. Government employees go on immediate unpaid leave.
  2. Thou shalt exclude politicians from unpaid part of #1. Politicians shall receive pay continuance.
  3. Thou shalt not attain passport. Who wants to leave this shithole anyway?
  4. Mail will prevail. Rain, sleet, snow, government shut down, nor hail, shall ever stop the US mail.
  5. Thou shalt not receive word of financial aid for college. Because planning for college isn’t stressful enough.
  6. Air Traffic Control, and Essential Military and Defense shall continue. Those who planned ahead with their passports can expect all typical ATC delays, of which they are accustomed, to proceed as usual.
  7. Thou shall not be ticketed for enjoying Dog Parks without permits. Grab your dog, Fish Face, and head over to the forest preserve dog park, No one will be on duty to ticket those without permits. (Don’t take my word on that, and it’s very muddy this time of year, so dress accordingly.)
  8. Mueller shall carry on his investigation.
  9. Grandma shall receive her social security and Medicare, (although perhaps delayed.)
  10. Donald S. (Stable Genius)Trump will golf on your dime. But you knew that.

How the press is covering this:

MSNBC: There’s a government shutdown looming.

CNN: shutdown 2018.

FOX: Searching the Woods for Hillary Clinton. Yep, it’s true.

In summation, McConnell did not even have 50 Republican votes, so he can not, (but will), blame Democrats.


  • It has been a year since the Women’s March and we trod on, marching around the world again today.


  • In an attempt to redeem themselves Deutsche Bank reported questionable transactions involving President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, to German securities regulators and will forward the info to special prosecutor Robert Mueller.
  • The FBI is investigating whether top Russian banker Alexander Torshin, who has close ties to the Kremlin, sent money to the NRA to help President Trump win the election. – Mclatchy reports
  • Oh…marosa is lawyering up, word is she may have secretly taped White House conversations. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

Happy Anniversary Donald Trump… is this what Happy is?


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Walmart, By the Numbers

Trump and his spawn, and those members of the GOP who pushed hard on the tax-scam are using recent Walmart news as an example of how their corporate tax cut is working for the American people.

This week Walmart announced plans to gift employees a bonus, the average amount being $190 to each of their 1.4m US employees. After federal taxes that comes to $142.50 for each employee.

This bonus will cost Walmart a total of $266m.

Walmart had revenue of $480 billion in 2016 according to Fortune Global 500.

Walmart corporation also owns Sam’s Club. At the same time Walmart was announcing a one time bonus of $142.50 for their underpaid employees, 11,025 Sam’s Club employees showed up for work to find the doors closed and locked.

11,025 employees spread across the country in cities like— Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Dayton, Mt Olive NJ, Syracuse, Rochester, Holland MI,, San Antonio, West Allis, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Jamestown, City of Industry CA, Manchester CT, Tampa, Lithonia GA, Batavia IL, Matteson IL, Naperville IL, Owing Mill Md, Goshen IN, Baton Rouge LA, Romeoville IL, Streamwood IL, Wheeling IL, Budd Lake NJ, Cincinnati, Loveland OH, Memphis, Renton WA, and Seattle—

were laid off without notice.

11,025 full-time employees lost jobs that paid them an average of $11/ hour this = $252m in annual wages

$266m, a 1X bonus for some Walmart employees

-$252m, a permanent loss in wages for Walmart’s/Sam’s Club employees

The layoffs more than offset the bonuses.

The Trumps are very happy to announce the bonuses and take credit.

The fact that Walmart’s Sam’s Club simultaneously announced massive LAYOFFS for 11,025 employees— fired without notice isn’t worth mentioning.

These are 11,025 people the Trump family can not relate to, enduring problems the Trumps will never understand, or even acknowledge.

McConnell, the GOP, Donald Trump, Trump Junior, and Ivanka Champaign Popsicle, pick and choose the part of the story that suits their narrative, to evoke the desired response, big picture be damned.


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GOP Tax Plan Passes Senate and the Wealth Gap Widens

“The American people wanted change. We were able to deliver.” Republican Senator John Brarrasso

The GOP prioritizes the wants of it’s financial contributors above the needs of American tax payers.

“My donors are basically saying: ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again’” -Republican Rep. Chris Collins

“Donors are furious” -Republican Senator Cory Gardner

“The financial contributions will stop” -Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

At approximately 2 am Saturday December 2, 2017, the senate passed the GOP tax plan.

“Not a single Democrat thought the tax plan was a good idea.” -Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said with a smirk.

This plan will not help the middle class. It is a gift to the wealthy, and gives U.S. corporations more provisions to ship jobs overseas, and that is precisely where the wealthy will hide more of their spoils.

The bill adds $1.47 trillion to the deficit, while it takes a first step toward dismantling healthcare, leaving 12 million more Americans uninsured.

Healthcare does not exist in the dystopian world of Donald Trump and his GOP America, not when the cost of it can be dispersed among people like Trump, his billionaire supporters, and his his co-conspirator cabinet members.

Those who voted were given a 478 printed page copy, many of which had illegible handwritten changes added, just a few hours before the vote. They were not given the time to read it, but that was by design. Had there been time to read it, perhaps it wouldn’t have been successful in it’s vote.

Senators voted along party lines— Democrats unanimously voted no, republicans voted yes, with the exception of 1 republican, Senator Bob Corker who voted no. The final vote was 51 to 49. The bill now only needs to clear two small hurdles before it is enacted.

Despite proof of the opposite, Mitch McConnell and other republicans continue to promise economic growth will be triggered by corporate tax cuts and that in turn will offset the deficit. Several CEO’s have said they will not re-invest the money in jobs. This money will not trickle down, nor was it meant to.

We may as well give the Statue of Liberty back the the French. This bill changes America into a country that doesn’t take care of its elderly, its sick, or its impoverished. It makes cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and it dismantles the American healthcare system for the sole purpose of giving more money to the 1% of the population who already own 38% of the country’s wealth.

Trump will have this as his single victory before he is removed from office. Republican’s strategy to ignore Trump’s crimes of treason and his violations of the Emoluments Clause has paid off as they have succeeded in their ultimate goal which is seemingly to increase the wealth gap.

This will be the end the GOP. Rest assured, the bill will be short lived, because first on the agenda for the next administration will be to reverse it. Who knows how long it will be before we take back the government back from Putin. I suggest those of you in the top 1% offshore your new riches asap.


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GOP Believe Their Tax Plan Will Pass

How is it the GOP is confident their tax plan will pass? When did healthcare cuts become part of the tax bill?

“Apparently somewhere between the salad course and the entree, it was decided that permanent corporate tax cuts should be paid for, in part, by kicking 13 million Americans off their health care and raising premiums for millions more,” ~Senator Ron Wyden, Top Democrat on Finance panel

This tax bill is a covert attempt to gut healthcare, but the GOP somehow believes it’s different than previous failed attacks on ACA. Why? This bill gives money to the billionaires who make large donations to campaign funds of GOP members, so more congressional republicans are likely to vote yes to keep their cash cows lactating.

Those GOP members who were outspoken when they voted against the previous attacks on healthcare might put greed over the health needs of average Americans, the same ones who voted them into office, in exchange for continued campaign donations.

As of Wednesday—

“Imagine taking more than $300 billion from older and sicker people who need health insurance, and giving that $300 billion to big corporations and wealthy people as a tax cut. That’s the GOP plan.” ~ Robert Reich:

Senator Claire McCaskill confronted GOP congressmen Orin Hatch as he lied about where the money to fund the tax cut will come from.

Other lies put forth by the GOP in attempts to quell public outrage:

  • “This is a tax cut for the middle class.”

This is a tax increase for those who earn $50,000 or less, and many of those are the same people who will lose healthcare.

  • “Giving corporate giants money back will allow them to invest in more jobs.”

In fact, CEO’s have stated they will NOT create jobs or use their extra money for anything other than personal enrichment.

Someone (Mitch) hasn’t gotten the memo that Americans want to keep ACA—

“This bill will effectively repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate tax so that we can provide even more tax relief to low- and middle-income families,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—

This is a tax cut for the people who need it the least, the wealthiest 1% who already possess 38% of the nations wealth, and a healthcare repeal for the poor and middle class, wrapped up in 1 big shitty bill.

“I know the House is going to pass this bill. I’m one of those people who believes failure is not an option.” ~ House GOP Whip Steve Steve Scalise

Since we are discussing taxes, I would like to point out, while Trump and his people don’t want to contribute their own tax dollars, they have no problem spending other, poorer people’s money.

  • Taxpayers are funding Donald Trump’s legal defense for lawsuits against his private businesses, paying for at least 10 DOJ lawyers and paralegals.
  • Mike Pence spent over $14,000 in tax dollars on local police on his staged NFL stunt, during which he dramatically left the Indianapolis stadium in disgust when football players kneeled during the national anthem. The total cost for Pence to fly from Las Vegas, to Indianapolis for the game, $242,500 and that was all for less than 1 minute’s entertainment made on behalf of Donald Trump, and paid for by you and me.
  • We all remember Steve Mnuchin and his latest and most evil trophy wife flying around chasing the eclipse on our tax dollar.

Our money and our health mean nothing to the people “we” (Putin) voted into office to represent us. It’s time to let them know we do not approve.

To acquire contact numbers for your specific members of Congress—

Or Call Congress with one number: 1-844-USA-0234

CALL ALL Senators today at: (202) 224 – 3121


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Nice Words from Another Politician

Jeff Flake gave a speech touted as “One of the best political speeches of our time.” In it, Flake claimed that to stay in Trump’s Senate would be complicitity: “We have again forgotten who we are supposed to be. There is a sickness in our system — and it is contagious. How much more damage to our democracy and to the institutions of American liberty do we need to witness in silence before we count ourselves as complicit in that damage?”

Bob Corker, also not planning to seek re-election, spoke out against Trump days before Flake did, calling Trump out on his countless “untruths” and warning Trump should not have the Nuclear codes, and “he is not a role model.”

By not seeking re-election these two Senators are not hurting Donald Trump, they are removing all competition for Trump appointees. If they were sincere in wanting to fight, they’d stay on and use the power of their votes and their voices as senators to do so… but they have proven they are incapable of voting for the American people.

While we were once again distracted by these GOP antics, we lost something else we needed. As Senators Corker and Flake commandeered media attention, speaking out against Trump, and Trump responding as any 12 year old boy would, we didn’t see what the Senate was doing, including Senators Corker and Flake…and Senator John McCain. They were voting to dismantle more consumer safeguards. 

Why did bankers on Wall Street rally yesterday? 

They were celebrating the gift they received from the GOP Senate: The Senate showed their true colors once again voting along party lines- 51-50, red wins. 

This win gives banks immunity when cheating consumers. No more law suits against deceptive credit card practices, no retribution against fraudulent financial advisors. Consumers now have no protections against Wall Street bankers whose greed was proven when they shouldered us into the big recession of 2007. 
This is the second big repeal of bank regulations, put in place to protect consumers, since Trump took office. 

By giving banks free reign, Trump is following through with his campaign promises, not the promises he made to those who bought his $40 MAGA hats. Those people stand to lose much more than the $40. cost of the hats.

Trump is dolling out Tax cuts for his billionaire donors, and Senator Corker voted for Trump’s tax plan— to add 4 trillion dollars to the US deficit and give most of that money to corporate giants and the billionaires who run them. 

If all the GOP resign in protest, Trump will fill their positions with more pliable yes people, but will we end up worse off than we are now? What we have now are politicians who say what’s right, but vote against it.


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Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Approved by GOP Senate

We Americans are easily distracted by Trump’s three ring circus, myself included, and that is when the GOP takes the opportunity to strike. 

The GOP does not work for the American majority, they work for the extremely wealthy, and the corporate giants of America. 

This past week, while master illusionist Trump was tweeting about uranium, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were at work again. They work for a small faction of the population who in fact own the GOP. 

The GOP heavy Senate approved the tax bill on Friday voting along party lines— 

51 Republicans votes yes, 
49 Democrats votes no. 

The yeas have it. 

Billionaires win again. Who?

The Koch brothers own the GOP, the GOP control Congress, and this is their tax plan. 

Who are the Koch Brothers? Charles and David Koch own Koch Industries, the second-largest privately run business in America— among other things, the Koch brothers control 4000 miles of pipeline, they own oil refineries in Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota. The Koch brothers net worth increased by $12 billion last year bringing their total net worth to $80 billion…they don’t want to pay taxes, and they don’t want you to have health insurance.

Let’s not forget Trump’s benefactor Robert Mercer, he doesn’t like to pay taxes either, and he has an ongoing six billion dollar dispute with the IRS.

Republicans want to keep control of the House in 2018, so they’re offering up what they say is “tax cuts for everybody.” In reality, this tax cut is for corporate giants and billionaires, like the Koch brothers, and Robert Mercer, many of whom, with all the added loopholes, will end up paying no Federal taxes. 

Paul Ryan promises the middle class will see “significant tax cuts.” As we learned when we read Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan— Paul Ryan is a liar. This tax code is the counterpart to his healthcare plan. 

What we can expect with this tax plan— regardless of what Paul Ryan says, many middle class families will see an increase in their taxes, for example, standard deduction families take for each child will be capped. A family with three children will pay more. Small businesses will not benefit from the special deductions designed for the big guys either.

Remember the presidential debates when Clinton accused Trump of not paying taxes for the past twenty years? His response was “That makes me smart.” 

Trump has demonstrated, on a daily basis, he isn’t the smartest guy in any room he occupies…by any stretch of the imagination. He can’t string a simple sentence together that would get past a third grade teacher without red slashes and circles. He is in fact, like his oil friend Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says, a f*c*ing moron. (Not my words🤐.) You don’t have to be smart to hire an accountant who knows how to work a system set up to work in your favor.

Tax laws are already rigged for the wealthy and for corporate America, and this new GOP tax code adds 4 trillion dollars to the deficit and cuts funding to Medicare and Medicaid

“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to replace America’s failing tax codes,” ~Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell 

We are supposed to believe Mitch McConnell, the co-creator (along with Paul Ryan,) of the American Healtc Care Act? I don’t think so. 

This new tax plan adds 4 trillion to the deficit, and still cuts Medicare and Medicaid funding. How is that possible? It is possible because billionaires will receive a get out of taxes free card. 

With this rewritten GOP tax law, richest Americans pay lower tax rates than middle class families. 

“This nasty and backwards budget greenlights cuts to Medicare and Medicaid in order to give a tax break to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans,” ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Trump promised to eliminate tax credits and deductions for large corporations who hide money in the Cayman Islands, and for “smart” billionaires to take deductions. 

This tax bill is choc-full-o loopholes for billionaires. It will help multinationals ship jobs overseas, and corporate giants will still be allowed to hide money in the Cayman Islands.

Meanwhile small businesses pay in full.

Again, this plan ADDS 4 TRILLION to the deficit, yet cuts funding for Medicare and Medicaid.

It is time to fight back…AGAIN.


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