Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Donald Trump bemoans his plight of shame

Kellyanne Conway Confirms his blame

Urging people to read

New Zealand shooter’s creed

Trump inspired him, he’s mentioned by name

Shooter and Trump both display WhitePower sign.

“A symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose,” Kellyanne Conway’s description of Gunman’s thoughts on Trump

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,

Of New Zealand, shows what Trump can’t learn

She honored the dead

Hijab on her head

Funeral costs all paid in turn


24 hours had not yet passed

New Zealand’s gun laws changed, just that fast

Just one mass shooting

No convoluting

Two leaders, greed and good do contrast

Tomorrow: Trumpโ€™s Doomsday?

From more than one (3) reliable source

Mueller’s report drops, end the discourse

Tomorrowโ€™s the day

Friday of Fridays

The rule of law wins in the end… of course

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Beware the Ides of Trump | Spectator USA


The Pedophile (alleged) Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

There once was a man named Dershowitz

Came disarmed to each battle oโ€™wits

Heโ€™d defend each time

His cohorts, their crime:

Paid young girls to โ€œmassageโ€ their private bits


Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender who is friends with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, explained

Donald Trump investigations by House Democrats are โ€œgoing too far,โ€ top lawyer says

Kushnerโ€™s a Spy… a limerick

Why did Kushner need top secret clearance?

Lied 40 times but had perseverance

He needed a fix

5th Ave- 666,

Sold Saudis secrets… by all appearance


Security application denied

It was clear by omission he had lied

Trumpโ€™s interference

Demanded adherence

Kush will sell Saudis nukes, itโ€™s verified


Kushner is tied to the brutal killing

Of Khashoggi, Kush sold him, thus fulfilling

Part of his bargain

To Crown Prince Salmon

Espionage, whoโ€™ll stop it, whoโ€™s willing?

โ€œJared Kushnerโ€™s problem isโ€ฆhe is trading intelligence for favors. And the one thing we know he did is Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia said, bragged publicly that Jared Kushner brought him the names of all the tax cheats in Saudi Arabia and he carried out that massive sweep of Princes and billionaires and then extorted almost a trillion dollars of money that was being withheld out of them. And that came from U.S. intelligence.โ€ ~ Malcom Nance

Kushner Accused Of Selling State Secrets

The Trump administration wants to sell nuclear technology to the Saudis โ€” without a nuclear agreement. Thatโ€™s alarming.

Ask Jr… a poem

Your attorneys must have

Requested your silence

To your detriment

Your ego repels compliance

You claim Mueller may find

โ€œcrimes people did in past livesโ€

Do you mean reincarnation,

or previous wives?

I daydream as I observe

you dig this deep hole

Will it be an ankle monitor

or no parole?

Don Trump Jr hints Mueller may find crimes ‘people did in past lives — in 2006’

Don Junior, Traitor Tot… a poem

As a rule

itโ€™s detestable

to ridicule


even that

of an arrogant fool

Don Junior, a nothingburger

of a grown man

Traitor tot with

endangered species

bloodied hands

One willfully blinded

by crazed self-deception

To the extent

he maintains the


In 2024

heโ€™ll remain a free man

This treasonous traitor

has concocted a plan


for the bastardized office

of president

Of what?

His cellblock?

That has to be

what he meant

Donald Trump Jr hints he could run for president in 2024