When You’re Almost a Nazi

Jeff Sessions mandates you should know

Donald Trump has a way to go

Before he will be

A full fledged Nazi

His Kaiser mustache needs to grow

Sessions: Detention centers not like Nazi Germany

It’s odd he’d compare to down play

Nazis taking children away

Trump’s superior

Because the führer

Branded, Trump hasn’t… yet to-date

118,522 Disenfranchised Voters in L.A.

One hundred, eighteen thousand, five twenty two,

The number of Los Angelenos who

Arrived at their polling stations to vote,

Here’s what they were all told, please do take note:

Your name isn’t listed, sorry to say,

“A printing error”, you’ll not vote today.

Fill out a provisional ballot… hope

Your vote is counted but here’s the real dope:

“We apologize for the inconvenience and concern this has caused, voters should be assured their vote will be counted.” ~ L.A. County Registrar, Dean C. Logan

This oversight was in areas where

Counts are broadly Hispanic… do you care?

Does this pattern cause you to bat an eye?

My eyes are batting, and I’ll tell you why:

Russia elected Trump by just these means,

Hacked registrations and voting machines.

Excuses for problems fit a pattern.

Wake up people this is cause for concern.

118,522 voters accidentally left off Los Angeles County polling place rosters


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Donald Seems Worried… a limerick

Why is this innocent man concerned,

Planning his pardon once all is learned?

When Manafort flips

Trump’s dictatorship

Will be over, this court is adjourned.

A gift— I’m a humanitarian

Heed my advice, if you possibly can

Four words of hope:

“Soap on a Rope”

Try not to drop the lather, old man


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A Drop in the Bucket, Donald… a poem

Trump complains about Mueller’s expenses

$17 million and not without consequences

75 criminal charges have been brought

Against 22 defendants… and plea deals sought

Of those defendants now charged, 5 have pled guilty

1 so far has been sentenced… no “hoax” here to see”

How idiotic would a traitor have to be

To plead guilty to a hoax? Explain this to me.

In contrast:

Potus 45 in office 16 months to date

110 days golfing, is this worth debate?

Golf cost to taxpayers: $67 mill plus

Math is important, even to the treasonous

Trump Golf Count

67-17=$50 million more

Spent on golf than Mueller so, shut the front door

On Trump’s behalf let us compare witch hunts or yore

Do not let this distract from the current trade war:

Iran-Contra: $47 million.

Ken Starr: $52 million.


$17 mill Mueller spent, compare and contrast

The budget price, as to $15 trill, is vast

The cost Trump’s tax cut added to the deficit

Which top 1% and corporations collect


Donald was Put-In to power, not by US

The GOP turns a blind eye, (rhyme-word) treasonous

Someday those of us who did not purchase red hats

Will look back on these days and think… WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?


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Quiz: Are You A Racist?… a limerick

I’ve devised this simple test to see

If you’re a racist… and yes, it’s free

Look at these photos

Are you discomposed

By Roseanne or men on bended knee?


Screams the Anthem, grabs crotch, spits the ground

They protest injustice without sound

No need for a pen

If you answered: men

Then: Yes. Ignorance can be profound