U With the Uterus 

Hey! You with the uterus! 

Stop right there!

Drop that insurance card!

Hands in the air!

You suspected pregnancy 

And bought a urine test

Don’t try to pass it off as new— 

The condition pre-exists!

Mammograms and Pap smears

All your women’s needs

You expect them to be covered 

In your health plan? That’s just greed.

Rich old white male politicians 

Won’t vote to subsidize the cost

Of care to keep you healthy here

In America— democracy is lost

Though they all had mothers 

Who birthed them at one time

Do their moms see what happened 

To their Repugnant offspring? It’s a crime.

A tax cut has priority 

Over compassion and ethics

Viagra however— treats a condition 

Which never pre-exists

So, you with the uterus, 

Happy Mothers Day!

Of that uterus, what happens to it— 

By the way, you have no say

Though the senate won’t approve this bill, 

Their version keeps women under attack

Because it’s not orange, no it’s Women 

Women are the GOP’s new black

Colbert and Free Speech

Free speech is a right we all share

We may joke of ‘president millionaire’

Don’t like what you hear

When a TV host says queer

Then don’t watch Steven Colbert


Your outrage might be better spent

On world damage we might prevent 

Is it duplicitous

You don’t find unjust

Treason, healthcare, golf,—(taxes misspent)? 

What Kind of an Idiot is Michael Flynn? 

Hey Michael “lock her up” Flynn

It’s a world of trouble you’re in

Begged for immunity

A ploy for the guilty

I  hear a tiny violin…


Trump claims to “feel bad” for you

Blames Obama – but that’s nothing new

Will witness protection

Protect you from your sins

No matter- it’s prison time you’ll do


There is no need for you to confess

Nor to worry about loneliness

Your main partner in crime

Donald Trump in good time

Will join you as will all the rest


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Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association 

These are my expostulations

Of an event beyond imagination

An electoral college upset expectations

Installed thanks to Russian insinuation 

Leading to an arguably rainy inauguration 

Alternate truth— a Trump foundation 

Regardless of his cognitive limitations 

A crowd size yuge— with magnification

Popular vote loss— his preoccupation 

He employs his friends and their relations 

Both Kushners too— immediate integration

Trump commenced his weekly golf vacations

Million dollars a day—Melania’s tabulation

Trump extended family spring Vail infestation

Regardless of tax payers indignation

Worldwide anti Trump demonstrations

First on his list—eliminate banking regulations

Next—a laughable so called negotiation

With big-pharma on prices of medications

Healthcare bill- a promise fluctuation 

Without any diplomatic negotiations

Or foreign leader communication

They must read his daily twitter quotations

He has called obsolete—The United Nations

Put North Korean on notification

WWIII a prognostication

Ended U.S.immigration

Commenced immigrant deportations

The Constitution has seen depreciation 

To distract from Flynn’s capitulation 

He bombed Syria – a fabrication

Followed by Sean Spicer’s clipped summations 

False wire tapping accusations

Tax cuts only for corporations

Emoluments clause—a complication 

Fake charitable donations 

His indisclosed taxes—causing estimations 

Who needs environmental organizations 

Or a planet for future generations

Monthly ego re-fuel— by red hat crowd orations  

Sessions frequent racist exclamations  

Chaffetz emergency surgical declaration

Sarah Palin’s not surprising degradation 

Giuliani crazed agitation

Pence anti-female mastication

Countless ethics violations

Stone, Manafort, Cohen, Paige resignations

Russian hotel bladder assignations

Countless recriminations

Cayman Island fund diversifications 

Tillerson Exon-Mobile-Rosneft consideration 

All under FBI investigation 

Likely impeachment indications

Treason has it’s ramifications 

Is Russia or prison—Trump’s final destination?

A Trumpworthy Tax Plan 

* Warning- this limerick might be offensive to someone somewhere… 

Donald Trump has a new tax plan 

Not quite what he said when he ran 

Sorry SAD! middle class

For your well used crevass

This tax cut is just for THE MAN

~~~Corporate greed is the root of all evil.~~~

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Tillerson—Right Under Our Noses

Hey you—Rex Tillerson!

I just read what you did for Exxon 

Applied for a waiver

To do Russia a favor

So Rosneft and Exxon can be one


The waiver it seems was obtained

Sanctions for annexing Crimea contained

Rex’s White House job done

Has the drilling begun?

This abuse of power is unrestrained! 


Was this done as the bombs were dropped?

After a tweet when insults were swopped?

Thieves govern us

So, I’d like to discuss 

If and when these criminals will be stopped