Trump, the NRA, and Relativity… a limerick

Trump’s tweet begs your consideration

Empty words are his palliation

Shooting epidemic

Clearly symptomatic

NRA — pre-paid obligations


$30 mill for Stable G to be bribed

Stay the course- the NRA contrived

“New” age 21


(FYI) To rent a car you must be 25


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Friday Indictments… a poem

Friday is by far

the best day to indict

Ask Robert Mueller

he’ll tell you I’m right

3 firms

13 Russian Nationals conspired

In election tampering

Trump was desired

Defrauding U.S.,

charged with bank and wire fraud,

Identity theft…

Mueller gets my applauds

Fridays, I think…

“Who’ll be his next defendants?”

Stable Genius spends Thursdays

shitting his pants


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Today’s Curious News… a limerick

Rob Porters has a latest excuse

That his ex-wife’s black eye was a ruse

It was due to a fall

Not a physical brawl

She’s clumsy, it wasn’t abuse


First Trump’s lawyer called Stormy (porn star) “Fake News”

Now Michael Cohen’s claim in interviews,

He paid her off —this is funny—

With his personal money

Doesn’t his money come from Trump? I’m confused


FOX news interviewed Paul Ryan

He was impassioned, selling his new line

“We have a deficit crisis”

Due to medical prices

Entitlements must go- Can we blame him for trying?


He was paid-off, so blame him we can

For this deficit he was the frontman

He gave to the rich

Now the son of a bitch

Will kick grandma to the curb… as he’d planned


My last suspicious story today

Russian Sanctions, which were by the way,

Voted congressionally

By a Supermajority

Why aren’t we up in arms at their continued delay?


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Domestic Violence Explained… a limerick

White House Secretary Rob Porter

Whom Trump hired despite his disorder

Of reported abuse

Let’s not be obtuse

Listen to GOP supporters


Although photographed with a bruised face

Domestic violence may not be the case

Despite allegations

There’s an explanation

Hit by him? No, she was hit by a vase


My lifelong fear is now verified

I don’t keep vases where I reside

They stray from their places

Attack people’s faces

It’s no one’s fault. Is that clarified?


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Another Seat Turned Blue… a limerick

Dems continue to turn up the heat

Missouri— last night’s GOP defeat

A 28 point swing

Hear the roar—deafening

A blue wave has flipped 36 seats


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Trump Orders Stocks to Go Up… a limerick

The stock-market Trump presumes to dictate

And Press coverage must change— sans debate

Our bankruptcy king

Is just doing his thing

Secure your 401k— or is it too late?


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