Continuous Talking for Money… a limerick

Nobody knows the trouble he’s in

Nobody but Mueller and Putin

Murdoch owns the press

News pundits might guess

It’s near the end for Trumpelthinskin

Rupert Murdoch and President Trump: A Friendship of Convenience

Liar in Chief tells Propaganda TV News host: (limerick)

“I haven’t actually left the White House in months.” ~Donny Two Scoops, January 12, 2019


December 26, 2018

Did Agent Orange forget Iraq? Seems so

Staged photo-op, Seal Team 5 he exposed

Tangerine Tyrant,

Cadet Bonespurs spent

A 3 hour tour… Tweeto Benito

Dec 27, 2018

Hair Führer, Twitler, Lord Cheetolini

Red hats for troops “in harms way” Germany

BLOTUS Lyin King

Damage controlling

Angry Yam’s first visit… finally:


Manbaby Feltersnatch, Anita Wahl

In Texas with Cruz, speaking his faux drawl,

The “border crisis”

That doesn’t exist

Fat Nixon, Traitor Benedict Donald

Giuliani Will Proofread Mueller’s Report… a poem

Giuliani calls dibs on Mueller’s report

“Mueller’s not God” and he could use some support

We’ll change wrong answers, as a favor, for free

Then give it to congress, the public will see

There were no crimes, just like we said all along

So let me proofread it first, it could be wrong

Exclusive: Trump team should be allowed to ‘correct’ final Mueller report, says Giuliani

Trump Slump… a limerick

His motivation, self preservation

Forcing many on unpaid vacation

Meanwhile his top aids

Get a $10k raise

Don’t negotiate his resignation…

Shutdown halts civil court cases — including those against Trump

Congratulations, Members of the 116th Congress!

Real representatives of the masses

A tax hike for the Mercers and Kochs

Proposed on day one

The fights just begun

Go give’m Hell and hand them their asses!

(FYI: A 70% increase on taxes for the wealthiest 1%, who are currently paying almost nothing because the system is rigged by them for them… it’s not enough, but it’s a start.)

@ManInTheHoody – twitter, video credit

They’re Here…


“I think I would have been a good general, but who knows?” ~Donald Trump

Five time draft dodging U.S. Coward in Chief’s

Latest, and best yet, narcissistic belief

Captain Oblivious, General Disorder

Sad Major Racist “protecting” our border

They’re here…

Democratic House Majority today

Trump’s a cornered mouse for cat Nancy to slay

Indictments are coming the question is when

The order too… life is exciting again


Over 150 heads will roll

Some GOP Senators (Mitch McConnell)

Though it’s unsubstantiated conjecture

So was the Steele Dossier, all of it true