Wen Youre Name is Donald Trump

Wen youre name is Donald Trump you donut no how to spell?

Their, there, they’re- all work the same. And Your losers I can tel%

Geography is hard twoo — Gina; TieOne: Phillippines?

I avoid the US because Bob Mueller has subpoenes 

Middle East don’t care countries like the one we’re I am now

Hope Hicks my special ‘friend’. Travels with Milana ? Butt how

Shea’s happee to be rid of me–and she Putin her time

Besides I sed at 35 a woman’s past her prime

Periods and question marks and commas and ellipsis

I looked directly at the sun to learned what an eclipse is

My Nazi dad bought my degree from a school called Wharton 

They don’t like too mention it but theiy were pade a fortune

Speecking supremasists, herd the evangelical threats 

Of violence when I am impeeched…are we all Christian yet?

Weire led by pedophiles and swindlers and racists to boot

My religion requires tikis and a nazi salute

I love to body shame although it shows Eye have no class

I donut realize I have a glowing orange fat ass

American majority you are “haters and fools”

Eye insult US intel…because Putin says hees cool

It’s SAD! All the dicktaters do knot think I am thare frend 

Thay never liked Hillary. That’s whare arguments all end’


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Wealth Gap and Tax Cuts — A Poem

In the United States the richest 

1% of the population hold

38.6% of the wealth…what’s best 

Compared to a decade ago 


Back before the 2007 recession

That same top group held 33.7% 

Know that, and I’ll ask you a question

Do they need a tax cut of even a cent?


Consider– That 1% group at the top 

Have more than we 90% at back of the line

Money never “trickles down”–so stop

Believing it as your wealth declines


As you struggle to pay for food and rent

Know the gap: between 10% wealthiest

And the middle class is over 1000%

1000 more for the top 1%… greed at it’s best 


When they take tax cuts for themselves soon

And rob us of our health care

Steal retirement pensions and 401Ks

Think about those CEOs who dare


To earn in a single hour

What their average employee 

Néophytes with no earning power

Must work over a month to see


When you pull out your credit card to buy

Your groceries for the week

Remember the tax cut the GOP try

To give the rich– whose donations they seek

Owed by we fools the 90% who pay tax

73% of the debt, the nations bank notes

Those whores who won’t guard our backs

Know their names when you cast your votes


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Roy Moore–What Would Joseph Do?

Roy Moore is a Candidate for the Senate

He’s Alabama’s GOP reprobate

Thirty sources, four victims— he can’t deny

So he enjoys dating teens— and by the by

16 is the age of consent in that state

Middle aged men have desires they need to sate

The Grand Old Party now has problems twofold 

First: for Roy Moore–girls of 16 are too old

He prefers his victims young as 14

Oh yes there is more, and it’s just as obscene

The Alabama auditor, Jim Ziegler

As told to the ‘Washington Examiner’

Mary too was a teen the Bible says so

“Nothing immoral or illegal here”–No.

Carpenter Joseph, you have heard the story,

Married Mary, a child, so not to worry

Jesus Christ is now their justification

There’s no decency, this is a lost nation

The GOP is endorsing pedophiles

Proof will soon show — it is also Trump’s lifestyle 


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Victory Dance for Democracy 

GOP lost 2 govs alltogether

Dems gained 14 seats — latest measure

Results now finalized

Gloating’s undignified

As such, I’ll let others have the pleasure–


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Mueller Moves

And so this is how it begins,

He who bet on Manafort wins,

The first Trumpy to go.

This IS moving slow…

Who is next? Sources say Michael Flynn.

A link to the indictment —


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American Cacophony

Trump’s tweets, their tenor—Te Deum trilling offbeat tambourine 

The tone deaf GOP’s decline bellows “lowest ratings ever seen”

Score for Sarah Sanders solo sycophantic syncopation 

Her words ring false in resonance- that’s her chosen occupation

EPA is a-cappella as earth descends adagio

Pence preludes irrelevance with overused off key vibrato  

Tillerson sings the emperor-moron wears no clothes— new or old

Congress Democrats Republicans their music’s bought and sold

Paul Ryan’s rhythm is all wrong what’s playing isn’t tax reform 

Mitch McConnell stands mute behind him a maestro who misinforms 

Does Niger Trump Benghazi? John Kelly’s rising tempo intermezzo

Putin’s interlude, the chorus cries an overture crescendos

Billionaires steal 4 trillion, an ensemble, savant Trump’s inside job

Mysoginists and racists, take healthcare- with the help of Russian mobs

U.S. political programs lack all acoustic harmony

Be afraid— until 2018 this is our Cacophony