Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Donald Trump bemoans his plight of shame

Kellyanne Conway Confirms his blame

Urging people to read

New Zealand shooter’s creed

Trump inspired him, he’s mentioned by name

Shooter and Trump both display WhitePower sign.

“A symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose,” Kellyanne Conway’s description of Gunman’s thoughts on Trump

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,

Of New Zealand, shows what Trump can’t learn

She honored the dead

Hijab on her head

Funeral costs all paid in turn


24 hours had not yet passed

New Zealand’s gun laws changed, just that fast

Just one mass shooting

No convoluting

Two leaders, greed and good do contrast

Reality Winner is Still in Prison

Reality Winner, whistle blower, is still a political prisoner. Her attempts to warn the United States of election interference resulted in a firm 5.3 year prison sentence. History will remember her as a hero for attempting to sound an alarm, warning the country of Russian hacking. Right now, she’s doing time while traitors walk free.

Reality Winner, Former N.S.A. Translator, Gets More Than 5 Years in Leak of Russian Hacking Report

Cheaters Never Prosper… If They Get Caught

While the kleptocrats in control of our political system have wielded their power to widen the wealth gap, the ultra rich have rigged the future for their underachieving offspring by gifting them Ivy League College admissions that likely come with matching ill gotten diplomas.

Let’s be honest, this shocking college admissions scandal is nothing new. The super rich have been buying their children admission to and diplomas for Ivy League schools forever.

Donald Trump is a perfect example. He was not a student of choice for Wharton School of Business. If anything, the school has lost much of it’s credibility because they allowed Donald Trump to slip through the cracks. He can’t form a simple sentence without making several simple mistakes.

Further proof that Trump didn’t earn his entry to Wharton was provided by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who admitted during testimony to having threatened Trump’s former schools with lawsuits should any of his transcripts be released to the media.

The current college admissions scandal is only shocking in that it has created problems for least 50 people.

Those 50 people have much in common:

  1. They’re among the wealthiest Americans
  2. They received an unbelievable tax cut this year
  3. They all have children roughly the same age
  4. They all purchased the services of a man, Rick Singer, 58, who guaranteed their underachieving children admission into the school of their choice.
  5. They’ve all been arrested and charged with conspiracy related to racketeering, wire fraud, and more, as a result of #4👆🏼
  6. They used the fee they paid, to cheat, as a charitable tax deduction. (Tax fraud?)

Rick Singer, Admissions Fraudster

Among the newly felonious ultra rich parents are:

Hedge fund execs, doctor’s, some coaches bribed to play along, also…

  • Fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, and his wife actress wife Laurie Laughlin, of “Full House”*Photo credit Jeffrey Hudson @ItsJeffHudson twitter

Mossimo is a Trump fan who has been heard complaining about there being “a lot of takers and entitled people out there.” (Oh, the irony.) Laughlin has been dropped from her contract with the Hallmark Channel, but I think they’ll survivor without her income. “Mossimo”, a target brand, was bought out in 2005 for $135 million. Target is currently phasing out the brand.

Their 19-year-old daughter, Olivia Jade Giannulli, freshman at USC, is a “YouTube star” with over 1.9 million subscribers, whose persona revolves around her college dorm life, her party life and of course her makeup line (cancelled) with Sephora. She’s on video making statements like:

“I do want the experience of game days, partying, I don’t really care about school, as you guys know.”

“I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend.” ~Jade Giannulli

    • Actress Felicity Huffman, of “Desperate Housewives”

    • Gamal Abdelaziz, former president and CEO of Wynn Resorts Development,
    • Extremely arrogant and unapologetic attorney, Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of the law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP,
      Jane Buckingham: president of a consulting firm whose clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, she is also the author of 6 books, ironically, one is a guide to motherhood.
  • Jane Buckingham
  • “My child doesn’t test well.” ~ Jane Buckman
  • (Somebody tell Ms. Buckman, a lot of people’s children don’t test well.)
    • Gregory Abbot, CEO of the International Dispensing Company, and his wife Marcia.

    Gregg and Marcia Abbott’s daughter who benefitted from cheating has not commented, but her brother Malcolm Abbott — also known as rapper Billa B, who happened to be smoking a *blunt when approached outside of the family’s 5th Avenue Apartment in NY, shared his insight:

    “I believe everyone has a right to go to college, man.” ~Malcom Abbott

    I believe this guy doesn’t get it.

    *I’m not hemp to the jive; I had to google search “blunt”: It’s a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana… you’re welcome. You’re never too old to learn something new, man.

    Ah… the entitled elite. The entitlement of their children should not come as a surprise.

    What is one entitled to, really? This is one of those existential questions like— What is life? The answer could be anything. It has been said that life is a novel.

    What are entitlements? – The dictionary says entitlements are a guaranteed right.

    As with everything we all have different answers to every question. Everything is subjective.

    Life might be what you make it, and entitlements might be…

    A. For the super rich they might be life changing unfair advantages- like buying admissions to Ivy League schools, buying politicians to create legislation that will grow your riches, buying immunity from the law, having connections who will employ you in a job you don’t deserve.

    B. For those among the working class they are benefits they paid into throughout their lifetimes, like Social Security and Medicare, affordable healthcare.

    The irony is that those in group A don’t believe those in group B are entitled to their entitlements.

    Wealth gap guy w/healthcare, Joe Walsh, doesn’t think healthcare is a right. The United States healthcare system ranks last on the list among developed nations for having accessible healthcare. We CAN afford to take care of our people, but the greedy super rich are not required to pay their fair share of taxes, as are the middle class, so there is no money for healthcare. That and the fact that too many people are making money off the backs of the sick.

    I may be a terrible person for deriving joy from the misfortune of others, but the timing of this story of indictments came as I was weighing options for medical bills I have that I simply can not afford to pay. (No need for indigence, I’ll find a way.) Even with “excellent health insurance,” healthcare in America is unaffordable. These newly felonious people have just posted millions of dollars in bond, after paying tens of thousands of dollars to cut in the college admissions line, and I can’t afford my portion of a bill charged by an in network, outpatient, facility where my daughter’s tonsils were removed.

    Anyway, how did the cheating commence?

    • Some kids claimed to have learning disabilities, and as such, were given unlimited time to take their college entrance exams, ACT & SAT.
    • Some tests were taken for the kids by “ringers” (a genetically gifted 38 year old Yale alumni).
    • Some kids test answers were changed prior to submission.
    • Essays were submitted that were not written by the student.
    • Some kids claimed to be athletes, photoshopping photos of them in action, and bribing coaches to concur.
  • Here is a picture of ME doing my cool down lap after winning the gold for the 400 meter backstroke in 2024 Summer Olympics… I don’t recall where it was held. (I’m so frugal that I still wear those glasses.)
  • With everything going on in the world today, it’s stupid to focus on this trivia, right?
  • Well, considering what just happened in New Zealand, of course this is a thoughtless post, and I’m sorry for it.

    I think these problems are all somehow connected though. Divide and conquer goes back to Roman times.

    My only defense in focusing on this today is my three college aged children. They are of the 99%— not rich. They have to work hard for everything they get. That’s fine if everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed.

    There is nothing wrong with working hard, but there is something wrong if we’re working hard toward an unattainable goal, then we’re all just fools, aren’t we?

    The rich and powerful are using their money to keep themselves rich and powerful and, in the process, stacking the deck against the rest of us, the 99%. They already have an unfair advantage. They have the money for private tutors, test prep courses, prep schools.

    Rich kids miraculously getting into schools that should be beyond their, scope due to a lack of intellect and impetus, it’s not new.

    I’ve been hearing first hand accounts from my own children. These kids cheat to get in, then they have to cheat to get through, then once they have their diplomas their family connections get them jobs they don’t deserve, eventually they’re on the Supreme Court, and they will never know what it is to have the weight of student loans bearing down on them.

    The struggles of the middle class are nearly insurmountable when rich people cheat.

    There are rules in life; it would help if we all followed them:

    • The golden rule— “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    • The coach rule— “Quitters never win, winners never quit.”
    • The pirate coach rule— “There’s no aye in team.”
    • And the fairness rule— “Cheaters never prosper… if they get caught.”

    Every charge and accusation facing the parents in the college admissions scandal

    Hollywood actresses among dozens charged in college entrance exam cheating plot – NBC News

    SDNY Charges Manafort

    I ❤️ New York!

    In federal court today, Paul Manafort was sentenced to an additional 43 months in prison. Adding that to last week’s light sentence brings his total sentence to 7.5 years. Today’s charges were related to his political consulting work in Ukraine, while last weeks were for federal tax evasion.

    Rampant conjecture by talking heads, discussing the likelihood that Donald Trump’s pardon was a forthcoming inevitability, came to an abrupt halt when Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance filed 16 new state charges against Manafort.

    Those 16 counts include mortgage fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records, etc.

    The most satisfying aspect of the move by Mr Vance, besides the timing, came with the knowledge that Donald Trump has no authority to pardon state crimes.

    Paul Manafort has yet to be charged for the crimes he committed during the 2016 election, that can of worms remains sealed. He could also still face additional charges in other states.

    Justice may yet be served.

    The Washington Post

    Paul Manafort sentenced to total of 7.5 years in prison for conspiracy and fraud – The Washington Post

    Manafort Charged in New York Just After Federal Sentencing

    NY prosecutors announce Manafort indictment minutes after federal sentencing – CNBC

    Sex Scandals, Related to Trump Make an Ugly Picture

    I’ve started 7 or 8 posts in post in the past week, finishing only one. I’m having an existential crisis. What is the point of news we’ve become immune to?

    There is a big picture in 3 of the stories I’ve discarded… this ever changing kaleidoscope of ugliness in Donald Trump.

    A kaleidoscope is colored glass, stones, sand, mirrors, all in one cylinder,

    These stories are children, sex trafficking, violence, powerful men, money, all tethered to the Orange Menace.

    They look different with every twist, but they’re all the same.

    Because of the daily barrage of alarming news, the following stories failed to hold our attention for an entire day. Our tolerance has become outrageous.

    These stories shock us and are forgotten in the blink of an eye:

    1. Happy Endings Massages

    This is a big story, essentially ignored. We learned a long time ago that every accusation Trump makes is an admission. This is “Pizzagate.”

    A Florida massage parlor owner has been selling Chinese execs access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

    Yang Enterprises – CAVDEF

    Cindy Yang (杨莅), a woman who founded a chain of massage spas, “Happy Endings”, that are in fact fronts for prostitution in Florida,

    Madam Cindy Yang has many balls in the air, with respect to our current administration. Her chain of “spas” is in actuality a sex ring tied to Trump and Mar-a-Lago. More and more stories are emerging of her varied government activities.

    Her was deputy director of the Florida Association for the Peaceful Unification of China in June 2016.

    This madame has been selling Chinese business executives access to Donald Trump and his family at Mar-a-Lago.

    She was active in an organization overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front and the Florida branch that pushes for Beijing’s interests w/Taiwan. Here she is with a few politicians:

    2. Human rights violations continue with Trump’s immigration policy:

    After Locking Migrant Children in Cages, DHS Chief Tells Congress, ‘They’re Not Cages’

    Trump and Secretary Nielsen are still separating children from their families at the border, and caging them. Many children have permanently gone missing, some thanks to Betsy Devos who passed out infants (for money?) at her “Christian Adoption Agency” as if they were lilies on Easter Sunday… other people’s babies. Others, no one knows how many, have gone missing, they exist somewhere… likely suffering.

    DeVos Linked To Christian Adoption Agency Implicated In ‘State Sponsored Kidnapping’

    3. Billionaire Pedophile Sex Trafficker, Trump’s Friend

    What’s in the Jeffrey Epstein Sex-Scandal Documents? We May Soon Find Out

    Pedophile sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, has been protected thus far because his clients are the most powerful men in the world. It looks like he may pay for his abuse and trafficking, of hundreds of girls, after all.

    Trump’s Labor Secretary Once Helped a Billionaire Child Rapist Hide His Crimes

    The trepidation caused by the constant barrage of monstrous stories is impossible to maintain… we become angry, and we move on. It’s self preservation I suppose, to stop paying attention because it’s causing us anxiety.

    Now, put down the tube, or turn it off, and if you can look with both eyes at the above stories. Trump is the common thread. All these children may be part of one horrific story.

    Donald Trump Lied

    “I am the first and only GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.” ~Donald Trump 2015

    He was lying.

    Donald Trump and his administration do a lot of talking about cutting federal spending to reduce the deficit, but when they do, they never mention the reason the deficit has spiraled out of control— “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”.

    How does Trump intend to reduce the deficit? His budget proposal outlines the following cuts:

    • $1.5 trillion from Medicaid
    • $845 billion from Medicare
    • $84 billion from Disability
    • $25 billion from Social Security
    • $220 billion from SNAP food assistance program
    • $207 billion from the Student Loan Program
  • $1.3 trillion from other “discretionary programs”, such as:
    • Section 8 Housing
    • Head Start,
    • Welfare Institutions code (WIC)
    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP),
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA)
    • National Institute of Health, (NIH)
    • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA)
    • National Sanitation Foundation, (NSF)
    • Center for Disease Control, (CDC)
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families,(TANF)
  • And he’ll collect another $67.6 billion from tax credits targeting working families, taken by way of restricting the earned income tax credit, the child tax credit, and credit for other dependents.
  • To be fair, Trump has to cut something in order to pay for the additional $1.85 trillion to the federal deficit, caused by the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. He’s essentially cutting everything to give himself and his wealthy friends and their corporations a free tax ride.

    Don’t let it be said that Donald Trump isn’t giving to the rest of us too.

    Just a couple of the new programs that have been added:

    • Betsy Devos gets her $45.5 billion in tax credits to fund private schools
    • Kleptocrat Barbie, Ivanka, gets $100 million- for some nonexistent program.

    Trump did not provide documentation to support his new budget. He tries to hide his tax cut gift to the wealthy in the baseline of the budget.

    This budget will not pass in Congress, but it will act as a scapegoat. Trump will blame the Democratic majority congress for the federal deficit, saying his budget would have eliminated it.

    Donald Trump is a liar.

    Trump 2020 budget request includes $1bn childcare fund

    Policy Basics: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    TANF Reaching Few Poor Families