Trump is Not a Friend to Labor

Happy Labor Day to the People who Make Corporate America Profitable:

  • Front line customer service employees who take verbal abuse, on behalf of corporate executives, for never ending cuts in services and price hikes that short consumers, decisions that only profit CEO’s and shareholders.
  • Happy Labor Day to the employees who do the back breaking work behind the scenes, building, constructing, stocking, repairing, processing, etc.
  • Happy Labor Day to those who risk their health and safety working in underground mines, on offshore oil rigs, and in compressed metal tubes— airplanes.
    Happy Labor Day to those who educate our children without the benefit of supplies.
  • Happy Labor Day to every card carrying, dues paying member of a US Labor Union, and to those who work without the benefit of a union.

  • What has Donald Trump done to celebrate this day?

    “Unfortunately, to date, the things that he has done to hurt workers outpace what he’s done to help workers.” ~Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO

    He has tweeted insults to the president of the largest labor union in the country, who he watched interviewed on FoxNews.

    Trump is no friend to the American worker.

    Trump Rollbacks Target Offshore Rules ‘Written With Human Blood’

    His administration has rolled back worker safety regulations.

    Trump rolls back worker safety rules

    His efforts undermine safety in an effort to add to the profits of wealth gluttons, the money hoarding class.

    Advocates warn of cover-up as Trump moves to scrap worker-safety rule

    Trump policy cuts will increase the wealth gap and diminish the middle class.

    Donald Trump Is Fueling an Explosion of New Lawsuits

    3500 lawsuits filed against Trump in the last 30 years are primarily on behalf of laborers and contractors he did not pay for services rendered.

    Trump uses the H2B visa program, in order to employ foreign workers on his properties, paying as little as $4. per hour.

    3 of Trump’s properties advertised openings for 144 seasonal jobs. Despite receiving thousands of applications he claimed he couldn’t find Americans willing to take those jobs. He hired only 1 US worker, and brought in 143 foreign workers through the H2B Visa program— a program he expanded shortly after inauguration.

    Another Labor Day gift from Trump is the cancellation of scheduled pay raises, and cuts in retirement benefits, for federal employees… because someone has to pay for corporate and billionaire tax cuts.

    Trump has also overturned a regulation that will deny over 5 million US workers overtime pay.

    Trump would sabotage Labor Unions the same way he would destroy health insurance, by passing legislation offering an opt-out. As with healthcare insurance, unions don’t work unless everyone participates by paying insurance premiums and union dues.

    Workers need unions because corporations can not be trusted to do what’s right. Greed among the rich is a plague.

    Unions give individuals the strength of numbers to fight against abuses in pay, unsafe work conditions, inhumane work rules, and for health benefits, retirement, protection the event of an injury on the job, and unwarranted or unlawful termination.

    Another reason Trump is anti-union…

    Dictators don’t like anything that empowers the masses. Putin doesn’t like unions, his strategy for world domination is to divide and conquer: Brexit, NATO, EU.

    Trump’s policy positions are based on Putin’s orders.

    I am a proud UNION member. I know unions are only as good as their leadership, like countries. Although they aren’t perfect, and I could use an extra $42 monthly, rather than pay union dues, my union membership is insurance. My union is there for me when I need them.

    I am not fooled by Trump’s anti union rhetoric, and I hope you aren’t either.

    A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    If you haven’t yet, watch the new documentary “Active Measures,” released on Saturday August 31, and available on: iTunes, Hulu, or in Theaters.

    I’ve watched it… twice. (Dork)

    I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on over the past two years, trying to understand what happened to the US government, and I thought I had a firm grasp in my comprehension. This film fills in blanks, puts facts together, events in order, adds particulars I was unaware of, and adds suspenseful background music. 😳

    Several well informed people participated in the documentary, including the man of the week, Senator John McCain, President Hillary Clinton (yes she is), several former members of the CIA and FBI, etc.

    The film starts at the beginning (strange choice) with a brief Russian history lesson. It details the rise of Vladimir Putin, explains Paul Manafort, exposes Trump, and tells of all the others.

    If you think Russia is our friend, you are wrong, and that point is driven home in this film.

    I took notes, because I’m a nerd.

    I’m giving you my notes so you can relax and watch the film.

    (Advice on improving my note taking skills is welcome.)
    Divide and conquer—
    Brexit, Nato Alliance, Destroy the EU,
    Murders journalists and all opposition
    Cyber war:
    Social media propaganda
    Trolls- real people
    Theft of data
    White supremaaiat xenophobia rallying
    Purchase of power plants
    Systematic outages in winter
    Money laundering (👈🏻👆🏼👇)Non-transparent Shell Corp – Grand Cayman – undetectable.
    (I’m hungry)
    (Still hungry)
    Tillerson friendship award by Putin
    Facilitated Alignment with Putin’s regime
    Sanctions 19% of $500 billion arctic exploration deal
    Drilling enterprise
    Obama sanctions
    In December exactly 19% of rosneft sold
    Chief of staff of rosneft assasinated
    Not limited to what we know now
    “the biggest Intelligence breach in history of the world.”
    (Pause to comfort dog due to loud thunderstorm)
    (I wonder if a Google search of the word idiot still brings the same result…)

    Yes, it does.)

    Back to film:
    Manafort mumbling “that’s what he said what I said what opposition is” (reminds me of Robert Kardashian’s face when OJ was found not guilty of murdering his ex wife and her friend.)
    Trump tried to remove imposed sanctions immediately.
    Trump will not implement new sanctions.
    Conspicuous coverup.
    Claiming a new plan to join forces to fight cyber warfare

    Putin and I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking and many other negative things, will be guarded..” Trump tweet after Helsinki
    The world sees it.
    (Peppermint tea break)
    Exposure via financial dealings
    Obstruction of justice conspiracy Aiding and abetting aid and comfort-treason
    We have done nothing to prepare from future cyber attacks


    Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office because Putin wanted him there.

    My question— Hillary told us everything about Trump/Russia in her debates with Trump. She was IGNORED.


    No hanging organ?


    Russians is actively engaged in a cyber war against the US. They hacked our presidential election, and they’re already at work on the next one. The GOP has done nothing to prevent it from happening again.

    Good point.

    Watch the film, share your thoughts.

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    Active Measures | Super Ltd

    Trump is True and Honest

    Trump declared his innocence this morning. Thank God he didn’t do it!

    And he cares about what will happen to the rest of us if he is impeached, warning of an impending financial crisis… if he is.

    “I will tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking [gestures to his head] you would see — you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe — in reverse.” ~Trump

    Shhh… Don’t tell him he has set up the economy to crash whether he stays or goes, giving his rich friends and big corporations a get out of taxes free card, eliminating consumer protections against predatory banking practices, making white collar fraud legal. A crash is inevitable. If he’s removed, we have a chance to minimize it. Don’t confuse him with facts. He cares about us.

    Even with his warning and concern for us, he assures us there is no reason to expect impeachment.

    He is considering pardoning Manafort, because he “feels very badly.” – This, in proper English, means Trump’s ability to feel is wanting.

    “…there was always one true sentence that I knew or had seen or had heard someone say.” ~Ernesto Hemingway

    This is the truest sentence Trump has ever tweeted. He has extreme difficulty feeling, because he has no soul, he “feels very badly.”

    Possible New legislation:

    “It’s called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal.”~Trump

    Trump wants to make flipping illegal. Pancake houses across the country will suffer for this possible legislation.

    It has been pointed out to me that in January, NBC News reported: Trump told friends he’d be in trouble if Manafort “flipped”. If he pardon’s Manafort it will be obstruction of justice overkill/enough obstruction already.


    In a related story, there has been talk of a “mole” inside the Trump camp for many months. I think I might know who Jeff Sessions it is…

    And here we have the GOP’s only hope:

    Why would the GOP be against supporting this bill?

    Meanwhile Mitch McConnell ignored reporters, silently boarded his train, and stared straight ahead as it left.


    Grandpa can’t sleep, he was up tweeting early.


    And one last—you must be joking:

    В Белом доме установлены российские средства связи – РИА Новости, 23.08.2018

    It’s no joke. Russia is not going to give up without a fight.

    Don’t let any of this get you down, because as I said at the beginning of this post:

    Trump declared his innocence this morning. Thank God he didn’t do it!

    But… wait… he’s a liar.

    Russian Television Offers Clarity

    Russian State controlled television hosts regularly openly discuss Trump’s subservience to Putin.

    This week Evgeny Popov explained the recent “push” by the GOP for more severe sanctions against Russia as “an attempt to distance themselves from the perception”, implying there is no serious consideration being given to sanctioning Russia.

    The bill is described by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-RussiaSC) as the “sanctions bill from Hell”.

    Yeah, okay Comrade Graham.

    The full text of the proposed legislation, entitled the “Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2018,” was released by the U.S. Congress on Aug. 14—but it was circulated by the Russian media one week earlier.  And the outrage against these “draconian” and “apocalyptic” measures was everywhere.’~ Reporter Julia Davis, The Beast

    Legislation demanding harsher sanctions against Russia was put in the hands of Russian media a week before U.S. Congress released it to the U.S. media.

    How did that happen?

    ‘Trump Is Ours’: Kremlin Media Fear Democratic Victory in November Midterm Elections

    TV host Evgeny Popov, asks Sergei Kislyak, former Russian ambassador to the United States, directly: “Will anything change in November? Let’s jokingly assume that we interfere and all goes well for Trump.”

    Kislyak evasively responds: “Let’s not joke about that. Americans have lost their sense of humor.”

    Maybe, Serg, the reason we aren’t laughing is because it’s not funny that Russia chose America’s president, disenfranchising the entire US population.

    Concern over GOP numbers is purely entertainment in Moscow, but it is a real threat to America.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee warns— Russian hackers have successfully “penetrated” some of Florida’s election systems ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

    “They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about,” ~Senator Bill Nelson, Tampa Bay Times

    Dem senator: Russians have ‘penetrated’ some Florida election systems | TheHill

    Senator Marco Rubio (R-RussiaFL) was given the same warning, he responded as follows:

    Trump’s Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Sara Sendek, however, claims the law enforcement agency has not observed the new activity.

    Why would Trump’s people enable hacking?

    It’s their only hope of retaining the Congressional majority.

    Sen. Rand Paul Invites Russian Lawmakers to Washington – WSJ

    Meanwhile, Rand Paul (R-Russia KY) invited Russian officials to the White House. They must have declined the invitation because said traitor instead flew to Moscow, returning to urge Trump to lift sanctions levied against Russian leaders.

    Rand Paul to ask Trump to lift sanctions on Russian leaders | TheHill

    Who do these Republicans work for?

    John McCain offers the answer:

    “I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” ~Senator John McCain

    The answer is Vladimir Putin.

    Former Bitter Rivals, Trump, Paul Board Air Force One Together Sunday

    I wonder if Rand Paul’s neighbor could have hit him harder.

    The Bizarre True Story of the Neighborhood Scuffle That Left Rand Paul with Six Broken Ribs

    Apparently we can not count on the Republicans in Congress to act on our behalf. They are protecting themselves by protecting Donald Trump. What exactly they are afraid of remains to be seen, but one safe bet would be their acceptance of money from Russia, funneled through the NRA.

    November 6th is 78 days away. It’s not too early to request an absentee ballot if you want to vote on a paper, or to avoid long lines at polling stations, or to avoid strange occurrences like outages or missing registration. Early voting is another option.

    Absentee and Early Voting | USAGov

    Sunday Morning Twerking Trump

    Donald J.Trump has re-defined the word “twerking”— In days of yore twerking was a “dance”, frowned upon in school gymnasiums nationwide, primarily engaging the gluteus maximus (junk in the trunk). In modern times, it is what the ass-hat in chief, Donald J.Trump, does on any given day. He is tweeting, and claiming to work— twerking.

    He says he’s working, but he’s tweeting and golfing.

    Perhaps he thinks himself a pro golfer. We are essentially paying him to golf, $74 million to date in taxpayer dollars, so he is technically correct. How much do other golf pros make?

    Trump Golf Count

    Donald J. Trump is currently on a two week, taxpayer funded twerking vacation. Two weeks, for a man who has spent 1 in 3 days since his (astounding crowd size) inauguration, at one of his properties.

    Tracking the President’s Visits to Trump Properties – The New York Times

    Donald J. Trump’s haphazard spending of our tax dollars brings to mind the question of his contribution to the tax tills . When are we going to see them?

    Let me state the obvious: Donald Trump is a liar.

    Let’s examine one of this morning’s many tweets:

    *False— Real earnings for all Americans have decreased since his tax scam.

    The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

    If only we were all in the top 1%…

    ‘Eye-popping’ payouts for CEOs follow Trump’s tax cuts – POLITICO


    *False, false, false, and false—

    The dossier is real, Donald J. Trump is a traitor, Fox is propaganda, and Bob Mueller is a Republican war hero.

    This next one is a day old loaf—

    Where to begin? Does anyone else detect the blatant racism in this tweet— jumping from employment numbers for African Americans and Hispanics, to prison reform?

    “Now I’m pushing for prison reform…” ~Donald J Trump


    “Prison reform” is code for privatization of prisons. Prison for profit— another Trump scam:

    “I’m proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history.” ~Donald J. Trump


    He has done nothing in this regard except ride in Obama’s wake.

    “I will never stop fighting for Americans.” ~Donald J Trump

    Hmm… *False—

    Why did he hire only one American worker last year for Mar-a-LaGo resort? Thousands of Americans applied but he, as always, brought in temporary low wage earning guest workers from other countries. He increased the H2B visa program last year…for himself. This explains how he “fought”, for himself.

    I wish we could go back to the days when twerking was just an obnoxious dance.

    Koch and Trump— There’s Something Happening Here…

    It’s no secret, the GOP is worried about November elections.

    They have refused to secure our hackable voting system, because they need to cheat to win, but that’s another post.

    The GOP is worried. This kleptocracy’s frenzied pillaging of tax dollars, social services, environmental and financial regulations, has exposed them for what they are, corrupt traitors. The tide of public opinion has finally turned against them and they fear it will result in, what has been tagged by political oceanographers as, the blue wave… expected to hit land on November 6, 2018.

    Unless the GOP cheats, or resorts to propaganda and manipulation, they’re done, in my humble o.

    An example of the manipulation of which I speak is now underway. You may remember the billionaire Koch brothers. They, along with the Mercers and the Russians, are running this country behind the scenes.

    The GOP tax scam was written to the specifications of the Koch brother’s and Mercers. The Koch family alone saves $1.4 billion thanks to the GOP tax scam.

    They reward their best employees.

    Two days ago, the Koch brother’s network sent congress a message: We’re happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals.

    Koch network sends GOP a message: We’re happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals 

    They’ve cast their net for Democrats who can be bought. Nets are made of strings, and this offer is no exception. They mean to undermine the Democratic Party as they did the Republican Party.

    This net could catch not only corrupt democrats, but it serves as a means to protect the reputation of GOP by giving ownership of the Koch family stench to the Democrats… before November midterm elections.

    The big fish targeted by this net are: the preservation of Trump’s banking and epa deregulation, and of course the tax scam.

    The Dodd Frank bank regulation was put in place after the financial crisis of 2008, to safeguard the public from predatory lending and world markets from another financial collapse. Read the article. The Koch brothers have spun it into something that sounds vital for American families. It led to record number foreclosures… which served real estate developers, like Trump and Kushner, well.

    The Koch brothers know their corruption has been exposed, and they’re playing a game on order to give the public the impression that they’re now working for the Democrats… to keep the GOP in power… this is simply manipulation.

    The New York Times reported yesterday that Trump will bypass congress in order to push through another tax cut for the elite, $1 billion this time.

    Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Rich – The New York Times

    Today Trump is playing the part of anti Koch politician, because he doesn’t think the public is capable of stringing together two news stories.

    Trump’s anti Koch rhetoric—

    See this for what it is. Sorry, the best word to describe it is bullshit. Trump isn’t cutting another billion off the Koch tax bill because he cares about the American worker. The Koch family is deliriously happy with Trump, he’s given them everything they’ve been after for decades. They want to keep him in power by maintaining the GOP congressional majority.

    Voting Machine Easily Compromised at Las Vegas Convention – (Russian?) Hacking Is Major Threat in 2018 Elections

    So what can we do? The best line of defense, when voting machines have no security and the Russians are known for their hacking abilities, is to bypass Election Day by voting early, or absentee with mail in ballots.

    How Hackers Broke Into U.S. Voting Machines in Less Than 2 Hours

    At the very least, check your registration at vote.GOV. Make sure you are still listed at the correct address.

    Register to vote