Leaky Pecker’s Self Harm Exposed by Dick Picks… a poem

Pecker made a deal

For his immunity:

Election fraud ignored

For testimony

Illegal acts void

The agreed upon deal

Failed extortion results:

His freedom repealed



Extorting those unwilling

To be blackmailed

Doesn’t work, it takes two

Or the scheme has failed

We’ve learned something

Thanks to Pecker’s Bezos pics

Well, the obvious,

Don’t digitize your dick


And also AMI –

Peckers company

Extorts in tandem with

Trump and the Saudi’s

The Bezos owned Washington Post

Made the link

The Saudis have shown they can hack,

So let’s think…


“We warn against any attempt to link Khashoggi’s crime to our leadership.” ~Saudi Government


This fragment of extortion

Could explain why

No one will oppose Trump…

Pecker’s AMI

Lindsey Graham,

An example of GOP

Secrets likely vaulted

We’ll have to wait and see


Trump’s nemesis Bezos,

King of Amazon,

May be the one to finally

Take him down.

Bezos’ mistress’ brother,

Friend of Roger Stone

A link to the sext leak,

But she’s not alone


This story unfolding

A spy thriller noir

Skeletons set free

We can’t guess what they are

Russia, Saudis,

AMI’s Pecker Exposed

How deep Trump’s crimes run

Mueller already knows

A National Enquirer safe is said to have held damaging Trump stories

No thank you, Mr. Pecker – Jeff Bezos – Medium

Bezos Leak Probe Questions Mistress’ Brother in National Enquirer Leak Probe

Private Eyes Expose National Enquirer ‘Blackmail’ Machine

Saudi Arabia denies role in ‘d*** pic blackmail plot’ against Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Food Shopping in Trumptopia… a poem

This tale is of a food shopping excursion

I dreamt it last night so don’t cast aspersions

My cart was filled up, well passed overflowing

Have you guessed yet, where this story is going?

A long line, price checks, my checkout wasn’t fun

Time to pay came at last… my wallet was gone

The cashier scowled and said “You’re far from alone”

“People found out we are a savings and loan.”

“Like the president said, a valid ID”

“Will compel me to give you this food for free.”

Alas poor me, my ID’s in my wallet

“That’s how it works, so next time don’t forget it.”

Trump says grocery stores will ‘work along’ with federal workers to give them free groceries during shutdown

Liar in Chief tells Propaganda TV News host: (limerick)

“I haven’t actually left the White House in months.” ~Donny Two Scoops, January 12, 2019


December 26, 2018

Did Agent Orange forget Iraq? Seems so

Staged photo-op, Seal Team 5 he exposed

Tangerine Tyrant,

Cadet Bonespurs spent

A 3 hour tour… Tweeto Benito

Dec 27, 2018

Hair Führer, Twitler, Lord Cheetolini

Red hats for troops “in harms way” Germany

BLOTUS Lyin King

Damage controlling

Angry Yam’s first visit… finally:


Manbaby Feltersnatch, Anita Wahl

In Texas with Cruz, speaking his faux drawl,

The “border crisis”

That doesn’t exist

Fat Nixon, Traitor Benedict Donald

Trump, More of the Same

Trump knows one sure way to strike fear in the hearts of gullible Americans. Individual 1, xenophobe extraordinaire, typically holds rallies to maintain his fan base, but yesterday held a televised “address” during which he detailed certain crimes with surprising accuracy.

He was quite knowledgeable with regards to these crimes, especially considering he is a man who didn’t know Puerto Rico was a U.S. property, or that ID’s are not required to purchase cereal, or that Frederick Douglas is not currently among the living but likely fully decomposed having met his maker in the 19th century.

How does the moron know so much about criminal enterprises? He has first hand experience.

This is gaslighting by way of accusing others of his own sins.

Last night’s address was another exercise in fear mongering with the purpose of swaying public opinion. He desperately needs public opinion on his side because he is about to face charges for his lifetime of crime.

He claimed, in his own monosyllabic verbiage, immigrants are coming over the border to rape, pillage and plunder YOU. They’ll take YOUR job too… and lower YOUR wages.

Trump himself has been accused of rape, he’s pillaged government funds, he’s plundered regulations that safeguarded against pillaging by banks, energy companies, etc., he is accused of treason, tax fraud, misuse of election and charitable funds, racketeering, etc…

As far as immigrants taking your jobs, Trump knows all about that because he is an abuser of the H2B Visa program. (I’ve said this before.) He uses it to bring in foreign workers to staff his resorts and properties at extremely low wages.

“The H-2B program allows U.S. employers or U.S. agents who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs. A U.S. employer, or U.S. agent as described in the regulations, must file Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker, on a prospective worker’s behalf.” ~ US Citizens and Immigration Services

By virtue of the government’s definition of the plan, the H2B Visa takes jobs from Americans. Trump increased the annual limit on this type of visa, for his own purposes, because he doesn’t want to pay Americans minimum wage.

In order to qualify for the program he is required to advertise his job openings prior to requesting visas, which he does. He has over a thousand applicants for job opening positions such as chef, bartenders servers, maids, landscapers, etc, but in 2017 he hired 1 American and 143 non-Americans using H2B Visas. Those are the numbers for only 3 of his properties. He says no Americans want those low wage jobs.

Meanwhile Trump has taken government workers hostage, withholding their pay, proving himself again to be a selfish and petty man.

Last night he feigned compassion, not for the government workers he’s jilting, but for the southern border. Perhaps in doing so he hopes win over a new group of supporters.

He said there is an “urgent, horrifying humanitarian crisis at the border.”

This is true; he’s causing it.

“You don’t even want to know what’s going on down there.”

Yes we do, tell us. I can name a few things off the top of my head:

  • In the last two years 22 immigrants have died while in ICE detention,
  • 2 migrant children died in custody in recent weeks.
  • 15,000 children are still being held in Trump’s detention centers.

Trump and Secretary Sanders have been tossing around the number 4000. That’s how many terrorists they claim attempted to cross the southern border into the U.S. last year. The real number is 6. (Meh, 4000, 6, so they were rounding up.) Of those six, how many triggered a stop due to nothing more than a name matching someone on the watch list? 6 on our southern border, but wait, what’s this? 41 have crossed via our Canadian border. Why no talk of a wall there? Make Canada pay for it! (sarcasm)

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen won’t commit to a number. She claims it’s is “extremely sensitive”.

Nielsen calls the southern border a “security crisis.” This is false.

Trump wants to declare a national emergency, exercise imminent domain to seize private homes along the border, for a fabricated crisis.

We are watching a cornered lifetime criminal grasp for anything that will distract and possibly change the tide of public opinion.

Put this in perspective: For two years Republicans ran both houses of Congress. Trump could have had his wall approved by his GOP partners in crime if it was that important to him. It was not important to him. He is distracting us, and the press, again.

Keep your eyes on Russia, money laundering, tax evasion, ricco. Trump is cornered.

Incidentally, Mitch McConnell’s could end the shut down, he chooses not to. Congress has the power to override the president. The requisite numbers are 290 in the House and 67 in the Senate.

I would like close this post with a Trump quote that has puzzled me since he uttered it on Sunday. It was with regards to his threats to declare a national emergency which would allow him to do anything without the policing of congress. He said:

“We are looking at it very strongly, we’re looking at a national emergency, because we have a national emergency.”~ Donald J Trump

(But what about the national emergency?) My question regarding the statement: How does one “look very strongly?” Would a furrowed brow while grunting qualify?

Only six immigrants in terrorism database stopped by CBP at southern border in first half of 2018

The Shutdown Is Mitch McConnell’s Fault – VICE

Russian Lawyer in Meeting at Trump Tower Is Charged in Case That Shows Kremlin Ties

“Immigrants are coming over the border to kill you” is the only speech Trump knows how to give

FACT CHECK: Trump’s Oval Office Pitch For A Border Wall – NPR

3 Trump properties posted 144 openings for seasonal jobs. Only one went to a US worker

The UN Is Investigating the US for Potential Human Rights Violations. Trump Is Stonewalling.

Misogyny Much?

“Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary” 🤔

Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary

Are we really doing this again? Are we ranking female politicians based on personal likability… again?

Are we looking for a nanny? Just say: I don’t like her because she talks instead of cooing, she’s not smiley enough, her clothes, and her hair… if only she wasn’t quite so boring.

This Politico story quotes a one time advisor of Elizabeth Warren’s who champions her, which should be edifying but, it confirms the problem here.

“I know her. I think she is a warm and affectionate person.”

When is the last time “warm and affectionate” was a qualifier for a male politician?

Can we discuss the history of her votes on policy? What about her political beliefs and agenda?

Misogyny much? Who is the jackass who wrote this?

Oh… it’s a woman… my bad. I forget women can be misogynistic pigs too. They did get Trump elected.

Now let me remind everyone of the facts this reporter, Natasha Korecki, forgets:

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million. The only reason she’s not sitting in the White House today is a the illegal workings of that popular new band— Treason Trump and the Putin Playbook. Their number one hit: data purchased from Cambridge Analytica allowed targeted propaganda on social media to sway the easily swayed, gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, voting machine tampering in key swing states all that plus our antediluvian electoral college (the reason “swing states are a thing) =Trump electoral “win”.

Trump’s fragile ego can’t handle his popular vote loss, so he likes to say he had the biggest electoral win in history, as if he knew any history. (Google Frederick Douglas / Trump)

If we are looking at facts, and not listening to IQ45, we will find: of all the 58 presidential elections, Donald Trump’s electoral college win margin ranked 46th place… out of 58.

If Trump had half a brain he’d stop reminding people of the election. Even GW Bush was smart enough not to repeatedly (or ever) mention his “win” over Al Gore.

The electoral college needs to go.

Oh, and shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but the GOP house “quietly” ended the Probe into the FBI decision on Clinton’s e-mails. 🙄

House GOP quietly ends probe into FBI’s 2016 decisions – NY Daily News

Anyway, I went off point again.

Reporters have an obligation. The stories they choose to write direct the public’s mindset, hence the effectiveness of propaganda.

DO BETTER POLITICO! Maybe don’t use Natasha Korecki’s work.

Try to write… I don’t know… about judging politicians, female and male, based on something that will have a direct affect on people’s lives… like their politics?

Trump’s 3 Hour Tour of Duty… a poem

The first time in history

Say several sources

A president hadn’t

Visited armed forces


A millionaire and his wife,

Shamed mercilessly

Did what they should have done,


The Donalds visited troops

On deployed stay

The timing was obvious,

Late Christmas Day

An extra push came

With news of a doctor who

Played a part in a story

We already knew


Trump dodged the Vietnam draft

Claimed nonexistent…

Bone spurs, the doctor lied

For favors requisite

Bone Spur Doc’s Daughter: Dad Wrote Trump Diagnosis as a Favor

On a whim Trump flew

To Germany and Iraq

Ending troop avoidance

Came with some aftershock


Iraq’s Prime Minister was angered,

Most of all

Donald Trump’s visit

Violated protocol


Iraq demands Trump withdraw troops,

All 5000

Three hours spent in Iraq—

Politically spouting


“You have not had a pay raise in 10 years. I got you that raise. Some people wanted it to be less, some said 2% some said 3%. I said NO, I WANT 10%.”

In Fact, troops have received

Annual pay raises

For over 30 years

Trump lied to their faces


This year’s increase

Was the same as rates in the past

2.6%, not 10%

Trump’s bad math

Trump treated the trip

Like a rally, critically

Ranting, signing hats

Wasn’t this a holiday?


One officer photographed

With a flag in hand

American? No.

Political banners are banned

Her reaction implies

She knows of the decree

Politics are banned

On bases military

“Active duty personnel may not engage in partisan political activities.” ~ DoD Directive 1344.10

The visit, propaganda


A stunt, photo op,

Politically fascistic


Troops donned gear:

Chest rigs, helmets, night vision goggles,

To pose in a cafeteria

It boggles


“Camp Cupcake” Photo-op


There is one last item

I thought I would mention

Trump outed Seal team 5

Without comprehension

He tweeted their names,

Photos, and their location

Alarmingly stupid

By all estimation