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“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I have started several posts over the past few days, and none have inspired me to hit publish.

Not among them—

* Trump and a porn star have sex. (How many porn stars?) I couldn’t care less, and I’m not in the least surprised; he’s a pig. He’s never been faithful to a wife, and I’d be worried about std’s if I were #3.

I wish the sexual assault allegations against Trump held the public’s interest like this does.

* Also not on the list inspiring me to write is news that Fatty McTrumpster’s doctor lied about his weight and, if the doctor lied about that, the entire physical was an elaborate performance… but at least it was a comedy.

These three guys are the same height and claim to be the same weight… on earth, with gravity. Muscle is heavier than fat, still, someone is lying. Can you guess which?

* I was going to write on various opinions I’ve read regarding Steve Bannon’s testimony with the House Judiciary Committee. Everyone has a theory about this.

If I could pick one that I’d most like to be true, I choose— Bannon is part of a plan that has been set up by Mueller, and Trump fell into it bigly by sending word to Bannon not to answer questions. More obstruction of justice to add to the rest.

I also like the idea that— Bannon cited executive privilege as his reason for refusing to answering questions, but he was referring to Mueller who also falls under “executive privilege.” I have no idea if that’s true, but I like it.

It follows the idea that— Bannon’s refusal to answer was a way to keep Mueller’s investigation private from Nunes and other Trump/Russia participants who are on the “committee.”

But this story has been written by better and more qualified people than I, so I let it go.

* What I did begin was a post about Donald Trump’s claim that he isn’t a racist. The denial and deaf ears of Republicans who were in the room, but will not admit they heard Trump call Haiti and Africa “shit-hole countries.”

Then yesterday—

Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work…”

Only Haitians were removed from the list of about 80 countries to whom H2A and H2B visas are regularly granted.

I didn’t finish writing about this, because what can you add to that? My last post mentioned Trump’s descendants came to this country unskilled.

An artist projected a message on Trump Hotel DC.

* Then finally, along with everyone else, I started working on a post about Trump’s assault on the free press.

I was inspired, as was everyone else, by his “Fake News Awards.”

What kind of a president does something so insulting to the free world, and to the press.

I was going to compare Trump to Roman Emperor Nero, Frances Maximilien Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin.

I was going to add that the Committee to Protect Journalists released a list of the world’s worst oppressors of free press, and guess who topped the list— Donald Trump was followed by Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdoğan, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

I had been writing about this, but then I saw Republican Senator Flake speech. He covered it all. It was an excellent speech, given by a man who votes with Trump 90% of the time, but a good speech. Words.

I only would have added that this is not only Donald Trump attacking the free press. This is a conspiracy to undermine the truth. Trump has wealthy friends who want to keep him in office. They dictated much of the tax plan, and want to reap the benefits, and without the press Trump would stand a better chance at re-election. Like Trump and “fox and friends” said, 90% of Trump news is bad.

Trump’s friend Rupert Murdoch, owns Fox, and recently acquired the Wall Street Journal. According to Reuters, Murdoch has been in contact with AT&T, the owners of Time Warner/CNN. Murdoch wants to buy CNN- but AT&T is not interested in selling.

Now Trump’s Justice Department has recommended AT&T sell either its DirecTV unit or Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting unit – which includes CNN – if they want antitrust approval. A little strong arming is under way.

Nazis controlled half the newspapers published in Germany by 1944.

“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

~George Washington

Only 90% negative is too kind for Trump.


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The GOP, Ex-Con Family Values

In 299 days, if we manage to have a fair election, free from Russian hacking and GOP gerrymandering, where there was red there will be a sea of blue.

More women are running for Congress than ever before in history, 353 this year. Won’t it be refreshing to see women debating women’s healthcare, rather than a room filled with white men like John Shimkus, Illinois Republican Member of the House of Representatives, who in March suggested Republicans were unhappy with ACA was because men must pay for health care plans that cover maternity services.

It might be fun to hear women debating the merits of Viagra, and why it should be covered by insurance when birth control and prenatal care should not?

The GOP purports it is the party of family values. I beg to differ. Where Democrats have women, the GOP has convicts.

This party of family values first backed Roy Moore, a Russian speaking pedophile, accused by many women of perpetrating sexual misconduct against them when they were in their early teens. His behavior was well known enough for him to have been banned from his local mall and YMCA.

Donald Trump explained why he continued to throw his support behind the perv who wanted to take the Senate seat vacated by Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions— “He said he didn’t do it, and he said he didn’t do it.”

Moore lost, poorly on December 12, 2017. The self proclaimed evangelical Christian was waiting for god to change the results. He never conceded, and he’s still fighting the loss. How could he possibly have lost when Russia was throwing their best propaganda and hacking behind him in order to secure his win?

Coincidentally, or not, one of Moore’s accuser’s home was burned to the ground last week, and arson is suspected.

United States District Judge Susan R. Bolton found 85 year old former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, guilty of criminal contempt of court, punishable by up to six months in jail. Donald Trump doesn’t see a problem with contempt of court, and as such pardoned him.

Arpaio has recently announced he will run for Senate in Arizona. His platform, it seems, is racism.

“I’m going to tell you again that that document is a forgery document, and nobody will touch it.” ~ Arpaio

He is perpetuating Trump’s long standing false claims that former President Obama’s birth certificate was a “forgery,” and this is what he will focus on if elected… for real.

Don Blankenship is running for Senate in West Virginia as a Republican, after serving a one-year sentence in prison for conspiracy to evade mine safety laws that led to the deaths of 29 miners.

This guy can’t hold his own umbrella.. he could if he wanted to, but only Democrats hold their own umbrellas. Who is he? Former House of Representatives member Michael Grimm, who after pleading guilty to FELONY tax evasion in 2014, wants his job with the GOP back.

Who is old enough to remember Oliver North? National Security Council staffer under President Ronald Reagan was convicted of three felonies, and sentenced in 1989 after congressional testimony during which he admitted to selling arms to Iran and illegally funding the right-wing Contras militias in Nicaragua. He is running for a place in the GOP Congress.

In addition to GOP’s lack of family values, I would also attest that they have no allegiance to the United States. They are the party of traitors. This is proven daily.

At every turn, they obstruct Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into the confirmed Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016. Most recently they did so with attempts to discredit the FBI itself, as well as witnesses. Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump/Russia dossier, has been the latest victim.

The GOP, many of who have financial ties to Russian investors, who have ties to Putin, continue to conspire against the United States alongside Russia.

Word is out that Mueller is about ready to question Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who claims there was no collusion, and has never condemned Russia for interfering in the election, doesn’t want to talk to Mueller.

Trump would like Mueller to present his questions to him in advance, in written form. Trump’s attorney would then write the answers for him, and he would grasp a giant crayon with his short, soft, fat, greasy fingers, and sign his name at the bottom in his best cursive.

The GOP has shown us their cards—and they’re all Jokers.


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What is Lindsey Graham’s Problem?

Republicans are returning to Washington after an emergency meeting at Camp David. The timing, on the heels of the damning publication of “Fire and Fury”, leads me (no one of consequence), to believe Trump is in damage control mode. He claims the meeting was regarding other items on his to do list.

I believe they were strategizing, collaborating, and synchronizing their stories with hopes of avoiding indictment. It has become apparent that more people, than just those in Trump’s campaign, conspired with Russia against the United States.


What is Lindsey Graham’s problem?

It wasn’t long ago, he was one of the only Republicans willing to oppose Trump, but now the South Carolina Senator has joined Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to refer Christopher Steele, the MI6 agent who penned the Trump-Putin dossier, to the Justice Department for investigation of potential false statements. They know the dossier contains no false statements.

This kill the messenger approach by congressional Republicans is simply an attempt at self preservation.

The short answer to my question—

What is Lindsey Graham’s problem? (this will be on the test) — It appears the entire GOP, including Lindsey Graham, have taken large sums of money from Russia, and they’re feeling the moist heat of Robert Mueller’s breath on the back of their necks.

According to the Palmer report—

Documents were recently uncovered by the Democratic Coalition revealing a list of Republican members of Congress who, during the 2016 election cycle, took significant amounts of money from a Ukrainian-born Russian oligarch, (with dual citizenship in both the U.S. and the U.K.), who has ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Leonard Blavatnik, considered a philanthropist and one of the wealthiest men in the U.K., has a long history of benevolence with regards to the Republican Party.

The following is a list of names and sums donated in 2016, by Blavatnik, and accepted, according to the Dallas Morning News—

  • Mitch McConnell, $2.5 million
  • Marco Rubio, $1.5 million
  • Scott Walker, $1.1 million
  • Lindsey Graham, $800,000
  • John Kasich, $250,000
  • John McCain, $200,000

Blavatnik donated another $1 million to Trump’s Inaugural Committee, bringing the grand total to $7.35 million in contributions from Blavatnik alone for one election cycle.

I find it interesting that McConnell and Graham were not up for re-election in 2016, yet they accepted campaign donations, and this is somehow technically legal. Is this exchange of money behind Graham’s change of heart?

Blavatnik is not alone. There are many other Russian oligarchs, with ties to Putin, who have funneled money into the GOP.

The idea of investigating Steele defies logic for many reasons. Last week the New York Times reported the Steele dossier was not the catalyst for the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation. It was “coffee boy” George Papadapoulos, and his loose lips that sank that ship, in vino veritas. While over imbibing in the company of an Australian diplomat last summer, Papadapoulos unknowingly offered the information to the Australian government. They contacted the FBI. The lesson here is— don’t drink and collude.

Devin Nunes is again perusing the idea of opening an investigation into Hillary Clinton. Now there’s an innovative idea in putting our tax dollars to use. Nunes also has ties to Russian money, as does Paul Ryan who appears to be everybody’s yes man.

The inmates are running the asylum. Politics has always had a varying level of corruption, but what is happening in Washington now is destroying the foundation this country was built on.

We need to clean house. We need to take the billionaires, the lobbyists, and (why do I have to say it?) the Russians, out of the equation. We need hand counted paper ballots, we need to end gerrymandering and we need to abolish the electoral college.

Nothing will change until we take action. This needs to be the end of the GOP.

Let that be Trump’s legacy.


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What’s the Word I’m Looking For?

What day is it… ? Ah yes, today is the 27th day of December, just another Wednesday for some of us, but for Donald Trump, this is just another day to pretend he isn’t golfing. Here we see a typical day’s events in the Oval Office…

Trump has been in office less than a year, much less than a year if you subtract the 111 days he hasn’t been in said office, but rather at one of his properties.

This Trump irony… actually, a better word is hypocrisy, never seems to dissipate. To date, $120 million in taxpayer dollars have been spent on golfing and travels to Trump properties.

He bills me and you (typical taxpayers), to stay at his own properties. He bills us for every hotel room each member of his secret service team occupies, and you can bet he is billing us at premium rates, no Groupons, AAA, AARP, or student discounts accepted. Maybe the word I’m looking for is opportunistic… no, that’s too kind.

He is pilfering our hard earned tax dollars, this man who just rewarded himself the biggest tax cut in US history, a windfall for the wealthiest Americans and corporations. His friends and family, according to an analysis from CAP, will save—

  • Kushner: $5,000,000-12,000,000
  • Ross, McMahon, Mnuchin, and Tillerson: $4,500,000
  • DeVos: $2,700,000
  • Trump: $11,000,000-$15,000,000

I think the word is deceptive.

Meanwhile, that reward for the entitled group will be acquired by squeezing me and you, society’s turnips, the middle class, as well as adding $1.4 trillion to the deficit. Additionally, that f*<€*r Paul Ryan plans to start the New Year by coming after our Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security… or perhaps the word I’m looking for is fraud.

As you consider my struggle for the perfect word to describe all this, also consider Trump’s previous proclivity to protest President Obama’s golfing. Trump has already exceeded Obama’s eight year total cost— in under a year— by $6 million.

Trump now, unlike Obama then, lacks transparency in regard to his golf habits. The thing is, he said he was heading back to work two days ago but, he is still golfing. Does he really think we won’t find out? What’s the word that describes the act of intentionally misleading people? Lying… He’s lying again.

85 days of the 111 days Trump has spent at one of his many resorts have included golfing.

Meanwhile, as Trump golfs on our dime, and takes advantage of his position to increase his personal wealth, his luck, no… his criminal activity, is never ending. He’s been named in yet another lawsuit, this one by ethics watchdog group – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, in Washington. They allege Trump’s properties are in violation of the Emoluments clause of The Constitution. To be fair, Trump has never read the Constitution, so how can he be expected to consider it in his day to day activities?

Last week, a federal judge dismissed said lawsuit, in a 29 page document, granting Trump’s request to toss out the case, saying the plaintiffs did not have legal standing to bring the suit.

Who are these plaintiffs who lack the legal standing required to fight back? The group includes a hotel owner, a hotel events booker and a restaurant trade group. Their lawsuit claims they have lost patronage, wages and commissions due to Trump’s unfair advantage and violation of the Emoluments Clause, which is designed to prevent corruption and foreign influence, bars U.S. officials from accepting gifts from foreign governments without congressional approval.

I must confess my confusion. If not those directly affected by his violations, then whom exactly would have “legal standing” to sue Trump?

Trump claims he has ceded day-to-day control of his businesses to his sons, Uday and Qusay, but we all know that would be the equivalent of putting two cardboard cut outs of business men in an office and hoping for the best.

Trump’s businesses, like the Trump International Hotel in Washington or the restaurant at a Trump hotel in New York City, are thriving since his election, as leaders of foreign governments, domestic lobbyists, and etc., try to “curry favor” with Trump by frequenting his businesses.

U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Lauren Ehrsam said the Trump administration “appreciates the court’s ruling.” Of course they do… fuckers (oops, sorry—wrong word).

While golfing, Trump always makes time to tweet. His primary focus in recent tweets has been Special council Robert Mueller and the FBI. Trump is attempting to sway public opinion against both by discrediting them in systemic attacks. He has had the help of several GOP house members who are clearly acting on Trumpimir Putin’s behalf. Their hope is, when (not if) charges are brought against Trump, the investigation will end with an outcry among the terminally stupid among the population, (approximately 33%), and Trump will be released… or something along those lines.

There are some who are not so easily swayed.

Guess what boys (okay, not boys, the GOP is comprised of old white men), there is a word for this little game… obstruction.

“Just from what’s been made public, it’s pretty clear the Trump campaign and family were willing and eager to work with the Russians. They showed almost no restraint in engaging with the Russians to see what they had to offer on their opponent. It was a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality.” ~ Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., House Intelligence Committee. “

My point here is, there are no words to adequately express this time in American history, because the word illegal has not stuck to Teflon Don. Golf through.


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House Intelligence Questions FBI

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has spent this week answering questions, behind closed doors, for the House Intelligence Committee.

“The House Intelligence Committee” first and foremost is an oxymoron. The House of Representatives and intelligence are like two magnets of the same pole, they repel each other— never the twain shall meet.

Devin Nunes heads this committee, proving my point. I will remind you of the time he frantically called a press conference without discussing his decision to do so, and without discussing his “new information” with members of the committee.

That was after Nunes had been called to the White House and told there was proof former (and better) President Obama had wiretapped Donald Jackass Trump. Nunes subsequent impromptu press conference was an attempt to corroborate the accusation made by Trump in one of his more inflammatory late night tweets. Nunes told the press there was proof that Trump’s tweet was true.

There was no proof, because it never happened. Nunes lied for Trump and, when that was apparent, he said he would recuse himself from the committee to investigate Trump/Russia. This was to be his self flagellation for the misdeed.

Nunes never recused himself, and continues to head this sham of a committee. This committee, which Nunes heads, does not try to ascertain truth. Their mission is to distract the press from the Trump/Russia investigation.

Nunes has been a nervous wreck for months, torn between covering up his own ties to Russia, and not angering Trump or Putin in the process.. He showed us all with that press conference, he is a Trump lackey.

Back to the questioning of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He has been questioned regarding conversations and correspondence he had with FBI Director James Comey, his onetime boss. The hope Nunes has is that he will find a way to discredit the FBI.

There are two reasons this committee needs to discredit the FBI—

1. Time is running out and options are few as Trump’s dooms day looms near. His only hope is to garner public support before the inevitable happens and he is indicted. He is trying to distract from Russia, crying Hillary, and claiming the FBI is on a “witch hunt.”

Mmm… not likely to get the public’s support with approval ratings south of 34.

2. The House committee is also on a fact finding mission for Trump’s legal defense, and they’re using tax payer dollars, claiming their activity is a government investigation.

My opinions are based on the direction of the questions asked of Mr McCabe. He has been interrogated regarding both the FBI’s Russia investigation, and its probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

This committee will not find answers regarding Russian interference, because it does not seek to.

I remember when Trump couldn’t praise former FBI Director James Comey enough, for re-opening the Clinton email investigation two weeks prior to the 2016 presidential election. It turned the tide of public opinion. It followed the release of the Access Hollywood tapes in which Trump famously bragged about assaulting women. It should have been a game ending blow to Trump. Comey is one of the reasons Trump is where he is. Lordy.

Now as Trump flails his arms, trying to accuse Comey and Mueller of having some kind of vendetta against him, all that came of this weeks questioning of Mr McCabe was further confirmation that Trump has indeed tried to obstruct justice by asking Comey to “let the Flynn investigation go,” and asking for Comey to pledge his loyalty.

It seems to me the entire GOP congress is guilty of obstruction of justice. What are they trying to hide? I’m betting they are trying to hide their own acquisition of Russian money.

Final thought—

Jared Kushner lied to the FBI on several occasions… each lie is a felony, so why does he still have White House security clearance?


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Trump’s Hypocritical Attempts to Discredit Mueller

The latest buzz is that Donald J Trump will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller on December 22. This is being called a “constitutional crisis”.

Plans by Democrats are underway to take to the streets when this happens, in protest of Trump’s disregard for the law and due process.

Why will Trump fire Mueller now?

Trump officials recently discovered that on September 1, 2017, Robert Mueller acquired the Trump team’s transition emails. It has been reported that these emails include 12 accounts, one of which contains about 7,000 emails.

This discovery was made when the emails were used by Mueller’s prosecutors as the basis for questions to witnesses.

The GSA (General Services Administration, an independent agency of the U. S. government, established in 1949 to manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies) turned over a flash drive containing “tens of thousands” of records that included emails sent & received by 13 senior Trump transition officials.

Propaganda press is spinning the story:

“FOX BREAKING NEWS: Trump transition team sends letter to lawmakers; claims Mueller team inappropriately obtained private documents.”

The irony here is staggering. Those crying foul are the same people who, along side Russia, illegally hacked into a U.S. government official’s personal emails in order obtain damaging information so as to manipulate the outcome of the presidential election.

Trump conspired with Russians to steal the presidency. He is now protected by the presidency— to a point, but the problem is, he doesn’t respect the limits of presidential privilege.

According to Seth Abramson, a former criminal attorney, Trump will likely attempt to fire Mueller in one of two ways. I’m paraphrasing—

  • Trump will demand the Attorney General fire Mueller. When the AG refuses, because there are no legal grounds to fire him, Trump will fire the AG and repeat the process, continuing down the AG line of succession, until he finds someone who is willing to do it.
  • Trump himself will fire Mueller under the guise of “executive privilege.”

Richard Nixon tried both.

Congress could pass legislation to stop Trump from attempting either action but, in my opinion which is based on the history of this congress, they will not take any such action. Congress currently has a Republican majority, and they have their reasons to remain apathetic.

  • They desperately want to pass their tax bill in order to appease their owners and reward themselves.
  • Many of them will also be implicated in the Mueller investigation. Russian money has permeated the GOP.

I see Mueller as the Elliot Ness of our time. Ness did what many before him tried to do but failed. He took down notorious underworld crime boss Al Capone, not on murder or racketeering, but on tax evasion.

Like Al Capone, Trump is surrounded by unscrupulous powerful men who will stop at nothing to protect him, because they’re in almost as deep as Trump is.

Unlike Capone, Donald Trump is a moron who has left a trail of evidence in many multifaceted crimes which occurred both before and after his election. Among them—

  • Coordination with Russia and Russian supported entities to conspire against the U.S.,
  • Organized crime and racketeering,
  • Money laundering,
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Sexual assault, etc.

Remember, Donald Trump had been involved in 3,500 legal cases in the 10 years prior to the election.

It has been speculated, since the day Michael Flynn began cooperating with Mueller, that Jared Kushner (Mr Ivanka) is next to be indicted.

Mueller questioned Kushner before anyone knew Flynn was cooperating. Did Flynn provide Mueller with enough information to prompt Kushner to incriminate himself?

Trump’s campaign to discredit Robert Mueller is in full swing. They falsely claim Mueller obtained emails “unlawfully.”

Mueller is meticulous in his work. He has approached this case as he has many other white collar criminal investigations. Nothing he did was unusual or illegal.

What does Trump have to hide? Why are they trying to diffuse the findings by saying they were obtained illegally?

This is Trump laying the foundation on which he will once again obstruct justice, flouting the rule of law, by firing the person investigating him.

Let’s not forget Trump said “I love Wikileaks!” He sought out emails stolen by a foreign adversary.

There is plenty of evidence of collusion with Russia, as Donald Trump is well aware. It is only unfortunate that he still has a following of people, I believe his approval rating is still at 32%, who refuse to see what is truly obvious. Donald Trump is a traitor who conspired against the United States, and was put in office by VladimirPutin.

All things good things, and bad, come to an end, and It is inevitable that this will not end well for Donald Trump. When the end finally comes many Americans will breathe a blissful sigh of relief to have survived it. I only hope our democracy will survive it too.


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