Giuliani Says Fuhgeddaboudit

Rudy Giuliani proclaims

A certain criminal, whose name

Rhymes with toxic dump,

Or buy this hat chump,

Can break laws without any blame.


For a minute I was appalled…

Then Giuliani, I recalled,

Is a fool and liar

And, with Trump, conspired

Against the U.S… this “lawyer” so-called.

Giuliani claims Mueller’s team told Trump’s lawyers they can’t indict a president.

Giuliani: Mueller’s team told Trump’s lawyers they can’t indict a president

Let’s review their defense hitherto:

“I know Putin.”

“I don’t know Putin.”

“We never talked to Russia”

“We talked to Russia, but it was about adoption.”

“We talked about the election only because they said they had dirt on Hillary, so what.”

“The half mill paid to Cohen by Putin buddy, Russian oligarch, was not collusion related.”

“Cohen who”?

You can’t indict Trump because he’s President.”

Sounds right.


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And then Mike Pence says: ‘It’s time to wrap it up’… 😃😆to Robert Mueller 😂😆🤣😅🙄

Radical Christian omniphobe, Vice President Mike H(HeKnew) Pence, whose indictment dodging game plan has been to fly under the radar, is trying a new strategy, which is to call Michael T(TrumpNeverMetHim) Cohen’s scrutinized business relationships a ‘private matter.

That is likely a run on sentence, so I’ll re-phrase it in a different run on sentence:

Robert H(HoldMyBeer)Mueller’s investigation, into Russian interference in the 2016 election, has bled into multiple connected crimes. Michael S(SoScrewed) Cohen, whose style of lawyering is thuggish extortion,

has been busted taking bribes from corporations who have since directly benefited from Donald J(JustKiddingDon’tWannaBePotus)Trump’s policy changes. At the risk of repeating myself, (as if anyone is reading), I’ll only say: banks, Fortune 500 companies, Russian oil, internet, drug companies… I’ll stop there, my thumbs are cramping up.

Back to omniphobe Mike Y(YouCan’tDoThatWithYourUterus)) Pence. He has inadvertently shown his cards, calling for an end the Mueller investigation, by way of suggesting an imposed time limit. I smell fear.

Vice President Mike I(IMightBeGay) Pence, is a hairs breadth from obstructing justice. Who would put themselves at that kind of risk, but a man who hears the clank of the chains of justice closing in on him? Don’t answer that.

“I wear the chain I forged in life, I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.” Dickens (Re- Pence)

There is no time limit on democracy. A Vice President does not put time limits on investigation of, among others, the President and the Vice President.

Robert C(CloserThanYouThink) Mueller opened his investigation on May 17, 2017… less than a year ago, and the GOP is already itching to shut it down. In that short time, seventy five charges have been filed against nineteen people, five of whom have plead guilty, and four of whom are cooperating with the investigation. Sounds like a waste of time to me.(sarcasm)

Oddly, this is the same GOP that encouraged Ken S (STFU) Starr’s $80million investigation into Bill Clinton for over five years, and all that came of that long and costly investigation was a conviction for lying, (okay it was under oath), about oral sex.

Something is wrong…

After 242 years as a country that prides itself as free, we are entering a dangerous realm of dictatorship, one with Vladimir A(AmericansAreStupid) Putin as the big dick, and Trump… well anyway.

You red cap sporting swamp creatures STILL don’t realize you’ve been played. Wait until you see

  • Vlad W(WatchMeNow) Putin’s gas prices this summer. You might thank, the guy who sold you that made in China red cap, Donald Trump, for exiting the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Your insurance premiums are set to spike every year, thanks to the GOP option to opt out of healthcare insurance.
  • Your pre existing conditions, like being born, might exclude you from coverage altogether… unless you are okay with excessively priced insurance that recuses itself from all claims. How many Americans will die because they can not afford medical treatment?
  • Need a car loan? Unless you’re as white as Donald I(I’llSignAnythingForCash) Trump’s ass, you’re better off walking, and even the Lilly white will pay higher interest rates.
  • Scour the fine print on new mortgages and credit cards, because predatory lending is back baby.
  • Like your internet/tv package? That’ll change too.

This will not end well for the GOP.

And in February, GOP Rep Tom Rooney said— the entire Republican staff at the House Intelligence Committee is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.Don’t worry Mikey, they’re coming for you too. I can see the Forest through the trees, the trees being this administration, and the forest being democracy.

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Schneiderman Resigns, Now What?

* Disclaimer* Today’s post will not rhyme.

Some days it looks like the bad guys are winning.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who had been aggressively pursuing Trump on state charges, and who had been working in tandem with Robert Mueller’s federal investigation into the Trump crime family, in the span of less than 24, was accused of physical abuse by four women and resigned. So, apparently he’s one of the bad guys.

Meanwhile, Donald J Trump, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 20 women, remains unscathed, as does Republican Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens,

who is currently charged with two counts of rape. No voluntarily stepping down by the GOP.

Regardless of the often one sidedness of the me too movement, don’t despair. There are good guys and dolls in place to pick up the baton Schneiderman unexpectedly dropped.

The NY State investigation into Trump will continue with State Solicitor General, Barbara Underwood, who is currently acting as attorney general until a new one is elected in November.

Among names dropped to run for the position in November— Letitia James, Daniel O’Donnell, Kathleen Rice, Michael Gianaris, Charles Lavine, Zephyr Teachout, Richard Brodsky,and Leecia Eve, etc.

And names whispered by wishful thinkers, like me, to run in the November election—

Preet Bharara, former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, (who Trump fired right after he fired Sally Yates),


Hillary Clinton.

It would be sweet justice to see Hillary cuff Trump…


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“Disgraceful Leak”

This poem’s a lesson for those who

Don’t work at grammar— It is a tool

No one in the White House comprehends

Capone/taxes, Trump/syntax— their ends

The New York Times has published a list

Comprised of “leaked” questions, Trump insists

“There are no questions on collusion.”

Me thinks there has been some confusion

49 questions phrased many ways

17 on collusion, Trump plays

Games in his tweet of early Tuesday

Mueller didn’t “leak,” this is Trump’s child play

Mueller’s former assistant says grammatical errors prove leaked questions came from Trump | TheHill

Propecia POTUS, you may recall

Retained Giuliani, he’s a screwball

Who has been the source of many leaks

Claimed he’d end Mueller’s probe within weeks

Trump has questions so he might prepare

His lies… and the leaker, to be fair

The Times has confirmed it was Trump’s team

Who leaked the list. So, what is the scheme?

Mueller’s team did not provide a list

Of questions, just topics, aides insist

In fact it was Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer

Wrote the questions for his employer

Questions based on the topics at hand

Then HE “leaked” to the press…. this was planned

Team traitor can’t see that which is clear

They keep obstructing, the end is near.


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Two Weekends, Three Political Events

Two events took place, this past weekend, neither of which caused me regret in my failure to secure an invitation—

  • The White House Correspondence dinner, which Trump avoided,
  • and a MAGA Rally in Michigan, which Trump’s team appears to have put together to give Trump an excuse to avoid the afore mentioned dinner.

A brief history of the White House Correspondence Dinner—

In 1921 the White House Correspondents’ Association held a dinner which was attended by President Warren G Harding, who happened to have been a publisher prior to his potus gig, and the dinner has since become an annual event. In the almost 100 years that have since passed, the number of presidents who have not attended can be counted on one hand, if you have at least five fingers—

Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan… and now Donald J Trump. (The little finger.)

To be fair, Ronald Regan was recovering from an assassination attempt when he failed to attend.

There also was an occasion, in 1962, when a president threatened to snub the affair. As a show of solidarity for a female reporter, John F Kennedy said he would not attend unless the event was opened to women. Thanks to JFK, 1962 was the first year women were included in the event.

The dinner has been cancelled twice—

  • 1930, because rather than attend the dinner, William Taft died.
  • 1942, when the United States entered World War II.

So fine, Donald J Trump didn’t go because, rather than be roasted, the thin skinned orange one chose to feed his ego with applause from his supporters.

The campaign style Michigan rally opened in typical Trump style, with lies.

Trump inaccurately claimed the crowd size was 32,000, rather than the 4,200 which is maximum capacity for the room the rally was held in. Those of you who are gifted with superior math skills know, that is an exaggeration of almost x8.

Trump also bragged, again, about his victory over Clinton in Michigan… which happened over 500 days prior.

Trump ranted, incoherently at times, making reference to Putin and the Trump Tower meeting with the lawyer/Russian spy.

He also said republicans must not lose the House because, if the democrats take the majority, they will impeach him.

So, blah blah blah, the rally.


Meanwhile the WHCC was underway with the headline act comedian Michelle Wolf.

She was not kind. Her job was not to be kind. Roasts are never kind. Many were outraged at her humor and, in particular, her jokes aimed at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

So did Sarah understand that Wolf was joking?

That was the weekend that passed.

An event scheduled for the weekend ahead is not getting the attention it should.

Mike Pence, who was championed to be Vice President by Mr 32 Indictments— Paul Manafort, will speak at the NRA convention.

Mike Pence, who was warned that Mike Flynn had ties to Russia, but appointed him as National Security Advisor anyway, will speak to the NRA.

Mike Pence appointed Flynn, who has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, and is now cooperating with Bob Mueller’s investigation.

Yes, that Mike Pence is speaking at Friday’s NRA Convention, the same NRA that admits it’s ties to Russian money, and is said to have been the back channel communication for Trump and Russia. The NRA who laundered Russian money to feed $30 million into Trump’s campaign funds.

By the way, Mike Pence has an A+ rating from the NRA. Mike Pence is a fraud.

But, hypocritically speaking, the biggest shake of my head occurred with the following revelation—

Due to Pence’s scheduled speech, guns will not be allowed in the NRA Convention Hall.

The “nice guys with guns” will have to leave their manhood at home, because Mike Pence wants to be safer than the rest of us.


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Grumpy Trump Inspires a limerick

here we go…


The reporter Trump bashes in these tweets

Looks like she’s got that “drunk loser” thing beat

Here they stand arm in arm

Trump displaying his charm

He liked her before free speech caused deceit


Dishonest Donny is duly distressed

Papers predict Cohen will flip when pressed

All Audio tapes seized…

Mueller mastered his deeds

Cohens files complete… it’s like he confessed


Debauched Donny seems disconcerted

We’re all aware the man is perverted

Take heart… is it a bird,

It’s a plane, how absurd

It’s Giuliani. Now we’re diverted



Rudy Giuliani tacked on Trump’s crew

As his attorney, strange in that he knew

About Clinton’s email

Predicted without fail

Wikileak’s moves… Rudy’s in trouble too.


He announced divorce two weeks ago

To avoid asset forfeiture… we know

A friendly divorce

Wouldn’t happen by course

It might behoove him just now to lie low


Friday the Democratic Party

Filed suit on behalf of the DNC

Against— Trump Jr,

Manafort, Kushner

Rick Gates, Stone, Assange, Wikileaks…


Russian Federation, and finally…

Trump’s campaign— for hacking the DNC

And by all appearance

For their interference

In the election of 2016


We are reliving recent history

If Trump was of a mind to read he’d see

What mistakes Nixon made

Revise those not well played

But Trump would rather just blame Hillary


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