Donald Trump chose Russia years ago, but today he left no doubt.

191 charges have been filed as a result of the Mueller investigation, but Trump sides with Putin.


Because he is complicit.

Call congress and tell them to remove Trump from office now. 202-224-3121

Trump-Putin summit underway, after Trump faults U.S. ‘stupidity’ for poor relations with Russia

Today we are all dentists.

Dear Robert Mueller, Stop Disgracing Donald Trump. Regards, Donald Trump

Trump was interviewed this morning on CBS news.

Trump, in interview with CBS News, says “I think the European Union is a foe” ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki – CBS News

The facts are now publicly detailed in a 28 page indictment (link below), issued Friday against 12 Russian Intelligence Officers. Only the names of the treasonous American facilitators, are not specified… yet.


But, these new indictments bring the grand total for the Mueller Investigation to:

With all that information, Trump said this today:

“I think we’re greatly hampered by this whole witch hunt that’s going on in the United States, the Russian witch hunt … rigged situation…”

” I think it hurts our relationship with Russia. I actually think it hurts our relationship with a lot of countries. I think it’s a disgrace what’s going on.” ~ Donald Trump, July 15, 2018

Hmm, so it’s the Mueller investigation that’s making the United States look bad in the eyes of the world…

Today Donald is enjoying his 128th day golfing on the tax’s payer dime.

Meanwhile 2500 migrant children, he separated from their parents, are still locked up. Is it because detaining them has become a billion dollar industry?

Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry

More Witches Indicted

*Caution, this post contains strong language, such as:
  • Fuck
  • Prick
  • Bullshit
  • Asshole
  • The C word
If these words are offensive to you, please check back tomorrow.

Where we stand today. We still stand… slouching a bit at Trump’s continued idiocy, but standing nonetheless.

My post yesterday left us at lunch with Theresa May. A press conference was held during which Trump refused questions from CNN, calling them fake news. He instead called on (propaganda network) FOX news, which he claimed is “real news.”

Same old same old… I really believe the biggest insult to Trump’s ego would be if no one showed up… except the 250k protesters, carrying creative posters and pulling a Trump baby blimp. 😉London, well done.

Moving on. Trump never prepares for anything. His ego won’t allow it. As such, he did not take the time to be briefed on British Royal protocol, clearly. He nearly caused an international incident yesterday when he attempted to trip the queen, outpaced her, leaving her trailing behind in a cloud of dust, then hip checked her when she caught up.

Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. After keeping the 92 year old monarch waiting, 10-15 minutes, (depending on who is talking), baking in the 80° globally warmed London air, (which he’s responsible for exacerbating), he did not bow, he walked ahead and in front of her, turned his back on her, stopped in front of her, waiting for her to come around his rotundness. Protocol, asshole… or even normal manners.

Did Donald Trump Break Royal Protocol During Visit to Queen Elizabeth II?

Yes he fucking did. I’m a dentist, and I recognize an affront when I see one.

Trump, is ever disrespectfully misogynistic. He continues to be an embarrassment to himself and every village idiot who continues support him. They’ll never understand any of this.

Moving on, Melania found a yellow cape and wore it with the dress from ‘Beauty and the Beast… I really don’t care, do u? I certainly don’t care enough to create and post a side by side photo comparison, but if I did, it would be spot on.

Now Trump is visiting his golf club in Scotland… on my dime. Protesters have arrived, an unofficial count is 10,000.

On Monday Trump will move on to Helsinki, where he will find the mothership, Putin. Why? Either for a job performance review, or for further instructions on how to handle the indictment of 12 more witches.

This is important… more important than the other important information in this post.

The media, and many political talking heads, are busy with bullshit. What they’re saying: “Trump needs to confront Putin.” “Trump needs to demand extradition…” rinse, repeat.

Stop it.

Trump will not demand extradition of the 12 GRU, Russian *Military* intelligence agents who were behind this attack that put him in the White House. He was in on it.

I recently read an opinion stating: “since the attack on our election was carried out by Russian Military agents, it falls under article 5 in the NATO Treaty.” Step up Capt’n NATO.

If you watched the first presidential debate you have known about Trump and Russia for two years, because Hillary Clinton told us.

If she knew, the intelligence community was also aware the treasonous activity was underfoot. I will never understand why, with this knowledge, Trump was inaugurated.

To members of the electoral college, fuck you.

We know a total of 25 Russians, under Putin’s command, have been indicted for Election interference.

Timing is everything. They hacked into Clinton’s emails on the day of that first debate, when Trump said something to the effect of: “Rusherrr, if you’re listening, I hope you find those missing emails…”


Trump’s request to Russia happened the same day Clinton was hacked the first time, as per charges in the indictment.

Womp, womp.

The indictments also show the identities of 500k Americans were stolen, and voter registration data was broken into.

The GOP would have you believe nothing was done with this information, and the outcome of the election was not affected. Mmhmm.

The hacked registration would have allowed them, (the bad guys), to delete voting registration of democrats in key districts… no one has proven this was done… yet. For fucks sake people, how many disenfranchised voters were there on that day? How many are there at the primaries held now? A fucking lot. Rest assured, that was the last fuck in this post.

Another under reported fact: Voting machines used in many states are touch screen, with no paper trail, and they were purchased from a Russian Oligarch.

FBI: Maryland’s voting system linked to Russian oligarch

“The nation’s top spy DNI Dan Coats warns that Russia is the worst foreign power threatening U.S. with cyberattacks and that warning lights are “blinking red” as terror threats were before 9/11.”

‘Warning Lights Are Blinking Red,’ Top Intelligence Officer Says of Russian Attacks – The New York Times

Why isn’t EVERYONE reporting this?

Can we get paper ballots?

Also new, House conservatives are prepared to push to impeach Rod Rosenstein, the messenger, because he will not end the Russia investigation for Trump. The congressman who filed the impeachment…

Jim Jordan, former Ohio State wrestling coach, who looked the other way while the team doctor molested the team.

“House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, in fact, had the impeachment document on the floor of the House at the very moment that Rosenstein spoke to reporters and TV cameras Friday.”

House conservatives prep push to impeach Rosenstein

Moving on, now that there have been indictments for election interference, Trump and the GOP can no longer argue that there is no proof. They’ve changed their argument to: good job, case closed, so it’s time to end the investigation.

What they’re afraid of is, now that Mueller has named the hackers, and their crimes have been detailed, he can move on to indicting the Americans who accepted the information… Roger Stone, Trump Junior, Kushner, Trump, etc.

Oops 😬. Another fuck.

Well, anyway, I think that’s enough fucks for one weekend, wouldn’t you say?

Everybody Hates Donald Trump

*Fair warning

I excuse you from reading today’s post because I am exercising my first amendment right to access my inner Scaramucci.

Everybody hates Donald Trump. Relax MAGA hats, I’m not talking to you. I’m never talking to you.

I will revise my statement regardless, because one should never make all or nothing statements.

Everyone in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Asia, Africa, South America, Antarctica, and MOST of the United States hates the Blowtard in Chief, Donald Trump.

Trump is a universally reviled mass of glop whose continued consumption of oxygen should be reviewed and reconsidered. No country in the world wants the fucker breathing their air. Well, maybe Russia does.

The Scotsman, (a Scottish publication) wrote an opinion piece today about Trump.


The nicest thing it says about him is that he is “an appalling human being.”

They should like the prick; he has a golf course there, and his mother immigrated from Scotland. If there was any joy to be had in that, they would take pride of ownership. There isn’t, and they don’t.

Trump’s behavior yesterday at the NATO summit offers an example of why they all hate him there as well. The arrogant son of a bitch arrived 30 minutes late, missed scheduled meetings with at least two world leaders, ordered the secretary general to call an emergency session, held an off the cuff news conference, during which he repeated his claim of being a Stable Genius.


Trump is in England today. Prior to tea with the queen, he is lunching with Theresa May. He insulted May’s job performance in an interview yesterday, consequently, today he will be served a false air of civility, with an undertone of animosity. You shouldn’t insult the people who feed you.

Trump also continued his verbal slapping match with London’s Mayor Khan, blaming him for local terrorism and increased knife attacks. Trump conveniently forgets the weekly mass shootings taking place in the U.S. on his watch.

He who laughs last, laughs in front of Westminster Abby. It seems the people of London have a thing or two to say about Trump’s visit. For someone obsessed with crowd size this is one to take note of.

Watch the London Protests of President Trump Live

An anti Trump march of more than 250,000, was punctuated by a giant floating Trump blimp: bloated, crying, diapered, and holding a cell phone in his tiny hands. Lifelike.

Trump said it made him feel unwelcome.

Ya think?

Where is he welcome?

Russia is the only correct answer.

As an American, I should feel compelled to apologize for Trump’s behavior. I do not, because that would imply I played a part in his creation. I didn’t vote this fucker in, so I’m not apologizing for him. Putin put Trump in office, let him apologize. Let Trump’s dead parents apologize. They’d be proud.

I’m also not apologizing for the Neo Nazi’s who support Trump. I hate them as much as the next, Non-White Supremacist, guy.

And regarding those white women who are repeatedly caught on tape in ignorant tirades against innocent people: a guy barbecuing, a child selling water, another selling candy… can we please find another way to describe them… a way that does not lump me into their demographic. I am a white woman, and I am appalled.

While Trump was painting Europe, Putin red, his complicit minions in congress were hard at work trying to discredit the U.S. intelligence community. Members of the House spent 11 hours interrogating FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Strzok, (who needs to buy a vowel), is the FBI investigator whose personal text messages have been used by the GOP in abstract attempts to degrade the Mueller investigation. In those private text messages, to his FBI girlfriend, he expresses opinions that Trump sucks (my words, his sentiment), but he also disses Hillary and Bernie. The GOP is increasingly more desperate to turn public opinion against Robert Mueller and the FBI.

Using these text messages, the GOP has created a narrative that there is a “Deep State Underground” among the intelligence community, particularly the FBI, bent on destroying poor innocent Donald Trump.

Mueller is closing in.

Highlights of the inquisition Include Trey N(NoIWasNotInHarryPotter) Gowdey who, under the guise of asking questions, hurled baseless accusations at Strzok, without giving him a chance to reply. The few times he was given a chance to speak, he handed the GOP their flabby white asses.


Another point of interest in the hearing was the “questioning” by Representative Louie Gohmert (*R-TX), who passionately expressed great offense at Peter Strzok’s extramarital affair which, was between two consenting adults.

There is some hypocrisy here. Representative Gohmert has no problem with Trump’s lack of ethics and morals. Gohmert also had no problem throwing his support behind pedophile Roy Moore during his congressional run. He was quoted 8 months ago:

“Roy Moore allegations are unfair because 38 years ago was a long time.”

Moore was the pedophile who targeted girls aged 12-16 at a mall, to such an extent he was banned from the mall.

In summation, Gohmert is not offended by pedophiles, children in cages, pussy grabbing xenophobes, or Nazis, but he is outraged by two consenting adults, who have taken responsibility for their behavior and apologized to the people they hurt. They don’t owe the GOP an apology.


My favorite GOP character in yesterday’s shit show was Representative Paul Gosar, DDS.


Somehow this congressman believes being a dentist gives him superpowers to read body langage.

He should perhaps, stop sucking on nitrous oxide and, try to be a congressman who reads the constitution.

*Post updated 7/14/2018, to reflect a more accurate number of protesters in London… up 200K.

Trump Tries a New Story on for Size

“I think Comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. It was a den of thieves they were plotting against my election. Probably it’s never happened like that in terms of intelligence and in terms of anything else — but they were actually plotting against my election.” Donald J Trump June 16, 2017

The man lies knowing full well there is proof on film that he is lying.


Why does he continue to lie so blatantly? Because it works. His tactic of repeating lies until they are accepted as fact got him elected. And they keep his “people sitting up at attention when he speaks,” just like North Koreans do with Kim Jong Un.

I saw some unsettling numbers yesterday regarding this “Trump, Rusherrr investigation”:

  • 59% of voters don’t know about the indictments & guilty pleas
  • Mueller’s approval rating is, at an all time low, 32%
  • Only 53% of voters believe Mueller is conducting a fair investigation

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Let’s remind those people, shall we?

There have been over 100 charges filed against 20 people, and 3 companies.

More specifically:

  • Mike Flynn, convicted
  • Rick Gates, convicted
  • George Papadopoulos, convicted
  • Alex Van der zwaan, convicted
  • Paul Manafort, indicted and jailed
  • Robert Cohen, expected to cooperate
  • Felix Sater, expected to cooperate
  • George Nader, cooperating
  • Richard Pinedo, cooperating

Then there are those who have perjured themselves:

  • Trump Jr,
  • Jeff Sessions,
  • Eric Prince

For those who missed the news yesterday, Paul Manafort is no longer on house arrest. He traded in his ankle bracelets for an orange jumper, because was found to have been in contact with witnesses in the investigation… witness tampering.

Trump and Giuliani are now waving pardons in front of Paul Manafort before he’s even convicted, no doubt in attempt to keep him from cooperating with the prosecution. This is also witness tampering.

Paul Manafort’s crimes are both State and Federal, and State charges can not be pardoned by the president. I’d bet my tax cut (🙄) that Mueller is aware of this, as is the New York Attorney General.

But why would an innocent man need to be pardoned?

For an innocent man, Trump has put a lot of thought into pardoning himself.

New York State also has Trump and his family in an unpardonable net:

That the disinformation campaign continues to sway public opinion is mind boggling.

We are at war. Disinformation continues to spread unchecked. Russia is in the White House. The Kremlin has influenced most of the GOP, to the extent that they continue to push for an end the Mueller investigation.

Who wants to end an investigation that has been so successful in such a short period of time?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Devin Nunes (R-Calif), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Orin Hatch (R-UT), Mitch McConnell, (R-Kentucky)… just to name a few.

They say it’s costly and distracting. That $17 million spent in a little over a year is distracting our dotard.

Many members of the GOP still in office, (like Mitch McDonnell and Orin Hatch), had the opposite sentiment with regards to Iran Contra investigation which cost tax payers $47 million, and the White Water investigation which cost $52 million. The duration of each of those investigations was 5 years. Did I mention those investigations were unsuccessful?

So, what’s my point?

We need to educate those who are unaware of Mueller’s success to date. Spread the word. Wake these people up. November 2018 is just around the corner, let’s not let history repeat itself.

Trump’s Goals for North Korea: “look nice and handsome and thin, and…”

“Getting a good picture everybody? So we look nice and handsome and thin, and perfect”. ~ Donald J Trump

Donald Trump, whose administration has added 15 trillion to the deficit in order to misappropriate a tax cut for the rich and their corporations, at the expense of children’s health insurance and everyone’s social services, which isn’t going to cover the bill, said he’s going to save Americans money by ending military drills in South Korea. Yes he did.

He gave North Korea’s leader, among other things, a signed document stating the U.S. would halt joint military exercises with South Korea.

This was news to South Korea.

The artless ‘Art of the Deal’ “author” has has been playing a game without having taken the time to learn the rules. His blatant ignorant arrogance, obvious to the entire world, with the exception of his supporters, has Putin laughing again.

If former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant Dennis Rodman’s appearance didn’t alert you to the fact that the events were a poorly produced theatrical production in want of lively choreography, staged propaganda, I would urge you not to make any financial decisions or operate heavy machinery until you have consulted a physician.

Donald J Trump, doesn’t have the mental capacity to know he’s been played, nor do his supporters. He traded military concessions for a photo op. He calls military exercises “war games,” and says it will save us money to end them.

He may have heard the whispers, or shouts that North Korea signed the same prized document in: 1985, 1992, 1994, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016, yet it had no effect.

Had he done anything to prepare for the meeting…

“The truth is, he’s been preparing for this his whole life,” Mike Pence

Excuse me, Mike… had Donald J Trump taken the time to read the “agreement” with North Korea, which he signed on camera, and had it explained to him… had he researched prior “agreements” with North Korea, and had those explained to him, he might have seen that the “agreements” are the same, and none have any terms or conditions attached to them. It is all unenforceable hyperbole, paper with words, none of which is legally binding.

After signed copies of the document circulated, Donald J Trump may have heard whispers of criticism that he abandoned our allies, South Korea and Japan, making them more vulnerable to attack.

He may have been asked why he conceded to North Korea in exchange for their usual hint that they might denuclearize, because he gave the following statement after saying he “trusts Kim Jong Un”:

“I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong,’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.” ~Donald J Trump

He’ll make something up, he’ll lie. The first truth he’s uttered.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past several days. Trump fought with our European and Canadian allies, then met with, and gave military concessions to, a murderous dictator in exchange for a photo op.

He wants a Nobel peace prize for this.

On a side note, the Canadian parliament condemned President Trump’s attacks on Justin Trudeau in a unanimous vote. Why can’t they invade us?

Someone please explain to potus 45 that our allies are Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and our enemies are North Korea, China and Russia.

Our enemies are a united force. To highlight that point, consider that the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Trump’s concession to suspend US war games with South Korea before Trump announced it himself at the press briefing.

Kim’s people shared the news with Beijing immediately after the meeting, knowing it was a huge victory.

Take heart, because while Donald Trump handed U.S. power over to Kim, Robert Mueller continued working.