Suing the Victim for $3 Mil? Swift Countersuing

Taylor Swift is not normally in my radar. I have three children, ages 16-21, and none of them ever attended a concert of hers or idolized her. I will admit to thinking, when she was very young, that she deserved a modicum of respect because she played an instrument and wrote her own music, as opposed many of her peers. None of that however is relevant to the subject of my post today. 

I mention Taylor Swift because today the New York Times published a story covering “The Tailor Swift Groping Trial.” This is a sampling of comments on Twitter: “Who cares.” “She’s looking for attention.” “So someone grabbed her ass, waaaa.” “It should have been handled privately.” This has somehow become an argument about Taylor Swift, celebrity, and “white privilege.” 

If you read the story you will find that there was an attempt to “handle it privately.” Swift reported the incident to her manager who informed security, who informed the person in charge, and the “DJ” was fired. 

What happened? At an event sponsored by Pepsi, in 2013, 23 year old Taylor Swift agreed to a photo with said 51 year old Denver DJ and his girlfriend. As you can see by her body language, his hand placement, and the grin on his face, something was not right. 

Former KYGO morning show host David Mueller, who was known professionally as “Jackson,” filed a lawsuit seeking 3 million dollars because he’s no longer employable in his field. A recording of his phone conversation with his boss directly after the incident was erased, his phone with more evidence “lost” and his story of what happened has since changed. He is now the victim. Swift is countersuing for assault. 

My opinion: this 51 year Denver celebrity DJ did something he should not have done and he lost his job as a result. Sexual harassment is legal grounds for termination. This man took sexual harrassment to another level when he put his hand on her— up her skirt and groped her to be specific— it’s assault. 

His employers had no choice but to fire him because, contrary to what POTUS 45 would have you believe, you can not do what you want to people because you’re a celebrity. Look at the body language in the picture. It’s clear what happenned, and Mueller did that with his girlfriend right there. He has no shame, and no respect for women.

So he wants Taylor Swift to give him $3 million because he was justly punished for his actions. She is countersuing as a result of his lawsuit.

This is about sexual assault, not “celebrity.” Women’s bodies are their own, and women’s rights and protections have taken a hit thanks to Trump and his followers. I applaud Taylor Swift for fighting back.

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An Illusion of Healthcare 

Trumpcare is the new plan for you to buy

You may keep your doctor but there’s a glitch

We exclude illness, so millions will die

But there will be more money for the rich


You pay for insurance, a monthly bill

Every claim you submit we’ll deny

It’s all pre-existing, say what you will

And your age…well I’m afraid it’s too high


Big Pharma companies somehow contrived

To charge Americans two times as much 

For prescription drugs that keep them alive

Let us give Pharma a tax cut as such


The GOP with ties to Russian banks

Betsy Devos’ family— owns Spectracare 

Alfa bank invested, the Russians say thanks

AND…Congress members keep Obamacare


Trump Tweets lies of a plan he has not read

Promises tax cuts to billionaire friends

Democrats can’t vote if they are all dead 

That is how this healthcare illusion ends 

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13 Super Secret Senators and a Healthcare Heist 

These thirteen Republican Senators have a secret…and on June 30, 2017, the Senate will vote on what will change the lives of millions Americans. What exactly it is, only these 13 are privy to…and yes they are all men. 

Mitch McConnell says there will be no hearings on the healthcare bill he plans to push through. No need for America to see the details, because he wants this passed, and the only way to pull off this great American healthcare heist, right under our noses, is in secrecy. 

This sounds like a joke, but it’s not. This is how the GOP does business. 

We do know the plan gives the wealthiest Americans a $663 billion tax cut, in exchange for the healthcare of 24 million Americans. This is no doubt the same plan, presented twice and rejected, but it will be re-gifted a third time in a new box with new ribbon. Don’t open it until it’s passed…they don’t want to spoil the surprise. One more thing, there are no returns or exchanges. 

We know who will benefit:

  • $145 billion tax cut for health insurance providers 
  • $28 billion tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies 
  • $663 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans

Because they won’t share anymore details, all we can do is assume the package is like the last two: any preexisting condition will be a reason for denial of coverage, older Americas will pay much more for insurance, Medicaid cut $834 billion . . .

When former President Obama was trying to push through the AHA, it went through an eighteen month committee process in the House and Senate, and then the bill was open for a month of debate in public hearings. During those debates alterations to the bill were proposed, by both democrats and republicans, and many of those proposals effectively changed the outcome of the package. 

The GOP is not extending democrats the same courtesy they received. 
Call your Senators and tell them the secrecy of this healthcare bill is unacceptable. Americans have a right to know where tax dollars are spent, and whether or not their representatives deserve their future votes. 


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Donald Trump’s War on the Middle Class

I touched on this topic a couple of days ago, but I think it deserves more attention. 

In 2006 Donald Trump said he “sort of hoped” the housing market would collapse. If there is a bubble burst “people like me can go in and buy like crazy.” 

Two years later the real estate bubble did burst. It was the equivalent of a sink hole in the U.S. economy. The poor were largely unaffected, because they didn’t have anything to lose, but the rich got richer— at the expense of the middle class. 

  • Home values plummeted.
  • Stocks tanked.
  • Retirement savings were halved.
  • 529 college savings plans virtually disappeared. 
  • “Upside down mortgage” became a common phrase: The drastic drop in  housing prices, resulted in people owing more on their mortgages than the homes value. Many of those homes went on to foreclose, further bringing down real estate values. 
  • Property taxes rose at alarming rates in order to compensate for lost tax revenue of foreclosed homes. This too led to more foreclosures, because people could no longer afford their property taxes. 

People like Donald Trump purchased foreclosed real estate at a fraction of it’s true value. 

Banks were bailed out of their self inflicted crisis, first by G.W. Bush, and then again by President Obama. Bank CEO’s used bail out money to reward themselves with hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. Oh yes, they did.

Relief finally came in the form of regulations, put in place to ensure this kind of a financial crisis could not happen again. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act prevents, among other abuses, predatory lending.

Despite what Donald Trump’s triumphant tweet implys, he waging war on the middle class. When you take off that red “MAGA” hat you’ll be able to see this clearly. On June 8, 2017, the Republican-led House passed the massive, 600-page Financial CHOICE Act, which if enacted, would repeal Dodd–Frank. The Financial CHOICE Act is now in the hands of the senate. 

Donald Trump is attempting to deregulate banks, and trying to say this is good for America. This is good for the top 1% of Americans, but this is not good for the middle class. Another financial collapse is a foregone conclusion without regulations in place to keep banks and lenders in check. They have proven they can not be trusted to self-regulate. 

2008-2009 saw the biggest re-distribution of wealth since the Great Depression. Enough is enough. Call your Senators and tell them not to deregulate America’s banks.

Long After the Birth of the 2008 Financial Crisis, The Republicans Want Another Baby

Who remembers the financial crisis of 2008? Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller??

Like the pain of childbirth, the economic contraction that burst the housing bubble and led to epidural bank bailouts that were as ineffective as self hypnosis at relieving said pain felt while birthing oversized billionaires with giant heads, it all seems to have been forgotten. 

The placenta was buried like a quarter of the net worth of the middle class. Stocks, like sagging breasts, dropped 45%. Retirement became the imagined happy place that didn’t exist…an elusive unicorn in the morning fog— breathe, breathe, PUSH!!! 

What happened to my body after giving birth happened to the U.S. economy. The imbalanced redistribution of wealth was much like my weight…because pre-baby weight and post baby weight might be the same but nothing is where it had been prior. 

The pelvic floor dropped out of the housing market, so people (like my legs) foreclosed. Abandoned and delapidated foreclosed homes were hemorrhoids on once beautifully landscaped neighborhoods. What was once a lovely one lane country road, is now a four lane superhighway with sink holes. 

Retirement age meant nothing because retirement funds dragged on the ground like a prolapsed uterus. 

Much like a sleep deprived couple with a colicky baby, the divide grew between the extremely rich and the middle class. The middle class ended up with all the stretch marks after the crisis, the poor were not really affected, but the top 1% got much richer. 

Like a bladder that leaks with every sneeze, the world economy was pissed away as well. 
Why can’t they all be C-sections? 

After that, those of us who kept our (what’s the plural…a flock of utereese, uteri, utérus es) receptacles, we went on birth regulation…which isn’t covered under the republican healthcare bill. Banks nevertheless unwillingly had their tubes tied.

On Thursday, while we were all basking in the afterglow of James Comey’s testimony, House Republicans tendered a 580-page bill that would deregulate the banking industry…again.
As it happens, Viagra is covered by the republican healthcare bill, and since Republicans hold the majority in congress they are enjoying collectively screwing us over and over again. House Democrats along with just one Republican defector, Walter Jones, were the prophylactic that broke. The Financial Choice Act, was approved in the House 233 to 186, and now swims onward to the Senate for conception. 

We must give them no choice but to abort this bill before it births another financial crisis. 

Call your senators. 


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Shame on Montana

Montana elects a multimillionaire Greg Gianforte to the U.S. House of Representatives the day after he is witnessed grabbing a reporter by the throat, and throwing him to the ground. Being charged with assault clearly doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it use to. This behavior is acceptable to the citizens of Montana. Donald Trump should be proud. 

Shame on you Montana. This America is not the land of the free it sells itself as. Justice is apparently on reprieve until Trump’s reign comes to an end.


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