Joe Manchin Thinks it’s His Place to Apologize for an Unrelated Adult Woman

**This post contains profanity. It is not meant to be read by the pearl clutching faint of heart who are easily indisposed by the vapours.

W/VA Senator Joe Manchon, Republican in Democratic clothing, has been on the press circuit apologizing for a comment made by a new congresswoman, Democrat Rashida Tlaib.

Senator Manchin, who is not her father, is apologizing on her behalf for her use of the following statement- “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”, “the motherfucker” in question being motherfucker Donald Trump.

Senator Joe Manchin was on FOX News, a Democratic Senator performing on GOP propaganda TV, calling her statement: “horrible,” “disgusting,” “deplorable.”

Side note: Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for blackout drunk frat boy, sexual predator, and repeated perjurer, Brett “I liked beer… I STILL LIKE BEER.” Kavanaugh, now sitting in a lifetime appointment in the Supreme Court.

Incidentally that SCOTUS appointment, that would not have passed without Manchin’s aye, mandates all 83 credible misconduct cases against him be dismissed… and they were:

Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh

Here is what Manchin said with regards to his Kavanaugh vote:

Manchin also likes to say the word “shit”… a lot. Should we go through all curse words and assign them a value with regards to their offensiveness?

Also, and more importantly, Senator Joe Manchin has never condemned Donald Trump for his vulgar behavior. Need I repeat that motherfuckers long list of profanity, while bragging of sexual assault, or that used with regards to any who oppose him?

According to Manchin, and Trump, and the GOP, there are rules of decorum for women, especially those who are not of the Christian and lilly white genus, but there are no rules for Donald Trump, his GOP accomplices, or any of his sexual predator friends.

What’s this related story?…

CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years

Remember the EpiPen price jump of 400%? I’ll remind you.

The lifesaving device, which contains $1’s worth of epinephrine, jumped to over $600… per pen. The device is sold in Canada for as low as $50.

Imposing said price hike of the lifesaving epinephrine device was Mylan Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Heather Bresch. She gave herself a raise for that move. Her annual salary rose 671%, from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

By the end of 2017, continued public outcry over her pricing of EpiPen forced her to sell a generic version for $300.

CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator

Whadda ya know, Bresch is Manchin’s daughter.

That’s not all. She is a tax evader.

Mylan moving overseas in tax play | News, Sports, Jobs – Weirton Daily Times

Pop quiz time.

  1. Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans, any sitting Congress person” for lawmaker Tlaib’s colorful call for Trump’s impeachment, but did he ever apologize for his daughter when she evaded taxes by moving her company out of the U.S., pocketing tens of millions of dollars in tax savings?
  2. Did Joe Manchin apologize when his daughter, Heather Bresch, endangered the lives of so many, when she priced them out of EpiPens?
  • Answer Key:
  • No to both.
  • Manchin slams ‘horrible’ comments from Dem calling for Trump impeachment: ‘So disgusting’

    Fuck Joe Manchin.

    Stick a Fork in Trump… He’s Done

    And he knows it:

    The threats have commenced.

    I must admit, as an overachiever, I went to bed disappointed last night. Sure we libtards took back the house, but Senate control was retained by Vladamir Putin’s Party… and we lost Beto and Gillum and… 💤 😴

    This morning I decided to look at the bright side, as such,

    Prepare to have sunshine blown up your ass.

    (I never said things like that before 2016.) 🤥

    The chances that Bob Mueller can finish his work just improved exponentially.

    No more Devin M(emo) Nunes nuisances. Nunes’ power in Congress is essentially gone… even though he isn’t quite yet. It looks like Nunes has retained his seat, but considering half of the state of California votes absentee, (votes not yet counted), and those ballots trend democratic- I’ll hold off on the gut wrenching sobs… for now. 

    With the new majority come new committee chairmen.

    The new Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee –

    Democrat Adam Schiff can finally protect Bob Mueller, and destroy Devin Nunes. ✅

    More sunshine:

    Over 💯 women are in the House! An improvement.

    Among the new women

    Two Muslims:

    •Michigan Democrat Palestinian Rashida Tlaib

    •Minnesota Democrat Somalian Ilhan Omar 

    2 Native Americans: 

    •New Mexico’s Deb Haaland 

    •Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids, also is the first openly LGBT member of Congress.

    Massachusetts’ first black house member of Congress:

    •Democrat Ayanna Pressley.

    Texas didn’t deliver Beto O’Rourke to the senate, but they did deliver Texas’ first two Latinas elected to Congress:

    •Democrat Veronica Escobar 

    •Democrat Sylvia Garcia 

    •Democratic Texas Senator Sylvia Garcia

    Youth has a voice with 29 year old from Queens NY:

    •Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the youngest woman elected to Congress.

    •South Dakota Republican 😱 Kristi Noem will be the state’s first female governor.

    In Minnesota, Jason Lewis, who complained that he “can’t call women sluts anymore” lost… to a woman:

    •Democrat Angie Craig, first openly LGBTQ person elected to Congress from Minnesota.

    Some Governor races won by women:

    •Kansas, Democratic Laura Kelly

    •Janet Mills becomes Maine’s first woman governor 

    Arizona is still counting votes, but either way they will have elected their first female senator: Republican Martha McSally or Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to replace Jeff Flake (literally).

    Random excellent news: 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

    This means there will be no more rooms filled with gray haired men deciding women’s issues.

    A passing cloud:

    I’m not satisfied with the assumption that the results reflect the votes.

    How did Florida pass a proposition that will allow former felons (except sex offenders and murderers), but not elect Democrat Gillum with the same numbers?

    From what I understand, votes are still being counted in Florida and, although Gillum has conceded to DeSantis, if the votes end with Gillum on top he wins.

    There are also outstanding votes in GA, the votes Brian Kemp, Trump’s ally, tried to suppress. Kemp, the Secretary of State who was in charge of overseeing the election while running for office of Governor himself, against Stacey Abrams, shamelessly disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of black voters.

    So, despite the associated press graph below, 100% has not been counted.

    Kemp finds himself on the receiving end of multiple federal lawsuits over his attempts to suppress Black votes, by rejecting hand picked mail in ballots, blocking approximately 53,000 voter registrations, and purging approximately 700,000 voters from voting rolls in primarily black districts.

    Speaking of vote tampering, how did ruby red Texas, a state with widespread reports of voter tampering during early voting, (machines flipping votes from Beto to Cruz on straight democratic ballots), go so blue… except Beto?

    In summation, despite millions of disenfranchised voters, voting machines flipping from blue to red, machines without power cords in democratic precincts, power outages in democratic precincts, 3 booths in precincts with lines exceeding 4 hours, and repeated attempts by Russia to hack our voter registration system, we took back the house in a big way.

    Election security and transparency must and  now will be a priority. Gerrymandering will be put to an end. (Please end the electoral college, as it should have been when slavery was abolished.)

    Enough of that.

    Ready for more ☀️ sunshine?

    Who is who as far as our new committee leaders?

    Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee- Democrat Maxine Waters (hehehe… Trump hand over your taxes… now. And let’s discuss Deutsche Bank, shall we?) ✅

    Chairman of House Government Oversight – Democrat Eljiah Cummings. (Hehehehe SCOTUS Kavanaugh’s repeated perjury. 👀) ✅

    And… Speaker of the House- Democrat Nancy Pelosi now has subpoena power.

    Trump clearly see’s the danger he is in.

    Flattery… nice try stable genius.

    Trump is done. Winning the majority in the Senate would have been nice, but isn’t necessary, the above tweet shows Trump is well aware of his predicament.

    The above committees, now headed by democrats, have the power to investigate and serve subpoenas.

    Will a democratic Congress impeach Trump? I think so… on any one of a dozen potential charges. It takes a simple majority vote PER CHARGE to move the process along.

    When the house does vote to impeach Trump the proceedings move to the senate, which is why those numbers are disappointing, but the senate be required to conduct an investigation and hold a trial. 

    Will Trump allow that, and testify under oath, or will he do what Nixon did and resign? 

    Mueller time is here.

    Susan Collins, King Maker

    I am directing my anger today at Senator Susan Collins (R/ME), however it could easily be transferred to one of a number of equally deserving Senators.

    “We… ya know… I tell you what, I happen to know some United States Senators, one who is on the other side who is pretty aggressive. I’ve seen that person in very bad situations… okay? I’ve seen that person in very very bad situations, somewhat compromising, and you know— and I think it’s very unfair to bring up things like this. However, whatever the senators want is okay with me.” ~Donald Trump, October 1, 2018

    I could be aiming my fury at the Democrat who Trump so effectively blackmailed ON CAMERA this week, (Are you there mainstream media, it’s me, Lydia) theamominush’ Senator he threatened to expose… If only I could figure out who he meant. 🤔

    (Or) I could direct today’s rant at the only Democrat who turned coat to vote “aye” with the Republicans, Senator Joe Manchin (D/WV).

    (Manchin is father of the equally despicable CEO for Mylar Pharmaceuticals, Heather Bresch, the woman who gave herself a 471% pay increase after increasing the price of the lifesaving EpiPen 461%.)

    I could also go off on Flake, GrASSley, McConnell, Hatch, Kennedy, Trump…

    I choose to focus on Senator Susan Collins for now. Why? Because clearly she wants the attention. This is her modus operandi. She feigns angst, and thoughtfulness. She would never admit to knowing how she was going to vote on day one. She waited until the last possible moment to show her cards.

    I know a few others did that too, and although Collins is a fraud, so are all politicians. Why am I so angry at Susan Collins when there are 50 other Senators who voted in THE BLACKOUT DRUNK FRAT BOY RAPIST?

    I am angry because Susan Collins played with victims of sexual assault, like a cat plays with a mouse before it kills it, then she sold out her own gender.

    Collins held us hostage yesterday with empty hope. She gave a stellar performance on the senate floor yesterday. Her one woman show, her harridan harangue, that rapacious rant, a savage soliloquy, was all she wanted all along. She never intended to vote yes. NEVER. She wanted an audience.

    Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” ~Plato

    Her diatribe was so long I forgot what Kavanaugh was … for a minute.

    She never intended to vote no to the man who will decimate women’s rights, the rights of labor, healthcare, contraception, money in politics, voting rights, LGBT rights, climate change, grant unlimited executive power…

    Why? I think her husband might have something to do with it. He is lobbyist Thomas Daffron of Jefferson Consulting Group. He is on the payroll of Russian oligarchs.

    There is no question as to whether Senator Collins is compromised. Okay, so why can’t she be compromised and shut up like the rest of the GOP?

    Collins is willing to look into they eyes of her constituents and nod, but she doesn’t hear them because, if you listen very carefully when she nods, you can hear the rubles clinking in her head. The clinking rubles have made it impossible for to hear the voices of those she works for.

    (In reviewing and editing this post prior to publishing, I have reached the halfway point. This is a long post, reminding me that in order to hold a readers interest, a writer must “kill her babies.” Not literally, ‘babies’ is a metaphor for words. I must cut off this post here. Meh, fuck that.)

    Senator Collins feigned her indecision, then she displayed her selective memory. Her argument might have been a good one if you didn’t know she was omitting the TRUTH of Kavanaugh’s flaws, or of the sham of an FBI investigation.

    She selectively forgot Kavanaugh’s continued delay and denial of an immigrant teen who had been raped and wanted an abortion: Garza v Hargan. Kavanaugh attempted to block her from obtaining a lawful abortion. Two DDCOAs judges stepped in just before it would have been too late.

    She ignored Kavanaugh’s lies under oath (a felony by any other name would smell as illegal). She forgot his bombastic behavior while he was questioned by the Democrats on the committee. She overlooked the 93% of his resume the GOP felt it needed to bury,

    Susan Collins is condescendingly sorry for Dr Ford, but said there just “wasn’t enough evidence” to rob Kavanaugh of his Judicial robe.

    Susan, how ya gonna see the evidence** with your eyes closed?

    The following is a statement from Dr Blasey Ford’s attorneys: **The FBI was not allowed to find evidence. The 1600 pages of tips called into the FBI tip hotlines were ignored. This investigation ignored 3 eyewitnesses to sexual assault, 22 perjuries, 48 corroborating witnesses, 16 prior disclosures, and dozens of Kavanaugh’s classmates who called him a liar.

    All the corroboration was essentially turned around and slapped on the ass before it was pushed away.

    Forget the sexual assault for a minute if you can, and consider:

    • 100,000 unreleased documents
    • Who paid his gambling debts?
    • Who bought his $1.5 million house?
    • Who paid his $92,000 golf club fee

    WHY DIDN’T ANYONE ASK HIM THOSE QUESTIONS? What happened to “due process?”

  • Collins ignored Kavanaugh’s repeated PERJURY, he lied about provable facts:
    • The drinking age in Maryland at the time.
    • He lied about watching Dr Fords testimony.
    • He lied about his partisanship, then lashed out in an unhinged rant, claiming revenge by the Clintons, dark money spent to destroy him, and something hateful about the Senate Democrats who were about to question him.
    • He lied about sexual innuendo in his yearbook: “Devil’s Triangle,” “Boofing,” “FffffForth of July,” and slut shaming “Renata.”
  • *He contacted his high school friends asking them to back up his lies. There are texts proving that. I’m pretty sure that would fall into the category of witness tampering and obstruction of justice.
    • He lied about timing. When had he heard about Ramirez, his Yale classmate’s accusation? It was prior to Dr Ford coming forward.
  • I’ll spare a minute for Jeff Flake. He played the same game Collins played. He said he would vote no if it was clear Kavanaugh lied, he would vote no if the one week long FBI investigation was not thorough, and finally, he said unless “something big” happens, he’d be voting yes.

    Define big.

    Kenneth Appold, was among the 48 witnesses who were ignored by the FBI. He is a respected Princeton Professor of Reformation History, and he wanted to tell the FBI that he learned of the Deborah Ramirez Yale incident with his suite mate Brett Kavanaugh the day it happened.

    I’d say that’s big.

    Groups who rejected Kavanaugh, and called for an FBI investigation that isn’t a SHAM:
    • ACLU
    • American Bar Association
    • Amnesty International
    • Harvard U
    • Jesuit Order
    • National Council of Churches
    • Yale Law School
    • 650+ Law Professors
  • Groups who were satisfied with the information they were spoon fed by Chuck GrASSley:
  • The GOP Senate majority and one Democratic Senator, Manchin
  • Collins’ view of Kavanaugh, is in opposition to the widely held public opinion of him. He is a nominee without public support, nominated by a historically unpopular president, an un-indicted co-conspirator who lost the popular vote by 3 million.

    In 2012, despite earning 1.4 million fewer votes, Republicans retained the U.S.House of Representatives, thanks to gerrymandering.

    Kavanaugh is about to confirmed by a Senate majority who were gerrymandered into their seats, and who represent a manipulated minority of the country whose votes hold more weight than they ought.

    The electoral fffffucking college, voter suppression, gerrymandering, and VOTER APATHY, are how we got here.

    The majority has been minimized…

    WE ALL NEED TO VOTE if we want to take our country back.

    Kavanaugh’s confirmation puts women’s rights, workers’ rights, LGBT rights, voting rights, the affordable health care, Social Security, and the planet, at risk.

    I’ll wind this up now. (You’re welcome.)

    Susan Collins, who ALWAYS plays the undecided moderate Senator, is not a moderate. She’s a Republican through and through in Trump’s pocket.

    She called on Al Franken to resign without the “due process and presumption of innocence” that she has given Kavanaugh.

    Thanks to you MS Collins, Donald Trump now has control of all three branches of government. How long do you think it will be before he ends the Mueller investigation and pardons all his criminal conspirators? You have crowned him King.

    Trump makes vague threat to unnamed Democratic senator while defending Kavanaugh: ‘I’ve seen that person in very, very bad situations’

    Felonious Judge… a poem

    Senator Jeff Flake has lived up to his name

    This week he has played a political game

    Called an FBI report, truth was denied

    Senator Susan Colins… she’s satisfied


    48 witnesses not interviewed

    A liar has won, our democracy skewed

    Three branches of government, under control

    Of a fleecer, a fraud, a man with no soul


    Set Kavanaugh’s treatment of women aside

    Forget his demeanor, the fact is HE LIED

    Perjury was committed so many ways

    “Honest as a judge” — that’s an obsolete phrase

    It’s not over yet
    Collins — 202-224-2523
    Flake — 202-224-4521
    Murkowski — 202-224-6665
    Manchin — 202-224-3954

    Kavanaugh Updates

    There are a few updates regarding Judge Rapey Kavanaugh’s potential confirmation.

    During a press conference today, Donald Trump touted his would be savior:

    “I think he spoke very conclusively and very well…” “When he was chosen everybody said oh this is going to go very quickly. People thought 10 years ago that Brett Kavanaugh was going to be a Supreme Court Justice, because of his intellect, because of his career, because of the fact that there are no games.” ~Trump

    Trump then expressed indignation at the “hard time” Kavanaugh is going through:

    “You know now they talk about alcohol, they talk about all of the… things that you hear, and frankly, you take a look at… they’re bringing up subjects… we would know about this over the last 20 years the last 30 years of his career. You know, what happened? They’re going back to high school and they’re saying he drank a lot one evening in high school.” ~Trump

    they’re saying he drank a lot one eveningNo one is accusing RapeyK of drinking a lot ONE evening. He has been accused by a multitude of people, from his days at prep school through his years at Yale, of being a frequent drunk, a blackout drunk, a violent drunk, who is aggressive toward women.

    Former Yale alumni, friend and basketball player, Charles Ludington, has come forward to accuse Kavanaugh of violent drunken behavior.
    Kavanaugh College Visit to Bar Erupted in Fight, Classmate Says
    How can Trump put limitations on the FBI investigation?

    Fight over Kavanaugh intensifies amid confusion over limits of FBI sexual assault investigation

    Then Trump’s press conference warning… a threat of retribution:

    “We… ya know… I tell you what, I happen to know some United States Senators, one who is on the other side who is pretty aggressive. I’ve seen that person in very bad situations… okay? I’ve seen that person in very very bad situations, somewhat compromising, and you know— and I think it’s very unfair to bring up things like this. However, whatever the senators want is okay with me.”

    Does it sound to anyone else like Trump is threatening to expose someone if the vote doesn’t go his way?

    Prior to Friday’s Senate Confirmation Hearing, during which Dr Ford testified, the Senate conducted a phone interview with Kavanaugh each time they were made aware of a new allegation of sexual assault.

    What has not been widely reported is that there are a not three allegations against Kavanaugh. There were a total of SIX sexual assault allegations by Friday, all from credible witnesses. These are not anonymous individuals, “these women have come forward, identified themselves, and confirmed their willingness to cooperate with an investigation.”

    Below is a link to a full transcript of one Senate phone interview with Kavanaugh detailing disturbing allegations of a drunken rape that took place in a car. The woman claims Kavanaugh and a friend offered to drive her home after a party. What happened to her is reprehensible.…

    Trump mentioned Kavanaugh’s stellar career during his press conference today. It’s not so stellar. In 2006 the American Bar Association downgraded him from “well qualified” to “qualified,” citing professional inexperience and questions about “bias” and lack of “open-mindedness.” The ABA is among those who want the FBI to conduct a full investigation.

    The American Bar Association had concerns about Kavanaugh 12 years ago. Republicans dismissed those, too.

    One of Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates, who is able to corroborate the second allegation, has been unable to contact the FBI- They are not returning his calls.…

    (Excellent article:)👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

    How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying | Current Affairs

    Fauxfuriated Senator Graham has made up his mind; he will vote for Kavanaugh even if FBI links him to sexual assault because… I don’t know. Is it because the GOP hates women?

    ‘My mind’s made up’: Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Kavanaugh even if FBI links him to sexual assault

    Kavanaugh is guilty, and a majority of Americans are realizing that fact. What Graham is attempting to do now is minimize the importance of his crimes, make them seem normal… what Kavanaugh did in high school is to be expected among boys in elite prep schools. If drinking a beer in high school is a dereliction, then who among us is innocent? If drugging and gang raping women is a villainy, then who among us is innocent?

    One final nail in the GOP coffin, today they let the Violence Against Women Act expire.


    There are some shady goings on in Washington, death threats for opposition to a Judicial nomination, and for victims who come forward to report crimes. Is this normal?

    It’s not normal, but it’s also not new. The woman who came forward to accuse pedophile Roy Moore of sexual assault received death threats before her house was burned to the ground, in what has been determined to be arson.

    Anita Hill, who came forward to report the sexual harassment of now SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, recurved death threats.

    The desperation we have seen on the GOP side of the Confirmation Committee has been more than a little strange. Lindsey Graham’s manic outburst would lead one to believe there is more at stake here than republicans having control of all three branches of government… for a time, and one would be correct.

    And why is GW Bush interfering? Let’s look back a few years.

    Before Trump, George W Bush was the all time worst president in the history of the US. He trashed our economy, he allowed 9/11 to take place, (my opinion), to have an excuse to start a war over oil with a country wholly unconnected to the attack.

    Although he recently had an endearing moment, when he snuck Michele Obama candy during John McCain’s funeral, and I almost forgot who he is, he reminded me.

    He is responsible for an unnecessary war, countless deaths and, like Donald Trump, he stole his election in 2000.

    The 43rd President of the United States should have been Al Gore, not George W.

    Al Gore, like Hillary, won the popular vote, and the electoral win for Gore was dependent the state of Florida, where George W Bush’s brother Jeb was Governor.

    The Florida votes were still undecided in December of 2000, because of a state-mandated recount due to the narrow margin of election results, about 200 votes.


    That was the point Brett Kavanaugh joined Bush’s legal team. They wanted to stop the ballot recount in Florida, because like today Republicans like to block truth.

    A re-count of votes by hand was underway, but was halted thanks to the efforts of… current Supreme Court Judicial Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He begged SCOTUS intervention to stop the re-count, and it was granted.

    Imagine what the world would be like had Al Gore been allowed to serve. One thing we know for sure, the planet would be in a far better place. Another, there would have been no Iraq war. Millions would be alive who were killed as a result. Our economy, strong until Bush and his evil puppet master Dick Cheney’s kleptocratic policies destroyed world markets.

    Brett Kavanaugh has longstanding ties to former President George W. Bush, as does his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh. They met while working for shrub.

    It was Brett Kavanaugh who, in 2005, woke up George W. Bush in the middle of the night to have him sign legislation to keep Terri Schiavo, alive against the wishes of her husband. She was the Tampa Bay Area woman who had been declared brain dead after collapsing in her home in 1990. She had been kept alive for 15 years.

    Brett Kavanaugh’s bio defines his ties to Bush “From July 2003 until his appointment to the court in 2006, he was Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary to President Bush.”

    Kavanaugh, the former staff secretary to George W. Bush, also played a role in drafting the Ken Starr report into the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

    Bush nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to the position he has held since 2006 on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C.

    Kavanaugh lied and denied during his first, failed nomination in 2002, but tried again in 2006, and was appointed. (His lie pertaining to emails stolen from Democrats on the senate.) He still maintains that lie regardless of several e-mails he sent titled “Spying” in which the subject was said e-mails.

    Bush and Kavanaugh are both Yale alum who belonged to the same misogynistic frat house.

    With such a common history it is no wonder Bush called every Senator this week, who is listed as “undecided” on the matter of Kavanaugh’s Judicial confirmation, to urge them to vote Brett Kavanaugh in.

    That’s when I realized, Shrub could have dropped 20 lbs of Swedish fish (my fav) on Michelle Obama’s lap during McCain’s funeral, but it doesn’t change the fact that George W Bush is an unethical human being.

    Jeff Flake, possibly the easiest Senator to persuade, is receiving threats for his insistence on a week long delay in the SCOTUS vote, and an FBI investigation into nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is hiding something.

    Flake’s planned talk in Boston moved amid safety concerns – The Boston Globe


    The desperate race with the clock by the GOP is motivated by self preservation. Some are compromised, some could be considered to have at least attempted to obstruct the Mueller investigation, many have ties to Russian money.

    Remember when the Russians hacked the DNC e-mails? They also hacked the RNC e-mails. The Russians leaked the Democrat’s e-mails, to destroy them. They are holding the Republican’s e-mails, to control them.

    They need Kavanaugh now because of the following:

    This is the rush and what we thought was an arbitrary deadline was a machiavellian manipulation.

    Senator Jeff Flake was successful in his request for. weeklong sabbatical during which the FBI is supposed to resume their Judge RapeyK background check.

    It’s unfortunate Senator Flake is enduring the wrath of Trump’s base, and death threats, when you consider this FBI investigation is a farce.

    Doh… Trump is lying!

    You didn’t really expect Trump to allow an investigation into RapeyK, did you?

    Even state news media Fox is reporting the truth on this one:

    The GOP Senate has enough reason to vote no without further investigation. Kavanaugh showed himself to be an extension of the GOP. Judges are required to be neutral, but he made his disdain for democrats clear, and the Clintons, and the media.

    The most confounding element in this confirmation are the blatant lies:

    Kavanaugh has lied about EVERYTHING:

    • Credit card debt payoff

    • House down payment

    • 2002 stolen emails

    • Legal drinking age

    • Drinking

    • Devil’sTriangle

    • Ralphing

    • Boofing

    • YALE admittance w/out connections

    • Renata

    • Watching Ford’s testimony—

    And here GQ magazine lists more lies:

    All of Brett Kavanaugh’s Lies

    How many times was the phrase “under penalty of perjury” quoted during the confirmation?


    Since Dr Ford’s testimony, the ACLU has come forward to opposes Kavanaugh.

    the American Bar Association wants an FBI investigation.

    “You libtards are getting what you want and your [sic] still complaining!” ~Several Random Idiots


    – If FBI learns of others who can corroborate what the existing witnesses are saying, agents may NOT be able to contact them under the terms laid out by the White House

    – FBI can NOT talk to supermarket where Mark Judge worked

    – FBI can’t look into Kavanaugh’s drinking

    Does this constitute Obstruction of Justiciary justice? (uneducated guess) It’s not a criminal investigation, so probably not.

    I think we all need a laugh, so I’m attaching last night’s SNL opening skit.

    Matt Damon plays angry Kavanaugh on ‘Saturday Night Live’