Migrant Children: Has the Press Moved on?

Meet Kirstjen Michele Nielsen.

She is an American attorney and national security expert.

She is currently serving as the the 6th United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

She likes Mexican food, but detests Mexicans and South Americans.

The contradictions:

Last week she said, emphatically, there was no policy to separate families at borders.

Donald J Trump is Kirstjen’s boss. He just signed an executive order to “end separating families at borders,” a policy she denied the existence of.

Sarah sanders also works for Trump. She sighted the Bible, and claimed separating families at the borders is “the law”.

Sarah Sanders: ‘Biblical’ to Tear Immigrant Kids From Parents

Donald J Trump has said separating families at borders was something only congress could stop, that it was out of his hands.

In April, 2018, Jeff Sessions announced a new “Zero Tolerance Policy”. He said children and families attempting to cross the border into the U.S. illegally would be separated.

The results:

Since then 2300 children, ranging in age from infancy to teenage, have been separated from their parents at the border, many of them crossing the border legally, seeking sanctuary.

The children taken from their parents were re-classified as unaccompanied minors, and without any record of their identities taken, bussed, or flown to detention centers in 17 states across the country. Many will never be accounted for.

Stories are emerging of unconscionable abuse suffered by many of these children who have been taken from their parent’s protection, from subduing them with psychotropic drugs, to tying them to chairs, and worse.

ACLU Report: Detained Immigrant Children Subjected To Widespread Abuse By Officials

Children are sent to facilities with documented histories of sexual assault.

Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse

But the Trump narrative prevails:

An Analysis by The Washington Post says:

“Rarely has the White House so tacitly and unmistakably admitted to overplaying its hand. And rarely has it so blatantly copped to its own dishonesty about its actions.”

With all due respect, Ms. Analysis, this wasn’t an admission of any kind. While signing the “executive order,” Trump falsely stated: “it’s been going on for 60 years but no one has had the courage to stop it.” He wants to be lauded as a hero for ending his own policy of torture and abuse.

Again, this was a Trump policy announced in April by Jeff Sessions, which has resulted in 2300 children separated from their parents, without any plan to identify or reunite them.

Trump signed an executive order to end his own policy. It was theater.

The executive order states he will not separate families, but will hold all those detained, indefinitely.

Full text: Trump’s executive order ending family separations – POLITICO

The executive order Trump signed is not only misspelled, it is illegal. Current law limits border detention of families to a maximum of 20 days.

The bottom line:

Why did he bother to stage this farce? Because the outcry became too loud to ignore and, with this signing, he hoped the press, and the public, would give him credit for his humanitarianism and then move on to other stories. He was hoping to control the direction of the news.

Why does Trump take possession of these children, assuming financial responsibility for their care?

CEO: Proposed Houston facility for ‘childcare,’ not detention center


Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

The CEO of the “non profit” detention centers where most of the migrant children are taken has profited bigly for his part in this. He’s also a campaign donor.

Where are we today?

  • Children are still being transported to detention centers across the country.
  • There is no plan to reunite those already separated.
  • Trump still has babies in cages.
  • 2300 children are still separated from their parents.

By the looks of today’s headlines, it appears Trump’s executive order signing stunt was successful in subduing the outcry against the cruelties inflicted on these migrant children.

Nothing is better today than yesterday, with one exception:

Maybe Kirstjen can have her margarita and nachos now.

Where Are the Migrant Girls?

Who would have thought back on November 9, 2016, the day Donald J Trump and Russia grifted into the White House, that this was where we were headed?

A lot of us.

Many of us understood, even then, that although our government is set up in a way to deter this kind of demagoguery, there is enough corruption in government that it is possible to override every safeguard.

The truth is, Donald J Trump got where he is by appealing to prejudice and greed, not by the rational thought of Americans. Granted, some Americans were manipulated, by the efforts of Trump’s campaign officials and the Kremlin, in their use of propaganda via social media.

Still, all that alone would not have given Trump a win, not without the successful efforts to tamper with voter registration, disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters, and the actually hacking into polling machines, targeting key states to manipulate an electoral win that gave Trump and Russia the government of the United States.

Even with all that, if more people had showed up to vote, or even put in a little effort to mailing in a ballot, we wouldn’t have:

  • Exited the Paris Accord,
  • Given the rich a massive tax cut in exchange for our healthcare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, college loans, and all the other social services that democratic nations offer their citizens,
  • We wouldn’t have rising gas prices and a stock market reflecting an impending trade war,
  • We wouldn’t be on the brink of war with our allies,
  • We wouldn’t be working with Russia, North Korea, and China to undermine democracy.

And the biggest atrocity to date,

  • We wouldn’t be listening to, what has become a 24 hour a day tool for propaganda, FOX News, lies about the thousands of babies taken from their parents and imprisoned, with no plan on ever reuniting them.

This is a Trump policy.

**To the Nazis, who attempt to post propaganda in the form of comments on my blog, put your effort somewhere else, it won’t be posted here.

We are watching untold cruelty unfold at our borders. The numbers we are given, on how many children our White House has taken and given to privatized detention centers, don’t add up.

It is alarming that none of the photos released include any girls or toddlers.

Jacob Soboroff, MSNBC correspondent, has passed on information he was given by the Department of Health and Human Services:

“Of the 11,786 minors currently in the unaccompanied alien children program, 3,280 are female and 8,506 are male.”

A simple google search confirmed my understanding that there are more female babies than male babies born in North America.

As you can see in this graph, in Mexico, and South America, where a majority of these children originate, the population of females is higher than the population of males. The numbers released from the White House claims 8500 boys and 3200 girls are being held in these cells.

Where are the rest of the girls? Even if the birthrates were even, that leaves approximately 5300 girls unaccounted for.

Where are the girls missing from the count?

Is this country, that feigns concern about sex trafficking, selling the girls?

Where are the girls?

You know as well as I do that we can expect, in future, to hear stories of sex crimes, abuse, and torture against these children.

You can not take children out of the protection of their parents arms and give them to strangers in a civilized nation. These are human rights violations. These are war crimes.

This must stop today.

Call your members of Congress to demand they put an immediate end to Trump’s policy of separating families. Demand they reunite those already separated. Hold those who crafted this policy, as well as those who support it, Sessions, Trump, Kristjen Nielson, Sarah Sanders, etc, accountable.

Call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121

Watch video of immigrant girls taken from border, moved to NYC last night.


Felonious Trump

Established in three days, three reports

Don Jr., Erik Prince, Roger Stone— three cohorts

All lied to Congress

But none are distressed

Will this federal felon gang go to Court?


White House Lawyer Crashes FBI Meeting on Trump-Russia Investigation

Emmet Flood, Trump’s personal lawyer,

On Capital Hill for his employer

Made an appearance

Sans Security clearance

A Trump treason reconnoiter


The DOJ presenting evidence

Gowdy, Kelly, Ryan— in arrogance

Devin Nunes and Flood

The recused and a stud

Cassified security briefing— interference


Nunes “recused himself” after his midnight run

But then designed on ‘Comey memo’ fun

He has perseverance

It gives the appearance

Of obstructing justice… to name one.


Who Is Jack Johnson and Why Did Donald Trump Grant Him a Posthumous Pardon?

Meanwhile Trump has set a precedent

A posthumous pardon… it’s relevance?

This first black heavyweight

Boxing champ— morte, the late

Conviction? trafficking… the elephant?


Elephants in the room, there are two

(1) Trump’s pedophile pal Epstein’s who

Ran Lolita express,

Trump an esteemed guest,

His redacted FBI files open for public view


FBI — Jeffrey Epstein


(2) ‘Trump Models’, you may recall

Closed in a cloud of concern, overall

The general thought

Young girls were brought

From overseas and whored out. Appalled?~~~

Almost 1,500 Migrant Children Placed in Homes by the U.S. Government Went Missing Last Year

One last story, that’s also twofold

Migrant children were “lost” in ICE hold

1475 souls

Into a black hole

Admitting, to traffickers, they may have sold


ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody

The boldest move Trump has ordered yet

ICE to shred docs of sex abuse and death

This and the missing

Allegation dismissing

Trump’s is an administration history will never forget.


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So Much Politics

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I have started several posts over the past few days, and none have inspired me to hit publish.

Not among them—

* Trump and a porn star have sex. (How many porn stars?) I couldn’t care less, and I’m not in the least surprised; he’s a pig. He’s never been faithful to a wife, and I’d be worried about std’s if I were #3.

I wish the sexual assault allegations against Trump held the public’s interest like this does.

* Also not on the list inspiring me to write is news that Fatty McTrumpster’s doctor lied about his weight and, if the doctor lied about that, the entire physical was an elaborate performance… but at least it was a comedy.

These three guys are the same height and claim to be the same weight… on earth, with gravity. Muscle is heavier than fat, still, someone is lying. Can you guess which?

* I was going to write on various opinions I’ve read regarding Steve Bannon’s testimony with the House Judiciary Committee. Everyone has a theory about this.

If I could pick one that I’d most like to be true, I choose— Bannon is part of a plan that has been set up by Mueller, and Trump fell into it bigly by sending word to Bannon not to answer questions. More obstruction of justice to add to the rest.

I also like the idea that— Bannon cited executive privilege as his reason for refusing to answering questions, but he was referring to Mueller who also falls under “executive privilege.” I have no idea if that’s true, but I like it.

It follows the idea that— Bannon’s refusal to answer was a way to keep Mueller’s investigation private from Nunes and other Trump/Russia participants who are on the “committee.”

But this story has been written by better and more qualified people than I, so I let it go.

* What I did begin was a post about Donald Trump’s claim that he isn’t a racist. The denial and deaf ears of Republicans who were in the room, but will not admit they heard Trump call Haiti and Africa “shit-hole countries.”

Then yesterday—

Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work…”

Only Haitians were removed from the list of about 80 countries to whom H2A and H2B visas are regularly granted.

I didn’t finish writing about this, because what can you add to that? My last post mentioned Trump’s descendants came to this country unskilled.

An artist projected a message on Trump Hotel DC.

* Then finally, along with everyone else, I started working on a post about Trump’s assault on the free press.

I was inspired, as was everyone else, by his “Fake News Awards.”

What kind of a president does something so insulting to the free world, and to the press.

I was going to compare Trump to Roman Emperor Nero, Frances Maximilien Robespierre, Hitler, Stalin.

I was going to add that the Committee to Protect Journalists released a list of the world’s worst oppressors of free press, and guess who topped the list— Donald Trump was followed by Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdoğan, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

I had been writing about this, but then I saw Republican Senator Flake speech. He covered it all. It was an excellent speech, given by a man who votes with Trump 90% of the time, but a good speech. Words.

I only would have added that this is not only Donald Trump attacking the free press. This is a conspiracy to undermine the truth. Trump has wealthy friends who want to keep him in office. They dictated much of the tax plan, and want to reap the benefits, and without the press Trump would stand a better chance at re-election. Like Trump and “fox and friends” said, 90% of Trump news is bad.

Trump’s friend Rupert Murdoch, owns Fox, and recently acquired the Wall Street Journal. According to Reuters, Murdoch has been in contact with AT&T, the owners of Time Warner/CNN. Murdoch wants to buy CNN- but AT&T is not interested in selling.

Now Trump’s Justice Department has recommended AT&T sell either its DirecTV unit or Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting unit – which includes CNN – if they want antitrust approval. A little strong arming is under way.

Nazis controlled half the newspapers published in Germany by 1944.

“If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”

~George Washington

Only 90% negative is too kind for Trump.


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No Oprah, But Thanks

The mood of the Golden Globe Awards last night was unusual. Most of Hollywood was draped in black, or wore pins that said “Time’s Up,” in solidarity for the “Me Too” movement. If you’ve been unplugged for the past four months I’ll explain briefly.

“Times Up” is what someone should have said to Nicole Kidman, but didn’t, when she won the first award of the night. She took much, much more than her fair share of time accepting the award, hogging the mic, and putting a futile game of catch up into motion… Kind of selfish? Mmhmm.

But that’s not what last night’s “Time’ Up” pins were for.

They symbolized the long overdue backlash against sexual predation that has erupted around the world. I believe Donald Trump’s election was the catalyst, but what really ignited the movement was an article in “The New Yorker Magazine” in which countless accusations, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, were levied against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

About last night, Seth Meyers hosted the “Golden Globes.” In his opening monologue, he kind of, sort of, jokingly asked Oprah to run for President. She had been sitting in the front row waiting to receive her lifetime achievement award. She laughed.

When the point in the show came for her to accept her award, she gave an eloquent impassioned speech, condemning all that is wrong in this racist, misogynistic world we live in, and she did it exceedingly well. Good job, congratulations, now just take the trophy and sit down.

What’s my problem? Why do I seem angry? I’ll try to express myself calmly. I have heard several celebrities “joking” that they might consider a run for the position of POTUS in 2020. I am not fooled. These aren’t jokes, these people are putting out feelers, gauging the response.

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear to everyone, that anyone could be president, and a better one than he is.

No one could possibly be worse than “that fucking moron.” (Those are not my words… per say.) Rex Tillerson named him, and Rupert Murdoch baptized him. Trump has also been lovingly called “a fucking fool” by a former White House staffer.

So as to avoid further repeated dropping of the F-bomb in this post, because I’m classier than this, Trump shall here to for be referred to as TFM. (Below is a visual aid.)

I agree with the sentiment, that there is no one who could be worse at the job of POTUS than TFM, but that single criteria isn’t enough to qualify the next group of nominees.

I implore you all— The Rock-Dwayne Johnson, Shark Tank rich guy-Marc Cuban, Academy Award winning actor-Tom Hanks, the omnipotent-Oprah, and anyone else, please give your ego a rest, and just stop it. Stop it now.

Stop and consider instead the idea of electing an ethical politician to run government. This should be someone who has foreign policy experience, economic expertise, and someone who has a recorded history that shows us how they vote on various issues. This would be someone who has been tried and tested, and shown they are NOT in the pockets of Russians, or lobbyists. This would be someone who has gone into politics because they want to serve the people of America, rather than serve their already over inflated egos.

So I say HELL NO to Oprah, respectfully.

I’m not saying just any politician who has been grooming themselves for the job will do. I also say no to Corey Booker. In fact, he should try his hand at acting, because he “acts” like he fits the criteria I listed above, but in reality he is in big Pharma’s pockets. They own him. He regularly accepts large amounts of money in exchange for voting against reform. There will be no fair pricing on prescription drugs as long as Cory Booker has any say in it. And that my friends is an example of what is at the root of our failed healthcare system… greed.

I would be happy to vote for Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and, had things been different, I would have voted for Al Franken.

The common thread here is— they are politicians who have devoted their lives to public service. They are not celebrities, not that there’s anything wrong with celebrities, but they are ego driven. If they were not, they wouldn’t assume the presidency can be attained by virtue of their popularity alone.

Of course Oprah would do a better job than TFM, but so would the corpse from “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Nothing personal Oprah, but I’m about to blow a gasket because how fucking (oops) stupid would we be to make the same mistake??? We did this already and it didn’t work, bigly! Let’s move on.

Oprah is a great public speaker, but my vote is Hell no! She is not a politician. If she is sincerely interested in politics, why not start with Congress and prove herself there first?

I’m done.


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This is Orange Country

Well Trump fans, I’m calling you out. No more Miss Congeniality here, not today anyway. The tax scam has passed the senate. Are you happy? I think you are, because your limited cognitive ability hasn’t allowed you to understand what just happened. Now the bill will go through the perfunctory step of a GOP majority House vote and then we, the middle class, will scramble to figure out where the money is going to come from when our insurance premiums spike. Who is going to cover that which won’t be covered by the Russian Oligarchs, like Mikhaïl Fridman, who have invested so heavily in American healthcare, like Spectrum, the Devos family owned insurance company?

I know who will be scrambling and I’ll tell you. It is the middle class. That includes you white ladies who voted for a sexual predator, tipping the scale. I can say that because I am a white woman who did not vote in this evil clown administration. I won’t expound on that thought, but I am thinking them all.

I’d like to thank my “friends” here by name, but they don’t read my posts because they only read propaganda and watch Fox, as such, they know not what they did. They said— “What the hell, how much worse can he be.” Maybe when they visit their tax guy, he or she will explain it to them using numbers.

As you see, I am beyond angry. Politicians, republicans to be specific, have shown their cards and they are all Jokers. If this isn’t the beginning of the end of the GOP I’ll eat my voter registration card.

I do believe this is a temporary situation. November of 2018 will be when payback begins with a sizable special election. Reckoning will continue for years, because that’s how long it will take to undo the damage Trump’s GOP has done with their free reign in these long twelve months.

The problem is, by then a good chunk of American tax payer money will be gone…hidden offshore, millions more Americans will be without healthcare, and many people will have died over this.

GOP politicians won’t care if they’re voted out of office because none of them will need to work. They will all be made rich with this tax scam/ healthcare bomb. They have benefactors, the likes of the Mercers and the Koch brothers, to fund their futures.

What to do now?


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