Why Are They Letting Donald Trump Talk?

Donald Trump’s latest trip to Paris has resigned me to a few facts:

  • Donald Trump is not interested in learning how to shake hands like a normal person— how not to assault on first meeting. He is an uncivilized bully asserting dominance from the onset of every encounter. (This caveman technique does not extend to Vladimir Putin.) Trump doesn’t seem to care that people walk away from him thinking “what a jackass!” 

His latest victim- First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron

  • Donald Trump does not understand that commenting on a women’s appearance, especially a women he does not know, is inappropriate and disrespectful. Whether he believes he is complementing or an insulting, no one wants or needs his validation on their physical attributes. This behavior by a man with his history of sexual assault and misogynistic tendencies is creepier than it would be by most other men who think they’re being charming. “She’s in such good shape,” and “beautiful” is not something you say to the President of France’s wife. Trump is representing the U.S. very poorly, and I for one am embarrassed by him.

Leave the women you encounter alone you fat assed old pervert.

  • One last thing. Donald Trump’s stupidity is his own, and I object to his implications that “a lot of people” share his ignorance. During his speech in Paris he said “France is one of America’s oldest allies, a lot of people don’t know that.” I just about lost my covfefe. Speak for yourself you idiot. 

Perhaps he might ask when the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and its condominiums will be complete. He might suggest gold plating. He might he remind Macron how well the Panama Canal thing worked out and suggest something similar for the Canal Saint-Martin. Donald Trump should not leave the U.S. in fact, I believe he should limit his travels to to U.S. states where he won the popular vote.


An Early Summer Day’s Dream

Frantic persistent president 

Pestering one and all

Kushner, Coates, Pompéi, Rosenstein,

Sessions—(racist elf screwball)


Trump had pulled each of them aside 

Late winter, early spring

Asked them inappropriately

To ‘fix the Russia thing’


That FBI guy James Comey 

Wouldn’t pledge his loyalty

He doesn’t seem to get it— That

“Apprentice” guy…is me!


I am Donald Trump the builder 

I grab pussys galore

I know Putin, I don’t know him 

I’ve answered this before


I have deals, no deals with Russia

Putin is watching now

I really hope he’ll tamper 

So I can win somehow


I’m the worlds worst type of person

Surely you know of one

A narcissist with money and

Two stupid grown up sons


I have a lovely daughter who

I would really like to date

She’s my image consultant, says:

“Bomb Syria, looks great”


The popular vote– lost bigly

I’m an electoral president

With a million dollar lawyer 

Who calls me predisent


Bob Mueller now investigates

On his desk is a thick file

He has me on obstruction and 

Though it may take a while 


Witness Tampering, and perjury

My crimes accumulate

The big crime I’ll be convicted of

Is Treason… bet you can’t wait


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POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan

Donald Trump believes the human body is like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.

You may have been raised on the belief that exercise keeps you young and fit, and eating a diet of high fat foods and sugar is unwise… science may have misled you… as it has with climate change. 

**You want to look like this? Read my new book. 

Scheduled for release sometime in 2018—

“POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan”

This book and exercise video will do for health and fitness the same thing the GOP hopes to do to Obamacare…the same thing Russia is doing to democracy…the same thing Jeff Sessions is doing to racial equality…the same thing Pence is doing to LGBT rights, and what Trump himself has done to the women’s movement. 

This book spells out a diet and excercise plan using the most monosyllabic text available in the English language. 

The diet:

Steak with ketchup, beautiful chocolate cake, two scoops of ice-cream must be consumed daily.

The workout:
It is my bigly belief that exercise is hard so, if you have to move for any reason, use a golf cart.

**Moneyback guarantee- if your head doesn’t look considerably smaller in 6 weeks you may file a lawsuit for a full refund.

*Masters Degree in Diet & Nutrition ~ Trump University.  


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A Limerick for Bill O’Reilly


Though Donald Trump said he approved

Bill O’Reilly has still been removed

From his top rated show

Fox News let him go

A har-ass-hole at last is reproved

*Lets hope he negotiated a health insurance package. 


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When Chocolate Cake is Really Beautiful…

“O beauty, passing beauty! Sweetest sweet!  How can thou let me waste my youth in sighs?”  ~Alfred Lord Tennyson.  


*Warning- the following post may be offensive to people who respect Chocolate Cake.

I’ve taken the liberty of altering just a few of Donald Trump’s comments about women…although he would never denigrate chocolate cake in the same fashion:

“You don’t give a shit if a piece of chocolate cake can play a violin like the greatest violinist in the world. You want to know, what does it look like.”

“A piece of chocolate cake that is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

“It doesn’t really matter what they write, as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of chocolate cake.”

Pieces of chocolate cake, you have to treat them like shit.”

“Must be a pretty picture, chocolate cake dropping to it’s knees.”

“Grab them by the chocolate cake.”

“When I come home and a beautiful piece of chocolate cake is not ready, I go through the roof!”

“I tell my friends to be rougher with their chocolate cake.”

“For a man to be successful, he needs a beautiful piece of chocolate cake at home, not some cake who is always griping and bitching.”

“You never get to the face because the chocolate cake is so good.”

“Nobody has more respect for chocolate cake than I do.”

Our POTUS – be proud.

What is Going On at Berkeley? 

Prettily situated on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, The University of California, Berkeley is a prestigious school affiliated with over 70 Nobel Laureates whose areas of expertise include physics, chemistry, economics, and literature. 

The school accepts only the brightest 17% of the population, and shakes down in-state residents for $35k while outsiders pay a whopping $62k to attend for a single year. Pricey as it is it certainly isn’t the most expensive school you could send junior to, but it’s high on the list. If you are considering attending, you likely know the school is no stranger to controversy. The Free Speech Movement of the 1960’s started at Berkeley. 

Whether you are among those who think the school is overrated, or you’re part of the faction who pridefully consider it an underrated treasure, there is quite a bit of ugly taking place on that beautiful Northern California campus. 

Most recently, the April 15, 2017 anti-Trump tax-day protest turned violent, leading to 35 arrests. One arrest that didn’t take place, but should have, was 30 year old white supremacist, and member of the “alt-right” movement, Nathan Domingo who is caught on tape sucker punching a woman in the face. Berkeley can’t be held accountable for every Neo Nazi ex-con who shows up for a fight, but…

Back in February, a demonstration turned violent when protesters set fires and destroyed more than $100,000 worth of property that forced the cancelation of a speech by then-Breitbart Tech editor whose only claim to fame is inciting hate, Milo Yiannopoulos. 

These recent violent demonstrations aren’t the only unseemly events taking place at Berkeley. 

You may want to consider the alarmingly high rate of sexual assaults taking place both on and near campus at UCB before you write out your tuition check.This school that should be known for academic excellence is instead known for it’s high rate of sexual assaults. 

The dates listed for each incident show they all took place within a relatively short period time. How much of this is related to POTUS 45 and his normalization of sexual assault? 

Whether it’s a rape in front of a club, or a punch in the face at a protest, the dismissal of violence against women in the months since Trump’s views have come to light is apparent.


These attacks took place at the same time ‘Access Hollywood’ released the infamous audio tape of Donald Trump bragging about committing these same crimes.

When enrollment drops enough to affect the finances of the school, then perhaps the problem will be addressed.