Donald Trump is a Misogyistic Bully

‪Good Sunday morning. On this day of worship (more likely he’s golfing) for a man still approved by 73% of white evangelicals, Donald Trump-who believes he is entitled to grab women’s genitalia (aka/sexual assault), thinks this violent gif of him swinging a golf club, hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with the golf ball, in turn knocking her over as she boards an airplane, is appropriate to retweet. Why? Because he is a misogynistic bully, who regularly displays his level of  brain development, which is on par (pun intended) with that of a terrible 2 year old. This is our president— be proud America— our POTUS 45. ‬


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The Anniversary of the 19th Amendment—Women’s Right to Vote

Today, August 26, is “Women’s Equality Day.” On this day in 1920, after decades of work toward the cause, women secured the right to vote. Today is the anniversary the passing of 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This is not to say women are on equal footing in America 97 years later. Those who believe we are have a distorted view of the type of society we live in. We may however have equal opportunities to hold the same jobs men hold, at a discounted rate of pay. 

We also have a man in the White House, when a woman won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Granted, the failure of the electoral college, gerrymandering, and Russian interference were the catalysts for that injustice. 

In my opinion women have a bigger issue. Globally 1 of 3 women will be victims a of sexual assault in their lifetimes.
In America the statistic of sexual assault is 1 of 5, I’ve also read that 1 of 4 women will be sexually assaulted while attending college.

In America 97% of rapists don’t spend a single night in jail. 

For every 10 rapes, only 1 victim is male. I’m not wishing more violence against men, I’m pointing out another disparity. We do not live in a country where women are equal to men, in personal safety or in rights. 

Why do I bring this up on the anniversary of the ratification of 19th Amendment? 

We have an unregistered sex offender in the White House. He doesn’t deny it. He was caught on tape bragging about it…a tape released to the public prior to the election, but still he was elected. During the campaign, a dozen women accused him of sexual assault. In response, we elected him to office over a woman. 

Men in Washington, behind closed doors, have been trying to take away basic preventative healthcare from women since Donald Trump was inaugurated. They want mammograms, pap smears, prenatal care, and birth control omitted from healthcare coverage. They want rape to be a pre-existing condition.

Donald Trump is a man who unabashedly degrades and assaults women, comments about women’s bodies, and has claimed women should be punished for having abortions. 

Here is a stunning fact: Without the white female vote in key states Donald Trump would not have won the election. Trump won 53% of the white female vote. 

On the anniversary of suffragist’s achievement, I can’t help but wonder what they would think if they knew 53% of white women would vote for a man like Donald Trump, the personification of misogyny, and all he represents, rather than a woman with a lifetime of experience. 
I know…but what about the e-mails. 


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Suing the Victim for $3 Mil? Swift Countersuing

Taylor Swift is not normally in my radar. I have three children, ages 16-21, and none of them ever attended a concert of hers or idolized her. I will admit to thinking, when she was very young, that she deserved a modicum of respect because she played an instrument and wrote her own music, as opposed many of her peers. None of that however is relevant to the subject of my post today. 

I mention Taylor Swift because today the New York Times published a story covering “The Tailor Swift Groping Trial.” This is a sampling of comments on Twitter: “Who cares.” “She’s looking for attention.” “So someone grabbed her ass, waaaa.” “It should have been handled privately.” This has somehow become an argument about Taylor Swift, celebrity, and “white privilege.” 

If you read the story you will find that there was an attempt to “handle it privately.” Swift reported the incident to her manager who informed security, who informed the person in charge, and the “DJ” was fired. 

What happened? At an event sponsored by Pepsi, in 2013, 23 year old Taylor Swift agreed to a photo with said 51 year old Denver DJ and his girlfriend. As you can see by her body language, his hand placement, and the grin on his face, something was not right. 

Former KYGO morning show host David Mueller, who was known professionally as “Jackson,” filed a lawsuit seeking 3 million dollars because he’s no longer employable in his field. A recording of his phone conversation with his boss directly after the incident was erased, his phone with more evidence “lost” and his story of what happened has since changed. He is now the victim. Swift is countersuing for assault. 

My opinion: this 51 year Denver celebrity DJ did something he should not have done and he lost his job as a result. Sexual harassment is legal grounds for termination. This man took sexual harrassment to another level when he put his hand on her— up her skirt and groped her to be specific— it’s assault. 

His employers had no choice but to fire him because, contrary to what POTUS 45 would have you believe, you can not do what you want to people because you’re a celebrity. Look at the body language in the picture. It’s clear what happenned, and Mueller did that with his girlfriend right there. He has no shame, and no respect for women.

So he wants Taylor Swift to give him $3 million because he was justly punished for his actions. She is countersuing as a result of his lawsuit.

This is about sexual assault, not “celebrity.” Women’s bodies are their own, and women’s rights and protections have taken a hit thanks to Trump and his followers. I applaud Taylor Swift for fighting back.

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Why Are They Letting Donald Trump Talk?

Donald Trump’s latest trip to Paris has resigned me to a few facts:

  • Donald Trump is not interested in learning how to shake hands like a normal person— how not to assault on first meeting. He is an uncivilized bully asserting dominance from the onset of every encounter. (This caveman technique does not extend to Vladimir Putin.) Trump doesn’t seem to care that people walk away from him thinking “what a jackass!” 

His latest victim- First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron

  • Donald Trump does not understand that commenting on a women’s appearance, especially a women he does not know, is inappropriate and disrespectful. Whether he believes he is complementing or an insulting, no one wants or needs his validation on their physical attributes. This behavior by a man with his history of sexual assault and misogynistic tendencies is creepier than it would be by most other men who think they’re being charming. “She’s in such good shape,” and “beautiful” is not something you say to the President of France’s wife. Trump is representing the U.S. very poorly, and I for one am embarrassed by him.

Leave the women you encounter alone you fat assed old pervert.

  • One last thing. Donald Trump’s stupidity is his own, and I object to his implications that “a lot of people” share his ignorance. During his speech in Paris he said “France is one of America’s oldest allies, a lot of people don’t know that.” I just about lost my covfefe. Speak for yourself you idiot. 

Perhaps he might ask when the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and its condominiums will be complete. He might suggest gold plating. He might he remind Macron how well the Panama Canal thing worked out and suggest something similar for the Canal Saint-Martin. Donald Trump should not leave the U.S. in fact, I believe he should limit his travels to to U.S. states where he won the popular vote.


An Early Summer Day’s Dream

Frantic persistent president 

Pestering one and all

Kushner, Coates, Pompéi, Rosenstein,

Sessions—(racist elf screwball)


Trump had pulled each of them aside 

Late winter, early spring

Asked them inappropriately

To ‘fix the Russia thing’


That FBI guy James Comey 

Wouldn’t pledge his loyalty

He doesn’t seem to get it— That

“Apprentice” guy…is me!


I am Donald Trump the builder 

I grab pussys galore

I know Putin, I don’t know him 

I’ve answered this before


I have deals, no deals with Russia

Putin is watching now

I really hope he’ll tamper 

So I can win somehow


I’m the worlds worst type of person

Surely you know of one

A narcissist with money and

Two stupid grown up sons


I have a lovely daughter who

I would really like to date

She’s my image consultant, says:

“Bomb Syria, looks great”


The popular vote– lost bigly

I’m an electoral president

With a million dollar lawyer 

Who calls me predisent


Bob Mueller now investigates

On his desk is a thick file

He has me on obstruction and 

Though it may take a while 


Witness Tampering, and perjury

My crimes accumulate

The big crime I’ll be convicted of

Is Treason… bet you can’t wait


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POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan

Donald Trump believes the human body is like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.

You may have been raised on the belief that exercise keeps you young and fit, and eating a diet of high fat foods and sugar is unwise… science may have misled you… as it has with climate change. 

**You want to look like this? Read my new book. 

Scheduled for release sometime in 2018—

“POTUS 45 Prison Diet and Exercise Plan”

This book and exercise video will do for health and fitness the same thing the GOP hopes to do to Obamacare…the same thing Russia is doing to democracy…the same thing Jeff Sessions is doing to racial equality…the same thing Pence is doing to LGBT rights, and what Trump himself has done to the women’s movement. 

This book spells out a diet and excercise plan using the most monosyllabic text available in the English language. 

The diet:

Steak with ketchup, beautiful chocolate cake, two scoops of ice-cream must be consumed daily.

The workout:
It is my bigly belief that exercise is hard so, if you have to move for any reason, use a golf cart.

**Moneyback guarantee- if your head doesn’t look considerably smaller in 6 weeks you may file a lawsuit for a full refund.

*Masters Degree in Diet & Nutrition ~ Trump University.  


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