Joe Manchin Thinks it’s His Place to Apologize for an Unrelated Adult Woman

**This post contains profanity. It is not meant to be read by the pearl clutching faint of heart who are easily indisposed by the vapours.

W/VA Senator Joe Manchon, Republican in Democratic clothing, has been on the press circuit apologizing for a comment made by a new congresswoman, Democrat Rashida Tlaib.

Senator Manchin, who is not her father, is apologizing on her behalf for her use of the following statement- “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”, “the motherfucker” in question being motherfucker Donald Trump.

Senator Joe Manchin was on FOX News, a Democratic Senator performing on GOP propaganda TV, calling her statement: “horrible,” “disgusting,” “deplorable.”

Side note: Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for blackout drunk frat boy, sexual predator, and repeated perjurer, Brett “I liked beer… I STILL LIKE BEER.” Kavanaugh, now sitting in a lifetime appointment in the Supreme Court.

Incidentally that SCOTUS appointment, that would not have passed without Manchin’s aye, mandates all 83 credible misconduct cases against him be dismissed… and they were:

Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh

Here is what Manchin said with regards to his Kavanaugh vote:

Manchin also likes to say the word “shit”… a lot. Should we go through all curse words and assign them a value with regards to their offensiveness?

Also, and more importantly, Senator Joe Manchin has never condemned Donald Trump for his vulgar behavior. Need I repeat that motherfuckers long list of profanity, while bragging of sexual assault, or that used with regards to any who oppose him?

According to Manchin, and Trump, and the GOP, there are rules of decorum for women, especially those who are not of the Christian and lilly white genus, but there are no rules for Donald Trump, his GOP accomplices, or any of his sexual predator friends.

What’s this related story?…

CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years

Remember the EpiPen price jump of 400%? I’ll remind you.

The lifesaving device, which contains $1’s worth of epinephrine, jumped to over $600… per pen. The device is sold in Canada for as low as $50.

Imposing said price hike of the lifesaving epinephrine device was Mylan Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Heather Bresch. She gave herself a raise for that move. Her annual salary rose 671%, from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

By the end of 2017, continued public outcry over her pricing of EpiPen forced her to sell a generic version for $300.

CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator

Whadda ya know, Bresch is Manchin’s daughter.

That’s not all. She is a tax evader.

Mylan moving overseas in tax play | News, Sports, Jobs – Weirton Daily Times

Pop quiz time.

  1. Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans, any sitting Congress person” for lawmaker Tlaib’s colorful call for Trump’s impeachment, but did he ever apologize for his daughter when she evaded taxes by moving her company out of the U.S., pocketing tens of millions of dollars in tax savings?
  2. Did Joe Manchin apologize when his daughter, Heather Bresch, endangered the lives of so many, when she priced them out of EpiPens?
  • Answer Key:
  • No to both.
  • Manchin slams ‘horrible’ comments from Dem calling for Trump impeachment: ‘So disgusting’

    Fuck Joe Manchin.

    News Story Poetry



    Two top stories in the news today:

    First: BMitch McConnell demands you pay

    For the GOP corporate tax scam 

    And tax cuts for his rich friends, the man.


    You’ll start by giving up Medicaid,

    And more such items for which you’ve paid,

    Social Security, Medicare,

    No matter… retirement will be rare.


    The middle class and poor are to blame

    For the deficit, they should be ashamed.

    Their money funded entitlements

    Have been offshored. Good luck paying rent.


    The second story might give you hope,

    Although we have three more weeks to cope:

    Two unnamed officials have disclosed

    Mueller’s case has two key parts composed.


    After midterms he’ll share his report.

    What will election results support?

    Findings pertain to: Trump’s obstruction,

    And Russia stealing the election.


    How is Trump’s collusion file defined? 

    Mueller’s answers go to Rosenstein, 

    Our Deputy Attorney General.

    Will he disrupt the US free fall?

    Mitch McConnell says deficit ballooned because of Social Security, Medicare, not Republican Tax Cuts

    Robert Mueller Ready to Announce if Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia: Report

    Three Fine Examples of Political Bullshit… Maybe Four, Each a Pleasant Break from Kavanaugh

    1. We all know Paul Ryan’s mom collected Social Security while he was growing up, and she saved it so her little Paulie could go to college. That story can be taken one of three ways:

    A. If she could afford to save it, maybe she didn’t need it.

    B. What a great use of government funds… a government that does not support higher education.

    C. I hate Paul Ryan

    What makes this story supersize infuriating is the knowledge that Paul Ryan has made it his mission in life to destroy social services, like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, food assistance programs, etc…

    I know I’ve said this hundreds of times, but that Social Security he wants to take away, in order to pay for the tax scam for corporations and billionaires, is our money. It is money taken out of our pay checks for our futures. This program is, or was before Trump took office, fully funded through 2034, and after that it is about three-quarters financed.

    Blah blah blah, I’ve said all that before,

    but wait, there’s more… something new—

    The House Republicans quietly passed another round of tax breaks for billionaires while we were distracted last week!

    House Republicans quietly pass another round of tax breaks

    2. A millionaire who supports Trump’s tariffs, who in fact designed and compelled the tariffs that led to a major economic strain on American farmers, which led to a $12 billion government bailout for farmers, has accepted over $400,000 in farming subsidies for his own 750 acre farm. Shocking? Mmm-yep, I think so.

    Who is it???

    More shocking is the fact that said millionaire is United States Senator FChuck GrASSley (R/IA).

    The official response from his office:

    “Senator Grassley participates in farm programs for which he is legally eligible, including this program, like every other farmer.”

    Millionaire Sen. Chuck Grassley Applying For Trump’s Farm Bailout Funds

    3. Now let’s look at everybody’s favorite visibly nervous traitor, Devin Nunes (R/CA).

    Nunes has been a Congressman since 2003, but since he never holds town hall meetings, you wouldn’t know it.

    Every politician needs a story, and his was his family’s immigration from Azores Portugal to California’s Central Valley. They found fertile land in California, and are an example of the American dream… except for the Russian spying thing, and the following story:

    The Nunes family California dairy farm moved from Tulare California to Iowa… in 2006. He’s kept this information on the down low for 12 years. Maybe he just wants to be close to his partner in crime, FChuck GrASSley, who can help him apply for government bailout money. That’s not all, because there’s always more, his family farm employs undocumented workers.

    Devin Nunes’s Family Farm Moved to Iowa, Employs Undocumented Workers

    Sadly, I enjoyed writing this little post because it was a nice reprieve from the Kavanaugh nightmare.

    These men are soon to be consigned to history. I’ve already done my part, and I’m way too excited about it. My mail-in/absentee ballot arrived on Saturday, I did not spill coffee on it, I carefully followed the instructions so it will count, then I took it to the post office and mailed it.

    But I received NO “I VOTED” sticker. 😐

    More bullshit.

    Lasting Impressions of Trump

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that an orange man in possession of a fraudulent fortune must be in want of approval. His ratings have now plummeted in every poll.

    He still holds fast to 32% of the population.

    However little the hands or shallow the depth of thought of such a man, his version of truth is so strongly fixed in the minds of those so well stuck in support of him, that their loyalty will remain unwavering.

    Regardless, he is the rightful property of Robert Mueller’s investigation, and some one or other investigations on state levels.

    Additionally, the depths of GOP corruption can be seen, not only in their relentless support by those who adore the afore mentioned orange one, but also in the following men in want of character:

    Passing of the Tax Scam Bill, the attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Net Neutrality, ignorant Trade Wars, the return of the Pre-Existing Condition, the nomination of a repeat perjury felon for the opening in the SCOTUS, all around Russian subservience, the lack of regard for the planet and environment, exiting the Paris Agreement, condoning Arctic and offshore drilling, eliminating bank regulations- Dodd Frank Act, reversing allowances for medical marijuana, the Iran Deal, Military Parade military ban of Transexuals, the emboldened emergence misogyny and racism from whatever hole they were hiding in.

    I apologize to Jane Austen for the bastardization her words. It is my hope, however, that since all Austen novels have happy endings, so shall this story.

    November 6, Election Day.

    Register to Vote, Vote Early, Vote Absentee, Confirm Registration, and Change Registration | USAGov

    Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

    Trump Tests New Lies as Polls Tank

    Thank you Donald Trump, my feckless leader, for finally mixing up the lies for those of us bored to the point of begging to be unplugged from life support, and recognizing the “witch hunt” thing has lost it’s magic.

    At his Indiana rally yesterday, we witnessed the birth of a new lie— or will it turn out not to be what we saw and heard?

    “And they (Democrats)want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism,”

    Somebody hold me back… okay, I’m fine.

    (Breathing) Medicare is a socialistic benefit. The GOP is slashing such social services. Democrats want universal healthcare, like most advanced industrialized nations have, but we won’t quibble about semantics just yet.

    Meanwhile at the same rally, this shot of a cameraman’s shot being blocked by someone, who apparently works for shitler, and who appears to be holding a bible. Nice shot, and nice block.

    Who is he, and why is he an ass?

    Did Nick ever play basketball? I’m waiting to find out what Nick didn’t want photographed.

    He’s a Christian, (they’re required to always carry bibles) but who does Nick work for?

    Hmm… Are these the people who put out ads looking for “paid actors” for Trump rallies?

    I don’t know, maybe.

    Let’s move on.


    Next, Trump’s new lies to Bloomberg, regarding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe:

    “I view it as an illegal investigation. I’m not saying anything, I’m just telling you this: You read the great scholars, the great legal, there should have never been a special counsel.”

    Let’s review the second sentence:

    “I’m not going to say anything,”

    he JUST said something. I need to review my TrumpSpeak meme—

    Moving on:

    “You read the great scholars, the great legal“

    What kind of feckless English is this? Trump doesn’t read, and if he did, these scholars and great legal have not a feck among them.


    “there should have never been a special counsel.”

    Correct! Had Russia stayed out of the US election, and Trump stayed out of Rusherrr, there would be no faux-potus, and no special counsel investigating Donald Trump.

    19 months into a 1st term, polls are not so good for the orange beacon.

    60% disapprove

    36% approve

    49% support impeachment

    He should consider seeking asylum in Russia, and maybe take his family.


    Next lie:

    “We did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico,”

    The nearly 3000 who died would beg to disagree. They died because of his fecking negligence.

    Death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria officially raised to 2,975 from 64

    Trump doesn’t lie about this.👆🏼He ignores or deflects all questions related to the subject.

    The latest status report filed in federal court states 497 of Trump’s kidnapped migrant children have not been reunited with their parents, including 22 under the age of 5. This number does not include those children whose parents were coerced into signing away legal rights to their children.

    Still separated: Nearly 500 migrant children taken from their parents remain in U.S. custody

    “We must maintain efforts to put our nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases.” ~Trump (didn’t write this, too many big words, all spelled correctly.)

    Trump cancels pay raises for federal employees – CNNPolitics

    Yes, Trump announced his cancellation of scheduled pay increases for middle class employees to pay for corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Then thanked federal employees with $143.5 billion in retirement cuts.

    Well, that’s all the new lies I can stand for today. I hope they reinvigorated your will to vote on November 6, and to encourage others to do so.

    **I will update this post if I find out what Nick didn’t want photographed, or please comment if you know.

    Sunday Morning Twerking Trump

    Donald J.Trump has re-defined the word “twerking”— In days of yore twerking was a “dance”, frowned upon in school gymnasiums nationwide, primarily engaging the gluteus maximus (junk in the trunk). In modern times, it is what the ass-hat in chief, Donald J.Trump, does on any given day. He is tweeting, and claiming to work— twerking.

    He says he’s working, but he’s tweeting and golfing.

    Perhaps he thinks himself a pro golfer. We are essentially paying him to golf, $74 million to date in taxpayer dollars, so he is technically correct. How much do other golf pros make?

    Trump Golf Count

    Donald J. Trump is currently on a two week, taxpayer funded twerking vacation. Two weeks, for a man who has spent 1 in 3 days since his (astounding crowd size) inauguration, at one of his properties.

    Tracking the President’s Visits to Trump Properties – The New York Times

    Donald J. Trump’s haphazard spending of our tax dollars brings to mind the question of his contribution to the tax tills . When are we going to see them?

    Let me state the obvious: Donald Trump is a liar.

    Let’s examine one of this morning’s many tweets:

    *False— Real earnings for all Americans have decreased since his tax scam.

    The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

    If only we were all in the top 1%…

    ‘Eye-popping’ payouts for CEOs follow Trump’s tax cuts – POLITICO


    *False, false, false, and false—

    The dossier is real, Donald J. Trump is a traitor, Fox is propaganda, and Bob Mueller is a Republican war hero.

    This next one is a day old loaf—

    Where to begin? Does anyone else detect the blatant racism in this tweet— jumping from employment numbers for African Americans and Hispanics, to prison reform?

    “Now I’m pushing for prison reform…” ~Donald J Trump


    “Prison reform” is code for privatization of prisons. Prison for profit— another Trump scam:

    “I’m proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history.” ~Donald J. Trump


    He has done nothing in this regard except ride in Obama’s wake.

    “I will never stop fighting for Americans.” ~Donald J Trump

    Hmm… *False—

    Why did he hire only one American worker last year for Mar-a-LaGo resort? Thousands of Americans applied but he, as always, brought in temporary low wage earning guest workers from other countries. He increased the H2B visa program last year…for himself. This explains how he “fought”, for himself.

    I wish we could go back to the days when twerking was just an obnoxious dance.