Trump, the NRA, and Relativity… a limerick

Trump’s tweet begs your consideration

Empty words are his palliation

Shooting epidemic

Clearly symptomatic

NRA — pre-paid obligations


$30 mill for Stable G to be bribed

Stay the course- the NRA contrived

“New” age 21


(FYI) To rent a car you must be 25


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Another Manafort Indictment… limerick

In Virginia there’s been some excitement

A newly issued Grand Jury indictment

Against Paul Manafort

And Rick Gates, per report

By Special Counsel— Trump’s “witch-hunt” amendment


BREAKING NEWS: The felons, this time around,

Committed tax, and bank fraud, Mueller found,

Give a round of applause

There IS probable cause

To presume even these crimes will compound


Today’s indictments include 32

New charges against both these men who

Hid $75 mill

Laundered $30 more still

And tendered false financial statements too.


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Trump Junior Goes to India

I am frequently disheartened by what I read in the news, and often angered, but sometimes I smile. Among todays headlines affecting my mood—

Rudy Giuliani— There is a reason he isn’t working for the White House.

It’s anyone’s guess how will he take the news.

Jared Kushner, who lied on his FBI security clearance application countless times, still enjoys full access to highly classified information.

John Kelly, seemed intent on revoking Kushner’s temporary clearance status of 13 months, but appears to have changed his mind.

“As I told Jared days ago, I have full confidence in his ability to continue performing his duties in his foreign policy portfolio including overseeing our Israeli-Palestinian peace effort and serving as an integral part of our relationship with Mexico.” ~ John Kelly

Democrat Linda Belcher, of Bullitt County District in Kentucky, flipped the latest congressional seat from red to blue this week in a 2 to 1 landslide. This adds to wins in Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and etc. Republicans would be wise to take this as a reminder that they work for the citizens who elect them, and not the lobbyists who bribe them.

  • The well spoken survivors of the latest school shooting are getting more attention than the NRA would like. The Florida high school massacre that left 17 of their classmates and teachers dead, turned students into activists intent on ending the epidemic plaguing American schools, and internet trolls have taken them on. The students goal is to ban assault rifles and reinstate the bill restricting the mentally ill from obtaining guns- the same bill Trump eliminated a year ago. Donald Trump, and Junior have fed the attacks on Twitter, ranging from calling the students “crisis actors”, to accusing their parents of putting words in their mouths. Wasn’t Melania going to combat internet bullying?

• And finally, speaking of Junior, Donald Trump Junior took AirForce One and several members of the secret service to India Tuesday, on tax payers dime, in order to pitch Trump Condos. Hey, that’s my money!

Article 1 Section 9 Clause 8 of the United States Constitution states—

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Clearly, it is mandated by the constitution, Donald Trump can not profit from his position as potus… except to change tax laws, benefitting golf course owners, in his favor.

If Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm when he was elected…

“Even though I am not mandated by law to do so, I will be leaving my businesses before January 20th so that I can focus full time on the presidency,” ~ Potus Elect Trump

Wait, what? He is mandated by law, ffs. Trump didn’t put his businesses in a blind trust like he promised. Instead he put Dumb and Dumber (Eric and Don Junior) in charge.

So as to not violate the Emoluments Clause of the constitution, slick, spray tanned, trust fund riding Junior Trump, has supposedly taken over the Trump family business, so the bigger, oranger, and more bigly corrupt Trump can “work” for Russia America.

The trip has been long advertised in Indian newspapers promising buyers opportunities to-

“Join Mr. Donald Trump Jr. for a conversation and dinner.”

And in a full page ad—

“Trump is here. Are you invited?”

Upon arrival Don Junior commented that he likes that the poor people in India smile. These same poor people he and his family exploit with slave wages and toxic working conditions in order to make Trump brand products from stolen designs at rock bottom manufacturing costs… they smiled at him, and he likes it.

Who elected junior anyway? I don’t even know who elected big Trump, but my point is, why is Junior making political speeches on this work trip that we are paying for? What political speeches?

This Friday, while in India, Junior is set to deliver a speech on Indo-Pacific relations. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be speaking at this summit.

I need a Valium.


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Trump Can Pardon, So What’s the Point?

Not knowing makes for a good nights sleep. (Ignorance is bliss.) I should never read. I recently read a disquieting article, so ominous, I stayed up all night researching the subject.

My studies left me with no doubt, the conclusion is incontrovertible. Donald J(Jackass) Trump can pardon any American citizen, before trial, after trial, inside, outside, upside down, inside out… he can pardon any American citizen at any point. (<period) Trump practiced this super power by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was guilty of criminal contempt of court. It worked.

Trump’s ability to pardon any American citizen means even he himself sits dry under that big black umbrella.

So what’s the point of all this then? Why are we waiting with bated breath for the Mueller/Russia investigation to get the bad guys… for the last dominoes to fall?

I consider the implications. If I, (not an attorney), can easily access this information we can bet any idiot in Trump’s camp knows it as well and has passed on the information to him. (Perhaps in the form of an easy to understand pop-up picture book.)

Although Potus Trump’s behavior has always defied logic, this does explain the cocky arrogance of both Don Jr (“we didn’t meet with Russians”, “we met with them but about adoptions”, “we met with them about sanctions, but not Hillary”, we met with them to get dirt on Hillary, but nothing happened”, “it’s a hoax”, “it’s not a hoax, but there was no collusion”…) and Jared D(Doesn’tTalkDueToHeliumVoice)Kushner. They know they have (a trump card), a presidential pardon in their back pockets, regardless of the suspect legitimacy of said president.

The 13 Russian nationals recently indicted are not pardonable, as they are not US citizens, so they may as well get settled and form a prison clique.

If all is hopeless, 😩 why isn’t Robert Mueller a rocket scientist instead of a Fed? He could have been a neurosurgeon. He’s tall, couldn’t he have played professional basketball? Why dedicate your life’s work to an ill fated proposition?

Hold onto your spray tan nozzle, because Robert Mueller knows the law better than most. He certainly knows it better than my sensei— Google. This is what he does, and according to my sensei— Google, he’s the best there is. While Donald Trump knows the In-N-Out Burger, Robert Mueller understands the law, including the ins and outs of executive privilege.

As it happens, although Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, did commit a dizzying number of federal crimes— bank fraud, money laundering, RICO (organized crime), conspiracy against the US, “willfully and knowingly making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements (lying) to the FBI regarding conversations with Russia’s ambassador, treason, etc…,

they also committed State (I ❤️ NY) crimes, and guess what…

State crimes are NOT subject to executive clemency. (Snap.)

This explains the plea deals. So far George W(WoreAwire)Papadopoulos, and Michael L(LockHerup)Flynn, are on the copoperating with Mueller prison sentence plan. Now joining them, please welcome campaign staffer Rick S(ScrewManafort) Gates, pleading guilty for fraud and testifying against Paul N(NoChoiceLeftButPleaDeal) Manafort.

That makes four guilty pleas in the probe, and all four members of Trump’s team will offer testimony leading to Trump’s indictment.

That brings us to a grand total of 17 indictments so far, & still counting. This is traitor dominoes and after our patience, waiting as Mueller carefully works lining them up, we get to watch them fall. I recently heard an educated guess that, by the end of the investigation, 85 people will be indicted. That number is reasonable when you consider Nixon’s Watergate scandal resulted in the indictment of 69 people, with trials or pleas resulting in 48 being found guilty, many of whom were top Nixon officials.

Keep Calm and Google On.


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Smile, Tiny Thumbs up

Trump is crumbling under the weight of Friday’s indictment of thirteen Russians, and the subsequent realization that this serves as proof that Russia did interfere with the 2016 presidential election on his behalf.

Whose side is he on anyway? You remember the sanctions against Russia… the ones Trump has failed to implement?

  • The House voted yes to sanctions against Russia 419-3
  • The Senate voted yes to sanctions against Russia 98-2

Trump chose Russia.

Donny is suffering this morning.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

I read “Never gotten over Obama.” My eyes go no further in this tweet, because Trump can not come to terms with the fact that we had a black president… who was twice elected by the American people, not by Putin.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Trump as the schoolyard bully, name calling, taunting, and can’t spell little. He is responding to Representative Adam Schiff on CNN discussing the Russia indictment:

“The evidence is now overwhelming and unequivocal and we need to move to protect ourselves from Russian interference in elections that are coming up”

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Here we have Trump denying his denial—

I never said that I never said that I never said that I never said…

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

And now back to— “But what about her emails?”

Trump also still can’t get over Hillary Clinton, who the majority of America voted for to be president.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

This tweet is correct. Moscow is laughing. The butt of the joke however is the dotard in chief. The moron, who doesn’t know when a smile and tiny thumbs up is inappropriate, tells America to “get smart.”

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

Trump is not getting enough credit for going to Florida and not golfing yesterday.

Somehow his response to the latest high school mass shooting is lacking.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

About those indictments, the only question remaining is whether Trump was one of the “unwitting participants,” mentioned, or one of the Americans who was fully aware of what was going on, but helped anyway.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)

“No collusion,” but Jr, and Jared, and campaign chair Manafort, met with the same Russian lawyer who recruited a Swiss double agent.

Trump now says that in 2014 he wasn’t planning to run for president in the 2016 election, but he registered the ‘Make America Great Again’ trademark *in 2012.

Trump’s lies that can be disproven with his own tweets of the past, the next one is only a week old.

Trump told Russians he’d run for president when he was in Moscow in November 2013—and it was that declaration that led to the anti-U.S. campaign in early 2014.

In mid 2013, Trump’s attourney, Michael Cohen, established Trump was running.

13 Russians criminally charged for interfering in US election,

Mueller announced charges— conspiracy to defraud the US, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

It’s happening Donny, and tweeting won’t stop it.

(Smile, tiny thumbs up.)


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Paul Ryan’s $tained Hands

Paul Ryan and campaign donations are a funny thing… well funny isn’t really the right word.

Ryan would have you believe he is a courageous hero to America, but in reality, he is playing both sides of the fence. This tweet is an attempt at self preservation… saving face, and saving his ass.

The fact is he took money from Russia, in the form of political donations in 2016, which is why he’d rather Special Council Mueller drop the Russia investigation.

That explains Ryan’s attempt to discredit the FBI by lending his credibility to Devin Nunes and his cut and paste memo.

“Nunes memo lays out a ‘specific, legitimate’ worry about surveillance.” ~Paul Ryan

Remember that?

This is the same Paul Ryan behavior we repeatedly see with regards to gun control. He took $171,977 from the NRA in 2016, and never thinks there is a good time to discuss gun control reform. In response to the Florida High School shooting this week—

On one side of the fence we see—

“Don’t make Florida school shooting conversation about taking away people’s guns.”~Paul Ryan

And on the other side we see—

“This is an unspeakable tragedy. It is nothing short of true evil to attack innocent children.” ~ Paul Ryan

It’s unspeakable because, as one of the top congressional recipients of NRA donations, he isn’t free to speak about it.

Let’s look at one more example of Paul Ryan, bought by the highest bidder. Tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%. He says it’s for you, the working class—

He added $1.4 trillion to the federal deficit when he gave corporations and the wealthiest 1% of the population a 50% tax cut, then he immediately began promoting cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and healthcare.


Paul Ryan and campaign donations are not funny at all, pathetic is a better word.


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