Same Healthcare Bill, Different Name — Who to Call

This latest Republican offer to gut healthcare has been called a sneak attack. They intend to push it to vote on September 30, with out discussing its potential effects, but what’s the point of discussing it? In essentials, this is the same bill they keep offering, re-named: “Skinny Repeal,” “American Health Care Act,” “Graham/Cassidy,” “Candy/Gram,”…
Land Shark

“The Graham-Cassidy bill preys on underserved communities … a clear and present danger”~The National Institute for Reproductive Health 

“Graham-Cassidy would devastate the Medicaid program, increase out-of-pocket costs, and weaken or eliminate protections for people living with pre-existing conditions.” ~ American Public Health Association

“It could disrupt access to health care for millions of the more than 70 million Americans” ~Federation of American Hospitals

“This bill harms our must vulnerable patients”~The American Psychiatric Association 

The following institutions are vehemently opposed to the Graham/Cassidy proposal: 

  • American Medical Association
  • The American Psychiatric Association 
  • The American Public Health Association
  • The National Institute for Reproductive Health 
  • Federation of American Hospitals
  • AARP
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, 
  • Association of American Medical Colleges, 
  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 
  • and so on…

Don’t let this repetition wear you down. Healthcare is too important. CALL YOUR SENATORS (maybe put them on speed dial.)

  • Sen. Susan Collins, ME: (202) 224-2523
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AK: (202) 224-6665
  • Sen. John McCain, AZ: (202) 224-2235
  • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, WV: (202) 224-6472
  • Sen. Rob Portman, OH: (202) 224-3353
  • Sen. Cory Gardner, CO: (202) 224-5941
  • Sen. Lamar Alexander, TN: (202) 224-4944
  • Sen. Jerry Moran, KS: (202) 224-6521
  • Sen. Tom Cotton, AR: (202) 224-2353
  • Sen. Joni Ernst, IA: (202) 224-3254
  • Sen. Thom Tillis, NC: (202) 224-6342
  • Sen. John Hoeven, ND: (202) 224-2551
  • Sen. John Kennedy, LA: (202) 224-4623
  • Sen. Ron Johnson, WI: (202) 224-5323
  • Sen. Mike Rounds, ND: (202) 224-5842
  • Sen. Jeff Flake, AZ: (202) 224-4521
  • Sen. Dean Heller, NV: (202) 224-6244

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Donald Trump is a Misogyistic Bully

‪Good Sunday morning. On this day of worship (more likely he’s golfing) for a man still approved by 73% of white evangelicals, Donald Trump-who believes he is entitled to grab women’s genitalia (aka/sexual assault), thinks this violent gif of him swinging a golf club, hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with the golf ball, in turn knocking her over as she boards an airplane, is appropriate to retweet. Why? Because he is a misogynistic bully, who regularly displays his level of  brain development, which is on par (pun intended) with that of a terrible 2 year old. This is our president— be proud America— our POTUS 45. ‬


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Trump Angers Supporters by Working With Democrats…(or not)

Donald Trump has agreed to work with Democrats to save “Dreamers” —Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, allowing 690k to stay in the US and continue working, studying, serving in the military. 

No he didn’t… 

but he has… 

“We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

No he hasn’t…

“No deal has been made.” ~Donald Trump


Umm you did until just now…

Donald Trump finally shook off his die hard supporters…this time by doing something humane.
What does Satans female counterpart think about all this? 

Steve King, heartless Republican GOP rep, (redundant I know), is disillusioned by a Trump inconsistency. He hasn’t been paying attention, or he’s agreed with all the inconsistencies so far:

Sorry, I don’t mean to 😂 😂 😂 laugh.


What big news story is Trump trying to draw attention away from by doing this? 

Perhaps this: Flynn dealt with a sanctioned Russia in attempt to secure a nuclear project deal.


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Quietly Altruistic — Meh

If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.~ Warren Buffett

Donald Trump and his sons want you to know he has pledged $1 million to victims of this week’s storm. They want main stream media to put it out there. It is out there. 

To ensure the press got the message Trump wants spread, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Thursday: “President Trump is calling on reporters to help decide which specific organization he should give to.” That is subtle. 

Also out there: According to Forbes, over the past decade, Eric Trump’s own charity, the proceeds of which go to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s cancer research, has paid Trump organization more than $1.2 million ~from the charity’s funds~ for the annual one-day use of their golf course. Quiet altruism at work? 

Whether Trump actually donates what he pledges remains to be seen. He pledged the same amount after hurricane Sandy in 2014, but there is no record of payment… because he never paid. His track record is not good even for his own fund raising efforts.

Trump’s offer of $1 million dollars follows offers by a list of stars. Leonardo Dicaprio and the Kardashians have also pledged to donate. Sandra Bullock has been quietly donating $1 million every time there’s a disaster.

Trump wants recognition for his donation pledge, but he wants to quietly cut $1 billion from FEMA’s disaster relief budget before the next major hurricane hits… so he can use that money to build his wall.

I’d like to point out that $1 million for this man, who is “so smart” because he does not pay taxes, is a drop in the bucket when compared to what he has drained from tax payer coffers. To date at least $63,638,616. has been spent for his recreational travel. 

Additionally, when Donald goes to Mar-A-Lago, or when Milania stays in New York Trump Tower, the secret service pays Trump organization a pricey rent for their accommodations, as they do when he visits any of his properties. 

The secret service has already spent it’s budget for the year, but perhaps if Trump wasn’t profiting from their protection they’d be fine. 

According to a Government Accountability office report, a single trip to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers approximately $3.6 million. One night protecting Milania in New York is $1 million. 

The following information is found on the website:

  • Trump has spent 25 days at Mar a Lago since his inauguration. 
  • Cost of flights to Mar a Lago (7 so far):* ~$14,392,000
  • Trump has spent 25 days  at Bedminster. 
  • Cost of flights to Bedminster (8 so far):* ~$5,911,000
  • Trump has visited his clubs once every 4 days since his inauguration.
  • Projected visits to golf clubs in four years: 352

Total times Obama golfed during his eight year Presidency: 306

I realize I am being critical, but that’s because there is so much to criticize. Donald Trump wants positive attention, and he needs a boost in his approval ratings. It doesn’t cost a dime to pledge a donation for any amount.

Incidentally, the mayor of Houston saying that Donald Trump isn’t returning his calls.


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My Retraction and Apology- 

“Assumptions are dangerous things.” ~ Agatha Christi 

I am not perfect. I am not a reporter. I read news accounts, several different versions of the same story, before I form an opinion. If I feel the need to express that opinion I will write a post.

That said, on occasion mistakes are made often times due to assumptions. I assumed something to be fact this week, and that assumption skewed the meaning of all the news accounts I had read.

These past two days I’ve written about Donald Trump’s visit to Houston. Today I read something that made me question everything.

But I have so many memories, pictures in my head of him consoling victims. I found proof:

There he is, the best Potus ever, consoling victims… oh, that’s not Trump… but he said he was there:

Okay, here he is in Houston—on the cover of the NY Post:

What? That’s the Kennedys at Cape Cod? 

Okay, hold on, I found proof:

Hmm… it’s not raining there. 

This is what Houston looks like:

I back tracked and reviewed all the news paper headlines from the past couple of days and they only say “Trump Visits Texas.” 

I took that to mean he visited Houston. So why would he tweet that he had seen a first hand account?

Here he is, not in Houston, “witnessing firsthand the horror and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.” Apparently Trump went to Corpus Christi. 

I apologize to my readers whom I may have misled unintentionally by my own ignorant assumption of the meaning of a Trump tweet. 

As was mentioned in a comment to Michael Moore’s tweet…

Ours is not to judge. 

In closing I find there is a lesson here:

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” ~Abraham H. Maslow, Toward a Psychology of Being

What? That doesn’t apply here? 

How about this: 

“Terror made me cruel” ~ Emily Bronte


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Donald Trump’s Houston Tour

*Warning* This post is satire: making use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice.


The crowd could not have been bigger, granted those who intermittently floated by were non-responsive. Trump likes a responsive audience, so there will be Hell Toupee if he finds someone, who hasn’t quit, to yell at. 

But as for size, believe me, Obama’s crowd wasn’t half this big during Katrina…what? Katrina was on George W. Bush’s watch? Anyway. They’re calling this the biggest flood in 500 years…I have the biggest storms. Obama never had a flood this big.

Milania was handed the microphone and took the opportunity to lament scientist’s choice of name for the storm. Harvey— (sounds like a six foot Rabbit who hangs around with Jimmy Stewart.) She would prefer a fierce name like: Hercules, Herrod, or even Hamilton as a nod to the electoral college that catapulted them to the position of great power they both enjoy. She would make it her new priority as FLOTUS to re-name the storm. 

Trump closed the show by reminding the “yuge crowd” his next gig is Missouri. He thanked them for coming, saying “What a crowd, what a turnout.” Meanwhile Texans, treading water, held up their babies up for Trump to kiss… or to keep their heads above water. 

Remember Houston USA hats (made in China), like the one Trump wore, are available in red and white, and can be purchased online for $40 —so when ever you get a wifi signal back, you should order one for every bobbing head you see.

Okay Milania, quick, put the stilletto’s back on…let’s get outta here before these assholes realize I reversed Obama’s regulation to protect infrastructure against flooding—just ten days ago.

We’re going to Missouri!

Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?

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