GOP Believe Their Tax Plan Will Pass

How is it the GOP is confident their tax plan will pass? When did healthcare cuts become part of the tax bill?

“Apparently somewhere between the salad course and the entree, it was decided that permanent corporate tax cuts should be paid for, in part, by kicking 13 million Americans off their health care and raising premiums for millions more,” ~Senator Ron Wyden, Top Democrat on Finance panel

This tax bill is a covert attempt to gut healthcare, but the GOP somehow believes it’s different than previous failed attacks on ACA. Why? This bill gives money to the billionaires who make large donations to campaign funds of GOP members, so more congressional republicans are likely to vote yes to keep their cash cows lactating.

Those GOP members who were outspoken when they voted against the previous attacks on healthcare might put greed over the health needs of average Americans, the same ones who voted them into office, in exchange for continued campaign donations.

As of Wednesday—

“Imagine taking more than $300 billion from older and sicker people who need health insurance, and giving that $300 billion to big corporations and wealthy people as a tax cut. That’s the GOP plan.” ~ Robert Reich:

Senator Claire McCaskill confronted GOP congressmen Orin Hatch as he lied about where the money to fund the tax cut will come from.

Other lies put forth by the GOP in attempts to quell public outrage:

  • “This is a tax cut for the middle class.”

This is a tax increase for those who earn $50,000 or less, and many of those are the same people who will lose healthcare.

  • “Giving corporate giants money back will allow them to invest in more jobs.”

In fact, CEO’s have stated they will NOT create jobs or use their extra money for anything other than personal enrichment.

Someone (Mitch) hasn’t gotten the memo that Americans want to keep ACA—

“This bill will effectively repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate tax so that we can provide even more tax relief to low- and middle-income families,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—

This is a tax cut for the people who need it the least, the wealthiest 1% who already possess 38% of the nations wealth, and a healthcare repeal for the poor and middle class, wrapped up in 1 big shitty bill.

“I know the House is going to pass this bill. I’m one of those people who believes failure is not an option.” ~ House GOP Whip Steve Steve Scalise

Since we are discussing taxes, I would like to point out, while Trump and his people don’t want to contribute their own tax dollars, they have no problem spending other, poorer people’s money.

  • Taxpayers are funding Donald Trump’s legal defense for lawsuits against his private businesses, paying for at least 10 DOJ lawyers and paralegals.
  • Mike Pence spent over $14,000 in tax dollars on local police on his staged NFL stunt, during which he dramatically left the Indianapolis stadium in disgust when football players kneeled during the national anthem. The total cost for Pence to fly from Las Vegas, to Indianapolis for the game, $242,500 and that was all for less than 1 minute’s entertainment made on behalf of Donald Trump, and paid for by you and me.
  • We all remember Steve Mnuchin and his latest and most evil trophy wife flying around chasing the eclipse on our tax dollar.

Our money and our health mean nothing to the people “we” (Putin) voted into office to represent us. It’s time to let them know we do not approve.

To acquire contact numbers for your specific members of Congress—

Or Call Congress with one number: 1-844-USA-0234

CALL ALL Senators today at: (202) 224 – 3121


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Trump is a 10, Death Toll in Puerto Rico Rises to 450

Release the doves, Donald Trump is a 10… with regards to his response to Puerto Rico— he says.

That’s on a scale of 1-10, if you’re wondering. He now compares the magnitude of destruction in Puerto Rico to that of 2005 Hurricane Katrina,..although a few weeks ago he minimized the death toll. A 10 out of 10 for a yuge disaster is good…if you don’t know the truth. 

The Hurricane made landfall on September 20. Trump didn’t visit Puerto Rico until October 3, the Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz described his televised meeting with officials as a “PR, 17-minute meeting”

During his whirlwind tour, of the least impacted areas, Trump asked Ricardo Rosello, Governor of Puerto Rico, how many people had died in the storm. Trump responded to the answer dismissively— 

“Seventeen? Sixteen people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands.”  ~Trump

Trump was comparing the initial 16 deaths to the 1,800 killed in 2005 in New Orleans, saying—

“but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous – hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here, with really a storm that was just totally overpowering, nobody’s ever seen anything like this.”

Later the governor corrected the count to 34.

Trump went on to complain about the cost of the storm to the US, telling Puerto Ricans

“you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack… but that’s fine”.

Incidentally, it has been reported, Trump in 2008, took over licensing and management of a Puerto Rican golf resort, then filed for bankruptcy in 2015, leaving Puerto Ricans with nearly $33 million in outstanding bond payments. This number has been disputed, the argument being the Resort was losing money when Trump took over licensing. The fact remains Trump walked away with $600,000,  and left Puerto Rico with a $33 million tab…but he never accepts responsibility, only accolades.

In any event, Trump tossed some high quality paper towels at a crowd, dedicated the golf trophy, from the “Presidential Cup Gold Tournament” in New Jersey, to the people of Puerto Rico. The trophy for bailing and towels soaking up flood waters, really a practical gift. 

No help coming from Trump, and he’s ready to pull FEMA, because… he and his staff want to use that money to charter jets… for official business. “Can’t keep FEMA in P.R. forever.” Natural disasters are not what tax payer money is for, t’s for golfing, stop being so greedy P.R.

  • Five days ago the death toll was at 48.
  • As of Thursday—a month after the hurricane, only 21.6% of the island had power.
  • The death toll in Puerto Rico is currently estimated at 450. 

“How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died?” ~Bob Dylan

What is the magic death toll number in Trump’s giant head that will make him act? 

Back to that perfect 10 Trump has given himself. He wants to transfer the source of the praise on someone else, and attempted to manipulate the Governor of Puerto Rico into filling the role—

“Governor, I just want to maybe ask you a question, because for the spirit of these people that have worked so hard and so long, like Tom [Bossert] and like Brock [Long] and like so many others. Did the United States, did our government — when we came in, did we do a great job? Military? First-responders? FEMA? Did we do a great job? ~Trump

The Governor’s response— 

“You responded immediately, sir, and — and you did so. You know, Tom and Brock, they have been on the phone with me essentially every — every day since the disaster. We recognize that there are some logistical limitations that we have in Puerto Rico. We didn’t have the ports open for a couple of days. We didn’t have the airports working [at] full capacity until about a day or two ago. So that was always a very limiting step, but if you consider that we’ve gotten — even with those obstacles, we’ve gotten about 15,000 DOD personnel in Puerto Rico, about 2,000 FEMA personnel, HHS and others. The response is there. Do we need to do a lot more? Of course we do. And I think everybody over here recognizes there’s a lot of work to be done in Puerto Rico. But with your leadership, sir, and with everybody here, we’re committed to achieving that in the long — in the long run.”

So, maybe not a 10… on a scale of 1-10.


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Hypocrite in Chief

Where is Donald this morning?

Three million U.S.Citizens in Puerto Rico are still without clean water, electricity, the wanna-be dictator issued his mandate last night. 

Trump, five time draft dodger, has changed his stance a bit since this tweet. 

Clearly to Donald Trump three million people in desperate need of federal assistance are not bigger problem than the NFL.

And this is the result of his mandate—

The majority kneel in protest of Donald Trump’s authoritarianism. 


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