Today’s Curious News… a limerick

Rob Porters has a latest excuse

That his ex-wife’s black eye was a ruse

It was due to a fall

Not a physical brawl

She’s clumsy, it wasn’t abuse


First Trump’s lawyer called Stormy (porn star) “Fake News”

Now Michael Cohen’s claim in interviews,

He paid her off —this is funny—

With his personal money

Doesn’t his money come from Trump? I’m confused


FOX news interviewed Paul Ryan

He was impassioned, selling his new line

“We have a deficit crisis”

Due to medical prices

Entitlements must go- Can we blame him for trying?


He was paid-off, so blame him we can

For this deficit he was the frontman

He gave to the rich

Now the son of a bitch

Will kick grandma to the curb… as he’d planned


My last suspicious story today

Russian Sanctions, which were by the way,

Voted congressionally

By a Supermajority

Why aren’t we up in arms at their continued delay?


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Domestic Violence Explained… a limerick

White House Secretary Rob Porter

Whom Trump hired despite his disorder

Of reported abuse

Let’s not be obtuse

Listen to GOP supporters


Although photographed with a bruised face

Domestic violence may not be the case

Despite allegations

There’s an explanation

Hit by him? No, she was hit by a vase


My lifelong fear is now verified

I don’t keep vases where I reside

They stray from their places

Attack people’s faces

It’s no one’s fault. Is that clarified?


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The GOP, Ex-Con Family Values

In 299 days, if we manage to have a fair election, free from Russian hacking and GOP gerrymandering, where there was red there will be a sea of blue.

More women are running for Congress than ever before in history, 353 this year. Won’t it be refreshing to see women debating women’s healthcare, rather than a room filled with white men like John Shimkus, Illinois Republican Member of the House of Representatives, who in March suggested Republicans were unhappy with ACA was because men must pay for health care plans that cover maternity services.

It might be fun to hear women debating the merits of Viagra, and why it should be covered by insurance when birth control and prenatal care should not?

The GOP purports it is the party of family values. I beg to differ. Where Democrats have women, the GOP has convicts.

This party of family values first backed Roy Moore, a Russian speaking pedophile, accused by many women of perpetrating sexual misconduct against them when they were in their early teens. His behavior was well known enough for him to have been banned from his local mall and YMCA.

Donald Trump explained why he continued to throw his support behind the perv who wanted to take the Senate seat vacated by Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions— “He said he didn’t do it, and he said he didn’t do it.”

Moore lost, poorly on December 12, 2017. The self proclaimed evangelical Christian was waiting for god to change the results. He never conceded, and he’s still fighting the loss. How could he possibly have lost when Russia was throwing their best propaganda and hacking behind him in order to secure his win?

Coincidentally, or not, one of Moore’s accuser’s home was burned to the ground last week, and arson is suspected.

United States District Judge Susan R. Bolton found 85 year old former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, guilty of criminal contempt of court, punishable by up to six months in jail. Donald Trump doesn’t see a problem with contempt of court, and as such pardoned him.

Arpaio has recently announced he will run for Senate in Arizona. His platform, it seems, is racism.

“I’m going to tell you again that that document is a forgery document, and nobody will touch it.” ~ Arpaio

He is perpetuating Trump’s long standing false claims that former President Obama’s birth certificate was a “forgery,” and this is what he will focus on if elected… for real.

Don Blankenship is running for Senate in West Virginia as a Republican, after serving a one-year sentence in prison for conspiracy to evade mine safety laws that led to the deaths of 29 miners.

This guy can’t hold his own umbrella.. he could if he wanted to, but only Democrats hold their own umbrellas. Who is he? Former House of Representatives member Michael Grimm, who after pleading guilty to FELONY tax evasion in 2014, wants his job with the GOP back.

Who is old enough to remember Oliver North? National Security Council staffer under President Ronald Reagan was convicted of three felonies, and sentenced in 1989 after congressional testimony during which he admitted to selling arms to Iran and illegally funding the right-wing Contras militias in Nicaragua. He is running for a place in the GOP Congress.

In addition to GOP’s lack of family values, I would also attest that they have no allegiance to the United States. They are the party of traitors. This is proven daily.

At every turn, they obstruct Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into the confirmed Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016. Most recently they did so with attempts to discredit the FBI itself, as well as witnesses. Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump/Russia dossier, has been the latest victim.

The GOP, many of who have financial ties to Russian investors, who have ties to Putin, continue to conspire against the United States alongside Russia.

Word is out that Mueller is about ready to question Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who claims there was no collusion, and has never condemned Russia for interfering in the election, doesn’t want to talk to Mueller.

Trump would like Mueller to present his questions to him in advance, in written form. Trump’s attorney would then write the answers for him, and he would grasp a giant crayon with his short, soft, fat, greasy fingers, and sign his name at the bottom in his best cursive.

The GOP has shown us their cards—and they’re all Jokers.


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No Oprah, But Thanks

The mood of the Golden Globe Awards last night was unusual. Most of Hollywood was draped in black, or wore pins that said “Time’s Up,” in solidarity for the “Me Too” movement. If you’ve been unplugged for the past four months I’ll explain briefly.

“Times Up” is what someone should have said to Nicole Kidman, but didn’t, when she won the first award of the night. She took much, much more than her fair share of time accepting the award, hogging the mic, and putting a futile game of catch up into motion… Kind of selfish? Mmhmm.

But that’s not what last night’s “Time’ Up” pins were for.

They symbolized the long overdue backlash against sexual predation that has erupted around the world. I believe Donald Trump’s election was the catalyst, but what really ignited the movement was an article in “The New Yorker Magazine” in which countless accusations, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, were levied against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

About last night, Seth Meyers hosted the “Golden Globes.” In his opening monologue, he kind of, sort of, jokingly asked Oprah to run for President. She had been sitting in the front row waiting to receive her lifetime achievement award. She laughed.

When the point in the show came for her to accept her award, she gave an eloquent impassioned speech, condemning all that is wrong in this racist, misogynistic world we live in, and she did it exceedingly well. Good job, congratulations, now just take the trophy and sit down.

What’s my problem? Why do I seem angry? I’ll try to express myself calmly. I have heard several celebrities “joking” that they might consider a run for the position of POTUS in 2020. I am not fooled. These aren’t jokes, these people are putting out feelers, gauging the response.

Donald Trump has made it abundantly clear to everyone, that anyone could be president, and a better one than he is.

No one could possibly be worse than “that fucking moron.” (Those are not my words… per say.) Rex Tillerson named him, and Rupert Murdoch baptized him. Trump has also been lovingly called “a fucking fool” by a former White House staffer.

So as to avoid further repeated dropping of the F-bomb in this post, because I’m classier than this, Trump shall here to for be referred to as TFM. (Below is a visual aid.)

I agree with the sentiment, that there is no one who could be worse at the job of POTUS than TFM, but that single criteria isn’t enough to qualify the next group of nominees.

I implore you all— The Rock-Dwayne Johnson, Shark Tank rich guy-Marc Cuban, Academy Award winning actor-Tom Hanks, the omnipotent-Oprah, and anyone else, please give your ego a rest, and just stop it. Stop it now.

Stop and consider instead the idea of electing an ethical politician to run government. This should be someone who has foreign policy experience, economic expertise, and someone who has a recorded history that shows us how they vote on various issues. This would be someone who has been tried and tested, and shown they are NOT in the pockets of Russians, or lobbyists. This would be someone who has gone into politics because they want to serve the people of America, rather than serve their already over inflated egos.

So I say HELL NO to Oprah, respectfully.

I’m not saying just any politician who has been grooming themselves for the job will do. I also say no to Corey Booker. In fact, he should try his hand at acting, because he “acts” like he fits the criteria I listed above, but in reality he is in big Pharma’s pockets. They own him. He regularly accepts large amounts of money in exchange for voting against reform. There will be no fair pricing on prescription drugs as long as Cory Booker has any say in it. And that my friends is an example of what is at the root of our failed healthcare system… greed.

I would be happy to vote for Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and, had things been different, I would have voted for Al Franken.

The common thread here is— they are politicians who have devoted their lives to public service. They are not celebrities, not that there’s anything wrong with celebrities, but they are ego driven. If they were not, they wouldn’t assume the presidency can be attained by virtue of their popularity alone.

Of course Oprah would do a better job than TFM, but so would the corpse from “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Nothing personal Oprah, but I’m about to blow a gasket because how fucking (oops) stupid would we be to make the same mistake??? We did this already and it didn’t work, bigly! Let’s move on.

Oprah is a great public speaker, but my vote is Hell no! She is not a politician. If she is sincerely interested in politics, why not start with Congress and prove herself there first?

I’m done.


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For what it’s worth, it looks as if we may yet survive 2017. Scathed in futility, we have learned not a damn thing. We understood corruption, but we allowed it regardless.

WE KNEW politicians could not be trusted:

Still, we gave them freedom and hoped they would choose to do the right thing.

I believe this lesson was initially taught with the aid of stone etchings, unearthed by archaeologists centuries ago, created by a rare species of dinosaurs with opposable thumbs. The idea has been reinforced by new politicians ad infinitum.

Even if one or two politicians mean well, they are outnumbered by those other politicians who do not mean well. Here’s a shocker— Trump does not mean well. Here’s another shocker— the GOP tax cut is not for you, but it will be paid for by you.

About that tax cut—

WE KNEW major corporations only objective was to enrich top tier management and shareholders. Still we allowed them a 50% tax cut.

We, who work for corporations, have been well aware of that design since the early days when our jobs were called careers. It is an enduring fact that employees are a means to that end.

There was a time when loyalty and longevity in the workplace were rewarded. The rewards included pensions, paid sick time and vacations, bonuses that weren’t taxed in such a way that they were barely worth the envelope and card they are packaged in. Once upon a time an employee who devoted their life to a company was presented with a gold watch. Like a unicorn, I’ve never seen one but it’s a nice story. Granted, the story would end with “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry” retirement, but in those days employees retired with a pension, healthcare, and social security.

These days, out of fear of poverty, we hold on to that shitty job. The hope is that by the time we lose our grip it will be time to meet our maker. No one today can afford to retire, which is why there are not enough jobs for the next generation.

Example— Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

“Working for the man” really means something now. When the phrase was coined in the sixties it was meant as an insult to “suits” who saw the value in security over freedom. Now, “working for the man” is entrapment in a spiderweb. You stay because… what else are you going to do? You hear there are a hundred people in line for your shitty job, begging for the abuse and pittance.

Elitists will argue— “You have a living wage!” They’re right. We only have to lower our standard of living. No vacations, work more hours, live in smaller houses with more roomates, eat your family pets.

We have to accept that we do not deserve health insurance. We are not entitled to “entitlements.” The government has taken a stipend for social security out of our paychecks since we started working, but that wasn’t for our social security, it was for Paul Ryan.

We will just have to depend on our pensions… except that when our CEO filed corporate bankruptcy we lost our pensions, so there is no pension. So, we will need to rely on our 401K. Gambling our retirement savings in a casino called Wall Street. Banks have just been de-regulated, so let’s just see if that 401k is there if we ever retire.

WE KNEW the healthcare system in America had been hijacked. Still, we allowed it to be sabotaged.

It has not been about health or care for decades. It is about politicians and lobbyists making profits.

Health insurance was once provided to employees of big corporations free of charge, because the cost was reasonable. Employees pay the lion share of the cost of insurance today because corruption in healthcare, including pharmaceuticals, has driven prices up so high that continuing to offer free insurance would cut into those profits and million dollar bonuses for CEO’s, top tier management and shareholders.

WE KNEW men (not all) can not be trusted to behave well when they think they can get away with not behaving well.

This behavior is well documented in stone etchings uncovered by archaeologists dating as far back as the caveman. Still, we acted surprised.

WE KNEW Trump would not impose those sanctions on Russia for their interference in the 2016 election.

For one thing, we heard Michael Flynn make that promise to Russia. Other reasons include: Trump is profiting financially from this omission, and why would Trump punish Putin for doing what Trump asked him to do?

We knew all this, but we let 2017 happen anyway. What’s the point of knowing history if you don’t use the information to avoid future similar mistakes.

A New York Times headline today reads “For Trump, a Year of Reinventing the Presidency.” He stole the presidency and destroyed our democracy for Russia, so I guess you can call that reinvention. He was allowed to do this by politicians who are owned by the people who wrote the tax cut and will benefit from it.

WE KNEW all this, and we let it happen anyway.

Try not to let this discourage you. When you figure out how not to let this discourage you, please let me know how you did it.

Finally 2018 is upon us. Hopefully it will be the year the entire GOP depart on their golden parachutes.


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What Makes “U.S. Look Very Bad?”

This guy…

Says— “The Russia Inquiry Makes U.S. ‘Look Very Bad.”

Trump spoke to the New York Times on Thursday, from Mar-a-Lago, his West Palm Beach Florida resort. It was day 112 of 343 days away from the Oval Office.

I must now admit, math is not my forte. I walked out of a college placement math test, in tears with the blank test in hand, back in the days when dinosaurs roamed cobble stone streets filled with horse drawn carriages. Yes, tests were once done on paper.

That said, I would venture to say Trump has been out of office approximately 1/3 of the time he’s held the presidency in a stranglehold. That kind of makes us look bad, more so because he tweeted three days ago that he was headed “back to work.” If he is working, it’s on his golf swing. That doesn’t look good.

Another embarrassment he might feel while he’s at it— his MAGA hats, (millionaire asshole golfing again), which he wears whenever he possibly can. You too can own one for $40. It’s tacky… “looks bad.”

He might look in the mirror and consider how his entire physical appearance makes U.S. look. He never hesitates to judge others by their appearance, so I’d like to return the favor by pointing out his slovenly tent like suits, his too long red ties (compensating for something), the rat’s nest on his fat orange face… his gluttony shows. He represents us to the world… poorly.

I am embarrassed at his disrespect for anyone without a hanging organ. The way he tells female reporters to smile, disregards Angela Merkel, comments on Mrs Macron’s physical shape. Why does he think any woman wants his opinion?

— On Thursday, Donald J Trump said he believes Robert S. Mueller III, special counsel in the Russia investigation, will treat him fairly.

He said this as his henchmen, members of his party, furiously worked in attempt to discredit Mueller with hopes of garnering enough public support to allow them to end the inquiry. They keep saying “it’s going nowhere,” when in actuality three members of Trumps team have already been indicted, and a dozen or so (math) more sealed indictments await the go ahead.

That does make us look bad, he’s right.

27 countries have documented Russian meddling in their political elections since 2004. In fact, Russia unsuccessfully attempted to breach France’s presidential election. They got the U.S. though. We look very bad with Trump at the helm. Look at him.

Trump is a con man who failed at business until Russia bailed him out. He has no political experience. He lied about having a desire to fix healthcare, help the middle class, fight big-pharma.

The United States is the only country that allows pharmaceutical companies to charge 1,400% more than manufacturing prices for a life-saving cancer drug. That is only one example of big-pharma’s business practices in the U.S… it not only looks bad, it looks like murder.

And “draining the swamp”—A swamp is a forested wetland, many of which can be found along large rivers where they are critically dependent upon natural water level fluctuations. Other swamps occur on the shores of large lakes. Some swamps … well, he is attempting to drain the planet of its natural resources, so in the literal sense, he is “draining the swamp.” It makes us look bad.

The political swamp however is thriving like never before. That we sit back helplessly, watching Trump hand us over to billionaires who pillage our healthcare and retirement, makes us look bad.

Well, who would walk away from a fool and his money? There is an old saying

—“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Can you underestimate that which is proven to be lacking? We look bad…

as we should, but Trump doesn’t care.


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