“And By the Way, He Totally Denies It.” ~Donald J.Trump

Denial is not absolution.

Donald Trump has done something no president has done before. He has exposed the hypocrisy of the evangelical right, and the GOP.

“Roy Moore denies it. That’s all I can say. He denies it. And by the way, he totally denies it.” ~ Donald Trump, sexual predator

There has been an undercurrent building, fueled by indignation at our society’s inclination to look the other way, make excuses for predators, and blame victims- while it protects those men who commit unspeakable crimes.

Trump’s endorsement of this man, whose predatory behavior was so blatant he was banned for life from a shopping mall and the YMCA, can only feed the backlash against abuse and empower more victims to come forward naming their attackers.

Trump isn’t the only politician to dismiss Moore’s crimes. Alabama Governor Kay Ivy has stated she believes the accusers, who say Senate hopeful Roy Moore sexually harassed and assaulted them when they were teens, but she is going to vote for him regardless.

The election of Donald Trump despite accusations against him by sixteen women, one in her teens, of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to rape, in addition to the audiotape that captured Trump’s graphic bragging about his entitlement to assault women, enraged victims of abuse to such an extent that it brought an estimated 5 million women together participating in 673 marches worldwide. Outing assailants has become the next step.

Long buried memories of sexual harassment, assault, rape, told by of victims after years of suppression, as well as accounts on how those misogynistic experiences shaped the lives of victims, demonstrate clearly these experiences don’t make people stronger, they wear them down. That is what they’re meant to do. Sexual assault is an abuse of power with lifelong implications for the victims.

This problem is not limited to Hollywood or Washington, it’s a worldwide problem without socioeconomic boundaries.

50% of women recently polled said they have experienced some form of sexual harassment or worse, and women are not the only victims.

The only way to change society’s negligence with regards to this issue is to stand together and fight it as a group. There is strength in numbers and unfortunately victims do outnumber the assailants and naysayers.

The fact that pedophile Roy Moore, and other predators like Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein, refuse to admit their behavior regardless of the number of their accusers does not lessen their crimes. Denial is not absolution.

Rapists almost never spend a single night in jail, although their victims live with the memories for the rest of their lives. Laws made by men favor the abusers. The only retribution we have right now is to expose abusers to their employers, their families, and the press. We are left no choice but to assert our own consequences, because without repercussions rampant sexual misconduct will continue.


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Judging Alabama

Dear People of Alabama,

A recent poll taken by Winthrop University found, among white Americans living in the South, nearly half feel as if they’re under attack. I can see how fighting the “bubba” stereotype would be difficult.

Admittedly, with the knowledge that 30 people have corroborated allegations regarding a GOP Senate nominee, Roy Moore, having molested at least five teenagers, including a 14 year old CHILD, yet he maintains support of 55% according to an Emerson College survey taken after these allegations were made public… I hear banjo music. I’m sorry.

Best wishes in your future success fighting the cliché in future.

Lydia Libtard


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Playing Dumb With Regards to Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Work in 2017

The latest to join the likes of FOX’s Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity, filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, and countless others, is NBC’s Mark Halpern, accused of sexual harassment in the workplace 

He responded to accusations, by five women, saying:

“During this period, I did pursue relationships with women that I worked with, including some junior to me, I now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. For that, I am deeply sorry and I apologize. Under the circumstances, I’m going to take a step back from my day-to-day work while I properly deal with this situation.”

He had no idea his behavior was inappropriate. 
Here I have been under the misapprehension that for the past decade (or three) information on what is considered to be sexual harassment and what is inappropriate and what constitutes unacceptable conduct in the workplace is explained by most corporations in employee handbooks, which are presented to each and every individual at time of hiring, and often a signature is required by the employee in acknowledgment that they recieved a copy. Many companies go further by reaffirming their intolerance for workplace harassment periodically with hard copy reminders, which also require a signature.

Companies take these measures because they are liable for sexual harassment and subject to legal ramifications if they do not provide a safe work environment for their employees. Sexual harassment is sex discrimination. Companies who employ more than 15 workers are held accountable under title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Companies with fewer than 15 employees, are not excluded from liability. Those employees are protected under individual state laws.

It is in the interest of every business, if they want to avoid lawsuits, to ensure employees are clear on what they can and can not do. These laws are why, for example, there are no nude magazine photos pinned to cork boards as there might have been in the 60’s, 70’s, and possibly even into the 80’s… yes, that was an issue back in the day.

If you are a victim of ignorance, as all the men accused above claim to be, not sure whether or not rubbing your junk up against a co-worker is considered sexual harassment, I want to help you… because I am a humanitarian.

I have provided a link, for you to peruse at your leisure, which may or may not clear up your confusion. Although it is likely you have a copy of the information in your employee handbook. 


How these predators manage to comprehend all other aspects of their jobs is astounding. It would seem they suffer from selective stupidity.


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Sexual Assault – A Life Sentence

Dear America,

I have question for you—
Harvey Weinstein has been outed as a sexual predator. Life as he knows it has come to a screeching halt, as it should. 

Sexual assault is a life changing event for the victims, it’s a life sentence. Post traumatic stress is real— there is life before, and life after. The person in the life before is not the same person who occupies the shell after. That person no longer exists. This new person has trust issues— in human goodness, in their own abilities: to discern people’s motives, to protect themselves, in their own value as human beings. The world looks different, and it’s a scary place.

The parallels are startling. An older man in a position of power, an audiotape, dozens of victims, some recent and some from decades ago, come forward with stories of assault. One assailant is mentioned above, and the other you elect president. 

And here is that question—WHY?

Bill Cosby, another powerful man who had gotten away with this for decades, is finally paying for his crimes. Life as he knew it will never be again, and that’s good. 

Three powerful men, two are destroyed, one elected to the highest office of the land. 

And again I ask—WHY? 

Does it have anything to do with the fact that one is white, one is black, and one is a Jew?

I’ve written about this subject several times. Sexual assault has touched my life more than once—and the lives of my loved ones. The rage I have for men who commit these crimes is unhealthy. This rage has bled into my relationships with enablers. Those who voted for a man who is on tape bragging about his crimes… I can’t excuse it, because it’s inexcusable. 

Go through your phone contacts and start shooting off texts to the women you know. Ask them about their experiences. I’m sure you’ll get an affirmative response before you get to the letter B (I’m assuming you have 4 female friends whose names start with A). If they feel like talking about it, most will not, ask them how it has changed their lives. 

I try to find humor in everything- but this subject is the one I can not, and although I’ve tried to forgive any woman who voted for an admitted sexual predator… knowing what he is, I can not. 

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Don’t Get Married

“Courtship is to marriage as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.” ~ William Congreve 1670-1729

*If you are happily married— check in with me tomorrow, when I’ll be ranting about Donald Trump, take today off.

To everyone else— Don’t get married. This is the single most valuable piece of advice I offer anyone interested in the opinion of a compulsive over-thinker. 

*Disclaimer— I am not a licensed therapist. These are my opinions…today.

When you get divorced, unhappily married people come out of the woodwork to tell you their tales of woe and beg advice from someone who came out on the other side. 

“How did you do it?” “You’re my hero.” “I’m afraid of dying alone.” (I hear the faint sound of a tiny 🎻 violin playing in the distance.) I hate to tell you this, but we all die alone.

I know very few happily married couples. “Hey Siri, what’s the divorce rate in America is now?” Holy Hell, that statistic has gone up since I last checked… 50%. I hope my post dissolution euphoria had nothing to do with the spike in numbers.

The anniversary of my divorce just passed. Ah yes, I remember it well… the feeling I had when I walked out of the courthouse on that crisp sunny autumn day… an ethereal lightness of being, my soul ascending to another plane… (“Free Bird” playing in background)

“Why shouldn’t I get married Lydia? We’re in love and I need health insurance.” (That may be me someday- I hate Trump)
Live together. The medical insurance problem is fluid, so don’t  be hasty. I have a few questions worthy of consideration for you. Why do you feel the need to involve the government in your relationship? Are you really so insecure in love that you need legal participation? Are you afraid your partner will notice that long chin hair and disappear in the night? Is the charade of your perfection too exhausting to maintain? Are you eager to let yourself go? Blenders and toasters are quite affordable these days. 

“I neeeeeed to be in a relationship.” These people try to hang onto the relationship that’s over until they can find the replacement part. If they somehow mistimed the exchange, and are between victims, they are desperately searching and boring everyone to death with their tales of despair. — Don’t be this person. 

“But we want a long term commitment.” Buy real estate in both your names, and set up a 30 year mortgage— bam, long term binding legal commitment. You might walk away with a profit. 

“I want to claim ownership.” With this statement I sense an imminent power struggle. Marriage does not guarantee monogamy. If a person is going to cheat, a piece of paper won’t prevent it. You can vow to be faithful without the help of the court system, and if you discover your lover isn’t loyal it’s easier to kick’em to the curb without the encumbrance of a marriage licence. 

“The sound of my biological clock clanging gets louder every day, it’s deafening.” It is a proven scientific fact, and has been since the dawn of man, you do not need to be married to procreate. Additionally, you should not consider having a child unless you have the financial means to support one alone. Children are a lifelong responsibility. You can not count on someone else sharing the responsibility or the expense, married or not— That’s a fact Jack, and here’s another— the species will not die out without your contribution— just an observation.

50% failure rate, or is it a success rate— is that cup half empty or half full? How many of those who stay married are happy doing so?

Marriage is called an institution for a reason. It can be suffocatingly oppressive, and an unequal division of labor is impossible to avoid— which leads to resentment. With marriage you can’t just walk away without going through an (often) expensive lengthy legal process involving a third party. What is romantic about that? 

So with that final happy thought in mind, I am thoroughly enjoying my solitude today…but, if you happen upon a single version of Colin Firth, who happens to have a good health insurance plan, liberal political leanings, and isn’t opposed to a vegan lifestyle, leave a comment, à tout à l’heure. 😜 (Okay, cue the circus music.)


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DA Recieves Donations, Drops Charges…Repeatedly

Wonder why so few women are willing to file charges after sexual assault? It’s almost impossible to get a conviction. 
One reason:

Manhattan DA Cyrus R Vance Jr has accepted “donations” from attorneys defending several wealthy clients accused of sexual assault, fraud, etc. Coincidentally charges were dropped in every case.

According to reports published by ProPublica, WNYC and The New Yorker—Vance received the following:

  • $10,000 received from law firm on Trump defense team for a case against Ivanka and Donald Trump Junior accused of misrepresenting of details pertaining to value of real estate sold— charges dropped.
  • $182,000 From Law Firm of Harvey Weinstein — declined to prosecute Weinstein for sexual assault.
  • $42,000 from lawyers of an un-named high profile sexual assailant— their client received plea deals and avoided prison.
  • $25,000 from Mark Kasowitz Attourney for Donald Trump — declined to file charges against Trump Organization over SoHo project.

Additionally, Vance’s former employer Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello PC, has donated more than $26,450 to Vance’s campaigns since 2008. 

It appears to be time to clean house In Manhattan. 


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