Zuckerberg and Russian Money

I’m curious as to whether people are financially successful because of an inflated belief in their abilities, or if the God complex happens after they hit the jackpot.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is contemplating a run for the presidency in 2020….or he was.
Although Zuckerberg admits to having sold possibly $150,000 in ad space to a Kremlin linked troll farm, it looks like Facebook took more Russian money than just that. 

An article published by ‘TechCrunch’, back in May 2009 sites “a Facebook transaction of $200 Million in the form of an Investment from Russians at a $10 Billion Valuation.”


Mark Zuckerberg, you got some splainin to do. 
Add to this the fact that the ad space which was sold to Russians was used not only to spread propaganda, but to target anti-semites and white supremacists in attempts to organize the hate groups, all to further Trump’s presidential run. These trolls may have reached 70 million people thanks to Facebook.

‘Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’’ — ProPublica


Was Zuckerberg aware when he took Russian money how the ads would be used? He’s damned either way. I wonder if these revelations will be enough to tamp down his presidential aspirations.

Donald Trump blazed the trail for every multi- millionaire megalomaniac media moll out there. The short list of unqualified possible contenders for 2020 so far: Howard Shultz – Starbucks CEO,  Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Mark Cuban – owner of some sports team and frequent reality tv star, Oprah Winfrey – talk show host magazine publisher, “The Rock” Johnson – former pro-wrestler and super hot actor…

If truley interested in public service, why not start with congress or local government? What makes people think they can skip to the front of the line? They must believe their luck at obtaining a fortune in business is attributed to a special kind of genius that will translate to any field— including politics, regardless that they have no knowledge of the law and no experience in government. I don’t get it. 

Trump has proven in these last 10 months that portraying a successful businessman on a “reality” tv show is not the same as experience at governing a country. Trump is a ridiculous failure, and apparently an inspiration to anyone with money.
Can we stop now?

Trump Angers Supporters by Working With Democrats…(or not)

Donald Trump has agreed to work with Democrats to save “Dreamers” —Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, allowing 690k to stay in the US and continue working, studying, serving in the military. 

No he didn’t… 

but he has… 

“We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

No he hasn’t…

“No deal has been made.” ~Donald Trump


Umm you did until just now…

Donald Trump finally shook off his die hard supporters…this time by doing something humane.
What does Satans female counterpart think about all this? 

Steve King, heartless Republican GOP rep, (redundant I know), is disillusioned by a Trump inconsistency. He hasn’t been paying attention, or he’s agreed with all the inconsistencies so far:

Sorry, I don’t mean to 😂 😂 😂 laugh.


What big news story is Trump trying to draw attention away from by doing this? 

Perhaps this: Flynn dealt with a sanctioned Russia in attempt to secure a nuclear project deal.


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A Limerick for Sarah Hickabee [sic?] Sanders 

To accuse Comey of crime…that’s inspired

“Those are real reasons for why he was fired,” 

Middle name…is it Hick?

I hear banjo music

When you speak Trump and “for why he” conspired

Speaking of Selfish Billionaires 

An admission of culpability was made during an appearance on Russian television’s “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” by Russian politician Vyacheslav Nikonov, who said regarding the US intelligence community: American spies “slept through while Russia elected a new US president.” Hmm…this is like a pickpocket blaming the owner of the wallet. 

Marc Zuckerberg lent an assist to the pickpocket. Facebook reportedly sold $100,000 but possibly as much as $150,000 in political advertising space to a Kremlin-linked “troll farm” who used the space to propagate fake news stories that swayed many to vote for Trump who may not have otherwise. 

So, shame on this gullible nation of people who were so easily manipulated, and shame on the intelligence community for napping. 

Russia is enjoying the show: opportunistic billionaires with a penchant for manipulating laws, regulations, and benefits in a way that will allow them to hoard more money and monopolize Washington.

Speaking of selfish billionaires, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin “is considering backdating Trump’s proposed tax cut to those in the top income bracket to January 1, 2016.” 

If you haven’t heard, the tax cut would lower corporate taxes and the taxes of the wealthiest Americans to 15%. 

Mnuchin says it would be a “boon” to the economy. Cutting taxes almost in half for the wealthiest Americans, while cutting programs for the poor— that would be a boon? A boon for whom? And what does that does that even mean? Let’s look: 

boon1 —noun 

1. something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit. 

2. something that is asked; a favor sought.

boon2 —adjective 

1. jolly; jovial; convivial: boon companions.

2. Archaic. kindly; gracious; bounteous. 

boon3 —noun Textiles.

1. the ligneous waste product obtained by braking and scutching flax. 

I pick boon3, the third definition, because cutting taxes for the wealthiest to 15% would be a ligneous pile of…waste. 

Nice work Russia. 


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Theories on 911, 16 Years Later

Every year since 2001, 9/11 does a number on my head. The events of that day changed the way many people, myself included, look at the world. It wasn’t really the day I became a cynic, but that day took my cynicism to a new level. 

I have been an Airline employee since 1991. Yes, that makes me old, however I haven’t changed at all…except now I have bangs. Anyway, I have a work friend who has devoted much of her free time to “waking people up” to the government’s role in 9/11. To be fair, I have more work friends who have accepted the “911 Commission” version of events, and many are unwilling to consider anything else. 

My thoughts have always been that it all started when George W. Bush, with the help of his family, stole the presidency from Al Gore in 2000. Jeb Bush, you remember, was the Governor of Florida where the ballots were recounted numerous times. 

“Hanging Chads” was a new phrase was born out of the endless dispute over questionable ballots and who people had intended to vote for. It came down to a Florida Supreme Court decision, and only 537 votes. Bush, (imho) stole the electoral win, while the popular vote went to Al Gore, and exactly like what happened in 2016, the loser won. 

So back to 9/11. Conspiracy theories are out there for the viewing, check YouTube. The films are compelling. Pilots, engineers, firefighters, aeronautical experts, and countless others, a growing number of people, say the story we were spoon fed by the Bush/Cheney administration is a scientific impossibility.

There are a few varions of the theories. Some are more diabolical than others, but all swirl around the indisputable fact that the U.S. government used the attacks to justify a war against Iraq, a country wholly uninvolved in the 9/11 attack. Iraq had oil and Bush/Cheney wanted it.

Is there a better tool with which to control the public than debilitating fear? The administration needed an incident as shocking as Pearl Harbor to justify their war. 

They used the events to push through legislation that otherwise would not have passed— for example: “the Patriot Act” pushed through 45 days after 9/11. It was, according to the ACLU, “the first of many changes to surveillance laws that made it easier for the government to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor phone and email communications, collect bank and credit reporting records, and track the activity of innocent Americans on the Internet.” Hmm.

The Conspiracy Theories:

What I understand of the 3 proposed explanations whose status remains conjectural:

  1. The attack took place on the dime of an incompetent government and was used to further an agenda—an oil war. *Easy to believe considering GW can not pronounce “nuclear,” and Vice President/puppet-master Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton, one of the world’s largest oil field service companies, profited bigly. 
  2. The government knew of the planned attack, but let it happen in order to use the event to further their agenda, a war for oil. *Again, Vice President Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton, one of the world’s largest oil field service companies, took the contracts. 
  3. The third and most sinister theory implicates the government, claiming they used technology that had been around for decades: drones and holograms to create the images of the airplanes, and bombs to implode the buildings. *Again, Vice President Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton, one of the world’s largest oil field service companies, took the contracts and profited bigly. 

This third theory is built on a foundation of discrepancies to original claims and revisions found in the final report by 911 Commission: 

  • Many of the phone calls made from the planes were made from cell phones at cruising altitudes above 30,000 feet, caller ID verifies this. Cell phones don’t work above 10,000 feet, and in 2001, they really, really didn’t work above 10,000 feet. 
  • Why did Tower 7 fall? 
  • Video footage of the impact show airplanes disappearing into the buildings. This defies the laws of physics. Aluminum slicing through steel without so much as a bent wing— really? 
  • The big detail that gives pause to this 3rd theory is— where are the airplanes? The Pentagon, Shanksville PA, the Twin Towers, what happened to the fuselage, the wings, the engine, the debris. This has been reasoned away by the high rate of speed in which the planes travelled, and full fuel tanks.

That said, let’s look at a couple photos of crashed Concorde supersonic jets. 

Concorde Crash July, 2000—

The Concord traveled at a typical cruise speed of 1341 mph, much faster than the planes hijacked on 9/11. A 767 travels at a cruise speed of 529 mph, and a 757 at a cruise speed of 528 mph. 
Another Concord Crash photo—

The explanation for the small amount of airplane debris, was high heat causing the disintegration of metal, however an intact passport of one of the hijackers was found on the ground. 
Here is what was found at the Pentagon: an uncharred mangled bit of aluminum fuselage—

These theories, the official story, and the knowledge of what happened as a result of the events are deeply unsettling. Thousands of innocent people died on that day 16 years ago, and thousands died fighting the thinly veiled war for oil that followed. 

If I have a choice, I pick theory 1. It’s the least disturbing and it has a satisfying scapegoat, Dick Cheney, who… is a dick. The other theories, the thought that our own leaders would kill it’s citizens over oil… it’s possible, but harder to accept.

My opinions of why and how events transpired that day are irrelevant. Fearmongering, public manipulation, greed and senseless death—those are my thoughts every year on 9/11. Like I said, I’m a cynic.



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Insurance is a Peculiar Thing

As hurricane season rages on— houses continue to be flattened and flooded leaving people without food, water, shelter, electricity; prized possessions are lost forever to the ones who escape with their lives…the “lucky ones.” 

Plans to rebuild are premature, and most victims are at a loss as to how to fund a rebuilding project. About 80% of Hurricane Harvey victims do not have flood insurance.

According to Allstate Insurance Company, private homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage… however, if a hurricane’s wind damages your roof, and rain gets in as a result, you may find that homeowners insurance offers some protection if your policy includes coverage for wind.

“some protection if…” thanks Allstate.

As with everything, those rules do not apply to a certain demographic. The demographic of which I speak could easily fund their own rebuilding projects. 

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach is covered by an insurance policy called National Flood Insurance Program. 

Yes, that means Mar-a-Lago is Federally Insured, subsidized by tax payer dollars, and Trump’s federally subsidized insurance policy does cover flood and hurricane damage. NFIP is essentially government subsidized insurance for the affluent who have beachfront homes. 

To be clear, flooding is not covered in homeowner insurance policies for the average idiot, but it is part of a government subsidized, tax payer funded policy for billionaire tax evading idiots like— Donald Trump. 

According to HuffPost: “The program was to expire at the end of this month, but Trump signed legislation on Friday to temporarily extend it.” Aint that some shhh

This policy is not new, in fact pre-potus Trump bragged about a $17 million insurance payout for storm damage to Mar-a-Lago in 2005. He admitted to pocketing some of the money instead of using it to rebuild. 

Call it irony, call it bullshit, by any name the under-cutter of the Climate Accord, Donald Trump, whose people are (no joke) trying to eliminate use of the C words, climate change, is a recipient of federal monies to repair damage caused by the C words.

This has been noted, and attempts are underway to stop this insanity. The Paris act, “Prohibiting Aid for Recipients Ignoring Science,” is a bill proposed in congress which would block Trump properties from receiving this federally subsidized coverage, but these things take time, and so Trump prevails again. 

Insurance is a peculiar thing. Be it homeowners insurance, or health insurance, it is controlled by the 1% who hoard half of the worlds wealth. They want more.

Since it was signed into law, on March 23, 2010, there have been as many as 70 failed attempts to weaken or kill the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The most recent attempt, on July 28, 2017, dramatically ended when Senator John McCain (R/AZ) said no, with the emphasis of a thumb down. Meanwhile Mitch McConnell stood within strangling distance, arms crossed, shooting invisible poisonous darts with his eyes, to no avail.

That was fun, but It isn’t over, believe me. McCain has said he might just vote yes to the next version. The Republican majority, and Trump, continue to trick out their “American Health Care Act” which has seen 3 revisions fail to pass since Trump took office. 

Health insurance in America is about big business: CEO’s, behind closed door deals, pharmaceutical price gouging— it’s not about healthcare at all.

The ACA is flawed in that it does nothing to eliminate the corruption in the industry. It does force it’s hand by eliminating certain insurance company escape routes; the exemption of pre-existing condition from coverage has cut into profits more than anything, but other parts of the bill, most of which pertain to women’s health issues, have also cut into profits. 

The healthcare fight isn’t over, and Americans will not see a substantial improvement in this healthcare system unless billionaires are taken out of the equation. Most counties in the free world provide healthcare for their people, but in the U.S. healthcare a business for billionaire investors like the Devos family, (Betsy-secretary of killing public education) who have controlling interests in Spectrum Healthcare Services which has ties to Russia’s Alpha Bank. 

Insurance is a peculiar thing, it is set up to help those who don’t need help. 


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